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02 March 2018



So, you are saying that the gun issues raised subsequent to the Parkland shooting spree were part of a grassroots movement? Awesome!

George Boardman

Many of the Parkland students who got a lot of air time are in the school's broadcast journalism program, well known in the TV biz for its quality. Those kid are poised because they're not afraid of a camera.

But if they are being used by anti-gun types, it would hardly be a first in America. Who can forget Fox News' embrace of Milo Yiannopoulos as the poster boy for academic free speech, at least until he starting talking about the benefits of pedophilia. Even the generally clueless Sean Hanity dumped him in a heart beat.

Todd Juvinall

Oh please, Milo was making a joke and you libs take everything as serious. Abd I don't watch Hannity much but he is certainly more aware of the world than you.


Boardman. Just what will these kids do when the lime light goes dim?
From "all important" to yesterdays news. Young ones just don't know how to deal with that new found fame, turned rejection.
The young Hogg kid may nut up real soon. His tweets put the fear in big business.(for a week or so.) Next week he will be a nobody.
Better keep any weapon away from him.


Wow, GB 1031am, what a pivot... from the kids in Parkland getting airtime and professional management, not to mention millions of dollars thrown their way, to Milo.

The kids knowledge of the law, of firearms, and how the two are intertwined is weak and one-sided. Bumper sticker arguments and misplaced anger in equal measures.

Milo Y didn't talk about "the benefits of pedophilia", Boredman 1031am. And Todd, no, Milo Y wasn't really telling a joke, either. The statement that blunted his career was in two parts... the first was that he thought the ages of consent in the US were about right, and that he thought that at 13, he was mature enough to consent to sex with that priest.

Todd Juvinall

Milo is negotiating a cable deal and some friends of mine may be on the first one to air. Gonna be fun. Meanwhile, DeLeon is having to deal with his sexual harassers in the California Senate. My my my.

Bill Tozer

Re: Update- Broken Promise


George Rebane

A letters to the editor writer in 5mar18 WSJ advises - "A little red button on every teacher’s desk (active-shooter alert) would save more students than one teacher with a gun."

And what would happen then when a teacher pushed this little red button as the killer is systematically shooting kids in her of some other classroom?

But it's not a puzzle if the button pushed by the teacher takes off the safety on her CCW.

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