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23 January 2018


Don Bessee

Russian! Aren't you inviting a po' ol' fakenewsman rancid Russian dressing rant? Are the strings and horns colluding with Putin!?! ;-)



Interesting if true.

George Rebane

How a simple concert announcement can wander off in divers directions all tenuously related. My, my. Yes, Rocky started his musical collusion by introducing to the world the ravishing #3 in 1909, the year my sainted father was born in czarist Estonia.

Don Bessee

It was just a preemptive strike to block any rancid Russian dressing. ;-)

Barry Pruett

Please Paul. We want to go as well. And thank you George for the reminder!

Paul Emery

For the next three weeks I will be a patient of the Asylum of Charenton in 1810 France . Hope you join me in he Aylum which is not unlike the current situation in our country today.

Don Bessee

Here is a going away present for the po' ol' pollhead-



Bill Tozer

Break a leg, Paul Emery. So, you are playing a nut in the asylum, eh? And all this time I thought actors prentended to be someone else for a living. Never something new every day. :)


Well, Vive something. And I didn’t vote for her either. Neither one of us could live with ourselves if we did. Common ground. And yes, Stormy was a hottie back in the day. Oh hubba hubba. Thanks for the pics.


Don Bessee

BT- You crack me up!! ;-)

Bill Tozer

Aha, I knew it. RuPaul is playing himself.

Artistic Director Pam Hodges said, "There are characters who may or may not be fictitious."

Oh my. I am shocked, shocked I tell ya. Punchy, how could you!

One thing they can all agree on: the "Marat/Sade" is not meant for young viewers or children due to some mature themes

Nice write up of Paul Emery, the beloved local musician.



From The Union:

According to all involved, the timing of the "Marat/Sade" couldn't be more relevant.

"For a theatre company we want to do things that are, 'edgy,'" said McCammon.

Cosmo Merryweather, who portrays the Marquis de Sade said, "The play is such a rich eccentric stew of a lot of different elements; shining poignant moments and also juicy political themes that are more relevant today than ever. The important thing I think about [the show] is how history is repeating itself in so many different ways. The rich keep getting richer, and the poor stay poor."

Director Danny McCammon said, "It has a very strong message about human rights, about mob mentality, and it's kind of touchy, I think. It's very relevant."

He added that "anyone voting age" would have much to gain by watching the "Marat/Sade."

For those who worry that the play's political messages distract from the production, Pam Hodges said, "We're not hitting anybody over the head with it. We're not bringing people up on stage or anything."

Well, not bringing up patrons on stage might not cover all situations. Ridicule in place, for example. Or just a knowing sneer to those who didn't laugh at the knowing sideways glance. VP Pence wasn't brought up on stage by the cast of Hamilton, for example... or was he?

If $37 per head seems high to watch an amateur production of a politically charged play performed by a possibly politically polarized cast eager to score points, the movie can be streamed for $3 on Vudu. Captured with the Tony Award winning Patrick Magee reprising the role of de Sade (movie buffs may remember him more for his A Clockwork Orange appearance as the crippled writer), and Ian Richardson, who was the Herald on the stage, as Marat... Richardson is now best known as the puppetmaster in the BBC series, A House of Cards.

Magee was born in Northern Ireland as Patrick McGee, I'd assume no relation to McGee's pub on Broad Street, stumbling distance just down from the Nevada Theater, on the ready to serve sir and madame on the way to or on the way from any performance or exhibition.


(Full disclosure, I was trained in the use of tactical nuclear weapons and served as an artillery officer in a frontline tactical nuclear artillery battalion in the Fulda Gap during the ‘crisis years’.)

Pull pin….count to three…..

(I kid, I kid!)


Watched Marat/Sade tonight. A fine filming of a 1st class production by the Royal Shakespeare Company. It had the feel of a live play, I thought Ian Richardson as Marat was outstanding. Very possibly a meatier part than de Sade, though I can see how Patrick Magee took home a best actor in a play Tony award the year before the release of the film.

I hadn't actually used the Vudu channel on my Roku streaming box and they had a 99 cent special for the first rental. Sweet.

If the Rebanes come back and give a review devoid of preachy BS from the local stage production, I'll consider attending. Otherwise, I will remember the Richardson/Magee combination for Marat/Sade, with a really fine performance by Glenda Jackson in her first credited screen role as the inmate playing the assassin of Marat.

For 99 cents, even if you're going to see the live production it would be worth watching before or after the version at the Nevada Theater. As a point of reference.

One quibble ... the film (and I assume the play on which it is based) has the live music orchestrated with a brass instrument or two, a trumpet, a tuba is shown... but the valved instruments used (an actor is shown carrying a silver plated trumpet in a few spots) didn't exist in the lifetime of de Sade. Oooops.

Bill Tozer

Re: Updates, 1/25/17

Dr. Rebane: I will take a wild guess and surmise that the definition of sexual harassment today (or plain harassment for that matter) is a work in progress and not ready to be categorized into nice concise lists.
I certainly do not have definitions ready for prime time as to what exactly constitutes sexual harassment because the parameters remains fluid. Annoyance? Gazing? A boss learning over an employee’s shoulder when called over to look at something on the computer screen the employee has questions about. Did he put his hand on her shoulder for balance peering over to get a closer view of the computer screen or was he using the opportunity to take liberties? Was he being “fatherly” or being a perv? No touch rule is best.

I won’t get into the latest violations of not picking up subtle non verbal cues or failing to be a mind reader. Guess we are back to “you know it when you see it”, or the more widely established, “if it makes you feel uncomfortable, it’s harassment.”

Not to stir the pot too much or excuse/reward bad behavior, but men are wired differently. Men are such breasts. We have a long road ahead to reach Enlightment.
Male sexual nature:

All of which means that sexual objectification of women is natural to men. It is not the product of a patriarchal, “Playboy,” sexist or misogynist society.

Nor does it mean that objectification is “misogynistic.”


Bill Tozer

Good timing.
It was 20 years ago today Bubba shaked his finger at us all and said “You listen to me and listen good. I did not commit sexual harassment with THAT woman, Miss Lewinsky. It was consensual. I did commit sexual harassment with that woman over there...and that woman sitting in front, and that woman in the back.”

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