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27 February 2018



As the WSJ article alluded to, the Great Divide was previously implemented via the hard right Tea Party.

Talk about progressive, Georgia's Senate blocked a tax deal that would have benefited Delta airlines because Delta cut ties with the NRA.

Delta and the NRA are both private companies. So why do progressive Republican legislators rush to defend the NRA?

I guess Georgia legislators are fawning acolytes of the NRA,

Definition of fawn
intransitive verb
1 : to court favor by a cringing or flattering manner courtiers fawning on the king
2 : to show affection —used especially of a dog The dog was fawning on its master.


"hard right Tea Party"

lol. Not very hard right I'd say. A bunch of older, well-meaning folks with signs. I do think they had their hearts in the right place. I'd say that the new right wing that is brewing is more muscular and somewhat younger.

Also, 'acolyte' isn't quite the right word here, there's probably a better term for the oomph a powerful (both money and votes) lobbying organization brings. I'll think on it.

Interestingly, the only person I can think of who regularly uses the phrase 'hard right' needs to attach a sponge to a stick for sanitary purposes. Funny thing.


re: The OP:

"California has already started implementing the Great Divide"

I've mentioned this before, but I find it absolutely laughable what a failure California is given the single party nature of the government. There's absolutely no reason at all that gigantic welfare systems, free college, single-payer healthcare, etc. couldn't be implemented in this state. Why not? Perhaps it's just that the emperor is naked. So why should you listen to the emperor's apologists?

What California has is the beach and a few good natural harbors. Liberals like to live next to the ocean. The fact that they are incapable of building a utopia is something of an ongoing lesson in civics.

George Rebane

Xeno 1109am - Correct, but the Right made little progress in that direction, until the Left has now taken over and given it a whole new momentum on both sides. Long live the People's Republic of Kalifornia.

Robert Cross

Dubious 1: " The first is the idea that the most important thing is to 'do something'.--absolutely correct..instead let's all sit around with our fingers up our butts until some one kills your child or grandchild.. then do something. In the meantime 'happiness is a warm gun'

Dubious 2: "The second is that we ought to look to high-schoolers for the answer.”-- Hey they are the ones getting killed...the future politic of America.. why pay any attention to them. We want old white guys whose minds still occupy the Cold War and prefer to have their AR15 assault rifles pried from their dead hands, to make all of the decisions.. because since after al, they're the same morons whose laws or lack thereof, created this mess own the first place.


Bobby 1246

Bobby 1... Don't just do something, stand there!
Our Constitution designed a central government that requires a consensus over time. It's hard to steer it over a cliff. Australia, in contrast, is a Parliamentary system that can turn on a dime. If you want a Parliament, vote with your feet and put a shrimp on the barbie for us.

Bobby 2
Again... the AR-15 ain't an assault rifle, at most it's an "assault weapon", a disputed label invented by a Handgun Control, Inc. functionary to confuse voters who thought they were voting against machine guns. It only looks like an M16 just as an SKS only looks like an AK-47.

The kids from Broward getting the airtime have been devoid of understanding of the subject of guns and politics, repeating a mantro of 'mommy, make it stop', not knowing we are where we are because a long list of actions since the first Valentine's Day Massacre, when four Italian mobsters carrying two submachine guns and two shotguns killed seven Irish mobsters over turf in Chicagoland. That begat the National Firearms Act in the 1930s. The Gun Control Act of 1968, a response to the assassination of JFK, made it much harder to buy rifles like that bolt action rifle used to kill a popular President. A nutcase with a semiauto version of an AK-47 shot up a Stockton schoolyard (he had carved "Hezbollah" into the stock) begat the Gun Free School Zone Act in 1990, thanks to smilin' Joe Biden and George HW Bush who signed it into law.

Banning the category of "assault weapons" in the 90's was an experiment that lasted ten years, and it didn't do nuthin'. IIRC both DiFi and Hillary C complained manufacturers were just making superficial changes to exempt their products from the regulation, and they were right... it was a superficial law.

Now we have the Tide Pod Eater generation alarmed that the gun free zone that was their school wasn't so gun free as a Disney movie, after all. No gun law law will strip the country of the 160 million or so of semiautomatic rifles and pistols that are owned by people who really think the Constitution is as Scalia and the Supremes wrote in D.C. v. Heller, and that Chief Justice Taney and six others who signed the Dred Scott decision in part because they couldn't accept a country where freed black slaves could do everything a white citizen could do, including (specifically) carry their gun wherever they went.

Bobby, this gun prohibition push will not work out well for you.

Don Bessee

Another benefit of the socialists in Sac. Much like locusts they clean out everything they can.



Bill Tozer

What scares the pants off of me is that politicians and politicians turned judges will decide what constitutes mental illness in gun banning or confiscation.. Got ADHD? How about OCD? Are you or have you ever had a rough patch and took meds for depression. Suicidal is not homicidal, IMHO. How about PTSD....after being robbed?

Who decides who is mentally ill? Your ex-wife? Your bro-in-law, mother-in-law? A neighbor you are having a property line dispute with? A MD who prescribes you sedatives cause you can’t sleep and you later find out the same drug is used for treating schizophrenia, with helping one sleep as a side effect? Is being eccentric a mental illness?

I am ok with non-adjudicated temporary confiscation of guns in cases where tempers and violence flares up, like in domestic violence situations. Temporary. But how does one get one’s guns back? Even the dude who gets 51-50ed for a 72 hour observation and then gets released and declared “all better now, no threat to himself or others” ....who deems him too crazy to possess a gun for months after or even years?

To me, I smell a backdoor to real “gun control”. I smell abuse, and money spent on lawyers to prove you ain’t off your rocker. Like getting off a no-fly list...it takes an act of Congress.

Janet Nappy-Pooh already set the stage as Homeland Security Chief when she declared conservatives, Christians, gun owners, and vets as domestic terrorists...or potential domestic terrorists. One will have to crazier than a loon to let “terrorists” possess a firearm, right?


No gun grabbing today.

Bill Tozer

Our childish gun debate: “Full semi-automatic mode” means pulling the trigger as fast as you can.


Russ Steele

Much-needed Sierra Nevada snowfall on the way! But a Miracle March? Not so fast.

From the California Weather Blog

The Sierra Nevada will be the biggest beneficiary–and may see 1-2+ feet of new snowfall from this storm (which means that the highest peaks could see as much as 3+ feet of pretty dry powder, derived from 1-3 inches of liquid equivalent, by the time all is said and done). There is still some inter-model disagreement between the GFS and ECMWF regarding how much rain makes it to SoCal with this second storm. Earlier solutions suggested the potential for a major rain event, but that now appears rather unlikely. Instead, I would expect to see some light-to-moderate accumulations over most of SoCal, but with some significant boom/bust potential. Why? This is not anticipated to be a particularly strong or moist system from a dynamical perspective; its greatest asset will be the very cold air aloft associated with it. Storms such as these sometimes “fizzle” south of Point Conception, and it’s possible that happens this week. Still, this will likely be the most significant precipitation event across most of the state over the past 6-7 weeks.

Joe Bastardi at Weather Bell is predicting this storm will be like March of 1962 on the East Coast. In Nevada City, in March 1962 the snowfall total was 6.5 inches.

The Local TV is over hyping this storm. As a Caltrans Transportation Engineer once said, "Local TV forecasters are known for their ability to turn a few random snowflakes into a raging blizzard, and the next time forecast a few raindrops when it is a real blizzard."

Cross-posted at Sierra Foothills Commentary

George Rebane

Russ 909pm - I continue to hear on lamestream media reports that droughts and heat waves are increasing in frequency due to 'climate change', as if it were a received truth from Mt Sinai. Do you have or can you point me to the latest data that the Left uses to generate those reports?

Todd Juvinall

Did someone see where Dick's actually stopped selling the AR015 six years ago? Seems the left is trying to do a ropa-dope that they got them to stop after Parkland.

Russ Steele

George@ 08:42 am

In the Sierra there is a lot of emphasis on stream flow and early melt of the snow pack caused by increased NOAA land based temperatures. Adjusted NOAA temperature are questionable. The hottest year ever claim are for tenths of a degree over previous years with no error bars, as the reported increase is smaller than the accuracy of the instrument taking the reading.

Here are some of the drought data sources:



Here is some examples of the hysteria.



I am currently reading The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change by Marc Morano. Not yet to the section on drought, will share when I arrive.

Bill Tozer

More childish gun debate; The Grappers.


Bill Tozer

Re: Saul Alinsky Obama, and Hillary.

Service learning combined the teaching theories of socialists John Dewey and Paul Freire, who emphasized learning through doing. The service learning model also incorporated the Open-Door Schooling movement of Mao’s Communist China. Under Mao, schools sent children, as part of their education, into factories and fields to learn socialism from workers and peasants. In addition, the ideas of Saul Alinsky, most notably community organizing (or organizing against the government) entered higher education through the service-learning method.



Dick's Sporting Goods is still selling AR's! Specifically, the AR-7... a fearsome semi-automatic rifle with detachable magazines!!! As many as 25 shots.

If I were the usual suspects I'd be livid that stopping the AR is just being given lip service.


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