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01 February 2018


Bill Tozer



Trump Speech Analysis by a Seasoned Diplomat

He's got it down to an art: No flourishes, no purple prose, no overwrought rhetoric--just straight-forward facts and proposals.


Nancy Pelosi looked as if she were struggling with a set of ill-fitting dentures -- "sour face" does not begin to describe her look. Others could not bring themselves to acknowledge the suffering of black families at the hands of MS-13 gangsters; the black caucus could not even applaud the very positive employment numbers for the black community; the Dems could not express support for the coal miners of West Virginia who are seeing their economy revive. They could not applaud Trump's statement that the US is now a major energy-producing powerhouse and for the first time in years, an energy exporter. They could not applaud the return of manufacturing and the repatriation of hundreds of billions of dollars. They could not acknowledge reality.

Trump cornered the Dems on the immigration issue and they knew it, and their faces showed it. They must now reject a path for citizenship for 1.8 million illegals and argue that it's better for them to stay illegal.

It was a masterful political exhibition by one of the most unusual and clever politicians ever to emerge on the world scene.


Don Bessee

The death rattle for the dems in the mid terms are the independents view of the SOTUS- 73% favorable. Then today we get the generic D-R ballot, a 15pt. shift to the R's now that the first tax cut checks hit workers. Then you have this-


Its a sad time for the race baiting socialist haters. Could a filibuster proof R majority be in the cards? Imagine what we could do with that!



Big pop post SOTUA ... 49%

Also big drop in strongly disapprove and pop in strongly approve.

Easy come, easy go.

Todd Juvinall

Here you go Paul Emery. Looks like the country is truly split equally. Tied bub.


Bill Tozer

Did anyone else find it quite amusing the events moments before and moments after SOTUA? Just as President Trump was getting ready to deliver his address to the joint session of Congress, Hillary released a 18 paragraph post on Facebook to say again she really really stands with with all the harassed and abused women....despite her not firing a 2008 campaign staffer. Odd. Well, that maneuver did not seem to rain on Trump’s parade, but you can’t fault a girl for trying.

Then, after the SOTUA, the Dems rolled out RFK’s grandson for his “Ask not what your country can droll for you, ask what you can droll for your country” rebuttal.. Yep, young Kennedy is worth more than Pelosi at 41 million and I did like him standing in a garage by a car with the hood up and the Bengal fan memorabilia over his shoulder. A true grease monkey, one of the boys. Football, V-8’s, and fixing flats in the Man Cave. How absolutely Rust Belt manly of him. Yep, they sent out a Kennedy to talk about sexual harassment,

Both the Clintons and the Kennedys have salivated to regain power for years. In Kennedy’s case, I did not think it would be taken so literally. Must be that Tidepod fad going around. Or Chapstickquiddick.

Anyway, the Dems rolled out their two dynasties, lest we the little people forget. The Clinton Clan and the Kennedys. Bookends to Trump’s speech. I could be wrong, but it appears the Democrat Party reached back for a blast from the past because the current crop is truly the JV Team. Back to the future.



Belly laugh of the week: "What a great prank! Somebody put glue on half of the seats at State of the Union Address!" —Pat Sajak

I really love that Sanders woman... There is just something special about Sarah.

“I think Nancy Pelosi looks like that all the time. I think she should smile a lot more often. I think the country would be better for it. She seems to kind of embody the bitterness that belongs in the Democrat Party right now.” —Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders


Yep, they sent out a Kennedy to talk about sexual harassment.....

I know.....

Satire is dead.

Bill Tozer


My, my, Dr. Rebane. You are beginning to sound like Mr. Fish. Warms the cockles of me weary heart.

“When prepping for the 2018 elections, this should make Chuckie and Nancy change out their Depends.”


Anyone who is or has been involved with a fine member of the fairer sex will recognize her look. It means Mama ain’t happy and better batten down the hatches. It’s going to be a rough couple of days.


Well, the Dems have come up with a sure fire way to take back Ohio.


Bill Tozer

..”Columnist Wayne Allyn Root illuminates what the speech ultimately reveals about the American Left. “Democrats were outed as the party that is rooting for America’s failure,” he explains. “Rooting against a booming economy. Rooting for misery, instead of prosperity. Rooting against job creation. Rooting against a booming stock market. Rooting against employee bonuses. Angry about the lowest black unemployment ever. Angry about the lowest Hispanic unemployment ever. Angry at the lowest female unemployment in 18 years. They openly frowned, grimaced, groaned and looked sick to their stomachs when President Trump celebrated the American flag … the national anthem … American freedom … and American opportunity. Bizarre. Self-destructive behavior.”

There is nothing bizarre about it. Democrats have one agenda: winning — by any means necessary. Thus, when columnist Howard Husock wonders how the same Democrats now opposing Trump’s immigration overtures once championed the same positions, he misses the point, like many conservatives covering a host of issues where Democrats have “evolved.”


Don Bessee

But are they smart enough to listen to him?



Bill Tozer


Bill Tozer.

Fish @ 2/04/2018, 9:02am

“Satire is Dead”

Nothing new, but more than satire has been hung on the Tree of Woe.


Guess that is the natural result when one views all things through the politics of Idenity.

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