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24 February 2018





Wesley Crusher speaks:



Bill Tozer

Scenes, darn you. No one said a peep about your comment on another thread, but it has ate at me. Reminds me, but far worse, of the story of the coffe shop bakery off campus, a student favorite for the last 30-40 years. Then charges of racism and the protesting in front with the media joining in.

What happened? Well, the owner got tired of the shoplifting of his muffins and other fine organic bakery items and the cops charged a couple of college students for shoplifting, The big stink was because the college president himself was pissed off that the hangout off campus would dare call the police in the first place. He was supposed to turn a blind eye and call the dean again, like always. Racism!

Anyway, this haunts me.

“Some guy on Twitter, but worth considering. re: local law enforcement in the county where this last shooting occurred.

Posted by: Scenes | 22 February 2018 at 09:11 PM


Scenes?,, A Trekker? Well played Sir.
Yes, the young "Crusher" thought he was above all the rest too.


"Scenes?,, A Trekker?"

Not I. The so-called Golden Age of Science Fiction is junior high school, but I can spot a Wesley Crusher when I sees them.


Now Scenes. Don't go wizzing on Gene Roddenberry's grave.


Hot off the presses of MAD Mag.


How fast would the cops show up if this sign was at my gate?

Bill Tozer

@ 3:12 pm

Nice Schiffhole release quietly and without fanfare over the weekend. The anticipation was killing me. Best place to hide something is a weekend release. :). Maybe he will team up with Susan Rice and hit the five Sunday news shows tomorrow.


More from Wesley Crusher:


I'm guessing that we all need a bit of re-educatin' from Mr. Hogg. Time to confess your sins at the weekly meeting.

Year Zero is on it's way.


One last one.


My favorite part is how the woman never apologizes after her attempt at playing at Stasi for the day.

Piper Laurie's Former Shrink

well well well. M.U.E.L.L.E.R is coming hard into the inner circle of Trump's crooked administration, and that bastard oranguatan is still despised by most of America. Curious to you gentemen spend countless hours circle jerking with each other about Agenda 21 and the rise of so-called socialism. Isn't that special?
Unfortunately I have to inform all of you gun-nut racists that you will all be very, very sad come early November. So please put down your guns when normal people win the House in November. Between the anger of the assault weapon killings of school children, and the many unfolding Trump scandals, its not going to be pretty. Now go outside tomorrow and do something healthy. Forty hour per week of ranting and raving about progressives in America is not healthy.


Well, Mandersonation is back under a familiar alias.

The "bastard oranguatan" is now about 6% above where Obama was at this point in his presidency, about 50% of likely voters.

Speaking of putting one's guns down, here's some info on the Deputy on duty in a Florida high school...

"Peterson had been a school resource officer at Stoneman Douglas since 2009. He was considered a trusted officer who “values his position and takes pride in protecting the students, faculty and staff at his school,” a 2017 performance review said.

His annual salary in 2016 was $75,673.72, according to sheriff’s office records, but he made $101,013 that year with overtime and other compensation. Peterson has been the subject of two internal investigations, neither of which resulted in significant discipline."

$101k. Sweet.


Posted by: Gregory | 24 February 2018 at 11:03 PM

Interesting .....PLFS always came across like a woman! A screechy, menopausal, 12 cat havin woman!

But I suppose Michael could be getting in touch with his feminine side!

MAGA Covfefe!

yes,,,Dr. Former Shrink,,,the po’ l’il yard moles are cowering in their burrows quivering in fear that will be whacked by the RealNews contained in the Democratic response to the FAKE NEWS NUNES MEMO!!!
GeorgeR did a commendable crab walk trying to throw the peanut gallery off the scent with his DEEP STATE mumbo jumbo but to no avail.


Posted by: MAGA Covfefe! | 25 February 2018 at 07:37 AM

Fully loaded again I see!

Bill Tozer

Byron York ontinues to do decent reporting lately. Here is his take on a small piece of the Mueller Russian Collusion probe, another piece of the Nothingburger (so far), aka, Russian social media buys.

“Facebook said that of ad “impressions” — that is, how many times an ad appeared on screen in a person’s news feed — just 44 percent came before the election, while 56 percent came after the election, and thus did not affect its outcome. And about 25 percent of the ads were never seen by anyone, Facebook added.

Looking at key states, the total spent on ads targeting the super-important state of Pennsylvania was just $300, according to Senate Intelligence Committee chairman Richard Burr. Ad spending in another key state, Michigan, was $823. In Wisconsin, it was $1,979.

That is not the stuff of rigging elections.”



re: Gregory@11:03PM

"$101k. Sweet."

My, that is sweet. I guess the lesson learned here is that everyone should give up their guns so that the police can protect them...oh hell, wait a second here...

re: fish@5:38AM

It's all good. It's fun to have the occasional post as someone grabs their manlady parts while typing on the evil Nazi forum, it lends a bit of novelty.

The idea of 'ranting about progressives' seems rather unfair to me though. I can't say that there's any such thing as a progressive anymore, it's a movement that has been largely taken over by open borders advocates and the spillover from the hysteria from modern university campuses. Really a new word is needed. Maybe we could get a Vice President of Human Resources and Equity to generate a new descriptive term that they find acceptable.


....and this is why DiFi was reluctantly grabbing the gun control "Third Rail" after being burned by it during the Clinton years!

In Unexpected Snub, California Democrats Refuse To Endorse Feinstein For Reelection

A bit of a mixed blessing.....once chastened she wound up being not entirely useless as a California senator! Whoever comes next is likely to be far worse!



Posted by: Scenes | 25 February 2018 at 08:10 AM

re: fish@5:38AM

It's all good. It's fun to have the occasional post as someone grabs their manlady parts while typing on the evil Nazi forum, it lends a bit of novelty.

A bit disturbing though that in order to really let the venom flow todays modern Proglodyte has to assume a female persona.

That was a Pelline thing too.....he could only be at his bitchiest as his alter ego "Gloria Zane".


re: BillT@7:52AM

Obviously there's no there there but that hardly matters. Given an open ended investigation, especially one done in a modern surveillance state, you just dig some more. There'll always be something sketchy sounding to get the hoi polloi riled up.

I've said this before, but just imagine the same amount of resources applied to the investigation of Kennedy, Johnson, or Nixon. In modern days, it would be enough to ask why some lifetime politicians are so wealthy. Honestly, if you truly believed that Hillary Clinton was a good and honest person and that the election was stolen at the last moment, you'd believe most anything. Outrage can be an addictive thing.

Say, maybe the right answer to this gun fuss is the School Militia. More safety, satisfies even a 2nd Amendment denier.



re: Fish@8:18AM

Good article. Given the recent changes in California demographics and the lack of real integration in a large section of the state, you can expect the Pelosis and Feinsteins of the world to slip off the political pyramid. There's always going to be a spoils system and there's a new kid in town.

I need to get in touch with this de Leon character with my CAL-50 plan (50% income tax in order to help build a utopia). After all, given the near monopoly on political power the Left has in this state, you'd think they could put together more help for The People. It's a puzzlement to me that Green Libertarianism hasn't produced equity in sunny CA, but that's probably because it hasn't been real Green Libertarianism.


These California agents are coming for your guns

6 guys, 1 work day, 3 guns removed from circulation!

This is why the left can jerk themselves off as much as they like over their confiscation fantasies but still wallow in a steaming pile of FAIL....from 1998 to 2012....nearly 11 million NICS requests made for California alone!



Posted by: Scenes | 25 February 2018 at 08:47 AM

I need to get in touch with this de Leon character with my CAL-50 plan (50% income tax in order to help build a utopia).

I think that that's a reasonable rate to achieve Heaven on Earth!

Keep us informed as to your progress!

Todd Juvinall

Reading the democratic memo can be dangerous. These Schiff shits are a total madeup fake news bonanza for the uninformed. I suggest you read it before commenting. Remember these "Post" lovers are now the FBI/DOJ (Obama Admin) lovers. What a hoot!


Red that same thing from SFGate Fish.
Registration leads to confiscation.
There was one part of that story where a guy with NO CONVICTIONS,, was on the list. Just because some judge "said so".


On another matter. Yet more proof that there is absolutely *no* point in compromise with the Green Libertarians. Any moment spent in arguing with them is a moment wasted.


Don Bessee



Bill Tozer

Oh Don @ 1:53 pm.

It’s against the law for a DACA to have a firearm. So, no problem with a 21 year old adult making criminal threats against a high school because the no guns allowed would keep our children safe.

If we could save one life by deporting all illegals, then it all would be worth it....to paraphrase the Democrats and Green Libertarians.

Bill Tozer

I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today——-Wimpy.

This week, a Washington Post story — “Countries made only modest climate-change promises in Paris. They’re falling short anyway.” — proves this is exactly the case.

Foreign nations can certainly be criticized for expecting the Paris climate accord to actually accomplish anything, not to mention their hypocrisy on the matter. But it’s not unreasonable for nations to put their interests ahead of a fairy tale accord. For example, The Washington Times reports: “As France, Germany and Italy chastised President Trump for rejecting the Paris climate accord in June and mocked the U.S. for turning its back on the environment, their nations were busy importing record amounts of American coal.”

An additional 95 million short tons of coal were shipped out of the U.S. last year. According to the Times, “About 31 million short tons of that went to Asia, nearly double the amount from 2016. China alone imported 2.8 million short tons through September 2017 — a wild increase over the previous year’s 205,000. Total exports to Europe reached 40 million short tons — 13 million more than in 2016.”



Robert Cross

IN the "This is who you want watching the cookie jar". dept. 45's golf club, Trump National, had to pay out $5.45 Million bucks to former members whom Trump cheated out of their refundable membership deposits. Nope.. absolutely not. The Trump family ain't no grifters.



Daily dose of irony.



Posted by: Robert Cross | 25 February 2018 at 04:18 PM

Poor bobby.....

He’s president because you failed!

Bill Tozer

Pretty weak there, Mr. Cross. Throw us some red meat, like picks of Michelle’s big hands.

Don Bessee




Bill Tozer

I like this meme so much that I can post it on any post here, be it Gun Confiscation, Gov’t Guilty Until.., , Legal guns in Schools, or Are We Free to Discus.....

Sandbox is good enough.

Bill Tozer

Oh yeah, the meme. Says it all.


Bill Tozer

@ 5:56.

During the time around the charlatan Jimmy Baker-Tammy Faye unraveling, the big stink was about preachers at mega churches and other so called Televangelists racking in the dough and buying fancy cars, houses, and keeping the books closed. Taking alms from the poor to feed their materialistic appetites.

Anyway, I researched Billy Graham, looking for red meat. Not to be. Since the 50’s, Billy Graham kept his books open to anyone to wanted to look. Just ask and the Billy Graham would show you the books, anytime, anyone, any reason or no reason. Billy Graham was the real McCoy. He walked the talk and talked the walk, much better than most.
Let the haters hate. It’s what they do best. I know, I once was one of them.

“But the hate-filled bile that takes the cake came from Teen Vogue columnist Lauren Duca, who tweeted, “The big news today is that Billy Graham was still alive this whole time. Anyway, have fun in hell, bi—h.” Again, we censored the crudeness; she didn’t. After backlash, Duca doubled down: “‘Respecting the dead’ only applies to people who weren’t evil pieces of s—t while they were alive, thanks.”

First, what makes this remarkably offensive is that Duca writes for a magazine specifically geared to raising the next generation of Americans. Duca is turning evil on its head, and spreading darkness and hate for Christians to teenagers who may or may not have the filter or responsible adults in their lives to counter it. She joins countless others who have rejected God and teach our young people to do the same.”


Maybe the above quotes should have been place under the heading, “What happened?”


Gun grabbers are peeved.


re: BillT@6:31PM

By golly.


It's pretty amazing that a)a magazine writer can get away with that and b)that anyone would be so publicly rude about a just-dead person. Wow.

My guess is that she had no clue who Billy Graham even was, just that he was a famous Christian public speaker. That fact is sufficient to get the war drums beating.

No doubt it's a story not even covered in the liberal press, I should consider myself lucky that google even churned up the quote. I don't doubt that it wouldn't in a few years.


re: Walt@6:33PM

an interesting map. Electoral votes by gun ownership.


Bill Tozer

@ 6:33 pm
As soon as medical marijuana became legal in CA to help Granny deal with her Kemo treatments, the Left immediately began screaming for legalizing recreational marijuana. As soon as the Democrats got Obamacare, they immediately began screaming for single-payer.
Do you really think they are going to stop screaming about gun control if we ban all AR-15s? They won’t. They won’t stop until they get everything they want.

@ 7:02 pm and Don @ 5:56 pm
Lefties mockingly ask if Christians believe in God, why would they need so many guns??? Why, why, why? Why, because we don’t trust libs. God gave us brains to use.

Robert Cross

Fishy 4:28 --"He’s president because you failed!" Not really, he's president because you are a fool.

Todd Juvinall

Robert Cross | 26 February 2018 at 08:47 AM

Fish has it correct. Your pals forgot to campaign where they needed the EC voters. Just like those Russians doing the craft in DC and Maryland. You can't make up that stupidity on the left.

Bill Tozer

Janus arguments today. Interesting that the “using my manadatory dues for supporting issues and political candidates I strongly disagree with” agrument is not the issue. Just like in the bake a cake issue, religious freedom was not the arguments in CO or CA.


Todd Juvinall

Go read GeorgeB's column today and see why the people of America are so ignorant.


Posted by: Robert Cross | 26 February 2018 at 08:47 AM

FAIL.....fail fail fail and still more FAIL bobby!

Fortunately if you need a shrill, dumpy middle aged white woman to dominate you with a leather crop there are ads in the back of Sac News and Review that can probably satisfy your fetish!

So while you're enjoying that hot steaming mug of electoral FAIL feel free to check a few of them out!


Bobby is cross today.
Back to the butthurt bench. Trump has out done Reagan. In ONE YEAR.
When it's come to Liberalism, Trump has a good scorched earth policy.
So just who is the fool? This is what I hoped for out of Trump.
Hillary and your side failed to win an election they rigged from the start.

HELL! LIBS now use children as pawns to sell the agenda.


WOW!! This should be fun to watch.

Paul Emery

Rasmussen is way out of line with ALL the other polls Todd. How do you explain that?

George Rebane

George Boardman's 26feb18 column - My response to his observations about the Florida school massacre are appended to -

Bill Tozer

But, if it saves one dhild’s life, it’s worth it!


Oh Bobby, time to get outside and take the kiddies on a family outing, loser.



I found Paul a sidekick for his low power radio show.
You two are a perfect match.
"Sirius XM radio host Mark Thompson said on Monday that he believes criticizing the FBI and law enforcement is a “high crime and misdemeanor.”


Wesley Crusher is still on his FedEx rant.


On a related note, there's this new push to 'just do something' and raise the minimum age for an 'assault rifle' purchase (any semiautomatic rifle with a magazine? dunno.) to 21.

If I can't trust you with a rifle, why should I trust you with a vote? You can argue that both are raised to age 21, especially in a modern era of delayed adolescence.

For that matter, I can see where drivers licenses are pushed to 21, although we'll need to make an exception for illegal aliens in California of course.


re: Walt and Feinstein vs. Savage.

I really like this idea. It isn't like there's any chance for the gig in a one party state (which somehow can't build a utopia) for a Republican, so you might as well have a trouble maker running.

I expect we are close to the last of the non-Hispanic statewide office holders, so there might as well be a bit of fun in the race.

Wesley Crusher takes on Amazon, a famously right-wing corporation.


He should probably work on getting every gun nut Orange Hitler rightie off of youtube. It's time to start punching Nazis after all. Year Zero is on it's way.


Delta Air didn't keep their power dry.
"Georgia conservatives are attempting to derail a jet fuel tax break that the state government was set to hand out to Delta Airlines after the company cut ties with the NRA in the wake of the Parkland, Florida, school shooting."

Ya gotta love their excuse.
“Delta continues to support the 2nd Amendment.”

Don Bessee

Et tu Bernie?



Bill Tozer

Question for all the dumbschiffs out there.

How can one who is a non-member boycott the NRA?

Don Bessee

Here is one for the rancid Russian dressing swilling po' ol' fakenewsman and his team lefty -


So much for testing Mad Dog Mattis! ;-)


LOL!! Bill just put the anti gunners in a round room, and told them to pee in a corner.


re: BillT@1:24PM

I expect all that Wesley Crusher accomplished was a great big spike in NRA memberships and AR-15 sales.

It occurred to me that we could get a local march going to protest the AR-17 shotgun. It's plus 2 more after all.

Bill Tozer

Savage for Senate. Just tuned into to him and he was coming out of a commerical break singing that great old song “If you are going to San Fran-Cisco, be sure to wear a hypo in your hair....”

He would run on getting the bums, dopers, and feces off the streets, English only on all ballots, and ban hating white people speech so common in our once great university system. That kind of racists hate speech has to go. He would also protect the environment, especially the Northern California streams that are now toxic due to the marijuana growers, a big story the media never talks about. Oh my. I have never heard such talk in all my life, lol

Savage would also take his 9 pound therapy dog poodle to the Senate floor and let Teddy bite and nip on Chuck Schummer’s shoes. Imagine Chucky jumping on his chair afraid of a little dog, ROFLMAO. The little dog is 14 years old and has become rather frisky. Run Savage, run.

jon smith

Did they ever find those 3,000 illegal voters? Thought Trump was hunting them down as agenda number 1. How many did they find? Two??? Must be some pretty slippery fellows. Greasers maybe.


Yes they did "jon" Old news.

Speaking of votes,, Another runs for office.
She would have my vote.


No tax break for Delta. Their attack on the NRA has come back to bite.

Don Bessee

The benefits of being controlled by the socialists-




The blessing of the gun!

Time to go back and study the Bible.
"World Peace and Unification Sanctuary in Newfoundland believes the AR-15 symbolizes the "rod of iron" in the biblical book of Revelation, and it is encouraging couples to bring the weapons to a commitment ceremony."
Now that holds more water than any AGW screed.

Don Bessee

Why break form an established, winning pattern?

If You Have A Mental Illness, This Antifa Student Group Wants You




Snow in PV. HELL just froze over.

Robert Cross

In the "I really am a bad ass, just ask me". dept.

45 who avoided military service citing bone spurs (translation: rich boys got out of the draft even with the lottery) said “I really believe I’d run in there even if I didn’t have a weapon.." in reference to the failure of the armed guard at the Florida school to engage the shooter in a gunfight.

“I’m not good for medical. In other words, if you cut your finger and there’s blood pouring out, I’m gone,” Trump told radio host Howard Stern in 2008.

Isn't it amazing how brave people get behind a bully pulpit.


And just what did you do in the armed forces Bob?
Submit your DD214. Refused for hemorrhoids? Flat feet? No teeth?

Bill Tozer

Oh Booby, quit being such a girlie man. It ain’t about Trump. It’s about standing on your neck and grinding your face into the gravel for fun and for free. Yep, has nothing to do with Trump. Just wait and see who we send up to take his place in 6 or so years. Your mangina will really be soaking your lace panties then. Be afraid, be very afraid.

Want to talk about your pain? Need a safe place? How about a nice cup of hot cocoa with little marshmallows on top? I think someone needs a hug.


Todd Juvinall

Oh RobbieC, Obama and Clinton did not serve and your hero Bernie Sanders had his honeymoon in Moscow as our boys were fighting in Vietnam. So tell us all what would you do if you were there. Crap your pants? Pee your jeans in fright? Yep, that is what you would do so admit it.


Need a snow shovel Bill?


Now for a good cop and dog story.

The dog should get steak.

Bill Tozer

Mr. Walt.

White stuff fall from sky, melts like good snowflake here. Darn, should have shut the top hatch on my old “lawn ornament” M41 Walker Bulldog. Hate it when I do that. Now I got out and face the elements. ;). Snow shovel not needed.


Don't tease me like that Bill! I want one!!(just to piss of Bobby and Paul.)


FedEx Stock are going to go up on this news.


Posted by: Walt | 26 February 2018 at 02:36 PM

Not just Penn Valley.....downtown Sac as well! I’m talking road accumulation!

jon smith

Walt 2:10-
As a conservative you certainly pick and choose your taste in big government interference: "UPDATE!! No tax break for Delta. Their attack on the NRA has come back to bite."

Really? You applaud the government for stepping in and using its clout to interfere in a dispute between private enterprise (Delta) and an NGO? Hardly what Ann Rand would espouse.

Don Bessee

The democrats secret plan to win 2018 for the Republicans!




It's OK "jon", I have no love for Delta as it is.
You need to talk to Paul. He dislikes subsidies too.
Delta wanted their own "discount". If Delta can remove a discount
because of politics, so can the taxpayer paid politicians.


re: DonB@5:07

Obviously, it really only matters in contested states, but I can see the opportunity for amusement in the primaries.

In one party states like California, it would probably save a few coins to just give Feinstein a lifetime appointment. She's an ideal representative of The People, so we all benefit.

I do like the idea of encouraging Democrats to only vote for POC or People of Gender (hang on, 'POG' already means something, maybe 'People of Estrogen'). Get rid of all those useless white males and let someone else drive for a while. The RNC should definitely donate to the cause.

Bill Tozer

Don @ 1:23 pm, Ernie’s red face.

Does that mean all those nasty Bernie Bros comments attacking the unsuspecting Friends of Hillary old hags with such vile language no teddy bear ought ever hear were really just Russian bots? Boy, AI is getting better.

Don Bessee

Run hard left, please run Ellison hard left @534. ;-)


Someone keep an eye on Paul. This just might make him snap.

Todd and I win again.

Don Bessee

Even madam liar, liar pantsuits on fire's supporters are coming around-




oooh, here's one to check out. H/T to /pol/

. Go to Google
. Type 'ar-15'
. Press 'shopping'


. Do the same thing for 'ak-47'
. stuff shows up.

This is what you get with a communications monopoly.

Don Bessee

Oh look, RINO's



Bill Tozer

Why am I not surprised? Those Clinton connections are Deep State, pun intended.


Now, the real reason I posted. Visual aids time!



We have more fun on the sunny side of the street.

Don Bessee

Snowflakes are US-



MAGA Covfefe!

HERO Trump will run into buildings under fire from AR-15s,,, NO PROBLEM!!!

Trumpski has battlfiield experience in the bars and clubs of NYC having unprotected sex.

“I’ve been so lucky in terms of that whole world. It is a dangerous world out there — it’s scary, like Vietnam,” he told Stern 19 years ago. “Sort of like the Vietnam era.”

Stern then called these trysts Trump’s “own, personal Vietnam.”

“It is my personal Vietnam,” the businessman-turned-politician agreed. “I feel like a great and very brave solider.”

Trump later admitted that unprotected sex was better than Vietnam.

MAGA Covfefe!

White House senior official refuses to answer question about Trumpski’s alleged affairs,,,”because he’s my Dad!!!”

MAGA Covfefe!

Trumpski thinks his chauffeur will make a great head of the FAA!!!

You cannot make this stuff up!!!



re: Mr. MAGA@7:17AM

From Drudge:


lol. Please post more, the salty tears must flow.

MAGA Covfefe!

@729,,, ‘’’salty tears’’’,,,laughter is the best medicine and Trumpski is a world class joke!!!


But Paul!


re: Mr. MAGA @7:41

Set aside your evil ways. Join up, there's always room on the Trump Train.


MAGA Covfefe!

Rebublicans's dear SCOTUS refuses to hear Trumpski appeal on DACA!!!


Bill Tozer

Well, setting gun policy driven by emotional hormone raging teenagers makes about the same sense as setting immigration policy driven by raging teenage illegals.

Here we go. You just knew the lefties would not stop at granting ID’s to illegals. No way, Jose. First the demand to vote, then the demand for citizenship....on demand.


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