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25 January 2018



Stop dissing hookers Paul. They support LIBS.


Paul. Your question to Todd, shows your short memory. That's old news.

Bill Tozer

11:31 am
Dissing hookers and porn “stars” is soooo mysognotist and patriarchal. Those types of men really have a bad case of Mommie issues or something. Women haters, but they always try to deny it. No wonder the new feminists hate men. They are slowly bringing me into the light. I see their point.


Well, They’re Not Exactly Awash With Oil Revenues Anymore:

Russia military spending almost halved from 2015 peak and Russia near financial collapse.

Thanks, Frackers! Weird that the people most worried about Russians under their beds are the least supportive of fracking, the most powerful tool in existence against Russian power projection.

Glenn Reynolds

Bill Tozer

Republicans beg, beg I tell ya, beg.

Reminds me of the time the Sierra Club was finally a defendant in court and were whining how the litigation fees to defend lawsuits would bankrupt them if that case became a trend. Oh, I love Lefty outrage. Gives me a tingle up my leg.



Things keep getting better and better!
"Gosar’s insistence that Sessions enforce the law at Trump’s SOTU comes after New York Times best-selling author Ann Coulter called on Sessions to “be ready to arrest” Democrats for conspiring with illegal aliens to keep them in the country."

Bill Tozer

Bye bye Chief Wahoo. They will be going after the franchise name next.


Never ask what could be worse. The answer usually comes quickly.

Bye bye Fighting Irish.


A premature bye bye to the Grand Cherokee. Bye, bye.

Bill Tozer

“Very uninformed.” My, that’s a good way to put it.

Although I have mixed feelings and thoughts about wisdom of the Pentagon itself getting involved in very localized domestic classroom (one) issue, I do find it refreshing after all this time to hear the Pentagon standing tall, proud, and saluting our enlisted men and women


Maybe it all will end in a beer summit. That will fix everything.

Paul Emery


Here is your quote. What does "agree" mean to you?

"Paul. Then you agree that drug pushers should be shot on sight?"

Paul Emery

So Bill, I agree with you that's there's no problem with Trump having an affair with a porn star four months after his son is born. See, we have something in common.

Bill Tozer

He swings and misses. Strike two.

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