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25 January 2018



From The Politico: HOW DAVOS REALLY VIEWS TRUMP: In short, it’s not as bad as the tweets.

“President Donald Trump will arrive here Thursday to be greeted politely by global elites who commonly regard him as a buffoon,” write John F. Harris and Matthew Kaminski from Davos. “What has come as a surprise to many of those people is how much they are learning to live with — and in some cases even enjoy — the Buffoon Presidency.”

“Aside from Trump’s incendiary bluster, many say, the actual consequences of his presidency have been more agreeable (or less disagreeable) than they feared a year ago. This is especially true in business circles, where people note that both the U.S and European economies are purring nicely.”


BTW it has been cleared up... little Dick Durbin did apparently get it wrong.

Trump referred to "sh*t HOUSE countries", not holes. Makes all the difference. :) One is a hole dug into the ground, the other is a structure built above ground. Much nicer.

Somehow, I can't find any quotes to match all those racist statements that followed, as claimed by Senator Durbin... I guess Durbin just figured the people who he wanted to rile up would take his word for it. Why would he make it up???


Look at the Lefties downplaying the tax cuts.

It WAY more that we got under "O", or even Clinton.
All we got was a bill of plenty more.


OH... I have an explanation.
"The Iranian military has halted the routine harassment by its armed “fast boats” of U.S. naval vessels in the Persian Gulf, the U.S. military said, a turnabout that officials welcomed but were at a loss to explain."
I bet we all can come up with a valid explanation.


And they say "O" wasn't a Muslim.
"“But after the nomination was secured and all the way up until the inauguration; then for eight years after he was President, it was kept under cover,” he said, referencing keeping the photo under wraps to protect Obama’s career. “It absolutely would have made a difference.” "


A link followed from Real Clear Politics that rang true, from a self described "right-leaning libertarian" writing in Bloomberg:
Why Democrats Won't Get Their Way on Immigration
They were not elected to run any branch of government. That's hard news to break to the liberal base.


"As a right-leaning libertarian, my heart goes out to liberal pundits right now, who face the unenviable task of explaining to the Democratic base that they are probably not going to get very much of what they want on immigration. 1 This is going to be a deeply unpleasant experience, and I feel their pain.

I have walked a mile in their shoes, and boy, were they uncomfortable.

You see, in 2010, Republicans reclaimed control of the House of Representatives. Having made extravagant promises to go to Washington, shrink government and repeal Obamacare, the new representatives set out trying to find a way to keep their promises. Unfortunately, it turned out that there wasn’t actually any way to do so, given that Democrats still controlled the Senate and the presidency.

The base does not spend a lot of time thinking about the elegant checks and balances built into our constitutional design. They didn’t want to hear "Gosh, well, it turns out politics is a lot harder than it sounded when I was an orthodontist!" They wanted a smaller government, lower taxes and 100 percent less Obamacare, just like they were promised. Desperate conservative representatives decided that they would try to force Democrats to give them what they wanted by using the only leverage they did have: the looming need to reauthorize the debt ceiling so that the federal government could continue doing what it does. No concessions, they said, no hike in the debt ceiling.

This plan was -- for want of a better word -- moronic.

If you hold a mere one-third of the centers of federal power, you cannot expect to govern as if you hold all three. You will emerge from the standoff with even less political capital than you had before.

The Republican base who wanted smaller government and an end to Obamacare shouted: “What else are we supposed to do?” The informed response -- “accept that there is no way to get what you want right now” -- was universally unpopular.

And you know who sounds eerily like the conservatives who were yelling at me in 2011 and 2013? The Democratic base right now."

Unlike the writer who denies any schadenfreude, as a left-leaning libertarian I'm filled to the brim with it.

Paul Emery


Kinda like the photo of Trump with his Porn Star Girl Friend.


Punchy 527

The photo analog to the Obama-Farrakhan buddy-buddy photo intentionally held back because of 'optics' would have been a Trump-Richard Spencer or David Duke photo. Or maybe Trump and Putin.


You have to do a lot better than that Paul. Screwy Lewy and his Nation of Islam crowd demanded that picture be given back. They didn't want that connection out, along with the Congressional Black Caucus throwing the party.

So you go ahead and be a CNN minion. They are the only ones still trying to hump that dead horse.

If the photo did come out, you would have had your Hillary.
Hillary can now blame that first loss on this photo being buried.

Don Bessee

Wow, I was in a conference all day and I missed the new one but its still relatively fresh, only 1 Emery in it!

The Clinton news network never said if was shrillary or Bill but now we know its Bill-




re: DonB@6:48PM

Good heavens. /pol is going to run with that one.

Don Bessee
MAGA CoVfefe!

Gee Whiz!!! not a word from the paranoid birther SECRET SOCIETY DEEP STATE Benghazi Gowdy Nunes Johnson shithead afficiaonados now that the latest theory has been debunked. MAGA!!!


Not getting out much Doug? Your back in that " see something, say something" stage again. It's a state law.

Todd Juvinall

CNN is at it 24/7 again. I watched Scaranucci destroy Cuomo about the Trump wanted to fire Mueller crap fro a year ago. And here the Prez is in Davos and getting a rock star reception and the CNN idiots are all in on the firing allegation. You cannot make this stuff up. No wonder CNN is at the bottom.

Bill Tozer


Don Bessee

You know we have an emergency psychiatric unit at the emergency room now @742. ;-)

Bill Tozer

TWN....reaction to Trump’s sh*thouse comment.

“Donald Trump speaks to Africans frankly. Africans need to solve their problems. You can’t survive if you are weak. It is the Africans’ fault that they are weak.” —Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni

Paul Emery

Not possible for Trump to fire Mueller a year ago Todd. He didn't come on till Mid May. You never were much for details so it's typical you didn't know.

Todd Juvinall

Oh my Paul Emery is touting "facts"? It is the fact of his being accused and not the timing . My goodness, you are the worst person for facts and you are not believable.

Paul Emery


When was Mueller hired? Can you refresh us. Also how can you fire someone you haven't hired yet? Help me with that one.

Todd Juvinall

Don't care. You tell us.

Barry Pruett

Trump said he could fire Mueller. In other news there is seaweed in the ocean. Lol


A new accusation is out! (fresh tofu for Paul) Now it's Nikki Haley
and Trump having an affair. The only thing missing, is Stormy Daniels joining in. ( and Melania taping the whole show)

Jaye Smith

Viewed an interesting dustup between Clerk Recorder Gregory Diaz and Supes over funding for the Voter's Choice Act. Some of the Supes really seemed to want to dress Diaz down for requesting money to fund the new Voter's Choice program and to publicly shame him. Supe Miller didn't seem to have much of an opinion so he just sided with the Good Old Dinosaurs who must want to keep the old number two pencils and paper ballots and relive the good old days of going to the voting booths. 82% of voters voted by mail last time in Nevada County.


jon smith

Don Bessee - alert! SEVEN (7) new pot businesses in Nevada City?? My does the pendulum swing when pushed so far by an uncompromising zealot.


Mary Wanna

Grass Valley and the county are still trying to tie their shoelaces in the race for cannabis gold. No Guts no Glory.

George Boardman

But Todd, even Fox News and Sean Hannity are reporting the firing story. Only a party parrot would believe everything the liar-in-chief says.

Let's get a grip on the Davos rock star narrative. Davos Man doesn't believe in America First, but Trump commands attention because he's the leader of the strongest nation in the world. (I know this hard to believe after 8 years of Obama, but it's true.)

And much like people who slow down for a wreck on the interstate, people are attracted to Trump because they don't know what he's going to do next. Just ask his lawyers ("I'll testify under oath") or his treasury secretary, who called for a weak dollar the day before Trump said he wants a strong one.

Then there's Amnesty Don, who is offering a path to citizenship for 1.8 million illegals. So much for making America white again.


Right on time. Trying to make something out of nothing. Last I checked, Robert "Lerch" Muller is still trying to manufacture a crime. So Trump may have wanted too. He didn't.

I see the Lefties here ain't going to touch the new "O" and Nation of Islam photo coverup.

Todd Juvinall

But GeorgeB we all know the media are liars and fools and make stuff up. So why not believe what we want? You believe a lot of fantasies and we don't call you names. And once again you cite "anonymous" sources. See how foolish you look to rational Americans?

Davos loves Trump. Just watched him on CSPAN and he was well received at the Economic Summitt meeting. So do I believe a media mouthpiece like you or my own eyes?

As far as this new immigration proposal. I think it is a trap for the left that Trump has set. Just watch it play out before bloviating.

Bill Tozer

I am shocked, shocked I tell you that there is gambling in this establishment! Would any White House lie? Lawyers can argue if he said “fire” or another word, lol. Can you name one White House that had been less than candid, one White House that has been transparent as the day is long? Name one. Not a smidgen of corruption at the “I take the fifth” IRS, or hold on to this Comtempt of Congress certificate, Mr. Fast and Furious Holder. Hold on Holder. Lincoln lied!
Sounds like Bannon doing his thing. Did Trump fire Meuleer? No. Did he want to can his ass over this fake Russian collusion nothingburger? You bet ya. How wouldn’t. Waste of time. Did Trump drop it and move on to something else after15 minutes? Most likely. Where’s the beef?

Nothing to see. Story will run out of stream by tonight. That dog don’t hunt. Nice diversion away from the hugest biggest story of the Century.....the FBI, Lynch, Rice, Powers, CIA, NSA, DIA, and some guy named Obama and some frumpy blob named Hillary.

Todd Juvinall

Oh BillT we know GeorgeB and his ilk loved Obama and sniffed his ass and called it roses for eight years. Not one story from GB that was negative that I can recall. Now that Trump has fans they are all "parrots". Cracks me up.

George Rebane

Some people confuse the media coverage that report what others allege with the reporter participating in the allegation.

Re MJ shops in Nevada City - the MJ alliance spokesman is lamenting that no one wants the shop to be near their house. Some ask whether this means the community is having second thoughts about the town's role in dispensing the weed.

Bill Tozer

Walt @ 1:42 pm

That is big...nobody cares much now, but that is big.

Remember Obama said unequivocally he never knew Minister Louie F, never met him, don’t know him. The most racist man in America. You know, “Hilter was a nice man, Judaism is a Gutter Religion “ Louie, Louie. Obama never even met the guy.

Hmmm. Looks to me Obama is not just standing there, but actually leaning into Louie Louie in that pic buried by the photojournalist and shown about the media back in the 2008 campaign. Almost as bad as sitting for 20 years in the pews of that clustergluck racist Jeremiah Wright....goddamn it.

The reason that pic is important (yes, nobody cares) is because you got to ask yourself:

1) did the media just not care, they were A-OK with it because it was Obama’running for Prez.
2) Was the media just that lazy, that incompetent?
3) Or, was the media just full blown partisan?
4) Are #2 and #3 rhetorical questions or synonymous ?

The way the bedwetters are caring on, you would have thunk Trump actually knew David Duke, mugged for the camera with him with beaming faces, all the while sitting in the Church Of Robert Spenser, aka, “my spiritual mentor.”


Bored Georgeman, just wondering... did The Union ever print a retraction of the lie you supposedly told about Pelline (that he "objected" to Tea Party people burning weenies at a county park, planting a tree and putting up a bench) after he wrote to complain about it, or did Jeff have to wander off to pound sand?

Again, if Jeff didn't have his double standards to fall back on, he'd have no standards at all.

George Boardman

This just in. As usual, it's all about Trump.

Todd Juvinall

GeorgeB, please list the links to your complaints about Obama's lies. You can keep your doctor/plan etc. And any other columns you wrote as a Obama parrot.

jon smith

GR 10:51- "No one wants the shops to be near their homes." What's new? That's why home prices are so much lower in areas zoned for industry. No one "wants" a tire shop going up next door within ear shot of non stop rattle guns. That doesn't indicate that the community as a whole doesn't want a tire shop in town.

Some contend that we need a homeless shelter. I'm assuming you don't want one at the gateway to your neighborhood at Mello's old firewood yard. The folks in 7 Hills probably think it's a perfect location.

Bill Tozer

Oh Mr. Boardman. Let’s play politics with people’s lives. Fun game, no?

We give you 1.8 million amnesty with a path to citizenship in 10-12 years, if they be model upstanding folks with squeaky clean noses. You give us the dentition of chain migration for those under amnesty as “parents and minor children”, the nuclear family if you will, minus adult children. When they are citizens, they can sponsor Aunt Fred and Uncle Sybil.
The Wall can be just the 800 miles passed and signed and appropriated 10 or more years ago, plus 25 or so billion more to plug some funneled holes, more immigration judges, immigration enforcement, and The New Wall can be open to negotiation as a bargaining chip, wink, wink. Welcome to my parlor” said the spider to the fly.

Never happen. The Libs and the McCain Romney Republicans want bigger and bigger amnesty, and don’t simply DO NOT want anything to do with the stinkin’ Wall. Never have. Duh. No way will we get 60 votes in the Senate.
Nice card Trump threw on the table. They will reject it and the sparks will be flying. Smooth move, President of the United States Trump. Smooth move. Gave them more than what they shut down the government failing to get. 695,000 kiddies. DACA. DACA, DACA, DACA, DACA.

Remember little dik Durbin said he was single issue, tunnel visioned, focused solely on DACA, DACA, DACA, DACA. Now, Dicky “The Marines are worse than terrorists” Durbin is going to stand up and waddle away, leaving DACA, DACA, DACA, DACA in the cold. Heck, they are going to leave 1.8 million Day Dreamers out in the cold. Shameful. Bad Dems, bad.

Bill Tozer

Breaking News! Trump on his smaller People’s Jet Airplane (Airforce One) and Tweeting like a madman as we speak, taunting the humiliated Cryin’ Chuckie. Dissing him relentlessly. Oh my, Trump just does not have any manners, I fear. I am sooo upset.

Rip off Chucky’s balls, Mr. Terrific Trump, and shove his scrot sack down his throat. It gives me a tinkle up my leg seeing Chucky choke on them....again. Ah heck, it’s almost orgasmic eurphoia watching the exploding heads go off and headless bodies falling onto therapists’ couches up and down land near great bodies of salt water.


Posted by: George Boardman | 26 January 2018 at 11:19 AM

This just in. As usual, it's all about Trump.

Umm....George.....while you are certainly well within your rights to post huffpo silliness.....you can't still think that anybody that regularly posts here cares what a gaggle of flouncy globalist ninnies thinks about the president?

Bill Tozer

Holy Smokes. The Greenies and Lefties are rioting in Paris right now! Running amok, all unhinged. Yeah, they were pathetic at Devos. The Swiss are neutral and their protests are usually a dud. Just like the climate crisis panels that were going on and nobody care when Trump graced the movers and shakers with His Eminence
That Trump can sure hog the spotlight, especially when he is in his element. Obama never went to Davos cause he does like being greeted with luke warm applause. Besides, what was Obama going to talk about anyway? Growing the economy? Righttttt.

Anti-Trump riots breaking out in France. Interesting time, bro, interesting times.



Posted by: Bill Tozer | 26 January 2018 at 12:28 PM

The Swiss are neutral and their protests are usually a dud.

Yes William.....I've heard the Swiss hookers are similarly tempered!

Mary Wanna

Posted by: George Rebane | 26 January 2018 at 10:51 AM

the MJ alliance spokesman is lamenting that no one wants the (MJ) shop to be near their house

The MJ businesses are restricted to commercial/industrial zoned properties....but where one zoning district ends another district begins. Such is modern life.

Don Bessee

HOLY 401k batman! DOW up 219 to 26,612 - triple records AGAIN! ;-)

Mary Wanna

Sorry, close italics fail...


Well Mary,, that's why it's not a good idea to toke and post.

Well this explains it all. Now "O" is a Jew.
With a Muslim DADDY???? "O" would have been drowned at birth. (or beheaded)
His bullshit never ends.

Bill Tozer

If you are truly sorry Mary “hooch in the morning” Wanna, then we will forgive you. Not because of your altered indecipherable gibberish you dump here, but rather because that is the kind of guys we are. You have been cleansed.

Fish. Happen to know a fine lady from Swissland. Married a GI in Germany and have the highest honor of sharing some time in his war room man cave. Nam vet. Anyway, they ran a strip tease club just over the German-Swiss border. The Swissland women folk have good business minds. Owned the titty bar, but never worked the stage. That was for the fine Swedish lassies and perhaps some tall Danes. :). Them Swedes are more accommodating. Or so, that what I heard through the grape vine.

Which reminds me....Trump is bringing back a whole plane load of Norwegians. No Finnish allowed.


Posted by: Bill Tozer | 26 January 2018 at 01:21 PM

The Swissland women folk have good business minds.

Yeah....that was pretty much how I heard them described as behaving while plying their trade.....like meeting with your tax guy!.

jon smith

Wonder what Trump's prenup stipulates? The Mrs. has been living in a hotel (not a Trump hotel either) since she discovered the Donald pulling a Melania with young Stormy. His revolving door policy with whores and wives (one and the same) must make him an expert at such documents. Todd, are prenups null and void if the partner cheats?

What a fun sh*t show we will be witnessing if/when she gives him the 9" heeled boot. She will likely suffer a terrible accidental tragedy before that happens though.


BillT: "Nice card Trump threw on the table. They will reject it and the sparks will be flying."

Those were exactly my thoughts. DACA is the latest fuss, but the desired endgame is unlimited immigration from the Third World. Nothing less.

So, Mr. Trump makes an initial bid which gives Team Blue absolutely everything they are yelling about currently. But it seals up the rest of the situation (wall, chain immigration, lottery, etc.). It absolutely won't be taken as a deal, but there probably are some folks on that side of the aisle who really want DACA (like a DACAn), and don't care so much about the rest of it. You potentially are driving a wedge here.

Really all Trump has to do to make a deal fail is to make The Great Wall of America dependent on it. It's not all that expensive, and according to all sorts of pro-migration wall 'experts' it is useless, but it's a large political statement that CAN NOT BE ALLOWED. So, you present a series of reasonable deals with The Wall, and the deals can be constructed to make Team Blue look unreasonable. Pretty brilliant.


"jon" back to making things up. Yes, even you have "paid for it".
Take your "date" out for dinner and drinks? Yes, you "paid for it".
Got that lovely lady some jewelry? Go ahead and tell us you didn't have a preconceived "outcome". Didn't get any? I bet you were a little peeved non the less. ( Yes.. you pay for it... ONE way,, OR another.)
At least with the "business" lady, you know what your getting and for how much, and get down to business muy pronto.

Todd Juvinall

Thought so.

Bill Tozer

Comment appropriated from Ruminations, update. Nobody commented on it anyway. Replay: Second verse same as the first.

“Good timing.
It was 20 years ago today Bubba shaked his finger at us all and said “You listen to me and listen good. I did not commit sexual harassment with THAT woman, Miss Lewinsky. It was consensual. I did commit sexual harassment with that woman over there...and that woman sitting in front, and that woman in the back.”

Posted by: Bill Tozer | 26 January 2018 at 05:46 AM

Oh yeah, the intro.

Nor does it mean that objectification is “misogynistic.”


Bill Tozer

Well, now that the Left has snatched away from us Righties our sacred very moral Victorian morals, they are stuck with that albatross around their necks, I feel free from that heavy Ozzie and Harriet 50 lbs garbage bag we were lugging everywhere we went. . Free at last, free at last. Now I can shack up with any shank. And do bad things with the houseplants in front of a fine witness with abandon. The Lefties can carry that white rural burden. I am done. Through . Their turn in the penalty box. Phew, I feel better.

Finally I can talk candidly. I like the women Trump is surrounding himself with. The DHS Nielsen, Nikki, Betsy Education Secretary, and lots of ‘nail ya to the wall’ types. Afterall, they are the reason Trump is in the White House. Duh. But, there is something about Sarah.....

Oh Sarah, that is one Gal every American in the land can be proud of. Stands her ground and goes toe to toe with all the unhinged screeching chattering teeth. Loved how she told Jimmy Acosta to sit down and shut his sh*thole. Then when he doth protested too much, she kicked his sorry, yet quite animated, behind out of the room. Aha! You go girl.

There is just something about Sarah. Bet she goes home and late at night when everything is calm, she, to quote Dylan, “cries just like a little girl.” And in the morning she acts just like a woman, and she talks just like a woman. Fat shaming and saying she don’t know how to bake a peacon pie is all they got. They think she and all you Far Righties are trailor trash. They are drowning men and women grasping at straws.

Did notice just yesterday Cher was mocking Sarah’s Tom Boy outfits and telling Sarah she should dress more like....like Cher, so she too could look like a slut.


OK ECO gang,, you guys now have a problem.
"“Clearer is not necessarily better,” said Robert Shuchman, co-director of the Michigan Tech Research Institute. “Clearer water means less phytoplankton in the water column, and they’re the basic building block in the food web. The idea is, the little fish eat algae, and the bigger fish eat the little fish.

“There are some folks out there now that think Lake Michigan and Huron could become ecological deserts from a fishing standpoint. The food web could totally collapse because you don’t have the various organisms you need to sustain it.” "

George Rebane

To our liberal friends - what does it mean when the claim is that NC people in general are for MJ, yet no individuals want MJ operations in their vicinity?

Do the MJ proponents have an idea how such aggregate vs individual preferences are to be resolved?


I recall a curtain Grass Valley city "official" who made sure a homeless shelter didn't wind up in HIS neighborhood. But it was fine for someone else's.. Just say'n. Did I mention he was a Lefty?

Paul Emery


Is that the same as when so called property rights advocates are leading the charge against Marijuana cultivation?


Really want to go there Paul?

George Rebane

PaulE 558pm - I'm sorry Paul, did you answer my 532pm?

George Rebane

"America is roaring back, and now is the time to invest in the future of America." preached President Trump at a speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

"preached"??!! Three guesses, is that a leftwing or rightwing or mid-road representation of Trump's appearance in Davos?


Paul: "Is that the same as when so called property rights advocates are leading the charge against Marijuana cultivation?"

Ignoring that that statement is nothing like a response to a question, I'd say that it's different.

Cultivation is more like zoning laws for industry. The act of doing it is kind of a nuisance just due to the physical activity of the business. Think wrecking yard.

Marijuana retail is more of a public nuisance problem. The type of product implies a sleazier clientele than other retail companies (the same as liquor stores, bars, etc.) regardless of the hand waving about cancer victims and the like.


Paul. When can Suzie's adult book store set up shop? There in a big empty storefront on the main drag of Nevada City. It would fit right in with the local culture as well. What do ya' think?
Scenes made a good point.

Bill Tozer

Why don’t they put the biomass energy making kiln, some head shops, Marihuana edibles (and homemade chocolate brie) stores, a cluster of small retail Marihuana boutique shops, and the dirty book store all under the roof of the old big two story Broad St. Furnishing building. Parking in the rear and behind the National. Put a peek show in the front windows with one of those antiquated and period brass contraptions you drop quarters in from the sidewalk and the models get off the couches and start moving their hips with locally made hemp hula-hoops. Why not? Perfect size, perfect location, right at the entrance to town, our little adult playground nestled in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada.

There’s no schools within 600 feet. Besides, it makes it easier for the beloved local 70 year old virgin to sample the wares and buy a Rubber Judy to take home with. Or leave her in the passenger seat for those trips to Frisco when the diamond lane looks like the best lane to be in...by far. On stop shop. Just like Amerstam.


So when does the 30 foot pot leaf get painted on the Del Oro wall?
"Grass" Valley might as well start living up to it's new meaning.

Pot fest at the fairgrounds?( I better copywrite that on Mon.)

Don Bessee

Well what do you expect form an Alynsky trained, chitown pol who had uncle Farakahn and uncle Jeramya Wright's as mentors?



jon smith

GR's thoughts regarding a city sanctioned homeless camp at the bottom of Cement Hill are conspicuously missing. I think it is not much different than a city sanction marijuana courtyard in 7 Hills. How much is enough/too much? Are property rights and citizen's being violated by these endeavors?

Hmmm - what if said property rights promotors were denied the ability to drain a pond on their land containing an endangered frog or insect?

It's all in the same pot where NIMBY values cross paths with blatant hypocrisy. How far does does NIMBY cross into personal freedom. Bessee doesn't want me to eat a pot cookie in my living room even though he has no idea where my living room is.

All of this is part and parcel of the mixed message from the right.

Don Bessee

It looks like shug 'straight outa compton' knight ain't gonna ever get out da slam and that's a good thing.



Don Bessee

Since the press release has gone out I can say that Sheriff Royal tonight endorsed Bill Smethers for Sheriff at the Miners Inn event. ;-)

George Rebane

jons 911pm - "GR's thoughts regarding a city sanctioned homeless camp at the bottom of Cement Hill are conspicuously missing." Did I overlook an obligated response to someone?

But talking of "city sanctioned homeless camps", we have more than one much closer (approx 500ft) than "the bottom of Cement Hill", and it is sanctioned by Nevada City since they own the property, know its occupants, and could care less. How close are they to you Mr smith?


GR 631pm

The "preached" line is from a "journalist" writing copy at Yahoo! news. Might be no road at all, just a low skilled journalist with a well worn thesaurus.


re: BillT@8:00PM

That is pretty brilliant. In addition, there's an impromptu homeless camp (that the police seem to let slide, assuming there's much in the way of nighttime patrol at all anymore) right in front of the building. You could appoint them to be doormen and passers-out-of-flyers.

Add an Indian casino in the now-missing teepee next door, and you've got a good start on a town concept. A City by the Creek fueled on sin and social security checks.

An ageing whiteopia deserves nothing but the best.

Bill Tozer

One bombshell that Betsy DeVos dropped in her AEI remarks is that federally imposed performance standards in reading and math — know as Common Core — is “dead” at the Department of Education. Not because of ideology. Because these federal standards demonstrably do not work.


MAGA CoVfefe!!!

GeorgeR ‘’’Trump is a HIT in Davos despite his strong but STUNNINGLY accurate language’’’... A ‘’’hit’’’??? Yes or no,,, Is this a right wing cheerleader’s representation of Trumps’s Davos appearances???

Trumpski is a ‘’’hit’’’ just as the bearded lady is a ‘’’hit’’’ at the freak show!!!

Bill Tozer

Speaking of a hit at the freak show, I point the reader to the above, aka, Exhibit A.


Posted by: MAGA CoVfefe!!! | 27 January 2018 at 07:25 AM

Trumpski is a ‘’’hit’’’ just as the bearded lady is a ‘’’hit’’’ at the freak show!!!

Or a man In a sodden adult diaper Dougski......


A nice little letter to John Podesta.


The wheels of justice hopefully grind finely in the case of Podesta.

Todd Juvinall

The two portly soulmates on the libbie blog are trashing GeorgeR again. One knows when a liberal is upset.

jon smith

GR 10:33.

If you are talking about the "Wet Hill" camp, it's almost as close to me as to you. You can see campfires near Hirschmans' pond almost any night of the week including the dead of summer. Off the ditch trail to the NE below your house is usually good for a few bums too. I stopped walking that trail a few years ago. Its almost as bad as the addicts who pull out at your mailbox cluster or just before the Jacobson's and Fosters to shoot or light up.

The only reasonable thing we can do is support free homeless services in Auburn or Placerville.

Mary Wanna

Posted by: George Rebane | 26 January 2018 at 05:32 PM - the claim is that NC people in general are for MJ, yet no individuals want MJ operations in their vicinity

I responded to this query in my 101pm. When you say, 'no individuals' or 'no one' wants MJ operations near their house or in their vicinity, surely you don't assume that because some people have issues in this regard that all residents or business owners are similarly disposed?

I viewed the visual meeting minutes and I did not see a majority of total residents stating they were opposed to MJ businesses.

Of course, NIMBYism is alive in well in many communities.

Mary Wanna

Posted by: Bill Tozer | 26 January 2018 at 01:21 PM - If you are truly sorry Mary “hooch in the morning” Wanna, then we will forgive you. Not because of your altered indecipherable gibberish you dump here

Maybe you should count the lines of rambling nonsense you have laid down on just this thread Bill. I think you hold the record for 'wasted' cloud space.

George Boardman

I got around to seeing "The Post" yesterday, which prompts me to wonder what Peggy Noonan was watching when she wrote the following about the movie in her Wall Street Journal column:

"President Nixon is portrayed as the villain of the story. And that is the opposite of truth. Nixon did not start the Vietnam War, he ended it. His administration was not even mentioned in the Pentagon Papers, which were finished before he took office."

Nowhere in the movie is the war blamed on Nixon. On at least 3 separate occasions, the war was blamed on his predecessors, mainly Kennedy and Johnson. Nixon was dunned for following in their footsteps because he didn't want to be the president who lost the war. That's a long way from blaming him for starting the war.

For all you liberal bashers, Ben Bradlee (Tom Hanks) provides a mea culpa when he admits he compromised his journalism by becoming too close to Kennedy.

When Dr. R first commented on this in December, Goodknight, Steele and some of the other intellectuals who frequent this blog immediately condemned a film they hadn't seen. Even Dr. R joined in, assuming the usual Hollywood liberal bias infected the film.

Have any of you seen the film since then? If you have, why haven't you corrected your earlier comments? You wouldn't want to confuse the easily swayed regulars on this blog.

One more thing: Meryl Streep, who the president has said is "overrated," gave a great performance, easily eclipsing Hanks. I guess Stormy Daniels is more to Trump's taste.

MAGA CoVfefe!

Dont hold your breathe George,,, I called them on the fake news about the SECRET SOCIETY and got a bowlful of crickets

Todd Juvinall

I suggest if you want to see true heroism go see The Darkest Hour. At least they don't think we have to swallow treasonous American journalist. My money goes to Churchill, and not to Streep.

George Rebane

MaryW 1045am - Maybe not 'all people', but only the ones near the proposed MJ distribution and grow sites. All the others are perfectly happy to have such facilities located elsewhere. We have yet to see any Nevada City citizens evince an 'Oh goody, the new MJ store will be right in our neighborhood; how convenient!'

GeorgeB 1118am - Good points Mr Boardman. Please note I did report that the interpretation was in Noonan's column and not one derived from my seeing the film. And after seeing the film, I may indeed have to correct my assumption that "the usual Hollywood liberal bias infected the film." Thank you.


"The only reasonable thing we can do is support free homeless services in Auburn or Placerville."

Good heavens, a voice of reason. I salute you. I'll donate to the GoFundMe.

I just assume that 10% of the homeless are people who need and deserve help due to bad circumstances. The other 90% are folks that need to be moved along.

Telling the difference is always the problem in building a safety net, and I can't say that anyone has found a good recipe.

And yes Green Libertarians, Reagan and something or the other about the mental health system and insane asylums blah blah blah.


OK "Mary",,grow your dope next door. The wind blows both ways.
The stench from your grow comes my may, Roundup will be on the returning breeze.


re: George "get offa my lawn" Boardman @ 11:18AM

"I guess Stormy Daniels is more to Trump's taste."

Hey, me too. A good looking woman will always outrank someone in legit movies, especially the kind that parlays their fame into political utterances.

There's a reason they used to bury actors outside the cemetery fence.

Robert Cross

In terms of the war in Vietnam and who did what, Kennedy wanted to get out in 1962 (which some conspiracy theories sight as the reason for his assassination) and Johnson escalated the war based on bogus information from the CIA. However, American involvement started just after the French left around 1955, when Eisenhower sent advisors there. At that time, as part of the armistice agreement the country was divided into North and South, one communist and aligned with China and the other capitalist aligned with the US. At the end of a five year respite from conflict there was to be an election with the people deciding whether unification would come under the jurisdiction of the North or the South. It kind of sounds like the American Civil war. When the American backed president of South Vietnam refused to hold elections (and possibly relinquish power) Ho Chi Min invaded the south for breaking the treaty.
The rest is history, whether you like it or not.

So if there is any blame to be thrown around, blame Eisenhower for inserting the US into what was basically a civil war. After the revolutionary war and freedom from French colonialism led by Ho chi Min (Vietnam's George Washington), the US, in the name of the Domino Theory of fighting communism, moved in to fill the vacuum left by the departure of the French. Not too different than the war on 'global terrorism.'

Mary Wanna

Posted by: George Rebane | 27 January 2018 at 11:49 AM - You might have a different definition of the term 'neighborhood' than someone else. Is a neighborhood an area defined by a land use zoning classification? Is a person within 600 linear feet of a MJ business a neighbor? Is a neighborhood a one-block section of a street? Is a person who lives across the freeway but within 600 feet of a MJ business a neighbor?

I think at least a few residents and non-residents alike might have said, "Finally, there is a dispensary within 15 miles of where I live".

Mary Wanna

Posted by: Walt | 27 January 2018 at 12:33 PM - Most of your posts (and those of several others) are borderline useless troll posts.

You have already played your Roundup card.

Maybe that will play in Big Oak Valley or wherever you call home.


Posted by: Mary Wanna | 27 January 2018 at 01:19 PM

Most of your posts (and those of several others) are borderline useless troll posts.

Yes.....thank god we have you and Captain Poopy Drawers to restore some semblance of decorum to these threads!

Jeez....get over yourself already Michael.


Good. "Mary" has a memory.(surprising)
It still applies. Now,, is your honey oil lab insured?
They tend to go BOOOM!!! and take out the houses next door.


George Boardman, just where did I "condemn" the film? No, I didn't find anything compelling to drive me to see it, but a condemnation?

Had to go looking for a link to the discussion 'cause you didn't bother. Given the stretch of the truth past the breaking point, I can see why:

No, I've not seen "The Post". I might someday if it's on Netflix or Amazon Prime where the loss of time and money spent is not triggered by changing streams. One thing going for it is that Streep is up for Best Actress in the AARP Movies for Grownups awards... we'll just have to sit on pins and needles for that one.

Mary Wanna

Thanks Walt/Fish for making my point.


I'm still trying to figure out what George has against "The Crown."


Posted by: Mary Wanna | 27 January 2018 at 02:12 PM

There’s no point to be made Michael.

I thought you were at least less stupid than that master of “forced agreement” Punch-E.

Paul Emery

So apparently Millions of Americans Believe God Made the pussy grabbing porno star humping Trump President. Must be Gods will right RR contributors? thats accordnt to the new book “God and Donald Trump.” by Stephen Strang.


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