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11 March 2018


joe smith

Pretty certain than quan jue has not been performed under Jong Un. The "source" of this information was in a single edition of China's version of The Onion. It was briefly carried, then repudiated by the international wires. He is still an unpredictable prick.


A seasoned diplomats views on Trump and the Little Rocket Man:

North Korea's "Little Rocket Man"--Surprise!--has realized that he has come up against somebody, Donald Trump, quite different from what he and his reprehensible family have faced in the past. President Trump and Secretary Mattis made clear that Kim Jong-Un was heading for the most terrifying 20 minutes of his existence. He is today making noises that well, maybe, he and Trump should talk and work something out, because, he might be thinking, that, maybe, having a little nuclear force is not worth the cost of getting his country, regime, and himself (above all) vaporized and turned into radioactive dust. It seems (remember that word) Trump has gotten the measure of Kim. We'll see how this turns out, but there is, just maybe, a possibility for a happy ending. I am sure the progressives will be heaping praise on Trump . . . right.


I wonder sometimes how many 'crazy' dictators could be nudged out of the way simply by giving them a nice chateau in Switzerland, a dozen cute girls, and a regular allowance. I can't say that there was any point in Hillary Clinton having The Colonel sodomized to death with a broomstick. She might have gotten some sort of short term thrill out of the situation, but a midnight extraction probably would have worked out better. Monday morning quarterbacking is always tempting, but I can't say that our own crazy elite strikes me as being highly skilled.

The problem is that these dictators are all riding the whirlwind. The minute that you let up with the craziness, the second in command wanders in with a revolver.

joe smith

Does Pence have a revolver?

Bob Hobert

Joe, if you had asked if Biden had a revolver you would have been sent to the pc gulag.

Don Bessee

Could anyone imagine grandpa Joe being able to scare lil' fat rocket man to the table? Biden Faucahauntas 2020!



Ugly Fat Kid is to Kimmy as Fat Old Man is to Trump.

George Rebane

Xeno 826pm - I believe that equivalency is dear only to you and yours Mr Xeno, and therefore gives basis to your words in these conversations. Me and mine see no similarities between President Trump and the UFK. Thank you for being open and forthright.

Bill Tozer

Have to agree with Ambassador Bolton’s approach. Tell us exactly when and where we can pick up all his nuclear devices and equipment. No need to talk about much else.

Since something like 1984 we have already negotiated the denuclearization of North Korea with The Ugly Fat Kid’s daddy, the Middle Aged Woman look alike. Done deal, signed. We removed 100 nukes from the peninsula, they were to dismantle their program.

This happens every time the UFK needs rice for his soldiers or feel he is not getting attention. The NK regime have already taken all the crops from the farmers, even the handful of rice that was the farmers and their families’ wage for growing crops for the State. That’s low. Taking peasant’s food.

Keep the sanctions in place and implement the tough new sanctions. Otherwise, it’s just another Paris Peace Talks, another Chamberlean moment...all over again.

Hard to conceive that the life long desire, goal, and work of the UFK’s daddy and of Ugly Un himself to develop and bring to fruition a bad ass nuclear weapon system....only to have the UFK just walk away from it. In fact, I find it inconceivable, no matter how many peasants (and now soldiers) starve to death. What will the UFK get in return? Oil and rice? They already get that from China.

If there is a silver lining, it is there already has been some signals of good will between Trump and the FU-K. With all the saber rattling and threats of massive all out thermal nuclear destruction over the joint US-S. Korea military exercises with Japan, the USA actually withheld 6 fighter jets and a couple of smaller Naval vessels from the joint exercise from last year’s forces. Just a smidgen smaller. In return, the North Korean military exercises and displays of force was also a wee bit smaller than last year’s. These are things that matter, things that the hyped up MSM always overlook....and always fail to uncover.

Put me in the pessimist category, all things considered.


re: Joe Smith@5:39PM

Does Pence have a revolver?"


No need, those are (usually, not always) saved for systems of government that don't have clear rules for succession. There's a reason that monarchy works, and pretty well at that.

I admit that the goalposts have moved for the definition of 'dictator' though. We all used to think it meant one thing, now it means 'somebody who makes an attempt to enforce immigration law'...that is to say 'Hitler'.

It would be interesting to get a few drinks into a Green Libertarian and find out if they were always so religious about open borders. You don't have to go back very many years and even Bill Clinton and Obama were all about deportation, improved security and the like. One explanation you might have for the hatred for national borders (and nationalism generally, unless it's to saber rattle at the Russians) could be that we've hit a tipping point in Mexican/Central American mass movement of people, and voters are simply looking out for people who look like themselves, but that doesn't explain old NC hippies. An odd thing.

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