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28 January 2018


Bill Tozer

So-so short article, but good last paragraph.

“Democrats have sought to spin the narrative that Trump and Republicans are the ones guilty of undermining and damaging the FBI’s reputation. It’s the same tactic used by the mainstream media, which has regularly blamed Trump for supposedly undermining American’s trust in the MSM when the reality is they have done it to themselves.

All organizations are made up of a number of individuals, and while it is hoped that everyone within an organization would follow the rules and guidelines, the reality is people don’t. Why else would there be the need for oversight and ethics committees? The very fact that we need police departments who are themselves are subject to oversight is reason enough to call baloney on the Democrats’ objection to FBI scrutiny.”


George Rebane

MaryW 1129am - that kind of liberal logic 1) proves that the ideology is a form of dementia, and 2) brings this conversation to an end.

Robert Cross

George, how can you claim that liberal ideology is a form of dementia when clearly republican ideals are straight out of the industrial revolution of the 19th century? In psychology it's called projection... people project their own thoughts and feelings onto others to avoid confronting themselves with undesirable issues.


Well Cross, the plan of "tax and control" (Socialism) just blew up.
Liberalism is promising everyone a free lunch.(paid for by other people's money) Well, that tit ran dry. Under LIB rule, most are equally miserable.(except the ruling class and their friends)

I guess you slept through the last year. The gravy train rolled into town.

George Rebane

RobertC 245pm - Am not sure whether you and Ms Wanna were exposed to the same epidemic. You are mature enough to know that 'liberal', as used in the modern vernacular without the 'classical' modifier, is a label describing a form of collectivistic governance that emphasizes central planning and control, right? Or is your comment merely a failed attempt at clumsy humor?


re: GeorgeRebane 3:13PM

Your definition of 'liberal' seems close enough to me, at least in the period from roughly post-WWI until just recently, but the 'liberal' part has morphed into something else.

Rather than pushing for .gov control of major parts of the economy (healthcare, giant social safety net, free education, and the like), we are now treated to a group of people with a somewhat different set of policy priorities.

. Unlimited access to US citizenship for people worldwide, especially those who look like politically important groups already in the US.
. Unlimited access to the women's bathroom for mentally ill males in dresses.
. The removal of meritocracies in business and education to be replaced with advantages for favored groups. The hierarchy of groups is still being worked out.
. A general tearing down of traditional Western culture wherever it's found. Not just statues or folkways, but in a general changing of attitude.

It doesn't seem to me that any of these imply central planning but are instead a kind of religious movement. It's all tinged with a hint of hysteria, but the underlying cause eludes me.

George Rebane

Scenes 407pm - Excellent points to revisit. Yes, all the initiatives you outline have been extensively presented/debated here, and all of them support the precursor efforts to establish a transformable America in which ignorant and compliant voter cohorts are established and franchised to vote away their constitutional freedoms. There is no point to the progressives starting to inculcate their under-educated and newly-amnestied about the finer points of a socialist government's role in the economy, or the enforced redistribution of wealth, or ... . As you insightfully point out, it has to start as a "kind of religious movement", which is how it started both in Bolshevik Russia and post-WW2 China. You are seeing a consistent pattern with the added consistency of 'This time we'll do it right' again held by the socialist true believers. Hope this helps.

Don Bessee

A tale of two world views, one the FBI boss the other the Clinton news network-



Hey the dems just stood up and clapped for vocational training! ;-)


Ahead of the missing Nunes memo, I give you a short diversion from two score years ago... just the name needs updating

From The Missing White House Tapes:


Bill Tozer

The Memo. Yep, written by R’s “in secret”. To be released, or not to be released, that is the question.

Seems to me the ones crying the loudest about “National Security” concerns are coming straight from the FBI, some top echelonat Justice, and the mysteriously very quiet of late Intel.

Hmm. Yep, the ones pushing back the hardest are some of the ones under investigation, lol. Comey, McCade, Lisa’s Peter....just off the top of me melon.

Thursday or Friday would be a good time to release the memo, considering SOTUA already eviscerated the NFL millionaire players who refused to humble themselves before the flag....er....thus no need to announce on Super Bowl Sunday.

Bill Tozer

The first comment from the link below is.....


“In an radio interview Wednesday, John Kell’ said the president wants it too be released so everything is out and open, and the American people will make up their own minds.

“The unique thing about all of this, frankly, is in every other case that I can remember in my lifetime where a president was in some kind of trouble, the president, the White House attempted to not release things,” Kelly stated.”


Bill Tozer

And n’er the twain shall meet.

.. “[Releasing the FISA memo] is a distraction from the fact that [Republicans] passed a tax bill that gives 83% of the benefits to the top 1%. They’d like to distract from that. And 86 million middle-class Americans will pay more in taxes. … They do give this gift to corporate America at the expense of our children’s future. They don’t want to talk about that.” —Nancy Pelosi


Memo to be released tomorrow morning

Todd Juvinall

Nunes tweaked the memo as advised by the DOJ and the FBI and now Pelosi is calling for his removal as Chairman. Cracks ,e up.

George Rebane

The Dems' reaction to these goings on is now restricted to a single dimension bounded by butt stupid and crass evil.

Todd Juvinall

Monmouth poll today. Trump good 44, Trump bad 48. Close as it has been for a while.


Bill Tozer

The accused are protesting rather vehemently. Lest we forget, it is the House Intelligence Committee that is releasing the memo, not some sub-Committee on Dams and Waterways. One would think that the Intelligence Committee knows exactly what Intelligence should not be released and how to handle matters of National Security.

Paul Emery

Trump is walking into a trap messing with the FBI. One of the first lessons of being a teenager is not to mess with the cops. As expressed by a friend who got in trouble "You mess with the bull, you get the horn."

Trump loses either way. The Mueller probe goes on with predictable results especially affecting Trumps family and inner circle or he does a Nixon style massacre with predictable historical results and a rebellion in the Justice Department and FBI. Remember deep throat? that's just a hint as to shat will happen with todays technology.

Got my seat in the front row for the big show.

Bill Tozer

Trust issues
“The appearance of wanting to prevent the public from seeing the information contained within the memo while at the same time seeking to discredit it only furthers speculation of impropriety within the agency, fueling greater distrust.”


For us in the peanut gallery 3,000 miles from the action, the Invisible Memo is still the Invisible Memo. I think I can read it just fine without being told what is in it....or worse, being told what I read after reading it.

Bill Tozer

Well, we have gotten this far with no thanks to the MSM and the FBI. It has been like pulling teeth every single inch of the way. It wasn’t that long ago we were derided for even suggesting there may very well be a FISA request to spy on the Trump campaign and they denied/stonewalled the existence of the FICA warrant at the time.

Let me get this right. The Hillary Campaign, the DNC and the Democrat Party peddled a dossier that they paid millions to have written for them and now cry foul that a few R’s on the Intell Committee wrote a memo? Sounds about right.


Punchy 948am

So, you're channeling J. Edgar Hoover today? Till death do you part is not part of the oath of office anymore, and Trump seems to think, with some justification, that there were people in the FBI actively working to subvert Trump's election and quashing the investigation(s) of Hillary Clinton.

In the "there are no coincidences" department, I wonder if Trey Gowdy, who announced this week he's tired of being a politician, wants a nice Justice Department job, if some cherry positions are about to be vacated.

Bill Tozer

From the Popinjay Post:

“As [special counsel Robert] Mueller and his team move closer to the president and his inner circle, a sense of panic is palpable on the Hill,” Schiff wrote. “GOP members recognize that the probe threatens not only the president but also their majorities in Congress.”

The risk of a “constitutional crisis” is increased, he said, by “setting the stage for subsequent actions by the White House” to fire Mueller or Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.”


Oh my. The drama, the drama

MAGA CoVfefe!

That teatie twisting cow milker Nunes sure is getting his fifteen minutes of fame!!! The next GOP Prez candidate???

Much hilarity over the fact that Peter Strzok was in favor of restarting the Clinton investigation and helped draft the Comey letter that basically lost the election for Hillary,,,
but now,,,GOP and the the milk maid want to kick him to the curb to protect DEAR LEADER!!!




Posted by: MAGA CoVfefe! | 01 February 2018 at 01:08 PM


Bill Tozer

Well, there has to be a reason why the Lefties are friggin’ freaking out about a little 4 page memo. I say release the memo and let’s read the Schiff 10 page memo and have the FBI come forth and fill in the blanks to tell us all about any inaccuracies and “the rest of the story.” I would like to hear from the FBI Director on the details.

A win-win situation for all. Release both memos and have the FBI come forth, expand on the contents of the memo, and clear the FBI’s sullied name at the same time. Who,could possibly be opposed to that?

If the Nunes Memo is full of bull pucky, it will be easily discredited and full of holes big enough to drive a garbage truck through. I will let others do it with glee. I certainly do not want to accused racism by of attacking a man with a Spanish surname like Nunes.

But, the way some are carrying on and losing it over the potential release of a tiny memo, it does make one wonder if the Schiff is about to hot the fan.

Paul Emery

Bill writes

"I say release the memo and let’s read the Schiff 10 page memo and have the FBI come forth and fill in the blanks to tell us all about any inaccuracies and “the rest of the story.”

Thats a pretty fair position Bill. The problem is the FBI claimes the Nunes memo's release will have grave consequences to the US Intel services. that in my view trumps (no pun intended) release of any material without FBI clearance. Keep in mind it's Trumps own FBI pick that is making that call.

Bill Tozer


Keep in mind that there is great distrust of government right now. The texts from the lead investigator on Trump come to mind. The Judicial Watch’s release of 29 pages revealing the our government’s agents were more concerned with people seeing the DOJ meeting with the husband of a target under investigation than they were with any impropriety of the 4O minute meeting on the tarmac.....and the DOJ promptly after the tarmac rendezvous requesting and being denied the first FISA request. Trust issues.

The new FBI Director I know little about, so I will give him the benefit of the doubt. Yes, Comey got fired. McCade got sent home until he runs out of vacation time earned and collects his 1.9 million dollar pension in March. Lisa’s Peter (the lead investigator of both the Hillary “extremely careless”handling of US government property as well as the lead investigator into Trump) ain’t investigating no more and has put on ice in the bowels of the agency’s HR division. And that is just scratching the surface. Opps, Assistant Deputy Ohr of Justice has been demoted for his handling of the Yellow Snow Golden Shower Dossier.

Yes, all theses things I mentioned have to do with the prior administration and the current hold overs from the Loris Lerner, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, Clinton E-mailgate, Lynch (love that name), Susan Rice, and various unmaskers. The holdovers that may have put their thumbs on the scales of Lady Justice. We have had the former CIA Director lie under oath (twice) and he is gone.

So, excuse me if I feel like “burn me once, shame on me. Burn me twice, eat lead, mo fo”.
The FBI is an investigative agency only. They were friggin spying of journalists for Pete’s Sake , Paul! They were spying and doing surveillance on journalists before turning to Trump, Paul. Wake up. We are in this together. The pendulum swings both ways. The FBI works for us. Trump works for us. Congress works for us.

I demand to see the memo. Well. I have no power, but I want to see the memo. Sure, maybe two or three Assistants to an Assistant Deputy Director or Assistant to some Assistant Deputy Attorney that we never heard of will get the boot. Good. We win. America wins.

I will take the FBI Director’s dire warning with a grain of salt. Excuse me if I take what he says with a pound of salt, especially considering the fact that the Director is on the exact same page of Adam Schiff.....which is NEVER release the memo.

Shake the tree, let the rotton fruit fall so I can stomp, crush, and grind into the dirt what is left of them. Release the memo. It may be embarrassing to some, but I do not care. Grave concerns are NOT grave irreparable damage.

MAGA CoVfefe!

Posted by: fish | 01 February 2018 at 01:25 PM

...full diapers, the stuff of fishy's dreams and imaginations...


Paul emery

Do you still believe that Even if it involves compromising human resources and contacts


Posted by: MAGA CoVfefe! | 01 February 2018 at 03:06 PM

We pass through that stage as children .....some return to it as spastic progressive pants crapping dimwits dougy.

MAGA CoVfefe!

Posted by: fish | 01 February 2018 at 03:11 PM

unfortunately for you...your maturity ended at the age of 3...

Mary Wanna

George R - Posted at 11:05 AM - “Hanson’s ‘Hillary’s ‘Sure’ Victory Explains Most Everything’ is definitely worth a read if you want to see the most likely way that things all knit together.”

Yes George, “most likely” describes Hanson’s “definitive” how,,might, why, if, had, etc. interrogatories.

Lots of good conjecture there.

If only it were all true.

“The Page-Strzok text exchanges might offer a few answers…
How could Lynch…
How could former deputy director of the FBI Andrew McCabe…
Some have wondered why…
Rather, why wouldn’t a successful member of the Obama administrative aparat…
What about the recently reassigned FBI lawyer Lisa Page and FBI top investigator Peter Strzok…
So why did Strzok and Page…
And why would the two believe…
…those are the wrong interrogatories…
Did Cheryl Mills, Huma Abedin, or Debbie Wasserman Shultz worry…
Had Hillary won, as she was supposed to, Comey would probably…
And Barack Obama?…
Had Hillary Clinton polled ten points behind Donald Trump…
Similarly, if the clear front-runner Hillary Clinton had won…
The only mystery in these sordid scandals is…
A final paradox: Why did so many federal officials and officeholders act…”



Posted by: MAGA CoVfefe! | 01 February 2018 at 03:20 PM


Awww......dougy.....hitting too close to home?

Bill Tozer

Paul, That is the million dollar trick, but great question. Means and methods should not be compromised. Names can be redacted. Already some revisions have been made to address these FBI’s concerns.

So, the FBI asks for some editing, gets their request, then Shiff turns around and screams bloody murder that the memo as it now stands is not the memo they voted on, lol. Can you say,”setup”? Good, I knew you could. Welcome to Mr. Roger’s neighborhood.

You mentioned (several times) in the last few days Deep Throat. Suppose Deep
Throat is not exposing a sitting President as in Nixon’s case, but rather a rogue Deep State. Or, it could be all about some tripping over their shoelaces Keystone Kops. What did Mr. Dozer call Ambassador John Christopher Stevens being smoked alive, dragged through the streets, and then getting corn holed by a frenzied group our “freedom fighters”? Oh yeah, he called it “bureaucratic error.” An administrative bobble. Nothing to see here, right Susan Rice?

Yes, Fusion GPS’s co-founder testified that someone has already got murdered because of the release of the Golden Shower Dossier. Who? Where? When? Can’t tell us, it’s his secret. Okey dokey.
If Chris Steele really really believed that the Dossier was meant for private use only, then he don’t know the Clinton Machine and the far reaches on its tentacles deep into our press, government, and various foreign powers. Told you before the Clinton Machine is bigger than the Democrat Party, the likes of which our nation has probably never seen.
Hey Steele, I got some beachfront property in Arizona to sell ya....but I digress per usual.

Paul, you are asking that the accused investigate themselves. Let that sink in for a moment.
The Obama team was spying on the Trump team, as the Clinton Team is paying Fusion GPS through the same lawyer firm who was also being partially funded by OFA, the remnants of the Obama For America campaign. The same firm who employs a lawyer who just happened to be Obama’s personal attorney.
Besides, I am inclined to believe the memo only contains 10-25% of the hype. It’s just 4 pages.

Bill Tozer

Rogers. Keep your eye on Rogers. He got suspicious of the Obama team’s handling of all the data and went to directly to Trump Towers. The next day the Obama team called for his ouster. Rogers was the one who went to the FISA court to request an audit of FISA requests and to see how data was being presented to the court. He smelled a rat. He was also covering his rear. He did not want to be the one who would be hung out to dry. Maybe the memo will touch on Rogers, maybe not.
We will never know if the memo is squashed by Trump.

Release the memo. Do it for Deep Throat. Restore trust, restore truth.

Paul Emery


Exactly what are the "accused" accused of Bill? What specific crime. If there has been a crime committed then the police should investigate it right?

Paul Emery

Breaking News!!!

Gates may be on the verge of flipping. Here's details from Business insider

A group of lawyers representing Rick Gates, one of Paul Manafort's longtime associates who is facing money laundering charges in the Russia investigation, have quit the case, effective immediately.
The attorneys filed the request on Thursday, according to a court document. The reason for their withdrawal was not immediately known.
The development could signal that Gates may seek a plea deal with special counsel Robert Mueller.


Bill Tozer

The crime is simple. It is all found in the compartmentalized intel found only in the reading room of the White House. It would take hours upon hours to explain it to you and timelines and 15-20 steps. I have much work to do today, but have instead buried myself into my War Room for hours to be able to understand the memo if released. That is the key.
It’s panic time for some. You are looking at the chess pieces moving around, not the chess players. So was I. Not no more. Gotta go. Gotta leave you in the dark for now. Bye.

Bill Tozer

Whatever is in the memo, it is just peanuts compared to the full story. The FBI’s role is just a piece of the puzzle. Yes, there are National Security concerns, but not for what we were lead to believe. There was no Russian Collusion ever found and perhaps the Clinton Campaign computers were never hacked. There are ways to spy on foreign agents or Americans legally and there are illegal ways to run surveillance. There are ways to run counter-Intelligence legally, and ways to do it illegally. Hillary’s 30,000 missing e-mails are not be missing. Everything changed when Trump won and all of it was left for Trump and the new NSA to find. Trump must be impeached or all hell will break out for them...for Hillary, for Obama, for the Democrat Party for a generation. That is when they had to reverse engineer a crime and bring their man Mueller in to dirty Trump. Obamagate is the most consequential political scandal in US history. Obama, Hillary, Fusion, Uranian One, and so much more...

This dated link is just not even a drop in the bucket...not even a drop, barely a crumb.

Since this topic is the Invisible Memo, I will back out and simply say whatever drops are contained in the memo, you ain’t seen nothing yet. They left a paper trail. The smartest people left a friggin trail. They got rid of Rogers, and it took awhile to get Dan Coates in. The day after Coates took over, Nunes was in the White House reading room. He was so shocked, he called a presser. They got him off the Committee with trumped up ethics charges, but he’s bacccccckkkkkkk. Later. Got to catch a plane.


.....about that memo....!


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