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05 February 2018


George Rebane

Jo Ann and I ran across 'How to teach your baby to read' by Glenn Doman when our kids were pre-kindergarten (mid 60s). I recall that it blew us away with its cited results. We immediately set to work following its methodology. All the kids were proficient readers when they entered kindergarten. It was then that we first subscribed to Reader's Digest which was recommended as a solid reading source for young readers. I was amazed to find that the book is still in print, and now has companion 'How to teach your baby xx' volumes.

The methodology involved making large cardboard placards, each with a single word on it, and easy for kids with developing motor skills to handle. It was no time until the kids each in turn started 'writing' sentences on the rug with their cardboard words. The words and the alphabet letters were taught concurrently - words initially were pattern recognized, and then analyzed into their individual letters as the alphabet was mastered. The whole process was fun and made more so as each kid started reading stuff on everything from cereal boxes to road signs to newspapers. Heady stuff for a three-year-old.


From the always invaluable “Instapundit”......

PEOPLE: Poor people live in “food deserts” and can’t get anything good to eat.

TRUMP: Okay, let’s send them food boxes instead of SNAP cards.

PEOPLE: That’s terrible and racist!

It’s as if they don’t really want to solve these problems at all!


Bill Tozer

The Crumb Act



This is too good. A Squatcher gets peeved at the state because the state didn't warn people about Bigfoot.

"The Riverside Press-Enterprise reports Claudia Ackley of Crestline filed the lawsuit in San Bernardino Superior Court on Jan. 18, spurred by her alleged encounter with multiple Sasquatches. Ackley, described as a "Bigfoot enthusiast and researcher," says she and her daughters saw three Sasquatches on a dusk hike at Lake Arrowhead last year."

More peeved after seeing a few!

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