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13 March 2018


Teine Rebane Kenney

Your Book: Quiet Notes (Making Some Quiet Notes Arise) by Dr. George Rebane, PhD


re: Cursive handwriting.

There's God knows how many articles like this:


Given the modern university tendencies towards degrees in:




I can't say that it much matters.

Don Bessee

Britain's May wins backing of Trump, EU leaders in showdown with Russia
By Guy Faulconbridge and Michael Holden,Reuters 2 hours 9 minutes ago



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Here is one for the rancid Russian dressing set-

LONDON (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump and British Prime Minister Theresa May agreed on Tuesday that Russia must provide "unambiguous answers" after London gave Moscow until midnight to explain how a Soviet-era nerve weapon was used against a former Russian double agent.



Don Bessee

?? Don't know how the header came along with the paragraph?? ;-)

George Rebane

DonB 219pm - That stuff comes along when you don't check what you've copied from a web page. It's real easy to pick up all kinds of stuff that's more than you intended. Scroll up and down from your what you thought you selected and see what all is highlighted to tell you what you will really be copying and then pasting.

Don Bessee

I know, nothing else highlighted?? It was yahoo so what should I expect! ;-)

Don Bessee



Don Bessee

These brainiacs seem to be unaware that Supervisor Schofield was reelected in a landslide after saying he supported the DG Alta Sierra project.

Mike O'Laughlin · Krust Distributor at The Krusty Krab
Is anyone here surprised that they would make a terrible decision in defiance of county staff, the Planning Commission and hundreds of residents? There is a winnable lawsuit here folks. Mr. Scolfield, shame on you. These were your own constituents. If this is your idea of representing your constituents, then sir, you need to step down and get on the board of DG because apparently in some sense, you already are. And your total ignorance that CEQA allows the "property owner" that we all know now is a friend of yours and you were obligated recuse yourself because of it (another reason to sue) could still get his money and save the land by putting the wht trash store in the existing shopping center is and always was an option. You are ignorant of even basic planning concepts, how to respond to your community-- but nobody has ever claimed you're the brightest bulb in the... Disgusting. Nevada County politics at its most disgusting and crooked. The Beverly Hillbillies of Nevada County strike again.





I'll read that West book and report back if it smites me in any way.


from the quoted letter: "the land by putting the wht trash store"

It's funny how you don't have to dig very deep and out it comes. Letters to the editor (and their more powerful friend, anonymous writers on forums) let people say what they mean and mean what they say.

The Dollar General fuss is something of a mystery to me. It's a small scale Target or K-Mart, no? Is the fear that a successful business will bring traffic to an area? That it will draw working class whites to a place since they want to live near Dollar General and it's wealth of detergent and soft drinks? Is it a place that po' folk hang out at and drink 40's? Heck, you'd think that the 'new' Bonanza Market would have picketing if that were an issue.

Don Bessee

Just last year, because the conspiracy theory demanded it, the media told us that then-incoming Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was a pro-Vladimir Putin stooge. Basically, the choice of Tillerson was Manchurian President Donald Trump’s way of thanking Putin for his help in defeating Hillary Clinton.
But now that Trump has fired the “pro-Putin” Tillerson, and because the conspiracy theory demands it, this very same media are now telling us that Manchurian President Trump fired him for being too tough on Putin.



George Rebane

DonB 336pm - Absent scruples along with a basic understanding of logic explains almost everything the lamestream regurgitates for us.

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