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14 January 2018


Bill Tozer

Amen Fish. Absolutely spot on. The trolls used to be of a much higher quality and quantity of life. Now, upon occasion, the good John can be forthright, candid, and say what he believes on a issue in a concise sentence but it’s becoming more like an oasis three days crawl across the desert to find the quality of our trolls we had here just a few moons ago. Trump changed everything.

Rejoice, Dr, Rebane, rejoice. They found life out there! MaryW just proved to the world that there is indeed life on other galaxies, albeit in a rather undeveloped primitive state. It’s still life, however it’s current unevolded form. Always a silver lining.

Don Bessee

Who knew this lovely Friday had a march of the sock puppets scheduled. Here's one just for you haters-



Bill Tozer

Ah, it’s just a slow news day and somebody got to fill in for Punchy while the welts on his noggin stop throbbing.

Now MaryW. Shame, shame. We already covered the definition of The Wall in January. I remember that day clearly. Punchy blew his top over Trump taunting Arnold (disrepected the Terminator big time) about Arnie’s unacceptable ratings at The Apprentice that needs to to be kicked up several notches. Like now. Afterall, Trump was still the Executive Producer-in -Chief. Arnie, chop, chop, get on the stick or you are fired! Sweet.

Anyway, you can’t run over here with your hair on fire and looking so ignorant. If you were a regular reader, you would be well informed WHAT our consensus about The Wall’s form and debate over what The Wall will most likely consist of and what the thing would end up looking like. Mr. Gregory raised concerns about our furry and not so furry creatures that roam the desert night....nature stuff. Electronic surveillance. Heck, if we can add 700 miles more of The Wall and patch up the existing porous 700 miles of “The Wall”..... fences, barriers across traveled dirt roads, patrols,...etc....I would be tickled pink. Besides, putting up a big tall wall along the Gulf Coast would put a crimp on enjoying a day at the beach.

The Wall is short hand for what comprises the making our porous southern border less porous. And yes, 40% of the illegals come here on visas and then just disappear...without tracking them. The Wall....is a term used for brievity. Like you guys say Alt Right for anyone right of Flake.

Bill Tozer

Or.......do they sense that The Dream Act won’t be rushed through and they will be held responsible for the shutdown? That sick feeling in their guts? They just can’t handle the heat in the kitchen or that “No”is a complete statement. Ain’t got the widespread public support.
Best to make sure the pressure cooked lid is clamped on tight. Lids are beginning to fly. :). And the walls come tumbling down all around them. Ain’t a pretty sight. Another eposide of ACME rents.


....and there go all the rest!

California Democrats want businesses to give half their tax-cut savings to state


Don Bessee

Now that's some prototype!


Dow down 55 and then the prez invites shutdown shumer over to chat and now its up 18. ;-)

Bill Tozer

Nobody dwelled on it, but putting the most arrogant man in America, Paul Krugman, at the number spot on Trump’s top ten was a rather precise targeted choice. Made me smile and immediately thought of some guy named Fish enjoying it even more than moi.


Where is Paul with more Stormy news. He so horny. Hey, got a friend who has two dogs and one is named Stormy. I kid you not. But the other Stormy is a male and chases does...and moose and coyotes and porcupines (ouch!) and drags home the guts of things bigger predators or hunters left behind. Come on, I want more of Paul’s new band........put your hands together and let’s give a big Nevada Country welcome to Stormy and the Storm Troopers!


jon smith

Bessee - We are STILL waiting for your long promised synopsis of the CAG/BOS meeting. Crickets. Three cannabis companies and a cannabis campus coming to Nevada City. Grass Valley is straining at the gate. What are you going to tilt at next?

Account Deleted

Grand Fenwick! They almost conquered America. Close - but I believe she was from Luxembourg. Gran Fenwick is much much smaller than those other countries and nearly impossible to find on a map these days.


Posted by: Bill Tozer | 19 January 2018 at 12:28 PM

Where is Paul with more Stormy news.

I'm guessing the 70 Year old Virgin has been spending more time at Pearl Clutching practice as of late! Never would have figured a Green Libertarian™ for such a prude!


I only did what Paul asked. He insisted on "proof". One would I went "grave robbing". Was finding the bet he made too much?


%@&!! "think"......

Bill Tozer

Just glancing at the Drudge Report billboard, I saw “Trump first President in 45 years to speak at pro-life March” immediately followed the next story, “More Dems rush to impeach Trump”

There is a comfort in the familiarity and consistency the Left provides us in this mad, mad, crazy world.

Things are exactly the way they ought to be. Wonder if the coach turns into a pumpkin at midnight.

Don Bessee

Markets shrugged at the antics of shutdown Schumer. DOW up 54, S&P another record. ;-)

jon smith

Bill 12:52. 'Right now in a number of states,' he said, 'the laws allow a baby to be born from his or her mother's womb in the ninth month. It is wrong. It has to change.' -Trump

. . . and the crowd goes wild! It did. Words mean nothing.

Speaking of words, or lack thereof: Bessee, for months all you could talk about was the evils of marijuana and how your prohibitionist campaigns were "winning." Now that you got roundly kicked in the very ample rear, you beat around the bush and talk of everything else but. Have you no sense of pride or true commitment to your word?


Well jon,, find the news about that in Calaveras County.
Those running for Sup. stumped on ending commercial grows.
They won,, and did. Yet the excuse now is "they don't represent the will of the people." Last I checked, the vote IS the will of the people.

jon smith

Walt- You are correct. Maybe the pro pot crowd down at Jumping Frogs should hire Bessee to lobby against them. His knack for getting people to look at the floor and shake their heads might get the growers the votes they need. If you've ever seen the guy in action you would vote against what ever he might be promoting. I think even Ed Scofield would side with me on that assessment.

Bill Tozer

Oh Don, jon smith wants you to flail before us, groveling in the gravel road and recanting your former sins and errant broken thinker. Grovel! Confess!

Ah, just hang Don on the Tree of Woe, then take his sorry ass down and put him stocks in the Robinson Plaza.


Oh jon, jon, jon. Don’t matter what Trump or anybody sez. The Supremes have taken control over the abortion issue and that won’t change no matter how deeply folks feel about the issue. Did like the way Trump boxed Hillary in the corner to get her to say last minute abortions hours before birth was ok. Then he blew the rest of the debate. But, he framed the issue nicely to get her to endorse late term abortion. That is out of the mainstream. But, the Supreme Court has taken the whole shebang and keeps it there under lock and key.



I was "pro dope" a LONG time ago. Then I learned how destructive it was. (in more ways than one) No amount of "convincing" will change my mind back.

jon smith

Bill and Walt- I am not the best communicator on the planet (just ask my wife).
To clarify: I am NOT so pro pot as I am against anyone who tries to ram his/her personal prejudices down my throat. Over-compensating puritanical blow hards like Bessee are usually the ones who end up being busted with child porn on their computers or toe tapping in the public johns. The fact that he refuses to acknowledge his public butt whipping after so many months or even years of telling the pols that he knows better than the community about what we want speaks volumes regarding his integrity.

George Rebane

MaryW 1036am - That assessment means that you should probably expand your news sources.

jons 233pm - what is the evidence that DonB claims he is representing the vox populi re pot?

Bill Tozer

Ok Jon, get it. You have a hard on for Don. And yes, I read about some rabid pro-lifer in some state legislature that just resigned because he told his underlying to have an abortion. As Norm wrote in Rules for Radicals, hold them to their principles cause nobody can live up to them.

And if Punchy does not find a venture soon to release his Stormy and her High Steppin’ Storm Troopers, he’s gonna pop his cork or something and there will be shreds of hair and flesh and blood all over the nice new broadcast booth.

Ok. Edwards, Hart, and Screaming Dean were all running for the highest office during the heat of a Presidential campaign, duh. They could’ve stayed in the race.
Trump ain’t running or doing campaigning for office again til 2020. So, if you want us to grovel and proclaim buyers remorse, go pound sand. Stick this in your mouth and keep quiet.
You had your chance with Grab their Paulsies. The issue was decided then. Trump or Gov. John from Ohio, or Low Energy Jeb, or Hillary, or Bernie. Can’t tell much difference between the lot of them, excluding Bernie. Jim Webb would have been a good candidate for the Lefties, but nooooooo. 2016 was to be the magic moment in the Sunshine of Identity Politics that rode the New Wave to victory. Opps. The Matrix is not perfect.

If anyone has buyer’sremorse, it’s the Left.

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