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07 March 2018


Bill Tozer

They refer to the “economy” as though it’s a mean thing with a life of its own, and simply “forgot” people. There’s no need to consider the actual people in charge of policy and the economy. That lost job, or domestic strife, a mean housing market are all pointed at, as though they were all dropped on earth by Martians.

The other factor is, of course, the social justice issue: “All the great social issues of American society play out in homelessness — inequality, racial injustice, poverty, violence, sexism. …” Never mentioned: idiotic and incompetent liberal leadership that destroys business and jobs; regulations, waste, fraud and abuse that leave human beings on the street because the theory of socialism is all that matters.

For liberals, social chaos is their friend. They need it to prey on the emotions of others, while then using it as an argument for more government control of our lives.



California can't be broke, Sacramento still has checks left!

Don Bessee

Is anyone surprised they are ignoring those laws too?




Cartoon o' the day.


Bill Tozer


Why is it that we hear that Social Security is running out of money, but never ever hear in CA that welfare is running out of money? Could it be that those who earned SS are not as priviledged as those who collect unearned cash and benefits?

George Rebane

And here's one more this morning from a reader and correspondent.

Bill Tozer

Those who stay in the Liberal playground of CA are in for a big surprise. The rich and famous will have no use for the peasants.

A bit off thread, but this long shot court case has huge yuge ramifications for every state in the Union. If the billionaire wins, you can parlay his victory into “Let them eat cake from sea to shiny sea.” Now, peasants, go back to your hobbles.


Don Bessee

Did botox nancy and Libby just guarantee a win the midterms for us?



Don Bessee

Speaking of botox nancy



Bill Tozer

As California goes, there goes the nation: The Democrat Party is on the verge of a moral meltdown fueled by identity politics

“Radical” is a key word here. In 2016, California Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law Assembly Bill 2844. The anti-discrimination law made it clear that California’s government would bar companies that engage in discrimination against any sovereign nation from doing business with the state. Sec. 2. (c) of the law specifically barred discrimination against “the nation and people of Israel.” The State Senate approved the bill by a vote of 34 to 1, and the State Assembly approved it by a vote of 69 to 1.

Eighteen months later, these same Democrats opposed federal legislation similar to the bill they had passed almost unanimously. Thus, what used to be “radical” leftist politics is now mainstream Democrats Party politics in the Golden State — all the attendant anti-Semitic implications included.


Don Bessee

Well why not go full Nazi since they were 89% there already @ 928. ;-)

Don Bessee

All the pandering may be backfiring after rejecting the Presidents generous offer-



Don Bessee

We don't need no stinkin water storage and we need to tear down hetch hetchy say the same people who are bringing us this yummy solution-



Bill Tozer

Throwng this out for the reader’s consideration. Sanctuary Cities: We are on a direct path to a Constitutional Crisis. Will Trump send in the army like Ike did to enforce SCOTUS rulings?

“Governor Orval Faubus deployed the Arkansas National Guard to support the segregationists on September 4, 1957....Even President Dwight Eisenhower attempted to de-escalate the situation by summoning Faubus for a meeting, warning him not to defy the Supreme Court's ruling......
On September 24, the President ordered the 101st Airborne Division of the United States Army—without its black soldiers, who rejoined the division a month later—to Little Rock and federalized the entire 10,000-member Arkansas National Guard, taking it out of Faubus's control”

CA is opening defying the US Constitution and openly shredding it to pieces and spitting on the remains. CA does not have a Constitutional leg to stand on.

As the Progressives suddenly cry out “States’ rights”, the issue was already decided by the prior administration. Remember Arizona? Arizona, frustrated because the Feds were not doing their job enforcing immigration law (and protecting her citizens along the border) stating making arrests and enforcing immigration law. The Obama Justice Department sued the State of Arizona, and won. States cannot touch immigration. It’s is the sole purview of the Feds.

As an interesting side note, former Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano sued the Feds for the cost of jailing and housing illegals because the Feds were not doing their job.


With the filler aside, I can easily see a Consitutional crisis of the Dems own making taking shape. Fortunately, despite all the cacophony, the general public continues to support putting the squeeze on illegal alien invaders. Ike had to send in troops to stop the Dems and make them see the light. It’s always the Dems trampling asunder the rule of law.

If you can’t make them see the light, then let them feel the heat.

Don Bessee

It is criminal that the State had unarmed guards at a facility that had WWII to Gulf war vets. Gulf war vets who could reasonably be considered jihadi targets. While this appears to be a matter between individuals I cannot believe they had NO armed security! Gunman and 3 hostages dead.



Bill Tozer

CA public education:

SDUSD has entangled itself with CAIR to set up a] subtle, discriminatory scheme that establishes Muslim students as the privileged religious group,” FCDF attorneys representing parents claim in the lawsuit. “Consequently, students of other faiths are left on the outside looking in, vulnerable to religiously motivated bullying, while Muslim students enjoy an exclusive right to the School District’s benevolent protection.”

FCDF President and Chief Counsel Charles LiMandri demanded that SDUSD stop its pro-Islam program or face legal action because of evidence that it violated the First Amendment, as the curriculum was co-drafted the blatantly religious CAIR, which he accused of intentionally targeting public schools to underhandedly convert students to Islam.

“The San Diego Unified School District has gone out on a limb – more than most school districts would be willing to do – to partner with a group that identifies itself as a religious group,” LiMandri told the Daily Caller. “We have pictures of the head of the [CAIR] office in San Diego going into classrooms and giving out their literature, and of course their literature is promoting Islam.


Don Bessee

Oh come now that's the lowest of low ball's-



Don Bessee

There is still hope for parts of cali taking care of themselves like our friends making lemonade after the world gave us lemons! Way to go!



Paul Emery

George Curious as to your thoughts on this. If it wasn't for kamily immigration we would not be here today.

Is it not true that both of our family histories incorporate what could be today interpreted as "chain migration"? Yours with your intact family from Estonia and mine with my Grandfather from Greece arriving four years before my Grandmother and their daughter who joined him after he established a home for them.

Are refugee families from countries like Syria allowed to immigrate today as refugee families were allowed in the past?

Todd Juvinall

WOW! Just watched President Trump in Pittsburg Pennsylvania. He was there to support the candidacy of Rick Saccone for Congress in a special election. Trump won this district by 20 points but the race seems t be very close. In my opinion, not every race needs to be tied to someone else's apron strings and local usually is local. Anyway, Trump was his funny self and cracked a lot of jokes. I am sure we will get the sourpuss media reporting he was serious. But I laughed a lot at his humor and his self-indulgence. Too funny.

He covered a lot of topics and for the most part, he said he was supporting most all the things I support. And he reamed those democrats. Not one voted for the Tx Cuts and Jobs bill. And he calls them obstructionists as they will not support anything. And they have no ideas. He even said Maxine Waters was a low IQ person. That will be portrayed as racist tonight and tomorrow by the media. But hey, she is saying some really terrible things about him and the press could care less. What is good for that goose you know.

He was all excited about the upcoming meeting with North Korea and he defended his tariffs on steel. Even though he saved many jobs in that industry, the unions came out to endorse Lamb, the democrat. Ideology trumps common sense. And he talked about FAIR trade that goes along with FREE trade. American farm products are not allowed to be imported into the European Union so he said fine, we are going to slap a tariff on your products here. We have a 100 billion dollar trade deficit with them. Same for Mexico and Canada. But he is probably going to redo NAFTA and that should all be worked out for fairness then.

He gave the crowd red meat when he attacked the media and not once did they show the crowd on TV. He said noise would allow the American people to know how many were there and the crowd obliged. All in all, it was a Trump show and he even mocked himself in the act of being Presidential. Too funny. Actually, he mocked the critics and Peggy Noonan. She apparently is not happy he is not your droll run of the mill politician. I say keep it ging President Trump, America is now prospering after eight failed years of Obama policies. It is so refreshing to hear him speak so good of America. He is making a "new normal" which is American exceptionalism and success.

Todd Juvinall

Paul Emery on immigration. Yes if our white European ancestors had not moved here over the last five hundred years we would not be here. But I suggest that every country on planet earth was peopled by those that moved there out of Africa four million years ago. And over time many of the countries and their people were exterminated by invaders and replaced. Russia was once a colony of Ghengis Khan. But at some point, a country is strong enough to settle things down and live without fear of invasion. America is invaded by the mass migration of people and we need to stop it and assimilate them. Just like our ancestors did. Remeber Thermopylae? If the Greeks had not stoppes Zerxes we might all be speaking Farsi.

Don Bessee

Wrong ya po' ol' fakenewsman @ 547! The legislation that the administration wants to scrap is a modern invention of Ted Kennedy and other limousine liberal guilt soothers. Remember what icon Barbra Jordan said about illegal immigration harming her black brothers and sister the most and that's why she was in favor of exactly a program like the President is trying to enact now. Ignorance of history and putin party parrot lines are not serving you well. Sad. ;-)

George Rebane

PaulE 547pm - The Rebanes and thousands of other screened refugees from the Baltic countries, who were healthy, possessed needed skills, and were politically clean, were invited by Congress to immigrate to the US in 1948 after the Iron Curtain fell over Europe. None of the Rebanes came here under anything that can remotely be characterized as chain migration aka 'family reunification'. We came as an intact family of three (dad, mom, and me). No family member of ours from behind the Iron Curtain was ever allowed to follow us, and since the USSR collapsed, no family member has ever requested that we sponsor their move to America (Free Estonia has very few emigrants.)

Apparently that was not the case with your family.

Here's a recounting from My Story of our arrival on these shores.

Paul Emery


Are they allowing "intact families" to immigrate here today from Syria for example? Would you consider the situation with my grandparents as chain migration?

Bill Tozer

....I remember this just like it was last week.



Nice try Paul, that was then,, this is now. You want the terrorist that's a family member to be allowed in too?

Just let anyone in? No questions asked? HELL! you won't do that in your own house in Nevada City. I bet your door is locked at this vary moment. WHY!!!????

Bill Tozer

Punchy, I have questions:

1) Are the Syrians you refer to refugees? Are they immigrants under the Temporary Refugee programs, akin to Haitians that we’re graciously allowed to touch sacred US soil because of the earthquake and now have to go back by Sept. 2019? What is the status of the Syrians you refer to? BYY, Homeland Security is reevaluating the temporary refugee program for Nepal that would remove the Temporary refugees now that the crisis over there is Nepal may be over. Decision concerning Nepal coming later.

2) Are you comparing immigration policy from the 1940’s to today, 75 years later?

3). Today, exactly what skills, education, trained vocation, and master of the English language in reading, speaking, and compositional writing skills does Granny possess? The intact family Trump has proposed is the nuclear family: Parents and minor children. Adult children, uncles, aunts, and grandparents do not fall into the definition. Should Uncle Simba be allowed to touch sacred US soil without possessowing skills THIS country needs, without extreme vetting and verification of background (complete work history, with verification, criminal history, medical history, proof and verification of education level, birth records) visible means of support, with a standing job offer that cannot be filled by locals?



"Punchy, I have questions:"

lol. Surely you jest. At best you'll get a half sentence 'answer' on a single issue. It's much more fun to just do a drive-by stirring up of the hornet nest. You'd think that the hornets would have learned by now.

One thing that people forget (or don't know) is that the last great immigration scrimmage at the turn of the 19th to 20th C. resulted in the door being slammed shut due to the inability to take in that many people. We are currently seeing even greater numbers, and the natural reaction is taking place.

What I'd love to hear from a Green Libertarian is a cogent explanation of what the point of immigration is at all. So far as I can tell, it amounts to:

. We were mean to the Indians, therefore we deserve it (immigration as a form of punishment or atonement I guess).
. The well-being of foreign nationals is more important than your fellow countrymen. At the very least they are worth absolutely as much.
. We need moar and moar people to pick vegetables. Of course, the immigrants' kids have no intention of being farm laborers or cheap restaurant labor.
. We need moar and moar people to support us old people with Social Security payments. Who pays for the immigrants SS (or other) benefits? Dunno.
. Because it irritates Trump voters. We hate Trump voters. Therefore it is a good thing.
. Our culture sucks. Other peoples' culture is good. The latter should replace the former.

So far as I can tell, the problems with mass immigration, especially one that is drawn from a limited set of places, are many. The benefits are few. Nobody cares. Rather than making a logical decision, Green Libertarians are in the throes of a messianic fever.

Bill Tozer

Agreed Scenes. Every idiot that had taken 5 minutes of reading knows what the definition of intact family is, aka, nuclear family unit. Mom, Dad, minor children. Once a legal immigrant becomes a US citizen 21 years of age or older, then they can apply to have family members immigrate and be allowed to put one toe on US soil. Sponsored by family members, illegible for welfare for a set time period. Used to be 5 years. Yeah, righttttt.

The problem we have here in CA is that hordes of illiterate in their native tongue 6th grade dropouts with questionable to no skills breaking into our country without knowing who they are or even allowing them entrance. Unskilled, uneducated, flooding in without permission.

Currently, 4% of DACA receiptants have a obtained a 4 year college degree, even when it’s free to them in places like CA. O.5% have joined the military.

The problem that many illegals (non-DACAs) face when attempting to join the military is their criminal history and lack of high school diploma, despite the fact we keep loosening and lowering the standards to let even fat kids covered with tattoos in.

But, pay that no never mind.

Bill Tozer

1) Syrians: Not to confuse Temporary Refugee Program with work permits, visas (pleasure travel, work, or student) temporary immigrant work permits (seasonal work) or residency permits (green cards if permanent status). All can be revoked for violations of agreements, such as bad behavior and not following the terms they agreed to when issued visas (overstaying, not reporting, etc.)


How long does temporary protected status last?

The answer depends on the nature of the emergency situation in your country and the length of time for which DHS designates your native country TPS-eligible. The initial period provided is not less than six months and not more than 18 months, but DHS can extend this time if country conditions warrant it.
Frequently Asked Questions About Temporary Protected Status (TPS ...
https://www.nolo.com › legal-encyclopedia

2) Scenes at 9:45 pm. “I ain’t going to pick no strawberries.” Since 7% of workers in CA are directly involved in agriculture, I think you may be correct. “Go pick your own peaches, gringo.”

Bill Tozer

California, oh California.

Hard to believe that it’s only been year since these words were uttered. And to think he might be the next Governor of the Great State of California. Shudder the thought. Using stolen or false Social Security numbers is a big no-no. Big federal offense.

OS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — A Los Angeles lawmaker leading the fight to make California a so-called “sanctuary state” has suggested half of his family would be deported for using falsified Social Security cards and other fake identification.

California Senate Leader Kevin de Leon made the claims during testimony before the Senate’s Public Safety Committee for SB54, a bill introduced by De Leon that would create a statewide sanctuary for immigrants living in the country illegally.

Responding to President Trump’s suggestion of “withholding federal funding” from California, de Leon said: “Half of my family would be eligible for deportation under the executive order, because they got a false social security card, they got a false identification, they got a false driver’s license prior to us passing AB 60, they got a false green card, and anyone who has family members who are undocumented knows that almost entirely everybody has secured some sort of false identification.”

“That’s what you need to survive, to work,” he added. “They are eligible for massive deportation.”

George Rebane

PaulE 807pm - Paul, your questions to me generated a marvelous thread of discussion all the major points with which I agree. Re your grandparents, I'm not sure I recall all the particulars, but immigration laws and practices are dynamic, and comparing those of long ago with what is needed today under some arbitrary criteria of fairness or social justice is either a fool's errand and/or the desire to generate gotcha points with the unwary. The bottom line on immigration policy is that it should always and only serve the interests of contemporary American citizens.

Paul Emery

That's the answer I expected to hear George. Kinda like a Motel saying no vacancy Sad to those who won't have grandparents from the old country as part of their heritage.


Posted by: Paul Emery | 11 March 2018 at 03:03 PM

Eh.....air travel has never been easier to the old country Punch. Better than saddling the taxpayer with those costs.


Cry us some nice crocodile tears Paul...


Here's a nice California story.


So here we are in a single party state with a lot of money...and it's a pit.

There's absolutely nothing keeping the Green Libertarians from building their utopia. So are they incompetent, misguided, or venal?

George Rebane

Were it only possible to limit chain migration to grandparents of the meritorious (legal) immigrants.

Paul Emery

If you don't mind Fish what is your family Heritage?


Mostly Irish, Welsh, generic Northern European, with a splash of Scandinavian!

Bill Tozer

Don’t feel bad Punchy. Canada does not let Grandmas in either. No way. Too old. Just workers and after a year on the job, maybe the Wifie-Pooh and crumb snatcher only after proving the hubbie can care for them. Proof positive. Or, have a wheelbarrow of cash if the wife cannot obtain a work permit with standing offer in advance. Working age only, 24-45 is prime. Granny can come visit or the adult children can take the little papoose to visit the Old Country.

The main reason for no grannies is we got to make room for some Nigeria couple with Masters Degrees and excellent skill sets...and the energy of youth.

————Oh Grannie, you just can’t get no respect. I feel your pain, but.....—————-

On social media, outrage was collected under the hashtag “#NotMyAbuela.”

“Let me be clear,” one Twitter user wrote. “… You are #NotMyAbuela and you should fire the person who thought up that awful marketing campaign.” Another: “Hillary compares herself to my Latina grandma’ –Please just stop!” Yet another: “My Abuelita never got to meet her U.S. born grandchildren b/c of unjust immigration laws.”

Yet, this was far from the first time Clinton has courted Latinos, albeit awkwardly.

“I gotta tell you, I love being ‘La Hillary,'” Clinton said at a rally in Texas in October, trying out a nickname that appeared to be a work-in-progress. “I promise I will keep working on my pronunciation — but I’m not just La Hillary. I’m tu Hillary.”

Some winced.”



This is what your gas tax increase bought, more government paper pushers.

Caltrans is desperate to fill thousands of new jobs
No kidding: It’s a really good time to send a résumé to Caltrans. California's transportation department plans to swell its staff by 10 percent over the next five years, adding 2,000 employees to help it execute projects funded by the new gasoline tax.


re: Russ@5:05AM

Thought o' the day. Why haven't they automated flagmen? That doesn't seem an impossible problem.

Bill Tozer

Enemy at the Gates. At first glance I thought this was another CA campus story, but noooo.

“Dr. Peterson was at the college to promote his new book, where he was set upon by a mob of over 150 activists, some of whom are students. The activists were opposed to Peterson’s criticism of Bill C-16, which is widely considered to be an anti-free speech law that criminalizes the misuse of gender-specific pronouns as “hate crimes,” among other things.

As he spoke, activists barricaded the doors to prevent attendees from leaving. Queen’s University’s local newspaper, the Journal, reports that members of the crowd chanted “lock ‘em in and burn it down.”


George Rebane

re BillT's 1004am - Mr Tozer again points out the latest in a continuous stream of asymmetric events that compare and contrast the behavior of the Left viz that of the Right. Are there any examples of the rightwing activists doing anything remotely similar to what is described in Mr Tozer's 1004am?

Bill Tozer

For Don’s Sandbox post @ 11:44 am

Well, this should make Hilary Hodge very very happy. This should make the tyrannical powers that rule our one party state very happy. It’s who they are. Remove the words Immigration and Enforcement from ICE and you got customs. We must respect customs and not judge.

California: take what you will......


Bill Tozer

Dr. Rebane @ 10:13

When President Trump comes into CA this week, there will be hundreds of hours of video footage that will compare and contrast the behavior of the Left vis that of the Right....for all the world to see. The campaign season has officially kicked off and TDS will work fantasist to reveal who the real fascists are.


re: BillT@12:43PM ...and not a bad idea at that. Simply run Trump around California before the midterm elections, thousands (millions?) of illegal aliens, manwomen, folks who want all 20 of their abuelas to get permanent visas, bald dudes with manbuns, all the craziness of the Left Coast marching around shrieking obscenities at Doctor General God Emperor Trump and his minions.

Just imagine Trump in Berkeley with Sessions. I would pay good money to watch the bad behavior.

I mean, well hell, that'll play great in Indiana or Ohio. It's one thing to think of so-called 'Progressives' as awful, but actually seeing it is a different matter. Who knows, there's even a 1% chance it'll be on CNN.

Bill Tozer

Scenes, it will play great in Pennsylvania. Why spend millions on ads when you have one man and a Twitter Machine that sucks all the oxygen out of the room. Kick off time, let’s get ready to rumble!

“The Department of Homeland Security has said there's nothing to stop Trump from turning the wall design contest into a Miss Universe-style pageant.”

From another source:

Let the good times roll. There are rumors flying that Trump will walk onto the steps of the Capital Building in Sacramento and face Jerry Brown and Company mano-a-mano, or whoever self identifies as a mano for that particular occasion.
Another rumor says the Sac appearance was cancelled due to death threats and Trump will be meeting at a secret location in Auburn, Ca for some confab. Getting closer.
Pioneer Park could serve as a good locale despite its small size and lack of parking, but consider the boost to the local economy with its overpriced eateries mixed in among the tchotchke shops. Rumors schummers.


Damn, Silicon Valley is on the cutting edge again.. How appro-pro.



re: BillT@10:04

Progressives cutting up rough at Queen's University? It appears to be a thing, here's King's College


They appear to be working their way through the face cards. Maybe Jack's Bar and Grill is next.

Don Bessee

Weedmaps to Bureau of Cannabis Control: You don't have the authority to police us -


Ah ha. ;-)

Don Bessee

“It is remarkable that the State of California would seek to delay this matter primarily so that it can avoid litigating in its State capital. There is no basis to seriously entertain this request that the case be transferred,” Justice Department lawyers wrote. “California’s wish to defend these challenges in another federal judicial district in San Francisco, where the State capital is not located and where the official Defendants do not reside, makes no sense.”



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