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30 March 2018


jon smith

Fear tactics:

Groper in Chief this morning: "Women are raped at levels nobody's ever seen before!" Then the follow up from butter face Huckabee- We don't need proof, it's common knowledge.


js 218pm

30 billion is what percentage of the total money spent by the US Feds every year?

Just wondering if you had a handle on what you threw back into toes' face when he asked 'what part of illegal don't you understand?".


"You can't pull the fear argument out of the gun debate (which I do agree is nothing but a bunch of empty BS) without pulling the rug out from under your fear mongering of the Muslim threat."

Except the President does have wide powers granted under the Constitution to control the borders, and imminent threat of invasion of the freedom snatchers isn't required for him to prove to exclude a group.

We were being pressured by the European multi-kulti brigades to take our 'fair share' of economic refugees from "shithouse countries"... I'm happy we did not take the road traveled by Germany, France, the formerly Great Britain, Sweden, etc etc.

It's easy for Wayne LaPierre to get the NRA members riled up when there's a retired SCOTUS justice saying the 2nd should be repealed and the individual rights view was a fraud perpetrated by the NRA. Despite the history of the SCOTUS before the Civil War ... that denied Dred Scott citizenship and freedom because, in part, they did not want to see a freed slave carrying a gun wherever he or she went.

jon smith

Gregory- If 30 Billion fell from the sky and landed in your lap and your job was to use it to best help make this country great again, would spending it all on a 2,500 mile wall be at the top of your list? Cancer, hunger, education, homelessness, infrastructure, military . . . nope, let's build a wall with that chump change.

Bill Tozer

Less Islamic crackpots allowed in, less Muslim blowing people up. Seems to be working,eh? Working much better than before.
Hillary’s plan was to bring 1 million in to start, then 2 million more, then after 3-4 years, bring 4 million more Islamics in after the originals got settled in and took over their hood. Gotta build massive amounts of Section 8 housing to care for the bush rats who never ever will assimulate.. Yes, Allah and women folk made a bunch of turd biscuits in the sand.
Screw our poor people and homeless, the goat humping Shariasupremists get the safety net...and all the new Sction 8 housing. That was My Gal’s plan...with much support.

Oh, I get it. We must be more welcoming to the sexist misognygist HOMOPHOBIC anti-Semite First Amendment hating raping camel jockeys from the 8th Century. Well, now we have to focus on their radicalized kids who were born here or we were dumb enough to allow their nephews in because of “family unification”.

Think I will call an Islamic baker and have them make me a bacon covered wedding cake shaped like a dog. It’s a special occasion. Got my heart set on the happy day.
Hmmm. I smell a big discrimination settlement heading my way. By Jove, I can make this work. Always a silver lining.


re: GeorgeR@1:08

"Fundamental transformation is their overarching objective..."

I admit that I'd feel better if I knew just what the transformation was *towards*. Typically, it's reasonable to view a 'conservative' as someone who doesn't want to change things, or wants to return things to some sort of past (perhaps imagined). Dunno exactly what progressives are after, at least in terms of something that can be expressed simply.

The funny thing is that I can guess, to a large degree of certainty, what a progressive feels about any issue...even one that has never been considered before. That fact tells me that there is an underlying esthetic to the movement, and it's a movement that is felt throughout the West. There are a lot of ways to be agin' a couple of thousand years of tradition and inertia, but they seem to have herded towards one particular set of beliefs, a quasi-religion if you will.

It's worth considering the beliefs that 'progressives' accrete over time. For some reason, mass immigration has become a sort of signature part of the catechism, and that is a relatively new thing. I can find plenty of quotes and videos from Clinton, Obama, Feinstein, even Saint Cesar Chavez, showing that the People's Party once actually cared about border law. The rank and file of the Democrats appear to have changed the minds of their leaders. 'Immigration', of course, means 'millions of people from Mexico and Central America'. The esthetic has expanded to include a world without borders, but this effort to share the Little Red Hen's bread is still nebulous to me in intent.


re: JonSmith:
"Groper in Chief this morning: "Women are raped at levels nobody's ever seen before!" Then the follow up from butter face Huckabee- We don't need proof, it's common knowledge."

I get the impression he was referring to rapes of border crossers.

It is Fox, but I have no reason to disbelieve it:

Maybe true. Dunno.

In terms of rapes in the US (no doubt this mostly leaves out the rape of males, which is on the same order of magnitude but severely underreported)

and that's even with what I would view as a higher likelihood of being reported than in prior years.

Now rape in Sweden, there's a story in itself:

I would hope they weren't that eager for all the vibrant diversity.



"30 billion is what percentage of the total money spent by the US Feds every year?"

Not much of course. It's probably a high estimate and is spent over a series of years in any case. Heck, the Israeli wall (which is a Serious Wall) wouldn't have cost that much if it were extended to cover the entire US-Mexico border, which of course would never be the intention in any case, there's no point.

Then there is this kind of thing:


It's something of a silly argument I think. The $30B is not an issue, it's a roadblock. There'll always be a series of reasons why the US can't block illegals from entering or sending them home again. If the Wall were free, something else would be brought up.

It's hard to avoid the conclusion that the Green Libertarians care more for Latin-American foreign nationals than they do US citizens. I've seen nothing to convince me otherwise.

Bill Tozer

Well, this is a no brainer.

“Merriam-Webster Changes Definition Of ‘Assault Rifle’ After Parkland Shooting.”

So is this. Should make Bobbie berry berry happy. Now when I open a Breitbart link on FB, I get a pop up warning that tells me this site publishes unverified blah, blah, blah. It’s true. I just tested it. Pop-up warms me “about this site”, aka Breitbart News.


The gloves are off. Finally smoked them out in the open. Obama started his first term bitching about Fox News, and even bitched and hitched about Fox during his last ten days in office and is still bitching about Fox News last week....along with Hillary yesterday, ROFLMAO. And Fox is slowly moving Left. Oh, my.
At least the control freak Fascists could not get rid of Hannity, and it wasn’t for a lack of effort. Sean ain’t going to fold like a melting snowflake or Stuart Smiley. Laura Ingraham ain’t going nowhere either, suckas.


"Cancer, hunger, education, homelessness, infrastructure, military . . . nope, let's build a wall with that chump change."
-js 253pm

Compared to the yearly expenditure on all those things, it is chump change. Hell, just the college bound youths, graduates and old undergraduates collectively owe over a TRILLION dollars on student loans, money already spent on education. $30billion is just 3% of that amount alone. Less than the yearly interest on a portion of the education of some students after thirteen years of education paid directly by taxes.

It seems to me Trump won the election promising to build the damn wall. I suspect he will build a wall.

Bill Tozer

Trade war on China. Homes seized in Northern California.


jon smith

Scenes 3:21-
"It's hard to avoid the conclusion that the Green Libertarians care more for Latin-American foreign nationals than they do US citizens."

You read me wrong. I don't really give much thought to Latin American foreign nationals. Except for the occasional laborers I don't mix much with them and I don't have a dog in that race. I don't even care about the wall itself. I am being pragmatic in my belief that a wall is simply a huge waste of my money, money that could better spent on other things with more effect and, gasp, maybe that money could simply not be spent on anything in the first place.

From listening to y'alls and watching the Pubbers that run this country, it is difficult to suppress a laugh when the GOP claims to be "fiscally conservative." Whatever that means any more. Of course, instead of looking at how to curtail spending, Walt or Don or Todd will predictably say something intelligent like, "Well, compared to Hillary . . ." Needless to say, that isn't an answer but a diversion.


re: JonSmith@4:34PM

"You read me wrong. I don't really give much thought to Latin American foreign nationals"

I didn't see you mentioned in particular, but when you paint with a broad brush, there's a certain amount of coverage.

It would probably be more cost effective to merely gather up people and send them back. What do you suppose would be the result if police delivered illegals in jail to ICE, ICE did way more in the way of workplace inspections, it was actually OK to look at IDs, increased inland inspection stations, maybe ICE even picked up illegals who were in marches or giving speeches? Perhaps just improve or rebuild existing barriers.

Well, some of those have been tried with predictable results. Given the ability of places like California to outright hide illegals, maybe a hard barrier is all that is really left.

jon smith

Yesterday he tweets, "This isn't a trade war." Today, he calls for tripling tariffs to 150 billion. His base obviously believes this isn't a trade war because Trump said so. I say you are blind sheep.

Todd Juvinall

I love it that Trump has the liberals all aflutter. Economy is humming, lowest unemployment in 50 years and all you leftwingers can do is carp. What a hoot!

Paul Emery

Looks like Swampboy Pruitt is ready to paddle into the sunset.

"Scott Pruitt’s defenses are crumbling"

"The two main defenses of Environmental Protection Agency administrator Scott Pruitt's questionable condo lease suffered significant blows late Wednesday. And, making matters worse, the White House doesn't quite sound firmly committed to Pruitt."


Todd Juvinall

I think Pruitt will survive this and keep kicking eco ass.


Yup,, this will win elections for team Proggy.

"Speaking at a Culver City town hall event as part of the “Repeal the Trump Tax” tour, Pelosi pledged that Democrats would overhaul the tax bill into one that “creates growth, creates good-paying jobs, as it reduces the deficit.”

Raise taxes to create growth. Now how does that work again? (making GOV bigger don't count)
Trump is already creating good paying jobs.. Nice try.

Since when did Proggys care about the deficit? Didn't Nan, say "debt is good for America"?

But no word on free healthcare for all... Hummmm ,, Why not?


Pigglet update.

Comments have him spit roasting.

Paul Emery

It's not surprising Todd is supporting Pruitt. Trump is on record supporting
swamp King John Doolittle back in the day. No slime too gooey for Todd.


Don Bessee

What the matter ya po' ol' fakenewsman, did you run out of rancid Russian dressing? Trump still President, Jared still on the job. You said they would both be long gone by now!!!

NY's communist mayor DeBlasio should send the jihadi londinastan mayor a thank you card for making NY look good by comparison on murders.



Todd Juvinall

Paul Emery 625, you don't get it at all. Trump and Pruitt are my slime. Just like Hillary and Obama and Johnson are your slime. Now, do you understand? And your slime was just peachy when they were in charge. You are no better than me or anyone else.


So, how long until I get to hear about how fighting in the Middle East was a good idea?


Account Deleted

Say - is this part of the droughts that Gov Brown promised would happen because of AGW?
And the northeast is headed for record snow - again. Must be part of that settled science of 'the end of snow'.
I'll give the climate alarmists credit for being the most able folks ever to conveniently forget their words. Their ability to ignore their own predictions is now legend. Must be some kind of self-hypnosis or maybe a secret drug.

Don Bessee

And then there is this Scott -



Don Bessee

Ah, to be a lord of the universe when rules don't apply to you -





The Dems got told to F.O.!!!

Love it.

Don Bessee

This should give the po' ol' fakenewsman a little heartburn before bed -

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is hitting back following attacks on Administrator Scott Pruitt concerning his housing arrangements in Washington, DC, being an unethical gift from a lobbyist.
“Today’s memorandum shares the factual analysis done by the career ethics officials and how that analysis supports the conclusion reached in the March 30th Memorandum that the lease did not constitute a prohibited gift,”



Bill Tozer

1) Walt, that guy is swearing like Biker Bill. He should go wash his mouth out. Does he kiss his Mother with that mouth? Seriously, the F-bombs are getting;g out of hand, even for me. It’s too much, too often. Makes me long for the King’s English.

2). Speaking of the King’s English, finally got around to reading Scenes’s link (3:39 PM, Apr 4, this Sandbox) “Beyond Cynicism: America Fumbles Towards Kafka’s Castle; On America's 'long emergency' of recession, globalization, and identity politics.” Well worth the read, think even jon and Boardman would appreciate it.

3) Back to tit for tat and other mindless topics not even worth mentioning.
The other morning I heard that Kelly is the WH #1 leaker, EPA guy taking a trip with his wife on the taxpayers’ dime and something about a condo, and Laura Ingrahm is toast, Fox is going to kill her show and her. Is that all they got? No news?

Of course they are trying to drive a wedge between Trump and Kelly, duh. Next. Of course they are pouring over every restaurant receipt and car rental Pruitt has. He used Thrifty Rent-A-Car, lol. When Pruitt or whatever his name is got rid of calling Old McDonald’s field furrows “mini mounds”, thus under the EPA total control, you knew the knives would be out. No brainer. Next. Ah, Laura. Yep, Fox heard the backlash...from the Deplorables. Rallied around Laura. Fox got her backside covered...or else. Case of where the punishment did not fit the crime.


Bill Tozer

So that is why the Lefties are so quiet about Trump’s outrageous rape claims.


Paul Emery

So Todd admits that Pruitt and Dolittle are slime. We at last agree on something.

Good ol biker Bill is making a comeback. Haven't heard from him for weeks. Rehab seems to be effective

Todd Juvinall

The point is all people and all politicians are slime Paul Emery. Jeeze you are dense.

Bill Tozer

Just when I thought I have seen it all..............

Will the “biological advantage” of straight people to reproduce be considered a violation of the equality principle?


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