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18 March 2018



Just a quick aside. My guess is that the division has already been happening. One that springs to mind is Anthropology departments between Physical Anthropology and Crazy People (ie. 'Cultural').

I admit that it kills me to see the ongoing death of Classics as a discipline, but there is a death by neglect of what used to be a goodly part of a college education. To be fair, Latin (or heaven forbid, ancient Greek) is a heckuva lot harder thing to learn than Latina Studies.

Oh, yeah...1st.

George Rebane

Scenes 134pm - yes the intra-university divisions are happening quietly. But Hayward's argument is that it is now kicking into high gear as such divisions are beginning to be seen as 'legitimate' restructuring of higher education.

Purposely, I didn't add my thoughts on what role such post-division higher education will serve in transmitting our western culture to the next generation. Since that task has already been abandoned and/or malformed in K-12, is there anything left of America's normative culture to transmit? In short, the question again raises itself - why are we still a single country, what sinews remains which hold us together? I would like to hear from readers on this.



"is there anything left of America's normative culture to transmit? "

Off the cuff, I'd say no. I rather liked the idea put forth in that youtube video I put up a sandbox or two ago. The basic idea was that the foundation myths of the West have moved from Romulus&Remus, 1066, Betsy Ross, The Pilgrims, etc. to some combination of WWII/Hitler/Holocaust and slavery in the US. Heroism (even if puffed up a bit) has been replaced by failure and death. This is a big deal.

OTOH, look at the restoration of Russian nationalism and the Orthodox Church in just a few years. Perhaps tradition can outlast a couple of generations of willful destruction.

Obviously, in the case of population replacement, all bets are off. East Prussia is dead and I wouldn't bet money on Germany proper at this point.

Account Deleted

Higher education, as well as all enterprises subsidised by the govt has seen its costs rocket upwards in amounts far exceeding inflation. With so much money to spend, all sorts of ridiculous add-ons and foolish 'majors' were and are added as seen necessary to the cause of left wing agitprop and 'social justice'. Last year an Oregon college announced the addition of a major course of studies to be added entitled "Social Justice!". The pathetic spokes-babe admitted the college actually had no idea how to define social justice. Brings to mind the admonition about using words you don't know the meaning of.
I will await the outcome of this so-called culling of useless courses with my lungs in full operational mode. (no bated breath)


A chart, perhaps matching the growth in xx studies departments.



The Education Apocalypse: How It Happened and How to Survive It

Glenn Reynolds

For decades, the U.S. invested ever-growing fortunes into its antiquated K-12 education system in exchange for steadily worse outcomes. At the same time, Americans spent more than they could afford on higher education, driven by the kind of cheap credit that fueled the housing crisis. The graduates of these systems were left unprepared for a global economy, unable to find jobs, and on the hook for student loans they could never repay. Economist Herb Stein famously said that something that can’t go on forever, won’t. In the case of American education, it couldn’t—and it didn’t.

In The Education Apocalypse, Glenn Harlan Reynolds explains how American education as we knew it collapsed – and how we can all benefit from unprecedented power and freedom in the aftermath. From the advent of online education to the rebirth of forgotten alternatives like apprenticeships, Reynolds shows students, parents, and educators how—beyond merely surviving the fallout—they can rethink and rebuild American education from the ground up.



re: Student loans.

My expectation is that one of the side effects we'll see with increasing social volatility will be a forgiveness of student debt. Some Green Libertarian or the other will buy a huge bloc of votes by promising this, and it wouldn't surprise me to see them win an electoral cycle or two.

It'll be just another salvo in the cold civil war, and since the two sides are reasonably evenly matched (as usual) there's no reason for it to be over soon. It's peculiar to have one team dominated by people who have rejected their own traditional culture, but then sometimes there's no explaining religious belief systems.

Teine Rebane Kenney

I don't think the twigs of this generation could have been bent more in tandem if they tried.

On 60 minutes last night, extreme impatience in our youth was declared a virtue. The lead segment praised the quick results 'The Florida high schoolers' achieved in the states' detachment from the NRA and changing gun laws. The news reporter asked the young leaders how they were able to achieve results that far exceeded what the Sandy Hook parents have yet to accomplish. The answer was that these kids had an amazing ability to quickly organize, quickly connect, and quickly make decisions. The segment showed children holding nothing more than their smart phones (no bulletin boards, no check lists, no structure, no planning) and claimed the swift, non-partisan results were pulled-off because the kids have this amazing new standard of expecting immediate results. Without critical thinking skills, this generation can be spoon fed information and can be relied upon to react instantly.

In my daily interaction with this age group I see no interest in the data that backs up the information they believe in. Apparently unlimited access to data, doesn't increase their demand for precision of INFORMATION used to solve problems. So sure are they that they've been educated and properly informed, they self confidently click their way out of a free future.

If is really exists, I give an A+ to any entity that actually set out to achieve this spectacular result so soon. My faith in the organizational skills of the REgressive socialist education system isn't even that great.


re: TRE@8:29AM

I'd say that the ability of a mass of people to self-organize is nothing new. You might not like the results, though.


George Rebane

There is no evidence that the kids self-organized, and overwhelming evidence that they were professionally organized. But that is neither what they are being told, nor what they now fervently believe.


I'm referring to the logic of a mob, not the cause for it's formation. Of course, any group with people like Linda Sarsour at it's head are up to no good.

"Civilizations die from suicide, not by murder." - some English guy.

George Boardman

I saw a news story the other night about young Russians who aren't enthusiastic about six more years of Putin. Aside from being young, they were articulate and organized a big demonstration.

Must be astroturfing.

George Rebane

GeorgeB 1146am - What evidence do you have of their 'astroturfing'? (or was that just a bit retributive snark?)


re: George Boredman@11:46AM

I can't say that I'm surprised that the vote for Putin isn't 100%. OTOH, from any insights I have into Russian domestic politics he is a solid favorite of the majority.

Of course it's a form of astroturfing. Twenty year olds typically aren't capable of any large scale planning and are dumb as posts to boot. It's excusable and is the nature of the beast, privilege of youth and all that.

The flat amazing thing is that you can demonstrate against the current head of state and not end up in a labor camp. The fact that they've accomplished that feat in just a few decades is one of the miracles of the modern world.

In any case, and I apologize GeorgeR for getting away from your topic, I succumb to trolls too readily....

It's worth thinking about how post secondary education really should be constructed. There's a ton of thinking that's been done on that, but most of it seems to involve merely churning more money into a broken system.

If I had my way (and there's nothing original here), I'd think seriously about producing a set of professional certifications that had more oomph than merely getting a bachelor's degree. The state bar in California always made a lot of sense to me as you can become a lawyer by passing a non-trivial test with no law school. I don't see a reason why that couldn't be applied to a number of disciplines and would allow people to choose their own path to learning. It does beg the question of what a cert in 'Latina Studies' would consist of.


GeorgeR: "What evidence do you have of their 'astroturfing'?"

He was just being snarky, and outside of the sandbox du jour by golly, but it's a fair guess.

There's a number of secondary parties, all capable of printing flyers and working the internet, maybe that Navalny (sp?) guy is involved.

The funny thing to me about the various Childrens' Crusades is the notion of using kids as a proxy due to their purity. I think that the underlying notion is that a cause is good and just if a child is behind it.

George Rebane

scenes 1218pm - Yes, the 'kids crusade' is off topic for this commentary (even the snarky comments) ;-)


re: Russ@9:20PM

I just read "The Education Apocalypse" as mentioned.

It's not a bad longish essay on the educational system although, as usual, any rigorous set of solutions is rather light on the ground.

The main take-away I get from something like that is thinking (well, more thinking) on how best to avoid the financial collapse you'll see at the state level. 'Collapse' is too strong a word, it'll be more slow motion than that.

The student loan debt will probably be kept afloat for some time due to the fedgov ability to print money, but the never-ending need for cash for schools combined with the pension/salary liability is (obviously) an ugly thing. Teachers and other education professionals possess an incredibly strong ability to marshal the troops, Wisconsin presenting an object lesson, and I simply can't see any state government standing up to them in a significant way...at least until the whole kaboodle augers in.

The short version is that I don't see any real solutions taking hold, either financial or in terms of the actual schooling, but I'd sure like to stay out of the way.


Good heavens.

"Oxford University is set to feminise its curriculum by requesting that 40 per cent of recommended authors on philosophy reading lists are women."


Bill Tozer

University of WI to drop 13 majors (English, History, Spanish, Poli-Sci, Philosophy, etc) and replace them with STEM majors. Got to get those student loans paid back quicker or just paid back, I reckon. Those that can......

https://www.collegemedianetwork.com/university-of-wisconsin-proposes-plan-to-drop-13-majors/ .


Article of the day.


From the first sentence of her scholarly work:

"Most Black and Latinx students in U.S. cities attend schools hyper-segregated by race and socioeconomic class"

'Latinx'? That's a new one to me. I guess that 'Latino' is too male.

George Rebane

Scenes 400pm - Good pick-up. This builds on the continuing assault on educating an intelligent electorate that has been fostered by the Left since the Great Society. We covered some of the ancillary developments on this line of dispensing dumbth here -

Todd Juvinall

Here is a link it took me three seconds to find for GeorgeB.

Bill Tozer

Latinx is soooo 2016, 2017. Try typing it the first time with autocorrect turned on. Wasn’t easy I tell ya. I like using the x, makes me feel hip with the jive.

Don Bessee

One less brick in the wall of dumb -



Todd Juvinall

I suggest you all do what I just did and leave a message of support for the NRA fundraiser. Check their FB page for contact info.

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