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09 January 2018



….and in furtherance of efforts to anoint President Winfrey.

from drudgereport.com


Publisher rushing to print million copies...

Dozens more 'resistance' books scheduled for 2018…

Look in the fiction section of your favorite bookstore!

Don Bessee

It always ends up this way lefties-



Don Bessee

It was all fine when 0 was in the WH-



George Rebane

DonB 1056am - not understanding the basics of business and economics is a curse on both the Left and Right. The Left because it is they who must live with the deficit (but then, ignorance is bliss), and the Right because they always get the blame for the Left's ill-advised policy nostrums.

Scenes from the Apocalypse

re: DB@11:13AM

Of course, but it doesn't matter even a tiny bit.


If Trump stood there and read the dictionary in a public address, the cry would be on to outlaw the English language.

This is all politics at it's most visceral and least logical.

Which begs the question, why spend even a second arguing or interacting with the Pelline/Emery party? All it does is pollute this blog and serve the purpose of what is called a 'thread slide'.

Heck for all I know, maybe all of those DACA kids are cute 8 year olds who are also college honor students. You never know.


Now disgraced bozo Joe Arpio is running for senate!!!
Unfortunately you cannot make this stuff up!!!

Scenes from the Apocalypse

re. Covfeefefel@12:31

I wondered if he might do that. Cool. He's old, but you do have to admit that he seems remarkably healthy and could easily last the term or more.

I give you Arpaio on the wonders of disciplinary meatloaf.


I'm loving this timeline.


LOL!! The self proclaimed "slave" shows up. Tell us all about that "covfefe". Where did you come up with that?
Yup, On the Daily Caller comments it's "covfefe is my slave name".
Yaaaa.... The DC clean out the TROLL bin? Had to start over?

My kid in Az. is real happy Joe is running.She and the hubby will vote for him.
He sure is better than the crack smokers and embezzlers LIBS elect.


Those who say what Punch is loathe to admit…..

LEAKED MEMO: DREAMers Are ‘Critical’ To Dems ‘Future Electoral Success’

Busted you old democrat "Deck Stacker"!


Bill Tozer

@2:25 pm

“The memo, co-authored by former Clinton communications director Jennifer Palmieri...”

Boy, the name Jennifer Palmieri keeps leaking out time and time again.



George Rebane

It sure is interesting if we could peer into a liberal mind (1231pm) and find out what in there would call Joe Arpio(sic) a "disgraced bozo".

George Boardman

When Trump was running for president, he said the unemployment number was fake and that the real number was much higher. Now that he's president and the number is at record lows, he takes credit for it.

Sheriff Joe's running for the senate? The next Roy Moore.


Sheriff Joe should do pretty good. The piece of,,,, work that replaced him is doing a real crappy job.( but that's LIBs for ya')
Only illegals and criminals like the guy.( and far Lefties)
Now don't forget it was "O"'s injustice dept. that did the railroad job on Joe.

Now,,, if you happen to search "maricopa county sheriff"
It's all Sheriff Joe.. Just one story(maybe two) of the "new guy".


Hay Boardman!,, Nic to see made it. So what will the bogus charges be this time on Sheriff Joe? What skank will be hauled in front of the press?

As for the unemployment numbers,,, well,, they are using the same stats as LIBS. (U3) I would love to see the U6 dusted off.
Yup, lets get back to using real facts. Not just the ones that help make things look good for elected politicians. ( Most of the elected in Ca. would be tarred and feathered if the real news got out.)

Todd Juvinall

Trump is trying to make sure the numbers are judged the same. No problem for anyone as far as I can tell. Sheriff Joe was unjustly convicted and his pardon was totally justified. Not one "fast and furious" oBamaite ever got as bad a treatment as Sheriff Joe. And there are not "sexual" harassers allegations like there was with Moore. Now we see Stan Lee, the 95-year-old creator of Marvel comics getting hit with harasser charges. Way overreach by the shysters. Anyway, America is so amazing that people like Boardman and me can see the same thing and come to 180-degree different conclusions and no one goes to jail. LOL!

Don Bessee

This should have been posted here-


Many American businesses are already crying foul, concerned that the loss of foreign workers will force them to raise wages to make jobs more attractive to native workers. Some are even threatening to shrink their businesses rather than raise wages, a classic sign of uncompetitive behavior that economists call “monopsonistic.”


Bill Tozer

Topic: Not really about the temporary alien El Salvadorans as such, but more on the lines of illegal aliens and uneducated, unskilled immigrates in general, many who are illiterate in their native tongue. From 2003, worth the time to listen to the 3 minute audio.


Bill Tozer

Ok, are you ready for Your Oprah Fix?. “Not in it to lose”


Don Bessee

Anyone surprised?



Scenes from the Apocalypse

re: DB@12:27PM


although it's hard to beat this picture from (I think) Sweden:


Given the craziness of the modern Green Libertarian, my favorite situation had to be this one:


Scenes from the Apocalypse

re: BT@10:51PM Dick Lamm audio clip....

It's a good find, but no different than digging up anything else from prior politicians on the matter. It'll either be forgotten (like the Obama or Clinton video clips) or they'll be viewed as heretical creatures of their age.

I wonder sometimes where the modern tendency to xenophilia came from. About as close as I can think of might be the style in mimicking European fashions in China or Japan at the turn of the last century, although there was no love lost for Englishmen in those places. I'd truly love to hear a member of the Pelline/Emery party justify mass immigration from the third world, at least in phrases that don't involve the word 'Nazi'. Given that neither one (assuming they are different people) ever try to actually make a case for anything, it's probably never going to come up.

It's hard to avoid the opinion that there are two types of people, nationalists and extinct. Counter-examples are always welcome.

George Rebane

Scenes 113pm - "... nationalist and extinct." An interesting binary indeed Mr Scenes. Flies in somewhat proximal formation with Rebane Doctrine's prescription that multi-kulti rarely if ever works - the dominant culture always winds up reducing the others to insignificance. For 'rarely' one can cite Switzerland, and theirs is a unique form of governance that allows territorial separation of the three dominant cultures. Starting from where we are, that is not a reachable endpoint.

Scenes from the Apocalypse

Post Napoleonic Switzerland is an interesting case. I've never lived there, but have the feeling that they work very hard at sharing a common culture and civic life (perhaps universal conscription aids in this) which even overcomes the language differences. Dunno what it'll be like when the country has a couple of hundred more years built into it.

It seems to me that nationalism doesn't have to be necessarily based on any kind of perfect homogeneity. It's probably enough to feel a medium-strong sense of community combined with a very powerful external threat. That's a likely cause for the formation of Russia for example, that is to say the presence of steppe tribes forming an existential threat.

In any case, Team Blue seems to be formed of people who possess the opposite of nationalism. I honestly can't think of a historic analogy to this. The case of Alaric really isn't one you should ignore.

George Rebane

Scenes 138pm - Agreed on the requirement for "any kind of perfect homogeneity." But the Swiss have come to see themselves as three harmonious cultures bound by a strong confederacy that regionally covers their mountainous redoubt wherein each two see the remaining one as a critical member of a stable three-legged socio-political structure.

And yes, what the Left is forging in America does indeed prepare the country as an inviting conquest. Without much difficulty one can count two, perhaps three, Alarics awaiting their opportunity.


NOOooooooo…….The Narrative…….what of The Narrative?

SKorea president credits USA for talks with North…


George Rebane

fish 333pm - Well, of course. Until Trump started pointing out the size and reliability of the countries' respective "buttons", we had 25 years of the same ol' same ol'. And all the wizened Washington wags were advising another dollop of Einsteinian insanity as the way forward with the fat kid.


Your double entendre laden headline of the day…..

Huma Can't Give Up Weiner; Divorce Called Off…

While theirs is a marriage of obvious "Clintonian" dignity I'm pretty sure that wiener isn't, but immunity from spousal testimony is, what Huma is interested in!

Bill Tozer

Mr. Scenes from the Apocalypse:
1) Dick Lamm’s text and clarity on point #8

“Lastly, I would censor Victor Davis Hanson's book, Mexifornia. His book is dangerous. It exposes the plan to destroy America. If you feel America deserves to be destroyed, don't read that book."


2) Sweden you say, or was that Switzerland? The definition of disappointment is when you thought you picked up a fine open minded Swedish lassie on Friday night, only to discover later she said Swiss, not Suede. Old joke, probably over most Puritains’ heads.


Don Bessee

Guess what? Pink pussy hats are racist, sexist and genderest!




How the American Education System Suppresses Critical Thinking
By Joe David in the Observer

In an article entitled, “Undoing the Dis-Education of Millennials,” the author, Adam MacLeod, an associate professor at Faulkner University’s Jones School of Law, summarized his observation of his students. “For several years now my students have been mostly Millennials. Contrary to stereotype, I have found that the vast majority of them want to learn. But true to stereotype, I increasingly find that most of them cannot think, don’t know very much, and are enslaved to their appetites and feelings. Their minds are held hostage in a prison fashioned by elite culture and their undergraduate professors.”


I once called government education a multi-billion-dollar racket. In truth, it is more than that. It has become a propaganda machine used by the establishment to strengthen its political base with the next generation of voters. By weakening learning with unsuitable programs and creating academic chaos in the process, it has widened the opportunity for teachers who may have a particular political bent to indoctrinate students without accountability and prepare their students for a new world order.



Higher Education Is Drowning in BS

By Christian Smith JANUARY 09, 2018

I have had nearly enough bullshit. The manure has piled up so deep in the hallways, classrooms, and administration buildings of American higher education that I am not sure how much longer I can wade through it and retain my sanity and integrity.

Even worse, the accumulated effects of all the academic BS are contributing to this country’s disastrous political condition and, ultimately, putting at risk the very viability and character of decent civilization. What do I mean by BS?

The BS list is rather long, check it out here.



re: Russ @5:54/6:49

Dude! Get with the program!


In any case, the Green Libertarians will fight to the death to maintain control of schools. That toolkit, along with ownership of MSM and mass immigration from the Third World, is a completely essential source of power for bringing down Western Civilization. Now that they've added the social media monopolies, as evidenced by this last election and aftermath, I expect that victory is in the wind. The Trump victory was a bit of defeat snatched from the jaws of victory and likely explains the craziness, partly due to it's being so unexpected.

I sometimes think that Skynet will be our only savior from the Pelline/Emery party. It's a great unknown, but anything is better than living in a metastasized version of Evergreen State College.

George Rebane

Russ 649am - Thanks for these updated epiphanies. While useful in general, I can't help wondering where these worthies were twenty years ago when the country's anti-intellectual disease was already epidemic in our schools. For longtime RR readers this has been a constant theme in these pages for which I have taken much heat from those who promote a dumber and more politically compliant America.

Bill Tozer

A short piece on education by Walter E. Williams


In related posts,


Critical thinking:


Bonnie McGuire

Russ you probably remember some of us used to write about it in the Union all the time. Our country took the Soviet Unions recommendation on how to remake America from within via the education system....public education, and the media. As always those that notice and speak up become great targets for those throwing rotten eggs. Same o scenario recorded by archeology, history and predicted by prophets over and over. Kind of like a time capsule where we're all getting an education, and eventually take the test before graduation...Ya know, like in the days of Noah and Lot? I've been fortunate to have known many interesting individuals (during my life) who shared their experiences and education. Here's one that caught the attention of my professor at Writers Digest School...who couldn't wait to find out more about what he didn't realize. (Follow the links within.)


Bonnie @06:10 PM Interesting story. There is a lot we have yet to learn about our ancient history. It seems like every new discovery raises more new question than answers.


Bonnie @06:10 PM Interesting story. There is a lot we have yet to learn about our ancient history. It seems like every new discovery raises more new question than answers.


In support of PEI Findings in the 11 Jan Update

485 Scientific Papers Published In 2017 Support A Skeptical Position On Climate Alarm

During 2017, 485 scientific papers have been published that cast doubt on the position that anthropogenic CO2 emissions function as the climate’s fundamental control knob…or that otherwise question the efficacy of climate models or the related “consensus” positions commonly endorsed by policymakers and mainstream media.

These 485 new papers affirm the position that there are significant limitations and uncertainties inherent in our understanding of climate and climate changes, emphasizing that climate science is not settled.


Don Bessee

The deep state in action-



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