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18 April 2018


Bill Tozer

For those (including moi) who do not have the wherewithal to get around the WSJ paywall, here is a short article that shows some of the data, probably taken from the same WSJ article. This is not to repeat Dr. Rebane’s post, but to reinforce it. A companion piece, if I may.


Perhaps the poster child of bad research is the blaming of autism on childhood vaccinations. A number of scares have come and gone but some people are still blaming thimerosal, a mercury compound used as a preservative that some reasoned was to blame.

There may finally have been a reasoned solving of the puzzle... children's Tylenol (including generics) whose rise in popularity parallels the rise in autism being diagnosed.

No, I would not immediately go on a crusade against Tylenol because of this research.


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