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07 March 2018



Sure thing Dougy. Let those two run. The pervy "Uncle" Joe,,
and the dog eater.
I think that's the new Netflix gig they got.


re: Mr. Xeno@3:30PM

I'm thinking the Podesta Brothers might be more your style. Just imagine the art collection they could move into the White House.

I do have one suggestion though.


This beautiful sentiment kind of makes me weepy eyed.


Do you boys love C&W as much as I do?



these "Libertarians" are all over the board.
Can't win as a Libertarian,, so Hof jumps ship to run as a Repub.(RINO)
Now don't forget, his "employees" were "Hookers for Hillary".


The whoremonger ticket? Hof is running it by the Trump playbook. Sounds like a winning ticket.

Don Bessee



Bill Tozer

I would like to see the Dems run a woman to lead the ticket in 2020. It’s her turn. A nice fine white woman and perhaps an all female ticket. Claire McCaskill, Wisconsin's Tammy Baldwin, Michigan's Debbie Stabenow, and North Dakota’s Heidi Heitkamp will all be looking for jobs come November.

Don Bessee

Talk about old *$@&$) news! But hey, maybe a few more folks will get a reality check-



Don Bessee

Good ol' GB is missing the mark projecting his views on active duty and veterans.

"What you don't have to imagine is the reaction of soldiers, marines, airmen and sailors who would have to give up a day off to march in such a parade."


The Pentagon says a military parade requested by President Trump will take place in Washington on Veterans Day to honor those who have served in the military from the Revolutionary War through today.


Sorry gang if that came off FUEish but trying to say that active duty military would consider it a burden to honor all those who came before who are living and all those who have passed is BS. Who among us would not like to stand with the last of the greatest generation and all who have served? All the vets I know would consider it a high honor to be in an event that included a significant number of grizzled old combat vets!


George Rebane

DonB 832pm - Well said Mr Bessee. People who have not served are prone to a world of misunderstandings and interpretation of the attitudes of those who have. Since the beginning of civilization, most certainly since our Revolution, the military has always taken pride in being included in the parades, ceremonies, dedications, and celebrations of our Republic on auspicious holidays like Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Veterans Day, ... . Ignoring them with a day off appeals only to the progressive minds who prefer that our military would wither and become only a vestige of some hoary history no longer remembered or deemed important.


Liz Warren & Slapsy Maxy Waters in 2020. You heard it first here.


re: Gregory@9:45PM

I like the Maxine Waters concept, besides being rather on the corrupt side she's absolutely as dumb as a post, but I can't see even the Democrat hive mind being that silly.

Warren sounds like a shoo-in. She seems reasonably quick on her feet, is the right gender (although not the right ethnicity), and has that punchable holier-than-though countenance that her audiences will dig.

The two-chick idea has legs, though. Seriously, I'd have to go for Warren-Kamala Harris. The latter brings in the POC bonafides and is easy on the eyes, not a bad thing for a politician (along with height).

A minus of course is that neither one brings a state with them. The single-party state of California, well on it's way to utopia because of diversity and a monolithic Democratic elite, might as well not even bother to vote for national offices. Just print the 'D' right on the ballot.

Bill Tozer

Got the perfect Dem candidate. Female, name recognition, and the Progressives fall all over themselves just to get closer and hang on her every word. Stormy Daniels.

Bill Tozer

The libs have us all wrong. We don’t want safe places. We want it all. No censorship, no sugar coating, no hiding anything.

But, it does make sense why it’s filtered. Contains the trigger word “America” in it.


Speaking of triggers, the difference between libs and guns is a gun only has one trigger.


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