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17 February 2018


Russ Steele

Progressives have a difficult time in dealing with the real world as it exists, preferring an imaginary world of their design. When presented facts which are inconsistent with their illusory worldview, they attack the purveyor of the contrary details. We observe those tactics here on this blog, though not with enthusiasm observed on college and university campuses. Although, the progressive icon from Truckee does show an occasional burst of energy, especially when labeling those dog whistle terms, fully aware that he knows what the purveyor of facts was thinking. It is difficult to have a discussion when the participants are in two different worlds, one real and one imaginary.

Todd Juvinall

Nope. Looks like the lamestream media can't hack Laura Ingraham now. As if they ever did. I watched her show the other night and she took Lebron James to task for his big mouth. He is a famous basketball player of the NBA and I think he makes $100 million a year. He yapped some nasty against Donald Trump and Laura took him down. Now the lames are calling her a racist. Of course, they always do that. They defend punks of all colors but are especially protective of blacks. It seems they can talk the smack against a white person and say the nastiest things. But if you respond you are the racist! So I say Laura, we love your spunk and keep up the good work. I will no longer watch James, the mouthy punk but I will watch Laura's show at 7Pm weekdays on FOX.


So, what else is new -
Before the 1868 Pharmacy Act, ‘barbers, confectioners, ironmongers, stationers, tobacconists, wine merchants’ all sold opium.[4] It was easy to come by and many people took it, including numerous authors, such as Elizabeth Barrett-Browning, Lord Byron, Wilkie Collins, George Crabbe, Charles Dickens, John Keats, Percy Bysshe Shelley, and Walter Scott. Other drugs were legally available too: it is possible that Queen Victoria, a figure considered the epitome of respectability, was prescribed a tincture of marijuana for menstrual cramps; there are unconfirmed reports that she wrote a testimonial for the hugely popular product Vin Mariani, a mixture of alcohol and cocaine, and she certainly enjoyed the ‘delightful beyond measure’ effects of chloroform when it was administered to her during childbirth.[6] Opium in particular was commonly and routinely prescribed for an alarming number of ailments to both children and adults, including ‘nervous cough’, hooping cough, inflammation of the intestines, toothache, dropsy and the hiccups. Laudanum, the most popular form in which opium was taken (dissolved in alcohol) was recommended in cases of fever, sleeplessness, a tickly cough, bilious colic, inflammation of the bladder, cholera morbus, diarrhoea, headache, wind, and piles, and many other illnesses.

In a single year, from 1893 to 1894, unemployment estimates increased from 3 percent to nearly 19 percent of all working-class Americans. In some states, the unemployment rate soared even higher: over 35 percent in New York State and 43 percent in Michigan. At the height of this depression, over three million American workers were unemployed. By 1895, Americans living in cities grew accustomed to seeing the homeless on the streets or lining up at soup kitchens.

Immediately following the economic downturn, people sought relief through their elected federal government. Just as quickly, they learned what farmers had been taught in the preceding decades: A weak, inefficient government interested solely in patronage and the spoils system in order to maintain its power was in no position to help the American people face this challenge. The federal government had little in place to support those looking for work or to provide direct aid to those in need. Of course, to be fair, the government had seldom faced these questions before. Americans had to look elsewhere.



Good cut and paste. Now go play outside.

George Rebane

Given that we have always had problems understanding the logic of progressives, Xeno's 546pm is a current highlight of this unfortunate situation. I wonder if Mr Xeno might oblige us and connect some dots here so that we might follow his stratospheric thinking.

Account Deleted

"The federal government had little in place to support those looking for work or to provide direct aid to those in need."
The fed govt has spent trillions since the 1960's on the poor and we have more poor than ever.
And the left just wants even more spent.
A well known Democrat tried to actually speak up as to what we needed to do about poverty and unemployment.
As George's post points out - we can't discuss the causes of poverty because the left just goes off as to how any view point that differs from theirs is 'hurtful' or 'racist'.
I would ask anyone who is truly interested in the topic (as well as reading the essay by Dr Wax) to check out some of the YouTube videos of lectures and talks by Jordan Peterson.

Don Bessee

Speaking of things they don't want us talking about unless its the party line-


Are they replaying this because there is a new cadre of people who did not hear this the first time around or were too young? ;-)

Bonnie McGuire

I attended a ParentTeacher Association gathering at Hennessy School many years ago to listen to a psychologist speaker who had just returned from their world gathering in Russia. This morning I thought about Pavlov's dog Quora. During the 1890s, Russian psychologist, Ivan Pavlov was looking at salivation in dogs in response to being fed when he noticed that his dogs would begin to salivate whenever he entered the room, even when he was not bringing them food. Wow! Then I thought about forbidden subliminal messages on television years ago that could manipulate brains. Now we are told America has an opioid drug problem...turning individuals into robots unconsciously following the message to get emotional over those who think differently, kill or commit suicide. It's sad and makes you wonder why the constant Russian focus regarding Trump, but not on those involved with selling Russia our Uranium, while harping about Iran and North Korea.
Inside the Kremlin's Hall of Mirrors, Focuses on news stories, doctored photographs, staged TV clips, and armies of paid trolls. Evidently, Russia developed a kind of information warfare - fought in the "psychosphere" rather than on the battlefield.
In 2013 the head of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, Valery Gerasimov, claimed that it was now possible to defeat enemies through a “combination of political, economic, information, technological, and ecological campaigns”. This was part of a vision of war which lay not in the realm of physical contact but in what Russian theorists described as the “psychosphere”. These wars would be fought not on the battlefield but in the minds of men. Disinformation and psychological operations are as old as the Trojan horse. But what distinguished the Kremlin’s approach from that of its western rivals was this new stress on the “psychosphere” as the theatre of conflict. The information operation was no longer auxiliary to some physical struggle or military invasion: now it had become an end in itself. Indeed, as the Russian encyclopedia for its practitioners concluded: “Information war … is in many places replacing standard war.” This explains what's been going on in our schools and media that has brought America to where we are now.

Russ Steele

Michael Barone: What’s oozing out of campuses is polluting society.

Campus administrators have famously declined to restrain or rebuke mobs of students who fancy themselves social justice warriors who press to block conservative speakers and attack them violently if they dare to appear. Charles Murray was violently attacked at Middlebury, Ben Shapiro at Berkeley, and Brown students asserted that conservative columnist Guy Benson isn’t covered by the First Amendment.

The result, says Sullivan, is that “silence on any controversial social issue is endemic on college campuses” and, he adds ominously, “now everywhere.” Last year, Google fired engineer James Damore for writing an internal memo which the CEO with pathetic dishonesty characterized as bigoted.

There is increasing evidence that Google, Facebook, and Twitter — whose leaders flatter themselves as enablers of free communication and neutral disseminators of information — are suppressing conservative opinions as ipso facto “fake news.” Those aware of campus life will not be comforted with the knowledge that the decisions about what gets downplayed or deleted are being made by social justice warriors recently hired from campuses.


Companies are hiring these university-trained social justice warriors and they are disrupting corporate life. This will not end well without adult supervision returning to campuses across the nation.

Todd Juvinall

The SacBee has some followup articles on the Asian kid from the HISP program. There was a huge one in the front section and then some auxiliary ones throughout the paper. A Ben Shapiro article was in the Forum section along with some letters to the editor. His position was sensible.

Anyway if you read these stories from the lamestreamers, you will understand what has happened to our country and its education system. Denial of free speech is the response the school admins have to anything they think is controversial. And they provide a "weeping towel" forum for all those that can't keep up. Rather than deal with the Asian kids premise of race in regards to IQ, they just confiscated the project and tossed it. And what did the lames then do? Ask every disaffected loser why they did not make the HISP. Of course, they said it was "bias" against people of color. Yet the complaints are against whites and Asians! Last time I looked the Asians were once a "people of color" category. Now that they are a disproportionate number of these brainiacs programs the others are whining.

The "take" from these articles to me is, let's dumb down the entry tests to get "diversity" with skin color. Rather than brains and drive, the powers in control are arguing affiamtive action rather than merit. And of course all this is becasue white people are keeping all these folks "down". Even though they all get that free eduction 1-12. So if you want to see the perpetual whing and crying of certan groups in America,. read those articles if you dare..

Don Bessee

The dems destruction of the family unit by means of welfare rules coming home to roost.



Bill Tozer

Was not even close to what I was looking for, but found this an unusual take on the social culture scene you won’t hear on campuses, not even in free speech zones.

Farting on Black America.

“So what does the future hold? Well, the fantasists will say “race war.” That’s bullshit, of course. No, the most likely future is a “whimper rather than a bang” scenario. And to make my point, I’ll once again invoke Native Americans. Right now, about a quarter of all American Indians live in squalor and dependency on reservations. The rest are spread out across the country, making a living, contributing to society. Individual Native Americans are fine, but “the community” is shit. I think that’s what we’re going to see happen with blacks. As the black community continues to decay, and as it continues to get squeezed by whites, Asians, and the stupefyingly fertile Hispanics, we’ll see a kind of urban “reservation” network take shape. Blacks with skills and a desire to be seen as something other than fart receptacles will leave the community and mix with everyone else. The remaining detritus? They’ll be increasingly boxed into urban hellholes. Reservations, essentially. Places with lots of welfare, lots of crime, and little hope. Places that cannot be helped, places that cannot be saved.”


Bill Tozer

Restricting social media is code word for banning the internet for our own good.

“In an article published on the Guardian website, Soros refers to the companies as a "public menace" which regulators need "to protect society against them".

Soros also says Facebook "interferes with the functioning of democracy and the integrity of elections" because he claims people "can be easily manipulated".

"This danger does not loom only in the future; it played an important role in the 2016 US presidential election," he writes.

His delusions go even further. He says that social media companies are "public utilities and should subject them to more stringent regulation".


Bill Tozer

Bad Google techie, bad. Bash his brains in.

Portland State spokesman, Chris Broderick, told Fox News the university rejects Damore’s “ideas as sexist stereotypes.”


Bill Tozer

Update to moi 6:35 pm

“The tame event followed the release of National Labor Relations Board opinion on Friday that found Damore's discrimination complaint against Google was groundless. (Damore withdrew the complaint last month, and now intends to sue Google.) The board lawyer found that the company had not violated federal protections and said Damore's memo contained "statements regarding biological differences between the sexes [that] were so harmful, discriminatory, and disruptive as to be unprotected."

Bill Tozer

The Intimidation Game: How the Left Is Silencing Free Speech



DISPATCHES FROM THE EDUCATION APOCALYPSE: Fahrenheit 451 updated: On the Amy Wax controversy surrounding the University of Pennsylvania Law School. Roger Kimball writes:

At some point in March, a social justice vigilante came across an internet video of a conversation between Glenn Loury, a black, anti–affirmative action economics professor at Brown University, and Professor Wax. Titled “The Downside to Social Uplift,” the conversation, which was posted in September, revolved around some of the issues that Professor Wax had raised in her op-ed for the Inquirer. Towards the end of the interview, the painful subject of unintended consequences came up. The very practice of affirmative action, Professor Loury pointed out, entails that those benefitting from its dispensation will be, in aggregate, less qualified than those who do not qualify for special treatment. That’s what the practice of affirmative action means: that people who are less qualified will be given preference over people who are more qualified because of some extrinsic consideration—race, say, or sex or ethnic origin.

Professor Wax agreed and noted that one consequence of this was that those admitted to academic programs through affirmative action often struggle to compete. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen a black student graduate in the top quarter of the class,” Professor Wax said, “and rarely, rarely in the top half.” Professor Wax also observed that the Penn Law Review had an unpublicized racial diversity mandate.


George Rebane

Russ 214pm - Good pick-up Russ. Please keep us informed as to how the mis/understanding of this important point develops.



SCOTT JOHNSON at Powerline

Professor Amy Wax is of course the Robert Mundheim Professor of Law at the University of Pennsylvania Law School. She earned an M.D. degree from Harvard in addition to her J.D. degree from Columbia Law School. She holds an endowed chair at the law school. She must be one of the most prominent members of the faculty. Yet she is the subject of a campaign of vilification and stigmatization for violating the reigning academic taboos. In the world of 1984, she is guilty of thoughtcrime.

Those of us following the saga of Amy Wax have drawn on literary metaphors to capture the heart of the story. I wrote about Professor Wax’s saga most recently in “Darkness at Penn.” I drew on Arthur Koestler. Roger Kimball retells the story so far in the New Criterion editorial “Fahrenheit 451 updated.” Roger draws on Ray Bradbury, Charles Dickens and George Orwell as he puts his knowledge of the academic and cultural issues to good use. He not only rises to the defense of Professor Wax, he also calls out Theodore Ruger, the sniveling Dean and Bernard G. Segal Professor at Penn Law School.

Read the rest HERE:

Todd Juvinall

The killers in London have surpassed the killers in New York City. And they did it with knives!


Todd Juvinall

Paul better hold on to his sanity. Trump at 51% approval on Ras.

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