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02 April 2018


Bonnie McGuire

Thank you Dr. Rebane. It's pretty obvious that those who are unconscious about fickle human nature and history are bound to repeat it. Those who wrestled with creating our Constitution seemed to be very aware of this ongoing problem. When I read what they went through and how well it's served us, my response is gratitude. Unfortunately, too many say one thing and do the opposite because we do have two natures continually competing for dominion. Therefore we have laws that establish good and bad behavior in order to protect us from one another. Therefore, who hold public offices are required to swear an oath of trust to uphold the laws of the Constitution. It used to be that if they didn't, their punishment was greater. Many years ago I remember Judge Judy explaining this to a District Attorney. What's happened to our justice system? Now they seem to be using the labor union rule of merely rotating individuals for bad behavior...if at all. The Constitution helped us with political judicial corruption many years ago when the govs paid environmental activists were attacking different industries. Our Assemblyman publically stated that if anyone was having trouble in court to contact him. We did, because the Judges were putting excessive bail on a minor infraction. He wasn't there but the Legislator lawyer told me it was okay as long as the actual fine was according to the law. Well...I felt like something was wrong, so I looked it up. No excessive bail can be charged either! Common sense because this is judicial robbery and harassment that could ruin someone before the truth is established. I called the Legistature lawyer back and read him what the law said about bail. He admitted I was right and said they'd keep an eye on the Judge. When we went to court our case wasn't listed in any of the courtrooms, so I went over to the the one in charge and said we weren't listed in any court but were supposed to appear. She assigned our case to a court where we could get er' done. If we had walked away we'd have been charged with contempt of court. I learned this because of a similar case in the news, where the guy appeared, but wasn't on the courtroom list so he left....and suffered tragic consequences.
Anyway, as I said before...our Constitution and Bill of Rights is there for all of us. But we need to make sure those in charge live up to their oath of office, or pay the consequences for breaking the laws. We heard later about what the Judge had done to other truckers. Always wondered if the Judge got in trouble.

Account Deleted

We were always taught in school that the Constitution was a 'living document' because it could (and had been) amended. Imagine my surprise to find that the current hip version of 'living document' is that it can now mean whatever is convenient for the left wing to believe it means. Some how the original intent of the framers of the Constitution has been subject to ridicule as some sort of bizarre cult. Let's see - the vehicle code states that vehicles shall stop at an intersection controlled by a traffic light when the red light is displayed. Sounds like the cops are still going by the old outdated 'original intent' theory of laws written by dead white men. Maybe the progressives should start blowing through the intersection on their mopeds in defiance of those outdated and antiquated old silly laws.
The good folks that drew up our Constitution had the wealth of knowledge of thousands of years of human history and a good working understanding of human proclivities and frailties as they relate to what was good and not so good govt practises.
Humans haven't changed one single bit in their abilities and failures of governance over each other in all of recorded history. Our founding fathers were well appraised of this and devised a Constitution accordingly. The idea that new developments in technology and/or social norms should alter the timeless truths in the Constitution are the brain dead prattle of uneducated fools.

Don Bessee

“Unfortunately in many protests that have developed to this scope, there are professional protesters and professional instigators that infiltrate the protests for their own purposes, as well as participants from out of the region that inflame and antagonize the event,”



Bob Hobert

Scott at 05:55 PM Humans haven't changed one single bit in their abilities and failures of governance over each other in all of recorded history. Our founding fathers were well appraised of this and devised a Constitution accordingly. The idea that new developments in technology and/or social norms should alter the timeless truths in the Constitution are the brain dead prattle of uneducated fools.

Amen. A lesson that should be taught and understood.


Scott at 05:55 PM. Right on! The failure of civilizations throughout history is evident in their inability to govern, the failure of leadership to provide the needed guidance essential to survival. Once strong leadership was vanquished by inbreeding, politics, or neglect, the eventual collapse was trigger by a catastrophic event, long-term drought, volcanic eruption, earthquake, history breaking floods or widespread plague. Throughout human history, this cycle has been repeated over and over again. We are not going to escape this cycle. The progressive will continue to weaken the ability of people to govern themselves, moving toward weak one world government. All we have to wait for is the catastrophic event to trigger the collapse. We are on the cusp of the next solar grand minimum, that could destroy the planet's ability to feed billions, causing the generation-spanning destruction of civilization. It is going to be ugly. I deeply regret my grandchildren, and their children are going to be a witness.


re: Russell:

"The failure of civilizations throughout history is evident in their...etc."

The bottom-up argument is simply akin to the sort of thing that ecologists study.

Oversupply of labor leads to lower income, high food prices, breakdown of social order, die-off, undersupply of labor, etc. The Wheel of Fortune grinds on.

It seems to me that it's too tempting to explain history in terms of generals, battles, and politicians, although it makes for a better story. A lot of this is simply the aggregate of everyday life moving in barely discernible cycles.

re: The Constitution.

My gut tells me that the early legal documents that outlined the country, and any adherence to them, are largely a result of the dominant culture of the time. That is to say, a largely English one. The less true that becomes, the more the ship of state veers from it's original path. The end games that I see now are either a US variant of Latin American government and folkways or a more Yugoslavian model (or USSR for that matter) of top-down control of warring groups. Simple demographics will put paid to traditional US culture and replace it with another.

Account Deleted

"Simple demographics will put paid to traditional US culture and replace it with another."
The Constitution was devised for an educated and largely Judeo-Christian society. The founders would be appalled at the post modernists as a bunch of nit-wits throwing away centuries of hard fought truths.
Our nation was largely populated in the first 200 years by folks that valued freedom very highly and were prepared and willing to sacrifice a great deal as well as take great risks to obtain citizenship. They wanted only opportunity and considered their outcome in life to be largely dependant on their own industry and labor. In many ways they kept the trappings of their old cultural ways but considered themselves first and foremost Americans and could be largely counted on to be loyal to our country in times of conflict. We see in the mass illegal migrations now that a good percentage show up in search of freebies, waving the flags of other nations they are actually loyal to.
History has shown repeatedly that when this sort of 'Balkinization' occurs there will inevitably be social strife of a sort that causes civil wars or at least mass violence.
All the more reason the powers that be are attempting to do away with the 2nd A.
The 'wrong' people will have most of the firepower.
Which is not to say 'white' so much as independent sorts willing to take on the responsibility of their own safety and liberty. One thing the left is concerned about is the lesson of blacks in the US being denied the right to defend themselves via the 2nd A. Had the 'underprivileged communities' been able to avail themselves of the 2nd A, they would have had the other rights they were due afforded them much sooner.

Bonnie McGuire

Those who never paid attention to history, human nature, and Mother Nature are pretty obvious....cuz they make the same dumb mistakes over and over. Jefferson predicted that when America developed big cities it would become as corrupt as Europe. Funny and sad. We helped Restore a historical Ranch so that tourists and school children could see where their food came from.

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