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30 January 2018


Todd Juvinall

Gregory | 31 January 2018 at 09:21 PM
Thanks for the notice. False front? No that would be others. I am 100% real. And unlike others that just blather I actually am in the trenches working for my beliefs. You?

Todd Juvinall

Anuone know about the 350.0rg group? I watched a room full of their ilk on CSPAN last night and they seem to be all about no fossil fuel, stop all pipelines and hate Trump and white people.


The founder of 350.org was in town to spread the gospel a few years ago, but Todd was doing something unmentionable in that trench of his. Even Jerry Brown was at the Foundry.


A quibble... McKinnon spent his time at Harvard at The Crimson newspaper, not the science labs.

Todd Juvinall


Todd Juvinall

If you want to see how nutty the 350.0rg people are, CSPAN has it online from yesterday. These people were even farther left than Bernie Sanders!

Mary Wanna

Gregory, FYI that cartoon Crabb posted is a 70-year old Bill Mauldin piece.


No shit Sherlock, "Mary Wanna"/aka Michael P. Anderson 8:57, the older work of Mauldin is obvious (especially compared to Crabb's scribblings), as was the date at the top... 10.16.1945, long before Crabb had filled his first diaper. The first thing I did was click on the jpeg and blow it up enough to read the name on the very bottom and the other details.

Didn't the wikipedia entries on the America First party and the vote its presidential candidate (the bottom of the America First poster in the 'toon has his name) got in 1944 clue you in?

Bill Tozer

“Moreover, midterm elections usually bode well for the opposition party, and Democrats have made no secret of their status as dreamers who hope to retake Congress. But will they be able to ride a campaign against peace and prosperity to electoral victory?

Count us among the skeptical. Beyond Democrats’ lousy strategy, here are some tea leaves to consider. First, Republicans are vastly outraising Democrats. In fact, the Republican National Committee just announced record fundraising in 2017, a non-election year. And its haul was twice that of the DNC.

“Our strong fundraising numbers reflect voters’ optimism and continued support as President Trump fulfills his promises to the American people,” said RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel. “In his first year, President Trump delivered a historic tax cut to the middle-class, slashed regulations, and grew our economy. We look forward to electing more Republican leaders to Congress who will support President Trump’s winning agenda on behalf of the American people.”

Second, Democrats’ lead in generic polling has plummeted from 15% to just 2%. After 2016 in particular, we think every American should suspect polling, so take from that what you will. Yet it’s hard to think Democrats won’t be hurt by the spectacle of scoffing at tax cuts and stubbornly staying seated as Trump talked of rising wages, pride in America and the like in his State of the Union.”

And now for your listening pleasure.....And a one and a two...hit it boys..


Mary Wanna

Gregory, no need to get all pissy. You would be the Sherlock here, blowing up cartoons, inspecting for provenance, reviewing America First history, and generally snooping around.

I did not give the cartoon much inspection or introspection. I just went to it after you starting bitching about it all over the internet.


All over the internet meaning a few posts on RR? Rockin the gange today, eh Mary?

I wasn't inspecting for provenance, Mike, I was wondering about the topical references Mauldin was making and Crabbman was recycling to different ends. Googling "America First" led to the America First Party, whose founder was mentioned as the author of the slogans on the poster the indigenous Americans were Ughing over: this established for me (Bingo!) that it was about THAT GUY'S hate that didn't go anywhere.

That Crabb was trying to pin a nutcase who was the Richard Spencer of his day on everyone who has voted for Trump or attended a Tea Party rally (which ain't me, baby) was a sad statement on the knowledge of The Union's political 'toonist and member of The Union's editorial board.

An earlier America First was founded circa 1940 to keep us out of WWII (JFK. Charles Lindbergh, Gerald Ford and Sargant Shriver were early members) but they wisely disbanded days after the Pearl Harbor attack... I'll guess Crabb and Mary Wanna don't have bad things to say about them.

Don Bessee

The new left crusade; erase anything that does not fit the trendy narrative of the moment. Thought police on steroids, is this what Elon Musks flame thrower is for?



Account Deleted

Darn you, Don - was just going to post this. Question - where does this stop?
Is Bill Clinton still acceptable as a guest at this art gallery? Are male nudes to be banished? What about sexually unattractive nude females?
Are the libraries next? What about e-books?

Account Deleted

If only Dr Rebane was as astute and forward thinking as Gov Brown.
OK - sarc off.
Funny how the lefties attacked George when he brought this subject up years ago.
Now we see ol' Moonbeam Brown suddenly wakes from his slumbers and adds up the damage.
Does the left attack Brown for being concerned about the same problem?
If only Jerry Jr could get his pocket calculator to work as well when it comes to his choo-choo to financial oblivion.


Yep....Socialism, Caudillo worship, and a single element economy is the only way to go!


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