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30 March 2018


Todd Juvinall

Jon'linda, I have a lot to work with but you sure are short a couple of brain cells. Was it LSD? Or meth that did you in?

Bill Tozer

1) @ 2:26 pm


2) jon- Syria
Your sarcasm is appreciated now and then. I remember that day we admitted defeat in Syria. I was watching UN Ambassador Samatha Powers live saying to her Russian counterpart,“Shame on you, shame on you.” My mouth dropped and I said within myself, “OMG. We just declared defeat against Assad” and his government forces. Those Russians take no prisoners and make quick work of resistance, no matter how many civilians are on the ground.
I recall when Moscow was having their movie theater bombings. Blow up theaters packed with folks, body parts everywhere, blood all over the high ceilings. So, the Russians caught one of the bombers. From a town in Georgia, I believe. Putin sent convoys of tanks to the hills above the bomber’s village/town and opened fire for two days straight. Destroyed the town, shelled the crap out of homes and shops alike. Sent a message. You bomb our packed theathers, your family, friends, neighbors, and township will pay the price. That’s who the Russians are. BTW, what ever happened to the Moscow bombing fad?

Trump is just returning to his beliefs. Get the hell out of those shithole countries like Syria and Honduras. Sure, we have to leave some troops to war against ISIS in East Syria and we need to stay close in Iraq as Iran is turning Iraq into another proxy state.

I cannot believe the prior administration’s plan. We would take over Syria and turn the country into our best buddies and they would turn anti-Iran and join us against Iran. WTF? Syria had been nothing but a poxie state of Iran for decades, a funnel through Assad to Hezbollah and Lebanon among other dirty deeds. Anyway, bring as many troops home as we can......we will never leave Afghanistan, IMHO.

Russian fighters. Shame on you, shame on you! What Sputnik doesn’t tell you is the Russian jets bombed the people and homes left above ground, aka, civilians. “War is Hell.” —-George Custer


jon smith

GR 7:53- Nothing un PC about talking about a "gal." Not any more than wearing saddle shoes or driving a really bitching car or seeing a fuddy duddy in the mirror. It's just so embarrassingly 1950's that we are simply doing the man a service by tapping the old hipster on the shoulder and waking him to the new dawn.

Bill Tozer

So that is what the Amazon stink is over? They are screwing the US Postal Service, eh? Yep, that be Trump. Sees a place where we are getting screwed, and he jumps at the unspeakable injustice. It ain’t fair! That be Trump. Free trade, but fair trade. Same with Amazon screwing their competition....the dreaded Post Office. Wonder who agreed to that contract where the PO loses money on every Amazon envelop they deliver.

And yes, it will cost us more. Hope Trump doesn’t mess with that cheap Chinese junk I like. We all must sacrifice


Scenes. I strongly believe that just a tweet or two from OurPreaident about doing some monopoly bustin’ would get them coming around...with soiled trousers and thongs

Todd Juvinall

Jon/linda, it appears you are the one out od touch. Gal is a current word as anyone with a brain can see. I was ten in 1960 anyway but you were what 25? I think you need to look at what you have become and ask GOD for forgiveness for being a bore.

jon smith

“We are in Syria to defeat ISIS. That is our mission,” McGurk, the U.S. special envoy for the global coalition against the jihadist terrorists, said during an event. “Our mission isn’t close to over yet, and we are going to complete our mission.”

“We’re knocking the hell out of ISIS,” Trump said during the event in Ohio. “We’ll be coming out of Syria, like, very soon."

Gotta love old man Trump and his finely tuned ability to communicate with his own staff. I sense McGurk will be going home to his gal soon. Might bum a ride with Pruitt.

jon smith

Tit for tat. Today the sicko raised tariffs to 50 billion against China. Doesn't he have a clue where this is going? I didn't think so, and apparently neither do his closest advisors. Off the rails.

Bill Tozer

We are fighting ISIS and kicking their butts, along with Iran, Russia, the Kurds, the Iraqi Army, the Syrian Army.p, some British snipers and Aussies. Got em on the run without a place to call home or electricity, lol. They will re-emerge under a different name in some other shithole country.
Syria won, our “moderate freedom fighters” lost. But, the sparsely populated eastern Syria is where we are because that is where the Islamic State goat humpers are....down by the river living in their vans....until we find them and kill them, hopefully along with Westerners that joined the beheading fanatics and now want to come home. Sucks to be them.

Gotta seperate losing in Syria with the on going decimation of IS.


There is a curtain "jon" that said something about shrinking gun sales... OH REALLY????

Thanks Pigglet..

jon smith

Thanks Bill. Would you please advise special envoy McGurk of your findings? Might save his job.


BillT: "
So that is what the Amazon stink is over? They are screwing the US Postal Service, eh?"

I guess so. I thought I'd look around a bit instead of forming an opinion from whole cloth.

A not bad way to go is to look up news articles *prior* to this last week. Any modern article was written by someone whose pussy got grabbed and it'll reflect it.


It would be nice to find a copy of the contract.

Two quick guesses:

1) Every major news outlet will tell us how TRUMP IS ABSOLUTELY WRONG AND THE USPS TOOK AMAZON TO THE CLEANERS or something.
2) Amazon has a fleshed-out roadmap for going to their own delivery service, perhaps by buying an existing carrier.

Bill Tozer

Figure there are under 900 active IS along the river left, looking for places to hide and regroup. We can send some troops home. Keep the advisors, trainers, and superior air power. Sure, need bootsto chase the bush rats and camel jockeys down and the snipers have some fun with the stragglers on their prayer rugs. Can’t believe Allah and womankind created some many turds.

jon smith

100% off base. Like most things Trump, it is personal. He hates Bezos, just like he hates Obama and will do anything to pinch them - even if America has to suffer for it.

Bill Tozer

Imagine the outcry if the troops strafe the Honduran invaders. They look like a bunch of men of military fighting age. The sound of popping heads would be deafening.

Todd Juvinall

Trump is doing great. Jon/linda is just jealous.


re: JonSmith@4:29PM

OK, thanks for completely clarifying that for me. Mind reading is a terrible thing to waste.

I was spending a couple of minutes looking up anti-Koch Bros. statements from Saint Obama. Pretty serious stuff for a non-pussy grabber.

Thank goodness the Left came around to reflexively defending mega-corporations, it's been an enjoyable ride.

back to serious matters:

BillT-The Hondurans are an interesting matter. You absolutely can *not* let them into the country, or else the 1500 will become 15,000 and then 150,000. I would hope that the Prez has sent down some bag men to pay off a few Mexican cops to turn back the horde, it wouldn't take much and you get to avoid drama.

Bill Tozer


Isn’t Jeff Bezos the dude who bought the Wa Compost for 250 mil as his plaything? I remember the pressroom stick when Bezos refused to pass out Trump Tax bonuses like other companies. Boy, the writers and editors were whining and all disgruntled. Not only did Bezos not pass out the grennies, he fired a bunch of copy editors. I don’t think he really cares if The Compost loses money, he just can’t handle those not up to the standard. He is like Trump, doesn’t suffer horse pucky. Clash of the Titans.

jon smith

Oh how you Republicans love to talk about free trade, free enterprise, and entrepreneurship except when it doesn't mesh with your personal agenda. First his incredibly backwards tariffs and now Trump wants to "regulate" Apple, Google, Facebook, and YouTube, and has brought in Thiel to show him how to do it. If Trump were a Democrat you'd be having fits, but oh no, I can hear Todd now blaming fake news or something. Walt - 25% tariff on Chinese optics including gun scopes.

Bill Tozer

Speaking of the WaPo,......
Scenes, check these figures out. Not up to date (12/2015), but trend is undeniable.



re: BillT@5:05PM

One likely reason I've seen left out for explaining a decline in homicides is improved emergency medicine. It's interesting to think how you could correct the numbers to reflect that.

Speaking of gunz, fresh from The Union:

Yes (93%, 27,645 Votes) in The Poll. Somebody bumped it to over 93%.

I think that the long term goal should be to get the 'yes' vote higher than the population of the county. I think it's doable with some work. Reading the inevitable editorial citing the number will be totally worth it.


No, Mzzz "jon",, good shooters don't by cheap Chinese optics.
Don't worry, Ca will mandate that they be used on any gun in Ca.
Can't have a weapon that actually hits the intended target.

So no issues with BIG Corp. knowing everything about you, and selling your info to anyone? USPS loses money on every delivery... I guess you believe they will make it up in volume..Right?
Funny,, Paul didn't take issue with Gov. knowing his every wort and cognitive abilities. ( but said he would remove his info from the voter rolls.He didn't want Trump knowing who he voted for.. Twisted set of priorities.)


re: BillT@5:05PM

btw, before I forget, one of the strongest correlations I've seen on homicide, violent crime rate, etc. is incarceration rate. Causalities are so hard to show, but it's an interesting idea. The basic idea is that if you nab the right folks, more people in jail = less crime.

Bill Tozer

There is a strong correlation with the more the number of guns are out there, the less the major crime and murder rates. But, pay that no never mind. They don’t want solutions, they want da fire sticks and pistoles. Like Wounded Knee, give us your guns and we will take you to the happy hunting grounds.....a safe place.


Hear about the shooter today? Shot up the YouTube office.
Just work place violence, and a pissed EX. What? NO AR?
And a chick no less. Will MZZZZ."jon" call for ending women possessing guns? Especially during "shark week"? ( OH yes... the woman has a hair trigger around "that time".) Shall we send the sheriff your way every 28 days? Clean out the knife drawer, or anything else that could harm someone? It's the law ya' know.
Or are you "exempt" for some Proggy reason?

jon smith

Scenes- It would be interesting to correlate medical care with gunshot survival . . . but our intrepid Republicans have cut any funding for that type of research. Better to not know I guess.

Walt-Most scopes come from Asia (I can't afford Swarovski). Even Leupold gold rings which are touted as made in Beaverton, are assembled from imported Chinese glass.

jon smith

Walt- USPS makes money on it's parcel deliveries and the postmaster general is scratching her head over Trump claims. They eat it on first class service and even more so on retiree benefits.


Japan makes great optics. They always have. Then come the Germans.
The scope on my weapon cost 2/3s the price I paid for the rifle.
You get what you pay for.

Now why is that? What drove our own optics makers to fold? Getting under cut by China and the like? Excess rules and regs? massive taxation? Like everything else not made in the U.S.A. anymore.
I do believe that falls under Liberalism 101.
Yet you slam Trump for trying to bring those jobs and items back.
Reduce reg, taxes, is a big step in the right direction.
Yet you don't see it that way.


Walt, speaking of optics. I've always wondered when the MSM will get wind of Tracking Point hardware and call for it's banishment.


Things like that are bound to get a lot cheaper over time.

The simple truth of the matter (are there simple truths?) is that the amount of ability that individuals possess goes up through the years. New things like drones can be weaponized, people have more money for mayhem-producing items, the amount of lab needed to make chemical or biological weapons will go down over time. Especially in an era when we are headed for diverse and not particularly well-behaved populations (think the opposite of the Swiss or Japanese), one side effect will be a more heavy handed government in terms of both surveillance and enforcement.


From a year ago,
"Amazon is happy because it has a deal that takes advantage of a loophole in the law that gives it a taxpayer-subsidized deal none of its competitors could get or match."

If USPS is making money off those special deliveries, how come anyone shipping anything can't get the same deal? It's all about that dollar,, is it not?
The stuff I just sent to my kids through USPS cost me plenty..WHY???(and no weekend delivery)
Where is my 1.50 rate? I'm a taxpayer!

jon smith

Japan outsources most of their optics.


OH Scenes!! How I wish I could afford that system!
Then there is the poor man's version.

Would make my scary looking gun even MORE scarier.

jon smith

Walt 6:13-
"Where is my 1.50 rate? I'm a taxpayer!"
So what? The USPS isn't funded by taxes.



Really? Then who has been keeping it afloat all these years?
USPS has been hemorrhaging money for decades.
Get with the real facts.
I love it when I give you enough rope to hang yourself.
"American taxpayers give an $18 billion gift to the post office every year"
And you just said "So what? The USPS isn't funded by taxes."
"The United States Postal Service’s financial troubles have been well publicized in recent years. The worst of it came in 2012, when the USPS lost a whopping $15.9 billion dollars, followed by $4.8 billion and $5.3 billion in 2013 and 2014, respectively.

So it's money from the FED Unicorn ranch that keeps USPS in business? Just money fresh off the presses?


Bad news Lefties....

Bill Tozer

Velvet Elvis sez: “Return to sender, address unknown, no such number and no such zone. Oh Momma baby.”

Yep, every time the Pony Express or Amtrak or Freddie Mac and Sally Mae hit bottom, they all go running to Congress. Every time. That must be where the Fed Unicorn Ranch is. And all this time I thought it was out near Winnemucca, just past the Bunnytail Ranch.

George Rebane

Ah yes, the "new dawn". Can anyone tell us what we should celebrate about the new dawn? And please don't cite any of the tech advances, because studying for your ability to contribute to these benefits still requires years of hard work, just like it used to and of the same kind that it used to, knowing that today we have ever fewer of the new dawners qualified to undertake such challenges. They instinctively lean toward big government, because from thence come all the blessings for which their ability to fog mirrors qualifies them.

Todd Juvinall

jon smith | 03 April 2018 at 06:35 PM

The USPS is always made whole by the taxpayers.



The counter argument on the USPS losing money will be that the package business "can't lose money because they aren't allowed to lose money", although there's no numbers forthcoming. It's just handwaving (and a tautology).

Aside from the obvious tax and legal advantages given gratis to the Post Office, I guess that the basic idea is that the PO might lose even more money without the Amazon contract. That's the best case scenario. Medium case is that the PO left money on the table. Worst is that they are losing their ass.

Like I said, I'll bet that Amazon is looking into cutting loose the USPS. The shipments are bound to be forward based somehow (ie. the PO just supplies the proverbial 'last mile'), so what is needed to replace them is less than meets the eye.

Personally, I rather enjoy seeing Bezos' pussy get grabbed, although the phenomenon seems to have expanded to some of our local writers. C'est la vie.


Amazon Prime fly's their own cargo Yup, their own fleet of 747s.
The p.o. made a deal with the corp. devil
Final dist. is the most expensive end. So they suckered the PO.
"Your already going that way every day, We will just back up the semi trailer up to your back door."
yet when I walked in a small box to send, it cost me 8.65.
Should I throw it in with the Amazon load next time?


Someone took their You tube WAY too far.


Scott.. It's been nice knowing ya'.


What the post orifice has under the law is the exclusive right to open your mailbox and place into it something to be delivered.


Morn'n Paul,,,
51%!! Now how did that happen??


When is Bezos going to just buy the Postal Service and start running it like a business?


Another twisted off Lefty.

Like I said before, trying to take guns from the wrong political demographic. Get the DEM. voter registration and start the confiscation.


re: ArchieBunker "When is Bezos going to just buy the Postal Service and start running it like a business?"

I wonder what it's worth as a business. 500k employees, $6B in losses every year, no growth.

re: Walt "Like I said before, trying to take guns from the wrong political demographic."

Wanna make me a bet how long it takes to blame the NRA for the crazy shooter lady?

re: Gregory "...exclusive right to open your mailbox..."

I knew that had that, but never knew the history of the rules and court decisions. It's all pretty disingenuous given that other countries are fine with common mailbox usage. I suppose there's nothing keeping people from putting up two boxes.


Scenes, USPS is like Ma Bell in that they were required by law to maintain their legacy copper lines even if it meant losing competitive advantage with Comcast, Verizon, etc.

USPS has legacy mailboxes that are inefficient to service with junk mail. Amazon is already coming out with the locker idea, maybe their version of PO boxes.

Amazon would have to fire thousand of people but they could modernize it to become like Fedex or UPS.

Welcome to Pa Bezos.

jon smith

Why do you conservatives hate Amazon but love Wal-Mart?


Amazon usage requires you to be able use an electronic device and have a bank account.

Bill Tozer

Hmmm. Somebody has been reading my posts, but I suspected that, duh.

“ He [Bevos] is like Trump, doesn’t suffer horse pucky. Clash of the Titans.”

Posted by: Bill Tozer | 03 April 2018 at 04:56 PM

Clash of the Titans?

Trump vs. Bezos Is a Clash of the Titans

jon smith

Titans? Trump is no Titan.
Trump was fed from a silver spoon the moment he was birthed. Bezos is a self made billionaire who could own Trump a million times over. Bezos has donated tens of millions to charity while Trump is always figuring a way to look charitable rather than be charitable. When Trump avoids paying taxes he calls himself smart, but when Amazon avoids paying taxes he calls them greedy.

George Boardman

Trump doesn't care about the post office losing money, and whether it's charging Amazon enough to deliver its packages. This is about the fact that Bezos owns the Washington Post, a paper that regularly goes after Trump with "fake news" the Donald doesn't like.

The post office could operate more like a business if Congress would quit interfering. When the PO wanted to eliminate Saturday delivery a couple of years ago, congressmen representing rural states objected. Apparently Trump supporters look forward junk mail on Saturdays.

Bill Tozer

The YouTube filter shooter:



Personally, I have always felt PETA has the best ad campaigns. Very effective, provocative, best models, and professionally done. I especially like PETA’s fine young ladies parading around in their birthday suits to make their point. Definitely an attention “grabber”. Walking around with fig leaves promotes Creationism, but who cares.
Didn’t quite get the fine young ladies protesting killing animals in front of the milk and egg displays at supermarkets, but maybe a jug of milk is considered an udder disgrace. Don’t think laying eggs kills chickens, but I have never passed an egg. Blocking the milk display in protest of eating beef was a real Milk Dud.

Well, having Google’s YouTube block some of the sites I visit on occasion may be a burr in the saddle, but being conservative means I don’t go out and start firing away willy-nilly. That’s not who we are.



Scenes.."Wanna make me a bet how long it takes to blame the NRA for the crazy shooter lady?"
Actually,, the blame was on the NRA before the shooting stopped.
"As news of the shooting at YouTube’s San Bruno, California, headquarters was still coming in, actor-comedian Michael Ian Black tweeted of his plans to “politicize the fuck out of” the shooting and blame it on the “NRA and its blood-soaked lackeys.”
“Another shooting. I’m going to politicize the fuck out of it, and so should you,” Black tweeted. “The NRA is a terrorist organization.” "


Want to make a million? Go around collecting all those empty shipping boxes. How come the ECO gang has yet to gripe about all that cardboard? Speaking of which, It's that day to burn the Amazon box pile. Hat's off to the guy who made packing peanuts obsolete.

George Rebane

From this educational comment stream we just learned that no Hillary voters insisted on getting junk mail deliveries on Saturday.

Bill Tozer

Brother Walt, the NRA is why Hillary lost the election! My Gal (the bitter Clinger) is something else, I tell ya.

Clinton also dinged the NRA.

"You know the NRA has spent more money on me than any other candidate," she said. "We'll find out if any of that was Russian money."



Really Bill?? I say that was money well spent!
Putin would be bending her over the Resolute desk today if she had been elected. Putin would be gathering up all the countries of the former USSR under her "watch". South Korea would now be back in fat kid's control.


The march to our border is falling apart. Trump told MEX to stop it, or else. MEX knows Trump means business.
Unlike how "O" told Putin to "knock it off" in screwing with our elections.( Putin just laughed at "O")

Bill Tozer

It ain’t junk mail. The Geritol old hippies need their prescriptions delivered on Saturday. Granny ends her meds...er....medicine. On-line scripts was the most emotion reason for keeping Sat mail in rural areas. Takes an Act of Congress to name a P.O.

Wonder if Boardman, behind his walled community with guards, even care if his Saturday mail delivery was cut-off. Nope, chronic money pit or not, “the mail must get through.” It’s as Americana as Mom, apple pie, and the Pony Express. Let Bezos pay for it. Somebody has to keep the USPS at least half submerged.

Bill Tozer

1). Battlelines are being drawn to stop the Honduran Invaders from crossing illegally.

All they have to go is go through a legal crossing and apply for some political or hardship temp permit and have their requests reviewed and adjudicated in an orderly process in a nearby facility. But noooo. Listening to their stories, it was like living in any number of our decades controlled by Dems urban shitholes.

2) When jon smith first brought up the small bald headed man, I thought he was talking about Jeff Zucker. Zucker, Bezos, CNN, Wa Compost....looks all the same to me. Trump attacking Amazon to get back at Bezos for poking Trump in the eye with his plaything newspaper? Ya think? Trump is such a bully. Quite the Irredeemable, I must say.


Jon Smith@some time or the other

"Why do you conservatives hate Amazon but love Wal-Mart?"

Jeesh. More weak tea. I doubt that anyone on this blog goes there very often.

I can't say that conservatives love Walmart. They are a major point of entry for Chinese crapola, but provide poor people a place to shop. A mixed bag.

I can't say they are quite big enough to go after with an antitrust action, but they are hard on small town retail. Once again, a mixed bag. For their size, they are pretty low on the political contributions scale.

Honestly, I think you're losing the thread of modern politics. Perhaps it's due to your age (I'm assuming that it's retirement+). The big pivot is from economics arguments towards cultural/ethnic ones. In a culture war, companies will be forced to chose sides to some extent, but we'll lack this big company=bad concept that the Left used to have.

Bill Tozer

And what kind of seasoning would you like with that?


Yeah, and Matt Damon is moving to Australia and Ruth Bladder Ginsburg is moving to New Zealand. Cher is moving to Canada along with that crazy anti-cultural appropriater Lena Dunham. Rightttt. Hard to believe that both Dunham and Michelle Malkin graduated from the same Obletin College. That is mind boggling. Hard to believe anything the Left says. And why does the Enlightened Diversity Lubbing Lefties always pick White developed countries with low crime rates to emigrate to if things don’t go their way?


HOLY SHIT!!!! Is this guy for real?

Proggy news has been doing it for years!


DAMN this Trump economy.

Hummmm.. Maybe start grabbing homeless people off the streets to fill those jobs? What a concept.


Coming to the U.S. soon enough.

How dare someone defend themselves. And not even with a gun!

Bill Tozer

Sinclair must be the new Koch Bros. Oh, the outrage, the outrage............snore.


Yup, those Ca. gun control measures worked out swell.


OH!! It gets BETTER!!!!

And Proggys are bitching about Putin? Seems Fatboy is running Ca. all of a sudden. This is N. Korea crap.


re: Walt@1:52PM

Oh well. In a single party state, only the craziest Democrats are going to get the gigs. I can't say that anything surprises me any more in Sunny California.

In border news:


'The Trump administration announced Wednesday that President Trump will sign a proclamation to send the National Guard to the southern border immediately in response to what it described as an "unacceptable" flow of drugs, criminal activity and illegal immigrants."'

Bet of the day. Absolutely no Green Libertarians will think of this:


'President Obama has authorized the call-up of as many as 1,200 National Guard troops along the U.S. border with Mexico to assist with border protection and enforcement activities there, officials say.'


I rather like this article


...although this is quite a sentence:

"The universities beget a class of what Nassim Taleb prankishly called “intellectuals-yet-idiots,” hierophants trafficking in fads and falsehoods, conveyed in esoteric jargon larded with psychobabble in support of a therapeutic crypto-gnostic crusade bent on transforming human nature to fit the wished-for utopian template of a world where anything goes. In fact, they have only produced a new intellectual despotism worthy of Stalin, Mao Zedong, and Pol Pot."


one last one.

I'm thinking that rifles should be limited to 9 round magazines.


Time to go vote on The Poll.

Bill Tozer

——-First, I don’t believe the Invadion Caravan is throwing its hands in the air and going home. Not for a minute. They realized the eyes of the world were on them, and the media attention was not such a good thing. Mexico can’t afford to house, feed, and care for their needs for any length of time. Mexico is a poor country, which is why Mexico has such strict immigration laws....because they can’t afford nor absorb more poor people than what they already have.

Nope, the Central American Invaders waving their demands will feign quiet resignation, lay low until the heat is off, and keeping on coming in a more discrete way. They already said they were going to split up into smaller groups to avoid detection, the surveillance of the larger group, and the media spotlight. Bet some haven’t even missed a marching step.....conquering heros that they are.

——-Second: Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that our our media (The Left) has done a 180 and for the first time in decades they are siding with China over the US?

Bill Tozer

Oh, so many controversies, it’s so hard to pick only one. Melina’s accent, Stormy’s residue from taking her show on the road, Trump bullying poor little Bevos and China, the racist question on the census, Sinclair Broadcasting, or the EPA chief’s temporary places to lay his head? Ok, I will choose one. The Census Question.

“We have also been in the midst of a contentious debate for more than a decade about immigration. To have an informed debate, shouldn’t we have accurate information about the citizen/noncitizen population of the country? In fact, even the United Nations recommends that its member countries ask a citizenship question on their census surveys, and countries ranging from Australia to Germany to Indonesia all ask this question. Only in the U.S. is this considered at all controversial — and it shouldn’t be.”


jon smith

Walt 11:25 -
"Trump told MEX to stop it, or else."

Hmmm. Is that why Mexico has issued nearly 1,000 humanitarian and/or transit visas to the crowd? Sounds like Trump has Mexico against the ropes. I can hear his screechy little voice now, "Thtop it!! I mean it this time. Thtop it!!!"


And "O" too!

Bill Tozer

I figured the dastardly perp would hide behind the name of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) for cover. CP (Colored people) is almost like saying People of Color, but noooo. Close, but no cigar. Good thing the racist bastard Dem official did not mention the United Negro College Fund. Then all hell would have broken loose.



re: BillT@4:32PM

There's a lot of evil names in the world, Brotha Bill.


Don Bessee

Its a tough day to be a po' ol' fakenewsman-


This is the president’s best overall job approval rating since April of last year. President Obama earned a 46% job approval rating on April 4, 2010, his second year in office.




And close the day with a never ever before-


Back to toiling in the vast rightwing conspiracy! ;-)



- Because Trump hates oligarchs, Bezos, Oprah, Zuckerberg, and anyone richer than he is.

Bill Tozer

Oh Archie: thanks for he link.

“While the steps were the most significant taken against Moscow since Trump took office in January 2017, his decision at the time not to target oligarchs and government officials close to Putin drew criticism from U.S. lawmakers in both parties.”

Because damned if Trumps does, darnn if Trump don’t


Where did Paul and his hooker go? Not so Stormy as the washed up news guy led us to believe. Now there was some piss poor "weather" reporting.

Gotta give credit when due. It must have pained Megyn to actually defend Trump. But, she gave the whore's att. the epic spanking he rightly deserved.

Bill Tozer

China trade wars? A brief analyst: Totalitarian State vs Democracy.

“These new 25% import tariffs are designed to penalize China for its policies that force American companies to surrender their proprietary technology to the Chinese government. In calling for these tariffs, Trump noted again that China has long engaged in unfair trade tactics with the U.S., including stealing American trade secrets and technologies via cyber theft..........However, it’s important to note that none of these tariffs have been enacted, and there is likely a lot of wheeling and dealing that will occur before any are imposed.”


Bill Tozer

Since nobody brought it up.......50 years ago today, Martin Luther King was killed by a racist assassin from Illinois. Damn Yankees.
Who killed MLK’s Dream?



Yes 701 Bill, the big negotiator is busy negotiating but Trump is FOS as usual. He blows hard about big walls, and everything else, but push comes to shove and he signs big spending bills,

Casa Blanca proposed lots of cuts but Trump signed for plenty of increases.

Bill Tozer

Archie Bunker @ 9:38 PM.

Yes, that is a real pisser. I had the wind beneath my wings taken away for 3-4 days after Trump signed the 2,200 page spending bill. I definitely wanted Trump to refuse to sign it. It was terrible. But, I have to remember that Trump is not a Republican, Democrat, Conservative, or Liberal.

The Wall in the spending bill is a perfect example. All monies appropriated forbade any and all use of concrete. Clear language. Ryan called it security fence. Trump said he felt it was necessary to fund rebuilding of our decimated military and in that sense he got what he wanted. First things first.

As far as the Wall goes, it will come in due time. Reagen’s promised tax cuts took two years to get passed. There will be a Wall, but not today. The Border Patrol is apprehending 1,000 foreign nationals trying to break into our country every day on the southern border. That means 2-5 thousand trespassing lawbreaks who flaunt our laws with no respect for our house or house rules as they break into every day are not caught. So, thousands a day a criminally breaking into our country, trespassing on our soil. The Wall is necessary and will be built.
This leaves us all exactly where we started: The Republicans Do Not want the Wall or choking off unfettered illegal immigration. The Democrats do not want the Wall. Nancy, Chuckie, Paul Ryan, and Mitch Do Not want the Wall. So, once again, it’s just one man with a Twitter Machine with the Deplorables, Bitter Clingers, and Irredeemables behind him. Not a bad place to be.

Bill Tozer

Archie, concerning Archie:

Whether the Roseanne Show has any similarities to All in the Family, I have not a clue (no TV). But one thing about the fictional character created by Norman Lear is clear: The purpose of the Archie Bunker character backfired bigtime.

Archie Bunker was created as a vehicle to have Progressive and liberal ideas presented to show the Light and lampoon Archie’s backwards broken thinker. Show Archie (and America) the truth, if you will. Instead, the American people loved Archie. The villain became the hero, the antagonist became the protagonist, the pupil became the master.

“The show, with its attention to social issues, was often compared to Norman Lear's "All in the Family," also hugely successful - but there was a difference. "All in the Family" was also something of an unexpected backfire. Its bigoted central character, Archie Bunker, conceived to be an embarrassing joke, instead became iconic, a beloved national hero.”
They say satire is dead. Everybody wears their “I am offended” button on their sleeves. Stand up comedians are booed and college audiences do not laugh. Everything is soooo serious. PC is a killer. The Left wakes up each morning wondering who can they make into the victim of the day. Judging by the Left’s reaction to the Rosanne Show, satire may not be totally DOA. Laughter is the best medicine. How deplorable.
Another quote:

“The Times notes, however, that if the outspoken progressive Lear created the "classic reactionary antihero" in hopes of leading America to "a new liberalism," the reaction of his '70s audience and the election of Trump prove that "reality had other plans."

Plenty of viewers in the 1970s laughed with, not at, Archie’s political incorrectness. In 2016, plenty of their modern-day counterparts voted for Donald J. Trump’s.”

Archie Bunker, you are a national treasure, you hero, you!

jon smith

Fear mongering at its best. Thanks Bill (and to think only an hour ago Todd claimed fear mongering was owned by the left).

"So, thousands a day a criminally breaking into our country, trespassing on our soil. The Wall is necessary and will be built."

Numbers published by CPB speak for themselves (but who needs numbers if they don't support your premise?). In 2000 1,676,438 aliens were caught at the southern border. In 2017 that had dropped to 317,000 . . . without a 30 billion dollar wall. How do you justify that kind of expense??



Ca. alone has 1 million illegals.. And those are just the ones who were given Ca. drivers licences. You can bet your sweet a** plenty of them vote. But of course we can never find that out. We all know why.

Bill Tozer

An ICE representative just said publicly this morning they catch 1,000 a day and estimate 2-5 times that sneak through. What is it about illegal that you don’t understand? What about trespassing you don’t understand? What about breaking into our nation you can’t wrap your head around? What about illegal means criminal you don’t understand? What about they have zero right to put a toe on US soil you don’t get? Trespassing was being kind. There are legal points of entry. Enter there....unless you give our laws the big middle finger. And if you say FU America, I am coming in whether you like it or not, then FU criminal alien. Of course, in CA can pardon more criminals when they are released from State Prison doing time back in the community. Not our community, but other communities. To protect and serve, right?

Where is the law abiding US citizen and legal immigrant Santucary City? Since when do illegals get more rights than citizens? Since when do illegals get to call the shots after breaking into our country and have zero right to be here? Screw them. They go to the back of the line.

The Wall will be built one form or another. Either we control our borders or not. I think most of the nation is correct when they say a Wall should be built around CA. I concur.

George Rebane

BillT 1148am - Mr Tozer, Mr Tozer, Mr Tozer (sigh!), how many times must good-hearted people like you have to be reminded that the jon smiths of the country have no desire to preserve anything that we honor and cherish. Fundamental transformation is their overarching objective, which must be achieved by any and all means. And one of the easiest way to that goal is the attraction and admission of illegal hordes whose culture is not compatible with ours, who have an intrinsic animus for the Gringos and their country, and in whose fervent breasts beat the drums of Reconquista. (where is the tongue-in-cheek emoticon when you need it?)


Maybe "jon" can tell us what other laws can be just ignored because someone feels like it. Going to vote early and often "jon"? Screw the voting laws?(well,, Libs like to do that anyway.)
Drive without a licence?
Have your guns registered yet? No?? Why not?

George Rebane

News from the Dept of Commerce - The fraction of the workforce drawing unemployment checks is the lowest in 44 years. The Left's Lying Legions have to hoof it back to their training center pronto to update their talking points. We all await their new message; perhaps some of our readers have already been updated.

Paul Emery

Perhaps I missed something but Todd was bragging about Trump being on top in the Rasmussen Poll but today's poll shows him down by 4. Todd is a bit delusional. More importantly he's down by a historic low of 12 in the consensus poll and Rasmussen is the only recent poll that shows him down by only single digits.


Paul Emery

More indication of the extent of the upcoming Blue Wave

Republicans panic as poll shows Senate candidate Marsha Blackburn down by double digits in Tennessee:

Republicans in Tennessee have reason to worry about a U.S. senate seat after a poll showed that Rep. Marsh Blackburn (R) is behind by double digits.

The Tennessean first reported on Thursday that a Middle Tennessee State University poll found that Blackburn is trailing former Democratic Gov. Phil Bredesen by a 10-point margin.


jon smith

"What is it about illegal that you don’t understand?"

What is it about 30 BILLION of your tax dollars you don't understand? "The Wall" is symbolic and nothing more. It is a 2,500 mile slogan that appeals to Trump's base. It will no more stop those intent on coming into this country than taking off your shoes at the airport will stop those intent on bringing down a 727.

The number of illegals caught at the border has dropped from something like 1.5 million to 300 thousand, AND Border Patrol says that are now catching 3-5 fold more border crossers than they were a decade ago. Combine the abrupt decline in captures alongside a more efficient capture rate and the numbers (hate those pesky numbers) indicate that we are doing a pretty darn good job and it is beyond naive to believe that throwing another 30 BILLION at the problem is going to make any appreciable difference. If a wall is going to work, why don't we go all the way and add a moat and border guards in the watch towers with boiling pots of tar? Longbows would be cool too (sign me up).

Speaking of fear mongering, how many people do you know have been blown up by a Muslim extremist lately? You can't pull the fear argument out of the gun debate (which I do agree is nothing but a bunch of empty BS) without pulling the rug out from under your fear mongering of the Muslim threat.

Todd Juvinall

Build the wall and stop all those new democrat voters from sneaking in. Hell illegals cost us 120 billion a year so 25 for the wall is a bargain. librals are so guilt-ridden about themselves they would give yp their own country to usurpers. I consider BoobieC a treasonous person who should be tried for sedition.


OH asswipe "jon" "Speaking of fear mongering, how many people do you know have been blown up by a Muslim extremist lately"
Care to ask my Son-in-law that? He's still in the great sandbox.
You know, the war Trump is actually winning? You may have forgotten. LIB news doesn't report on that anymore. That doesn't mean the roadside bombs have stopped going off. They almost got him last week.

We still let those of Muslim linage to buy pressure cookers without permits... Happy? Yup we have been lucky so far.

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