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16 March 2018



What’s genius for Obama is scandal when it comes to Trump


George Rebane

PaulE 957pm - And so is the information that left a paper trail of Hillary and the DNC commissioning and funding the generation of a fictional dossier to harm the opposing candidate. Other than contracting Cambridge Analytica for also doing opposition research, a completely normal and legal activity of well-funded campaigns, there is no evidence that there was anything illegal about Trump's relationship with CA. Only the breathless and unconfirmed assumptions that you and yours immediately spread through your media in the attempt to deflect the culpable evidence.

I have covered and commented on both sides of the CA imbroglio, which you again seem to have missed. Over the years RR has posted thousands of commentaries with long comments streams that total well over 100K comments. Just because you choose to recognize only the immediate conversation in which you participate does not provide support for the absence of the posts and comment responses you have overlooked or not bothered about.

Finally, as with this comment, I have always responded to your questions and assertions. You, OTOH, are notorious for asking insinuating questions and dropping the subject when the answer turns out inconvenient to your point; and you are even better known for ignoring questions asked of you. Be that as it may, we love you anyway.

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