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30 April 2018


rl crabb

I just had someone on Facebook tell me the Silicon Valley techies are ready to sacrifice their bloated incomes to give everyone in California a guaranteed income. I can't wait, and I can't hold my breath that long.

George Boardman

Epiphany? That will occur when conservatives start practicing what they preach.

Saint Authur is invoked when conservatives are criticizing liberal tax and spend policies. When conservatives actually get the opportunity to put the Laffer Curve to work, they either try to starve the beast (Kansas is one example) or blow big holes in the national debt (Trump tax cuts).


Crabby, the "techies" won't sacrifice their "bloated incomes" until property owners sell their old homes for a reasonable appreciation from prices in 1980. That might be soon now that unlimited SALT (state and local tax) IRS deductions are off the table.

No, there will be riches beyond the Dreams of Avarice until the old rules for the markets apply... no money for nothing and the chicks for free. Got to have real stuff selling for a large margin over the cost to produce, not expecting people to open their lives for sale to the highest bidder to play a game.

As long as it takes two incomes above 200k to purchase a starter home, they won't be sacrificing much.

Boardman... you don't seem to grok what the Laffer curve is... it isn't about balancing the budget which, if you believe Uncle Milty (Friedman) doesn't really do much. It's spending that needs to be curbed to reality as currency markets will bring wealth flows into balance if money is created to be wasted. Ommmm. Laffer curve is a relation between tax receipts and tax rates... and only between those two things.

Laffer does not claim authorship of the so-called Laffer curve, crediting a 14th century Arab philosopher with noticing small tax rates bringing in large revenues at the beginning of one dynasty, and by the end of the dynasty, higher rates bringing in not so much...

Todd Juvinall

George Boardman | 30 April 2018 at 01:58 PM

What is it that liberals are about "anything" goes and have wrecked the country and the conservatives try to repair it and all we get is crapola from old farts like Boardman?

I watched the liberals Boardman is so enamored with at that DC dinner last night. What a bunch of mean nasty worthless people. All heroes to GeorgeB. Sad.

Spending is out of control in America and it certainly will lead to the nations demise if not brought under control. However, it is a liberal/democrat ideology that has made this happen. Look at California and you will see the paradise the left wants. Rich tech liberals and poor gardeners for their mansions. That sums it up.

jon smith

Todd 3:16
"Spending is out of control in America and it certainly will lead to the nations demise if not brought under control."

Yep. Those damn libs and their out of control spending. And who owns the presidency? aWho owns congress? Who owned the senate? Who proposed the budget? Who passed the budget? Who blew open the debt ceiling? Oh yes, those libs. Squeak: Crooked Hillary did it!


Jon @03:36 PM

You are right the budget got busted. The budget-busting became necessary when the Democrats in the Senate demanded their social programs are funded, or they would not vote for the budget, ending in more Gov Shut down.

GOP leaders pitched a deal that would boost domestic agencies’ budgets by $45 billion to $50 billion for the next two years. Democrats, however, insisted on at least $60 billion in additional domestic spending. That is $60 Billion the Republican did not plan to spend; it was used to buy Democrat Senate votes, including the funding of a tunnel under the bay from NJ to NY. The budget would have been a lot slimmer of the Republican's did not have to buy Democrat votes. So, who were the budget busters? Oh?


"And who owns the presidency? Who owns congress? "

In terms of the budget? I'd say that it's the recipients of SS and Medicare.

The military budget, in terms of a percentage of GDP, has been dropping since the Korean War. There's not a lot lot of wiggle room after those three things are added up, plus interest on the debt has to be added in.

Without a big hit on SS/Medicare at some point (means testing?) we'll probably just inflate our way out of it. You probably should buy a wheelbarrow for bank deposits.


The LIBS may have 100% of the graveyard yard vote well secured,
but not so much for the young and breathing.

Just maybe,, thanks to the Internet, the young are wising up and not buying the Socialist "we will take care of you" BS.
Or maybe the state trying to suck away a good portion of their income in the name of healthcare is causing the backlash.

George Rebane

GeorgeB 158pm - Mr Boardman, you are criticizing the Repubs for working the Laffer curve. Both Kansas and Trump's tax cuts are works in progress. And there is no guarantee that the tax cuts will not work as you per your fait accompli. Oh yes, did you forget to mention Obama's doubling the national debt with no measurable benefit to recession recovery save making it the slowest in America's history?

jon smith

Russ 4:02
"GOP leaders pitched a deal that would boost domestic agencies’ budgets by $45 billion to $50 billion for the next two years."

So I guess when they couldn't pitch their deal, Republicans "settled" on an additional $80 billion for the Pentagon this year and another $85 billion in 2019. Those tricky libs fooled the Republicans into jacking up over $165 billion in defense spending alone over two years.

Todd Juvinall

Unfortunately the Senate won't change the filibuster rule and they extorted the R's and got their pork. Trump was more concerned about the military so he begrudgingly signed stating "never again". Anyway, the left is the responsible party along with Obama in the huge debt.

Don Bessee

Another example the 'jon' can not count too high, in this instance he was unable to count to 60. ;-)

jon smith

Todd 4:56
Those libs and their filibusters! Was it the libs who enacted more filibusters during the Obama administration than the TOTAL of all other filibusters in history, or was it the tooth fairy? Somewhere it is written (Maybe the Federal Register or some other fake news source) that 72% of all filibusters have been initiated by Repubs.

Squeals from the right Hillary invented the filibuster, just to mess with Trump

Account Deleted

"That will occur when conservatives start practicing what they preach."
Are you assuming all Rs are conservatives? Hardly. Careful what you complain about, Boardman.
If the solons in DC were actual conservatives, they would balance the budget and you'd be the first to start screaming. Most Rs in DC are not conservatives. I don't care what they say they are.
SS and Medicare are budget busters. They were set up that way decades ago and God help anyone in DC who even hints that something might have to be done about it. Pretty soon you won't have to worry about the defense budget. There won't be one. Debt service and entitlements will swallow the entire budget and we'll still be drowning in red ink.
The numbers are plain. It isn't a matter of opinion.

Don Bessee

We shall see....

n the last few weeks, Mayor Mark Farrell has promised $750,000 to hire more people just to pick up discarded needles and $13 million over the next two years for more heavy duty steam cleaners and pit stop toilets. He also had workers dismantle sprawling homeless tent camps in the city's Mission District.
The city famed for its picture-perfect views of the San Francisco Bay has long tolerated overflowing trash bins and homeless people camped out on sidewalks. Commuters routinely walk past people slumped over in transit stations, sometimes shooting up in public.
But Farrell and others say the squalor has gotten out of control, and that everyone should feel safe using city sidewalks. It is not humane to let the mentally ill or houseless fester outdoors, he said.
"The trash, our homeless, the needles, the drug abuse on our streets, I've seen it all in our city and it's gotten to the point where we need to really change course," Farrell said in an interview. "We've gone away from just being compassionate to enabling street behavior and that, in my opinion, is a shift that's unacceptable."

What does this part of the article say about NYC?

New York City resident John Rajnic, who was waiting to ride a cable car, said the city looks dirtier than when he was here nearly a decade ago, but he says the reaction is overblown.



jon smith

Bessee 5:09-

"Another example the 'jon' can not count too high, in this instance he was unable to count to 60."

Huh? Keep talking into your hat Don, you might become a Mormon.

Todd Juvinall

Oh jonnie, Hillary got how many R's for her confirmation? The voe for hwer was 94-2! And your pals of the extreme left can't vote but seven for Pompeo? You are a uber partisan and it shows with every post. And most of the time you hae your facts wrong. So unless you can back up your yapping I suggest you take another hit on your bong and sleep it off.

jon smith

Todd 6:17
"The voe for hwer was 94-2!"

Translation: "My whore in the sewer . . ." Oh, I give up. So what did you and your whore do in the sewer?

Don Bessee

What could they say?



Don Bessee

Somebody flush the 'jon' its overflowing again. To remind our lefties about the realities of a majority versus control in the senate, 51 don't get it boys the game is 60. So save all your BS about total control.

jon smith

Bessee 6:41-
"51 don't get it boys the game is 60."

The same razor beard Okie who crumples to the sidewalk and cries while lamenting about California's super majority asks why his side is allowed to lose a vote. it isn't fair If Mitch, Ryan, and Donny together can't pull out the votes that they "deserve", then maybe you should take a step back and reconsider the concept of checks and balances. But you would rather cry and spend another 40 minutes trimming the hair off your face. And all this time you and Walt said you were winning and not whining.

Don Bessee
Paul Emery


You optimism that Trump is going to skate free is a bit premature. What do you know about what information Mueller already has obtained from Flynn and others that have already plea bargained a good deal with their guilty to a lesser charge ploy from Mueller. Also just tonight the NYT has published a story about the questions he would like to ask Trump if he would submit to questions. The NYT explains that these were provided by the Trumps ex legal team who summarized the questions based on verbal questions that Muellers team offered to Trumps lawyer John Dowd shortly before he quit representing Trump in the matter. Here's the NYT list of questions. Take a look and let me know what you think.


Don Bessee

Talkin about this guy ya po' ol' fakenewsman?

He 'Destroys People': Gohmert Demands Mueller Resign in Report on Bureaucrat's 'Problematic' Past



Todd Juvinall

Vote for her was 94-2. My spelling sucks. Anyway you of course don't debate the point you would rather spell check. The R's are not as partisan as the D's, your ilk. Hillary was as crooked as they come, your favorite way of a democrat, and yet she got all the R's except 2 to vote for her. It is the democrat lefty extremists that are wrecking America. We will deal with you soon.

Paul Emery


No chance some obscure Texas Congressman is going to force Mueller to resign. He has too many Republican supporters and is a Republican himself.

Don Bessee

With your history of prognostication one would think you would give it up! ;-)

Todd Juvinall

Mueller is simply getting a nice salary and wants to make it happen as long as he can. Simple.

Paul Emery


Do you really think Louie Gohmert can touch Mueller? Really, you're getting pretty desperate. What do you know about him anyway?

George Rebane

PaulE 722pm - Please read my commentary again. I didn't say anything about "skate free", I just ventured that it was unlikely that Mueller had anything yet on Trump since nothing has been leaked. Are you saying that Mueller already has the goods on Trump, and he's holding back the announcement for an appropriately propitious and maximally damaging moment? Or are we in 'the investigation will only stop when we finally find the dirt' phase?

jon smith

Todd 8:10
"It is the democrat lefty extremists that are wrecking America. We will deal with you soon."

Just another 70 year old limp dick threat monger from the right waving his cane and corn cob pipe, declaring that the south will rise again. What do you plan to do Toddy Baby? Boycott Briar Patch?

Of course we'll hear nothing but crickets and absolutely zero substance behind your whimpers. Slobber, drool and type meaningless threats while you wet your bed. Good night, old man.

Don Bessee

Well that's so special @ 950. ;-)

Paul Emery

George we don't have a clue what Flynn and the others flippers said to get there sweetheart deal. Will find out for sure in time. There's no way he's going to fire Mueller

Don Bessee

What odds are you giving there ya po' ol'fakenewsman? ;-)

George Rebane

PaulE 1034pm - Huh?!

Bill Tozer

Not California’s decay due to Progressive Socialism per se, but still a Left Coast story.



As predicted: Slow Death of the Train to Nowhere

Mounting problems may end high-speed-rail projects in California and Texas.

A decade ago, high-speed rail was the new, new thing. In 2008, California voters narrowly approved initial bonds for a train that was supposed to go 220 miles an hour and deliver passengers from San Francisco to Los Angeles in two hours and 40 minutes. The next year, the Obama administration’s stimulus bill allocated money for it and several other high-speed lines. But soon the push for trains slowed to a crawl, and now it appears to be on life support.

In 2011, the new GOP governors of Florida, Ohio, and Wisconsin turned down federal money for trains. Wisconsin’s Scott Walker told me: “Washington may help pay for building it, but we’d be stuck paying the operating costs of a boondoggle.”


The sooner, the better. The track and the towers it is built on will become the CA Stonehenge

Todd Juvinall

Russ I was wondering how the train initiative could say LA to SF and then end up Chowchilla to Fresno. That alone is bait and switch and is illegal I thought.



Well, sir, there's nothing on earth
Like a genuine, bona fide
Electrified, six-car monorail

jon smith

Monuments of failure spurred by the draw, shoot, aim crowd. Foresthill Bridge. High speed rail and Delta tunnels to follow.

Paul Emery

RE George 10:34 George writes:

"if it exists, would have been leaked months ago?"

My point is we don't know what Mueller has learned and what the flippers have told him in exchange for their easy sentencing. IT WILL COME OUT. MUELLER WILL NOT BE FIRED. THAT WOULD BE SUICIDE FOR TRUMP!


@GeorgeR - funny how you use income inequality as an example of California’s progressive socialism. I would have imagined that the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer would be the result of a capitalist or corporatist enabled environment.

Do tell.


Here it is, 1 May 2018, and Trump is still unscathed. No charges, no resignation.

But the kids are still in their sleepers, sure that Santa will be arriving with their presents any minute now.



Why on earth would you think that socialist governments produce more equity in income?

A beautiful case in point is the USSR in the post-war period. Income inequity was much higher than it is (or was) in the West. When you have a single body determining who gets what, guess what happens?

George Rebane

Archie 1215pm - Sir, you really are an embarrassment to yourself. Even a smidgen of reading would reveal that to you. Meditate on scenes' 112pm - it was ever thus.

PaulE 1212pm - And you missed my point, which is if Mueller really had something it would have already been leaked. Check out Lerner & Loewe, you're singing their song, and it's the only one you and yours have.


Scenes and GeorgeR - nice try.

The USSR does not exist. It failed.

"Income inequity was much higher than it is (or was) in the West." - ok, so you are saying there is inequity in both capitalism and socialism. And you are saying capitalism as practiced today in the US where 95% of the income goes to the top 1% is the perfect system, except for California where socialism is practiced?

Where are these mythical evil egalitarian socialist societies?

Are they some of these?



It is all California's fault.

"As it happens, the U.S. has one of the most unequal income distributions in the developed world, according to data from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development — even after taxes and social-welfare policies are taken into account."


Marillyn Lock-Heed

More bad news here for Scenes and GeorgeR,


George Rebane

MarilynnL 343pm - I am truly sorry that RR is way too complex for you Ms Lock. No one here has maintained that free market capitalism would eliminate wealth inequality - it's exactly the other way around, wealth inequality would be increased as those that can pull away from those that can't or won't. That's one of the political weaknesses of the conservetarian ideology. The strength, also invisible to you, is that given free market capitalism, those on the lowest rungs of the economic ladder have and will continue to enjoy a QoL that in the recent past they would have considered impossible if they continued to believe their socialist betters, and they have the mobility to better their lot. To the extent that people have avoided tyranny and/or the stultifying hand of collectivism, it's been that way ever since free market capitalism was discovered in the Low Countries during the Renaissance.

But fret not, there's another blog hereabouts that deals in much more accessible topics and viewpoints. Should you be interested, any of our other readers could point you to it.

Paul Emery


It is you song that has a skimpy story line. The only assurances you have that there is nothing Mueller has on Trump is the assumption that it doesn't exist or it would have been leaked. Mueller team leaks have been very skimpy and most speculation is that the recent list of questions Muller allegedly would ask Trump comes from a leak from the Trump team or someone affiliated with his defense team. There are so many ex's on that team that it could be any one of dozens who have been dumped or fired.


Income inequality is a personal problem. Don't have money in your pocket? Get a damned job. Mc D's is paying over 15 bucks an hour.
Maybe getting a degree in the LIB arts wasn't such a hot idea.
Sorry,, welfare checks are not going to go up any time soon.
And BREAKING NEWS!!! There is no money in dope anymore.

Bill Tozer

Concerning the update on school test scores.

A national disaster and embarrassment. I hope the students don’t hear about the test results, otherwise it would make them feel sad. One can only hope. Nah, they will feel victimized by the white privileged system. Maybe the test sores are a thinly disguised microaggression. Heck, can’t we just hold the unlearned back a year or three?

Once again, can anyone out there tell me why, since the school daze of Boardman and Crabbman, we have gone from teaching Latin and Greek in high school to teaching Remedial English in college? Anyone?

Seems like we reached the point of diminishing returns awhile ago.


Punchy 439pm

There has been a recent reiteration that Trump remains (of that date and time) NOT a target of the Mueller investigation.

That reinforces the lack of any leaked juicy titbit of something that hints of the treasonous behavior we were assured was at the bottom of the Trump evil deeds... ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod! To the point of anyone not jumping on the bandwagon were called on their suborning of treason.


This is Ca. for ya'.
We were told,,"33 billion"... Now, lets just call it an even Trillion.

But lets whine about income inequality.

jon smith

George r 4:35-
I may be WAY off base, but my shallow understanding is that your career was based on federal grants and government military contracts. You dedicated your life to making weapons of war that were sold to the world's armies to kill people and blow stuff up. Fun and rewarding enough for certain types, but you couldn't have put food on the table and enjoyed a healthy retirement without getting paid (even if second off) with tax dollars from the government. Is that really a form of free market capitalism?

Account Deleted

"Is that really a form of free market capitalism?"
First off jonnie boy - you need to learn what free market capitalism is.
Then you wouldn't need to ask the question.
You can certainly have govt expenditures for needed goods and services and have free market capitalism. They are hardly mutually exclusive. And the free market companies can bid for govt contracts.

George Rebane

jons 507pm - It is indeed, since we capitalists did it better, cheaper, and faster than could the government wonks. And our efforts not only saved your ass, but cost you less in the bargain. And BTW, that was only the first half of my career - in the second half I started companies, provided good paying jobs, and contributed to the technology that we all enjoy here.

PaulE 439pm - And how robust is your story line?


Toes 442pm

There are no simple answers to the question of what the hell happened to K-12 education in California. One is that the good old days weren't as good as we remember but compared to today, things were pretty damn good when I was a kid.

One thing I can point to are capital "R" Romantic notions of how children learn and should be taught, both language and mathematics. I thrived learning to read with phonics... in Kindergarten, there were games around the names of letters and letter sounds. In first grade, learning to read was attacked. The Dick and Jane books were horrible, but I recall trying to read harder text and knowing the word in print was a word that I probably kinda knew, if only I could decode the letter combinations well enough to sound it out.

My little sister never did dig herself out of the hole that "see and guess" reading instruction put her in. My father on his deathbed expressed regret at backing down when she was struggling with reading (dad was a teacher, later a counselor and administrator) in the district and later, at the very school. He also used that experience to encourage me to fight the math teacher who screwed over my son at NUHS, and the administrator (Mathiesen) who conspired with him to head me off from getting a real parent conference.

(as a further aside, Dan Miller was one of the Trustees of the NJUHSD who let the guilty off easy in that kerfuffle, so I'm not inclined to send $100 his way which is what I was considering when I read his bio today)

Local control is a phantom... the state Dept. of Ed calls the shots, except for what passes for local control, which generally means the teacher's unions get their way.

And teachers are generally from the bottom of the academic barrel. To teach math, many districts don't require degrees in math to teach the subject in the high schools. Including Ghiddotti (intentionally misspelled to give the FUE something to huff about)

The "Common Core State Standards", which California didn't have a hand in developing, remain in place, and they are the proximate cause of today's K-12 meltdown in the State.

Enough of my rant for now.

Account Deleted

Mary-Lynn Rock Head at 3:43 - you might want to actually read the article.
" They argue that the drastic rise in wealth inequality has occurred for the same reasons as income inequality; namely, the trend of making taxes less progressive since the 1970s, and a changing job market that has forced many blue collar workers to compete with cheaper labor abroad. But wealth inequality specifically is affected by a lack of saving by the middle class. Stagnant wage growth makes it difficult for middle and lower class workers to set aside money, but Saez and Zucman argue that the trend could also be a product of the ease at which people are able to get into debt..."
First of all taxes are not less progressive. An increasingly smaller number of people pay an increasingly larger share of all taxes collected. More people than ever pay no income tax at all.
The middle class has in fact turned away from saving and go into debt for goodies and toys at an ever increasing rate. I saw it first hand by seeing what folks in my office bought. A lot of the crash of 08 was greedy idiots cashing in on their home equity and buying expensive toys, kitchen remodels and luxury vacations. They reset the clock on their mortgage and thought somehow the party would never end. Citizens love to go into debt and love to vote for pols who make sure it's easy to do.
We also have govts that love to go into debt to buy votes.
Then there are the folks that save, invest and buy bonds. They live within their means and only go into debt for solid assets that they can afford even if the assets go down in value.
As far as income is concerned, we are now solidly in an age when there will be increasing differences in what peoples' skills will bring in. There is no good to come from forcing companies to pay people more than what their skills are worth. That skews the market, increases the amount of off-shoring jobs and hastens the advent of automation that completely eliminates jobs in this country. But you lefties want that - so don't complain about income inequality.
I will be the first to tell you that we do have a looming crises in jobs for humans. But you will never solve it with govt programs or artificially mandated wages. Govts know they will need to somehow jack wages upward to pay for the debt crises that is now upon us. But without a commensurate rise in value, we are doomed. Look at Venezuela.

George Rebane

Archie, stifle yourself. No one has said that the US has a perfect society, just one that everyone in the world is trying to make their new home. And the Gini Index is not the final arbiter of a beneficial society (except for know-nothing socialists). It all depends on what the overall GDP is which then impacts the QoL of the lowest echelons. We can have a country with a perfect Gini = 0 and a puny per capita GDP, and everyone is guaranteed to be miserable (i.e. they would move if they could). You really ought to do a little studying before waltzing into these discussions and attempting salvage your point by putting self-serving words into people's mouths.

This is what RR readers have known for years.


Archie sez:

""Income inequity was much higher than it is (or was) in the West." - ok, so you are saying there is inequity in both capitalism and socialism....(and then some other stuff)".

Yes, that's correct. One of those odd but true facts is that there isn't anything particularly egalitarian about socialism, at least the way that it has been practiced in the 100 years or so that the idea has been around in the large scale.

As a practical matter, I think it's best to view socialism (as practiced) as corporatism with one very large company. It can be run in any way you like, but will bend in the direction of most organizations in terms of inequity.

I mostly mention this because I think people (well, people that wear black masks and attack cops on May 1st) genuinely believe that communist states had some variety of built-in equality. If you could calculate an accurate GINI score for the USSR, I expect that it would be similar to feudal Europe.

Bill Tozer

Oh Gregory, continue the rant. Much enjoyed and it saves me from going on my own rant.

I know how it happened (well, a tiny bit), but why we allowed this to happen is another story. Blame society, I reckon. We are all to blame, not.

Milo was right. Kindly explain that the Leftists have run public education for the last 30-40 years, so it’s the Conservstives time to run the schools for 30-40 years, just to be fair. We will help a brother out by relieving him oft that heavy burden. It’s who we are as the good guys. Thanks Lefties, now it’s time to drop the rock.

I went to a non-union school surrounded by union schools and the teachers were headhunted out of state and the lowest paid public school teachers in darn near the whole region. When I lleft high school as a greenhorn still wet behind my ears, it was about the time CA public education hit its peak and declined steafily afterward.....as I ventured off to see what’s over that mountain. Blame me. :)


Speaking of income, the DNC is in a bit of a bind.

When your that deep in the red, (only 6 million in the broke) just how are you going to fund election campaigns? You have no arm twisting power anymore. No " loan us some money,, and we will scratch your itch.. We promise." And who in their right mind wants the jackboot of big gov. back on their necks? Trump has taken a good deal of pressure off already. And somehow you will get people to vote it back?
Yes, Lefties,, you have some real problems to deal with before you can take back power... Care to make excuses?

Don Bessee

“Black people have a tendency to focus and march when a white person kills a black person or wears a hat, but when it’s 700 kids being killed in Chicago it’s O.K.,

Do tell!



Bill Tozer

Not Meuller, but what a difference a year of Popinjay news makes. Guess that Collusion thang is soooo yesterday. Nothing to see here, let’s look somewhere else for something else.


Bill Tozer

History teaches us the arrested developed are the most easily offended and manipulated.

Red meat for those with TDS: A NYT journalist’s crush on Meuller, Clapper, Comey, and Brennan. This is almost as good as feeding Christians to the unhinged, maybe better. Overwhelming evidence of Russian-Trump Collusion!!!!! Let the feast begin.


Don Bessee

A lot of the trouble started here, Al Gore was how old in 68' -

Ehrlich prophesied that hundreds of millions would starve to death in the 1970s (and that 65 million of them would be Americans), that already-overpopulated India was doomed, and that most probably “England will not exist in the year 2000.”
In conclusion, Ehrlich warned that “sometime in the next 15 years, the end will come,” meaning “an utter breakdown of the capacity of the planet to support humanity.”
If these musings had been received for what they actually were—the wacky theories of a crackpot academic—all would have been well. But The Population Bomb sold some 3 million copies and influenced an entire generation.
Ideas have practical consequences, and Dr. Ehrlich did not leave his followers guessing as to what they ought to be.
In the course of his illustrious career, Ehrlich has defended mass sterilization, sex-selective abortion, and infanticide. In his call for radical population control, Ehrlich has said he would prefer “voluntary methods” but if people were unwilling to cooperate, he was ready to endorse “various forms of coercion.”



Paul Emery


My story line is stronger than yours for sure. You believe the truth has been revealed because there have been no leaks from Mueller. I believe the truth will be revealed because Mueller hasn't yet played his hand as to the information he gained from the flippers. Flippers don't get off easy without bringing something to the table. That something has yet to be revealed.

George Rebane

PaulE 1030pm - Have no idea what you mean by 'strength' of story line. All I can say is that my characterization of what has happened and what is happening nails it. And you just confirmed it again. I have no proof of the future, only the likelihoods that I have presented. And neither have you, in spite of your continuing predictions of Trump's guilt of something.

Todd Juvinall

With the "high school" questions Mueller is apparently asking even a yokel like me knows they are "perjury traps". Mt recommendation to Trump is claim "Executive Privileged" and refuse to answer. My goodness have you read these ridiculous questions? "What were you thinking when you fired Comey" etc. Our poor country. And Rosenstein wrote the letter to justify firing Comey and yet Mueller is not asking him the same questions. This is all a travesty of justice.


"perjury traps".

There's probably some truth to that. It seems to me that the best hope for a soft coup d'etat isn't applying the full force of the surveillance state (ie. Paul's 17 intelligence agencies) to a single man looking for something illegal, but to force a change in story to occur. Failing that, the prosecutors best friend, the 'conspiracy' charge will start looking for victims.

I rather like the idea of a meta-crime. The original act, if any, isn't illegal, but talking about it is. There's an elegance here.


Regarding the proficiency of 8th graders in English and math... look no further than our local failures, the Waldorf inspired Yuba River Charter and the Exploratory Learning Grass Valley Charter.

Bill Tozer

Well, Punchy is pounding the “sweetheart deal” drums.

Ok, let’s look at Flynn. 3 Star General who voiced that we were not only supplying ISIS with cash, weapons, and protection, we helped formed ISIS. Much hated man by the Deep State....but I digress.

Flynn, the designated NSA advisor by President-elect Trump, talks to the Russian Ambassador. Legal and we all would only hope that the transition team makes contacts with representatives from 100 foreign governments so any new President can hit the ground running. Nothing usual so far.

Flynn goes to the office and the FBI meets him for the usual security clearance stuff. Nothing unusual about that, it’s protocol.. The next day the FBI comes back, Flynn is thinking its to tie up some loose ends on the paperwork.or something as he is busier than a one legged gal in a chorus line. The agents instead question Flynn about his exchange with the Russian Ambassador, of which they had the full wiretapped tapes on the Flynn-Russian Diplomat conversation. Hmmm.

Flynn lied to the agents over a non-crime. Why? Haven’t a clue. The FBI decided not to persue it further after the FBI investigation, as Comey testified. As the FBI director stated, Flynn seemed confused on details and dates, misspoke, but the investigators did not feel Flynn lied intentionally. Case dropped. Trump fires Flynn for lying to VP Pence about the contact with the Russian Ambassafor.

Then along comes Meuller. Slams Flynn. Flynn lost his home to cover legal fees. Flynn’s wife started nutting up under the media and public scrunity and the ensuing stress that such attacks does to a man and his entire family and loved ones.

Then Meuller went for the jugular. He threaten to go after Flynn’s son on some totally unrelated manner and would destroy the son. What Meuller had on Flynn’s son is unknown. Drug dealing, fraud, embezzlement, who knows. I don’t. Anyway, Flynn, like some parents would do, fell on the sword to save his boy.

Sweetheart deal? Flynn lost his house, his job, his reputation, and probably his potential for future earning. He is heavily in debt now, his life in ruins. All for lying or confusing details about a legal activity. A charge he may have beaten in court had he the funds.

Sure, lying to the FBI is a crime. So is littering, but I don’t see people being fine $1,000 and doing 6 months in jail for littering (the full extent of the law).

Sweetheart deal? Plead guilty to a procedural crime and stop the bleeding. Oh, when you lie to the FBI (perjury), that means you are also obstructing justice (an investigation), so Meuller hits them with both just to rub it in. Flynn will get a slap on the wrists when all is said and done, but he will forever be branded by Punchy as a LIAR!

Hmm, so was Pascal a liar when she presented false identification (impersonating another) when lying straight to the face of LE, not confusing details, and not to mention living a lie for decades. But, yeah, she got a sweetheart deal and you won’t hear Punchy screaming at her calling her a liar, lol.
Duplicity. I actually like and respect Pascal....just pointing out how TDS and hating all things Right blinds a man to his own actions.

Lest we forget, Meuller investigated a innocent man for 4 years, hounded and made the man’s life a living hell, including harassing his employers about their employee (Anthrax case), then dropped it and when after another dude...a lab dude who was working with the FBI to solve the case. After 4 years of dragging an innocent man through unbelievable crushing stress and the muck, Meuller just walked away and never apologized. Never once said, “Sorry.” The taxpayers had to pay the man 4 million bucks for Meuller’s screwing him over. That’s Meuller.

Oh, BTW, the lab guy who was helping Meuller’s FBI solve the Anthax case...the guy Meuller turned on after 4 years of harassing and ruining the reputation of the innocent man....well, when Meuller turned on the lab guy, that poor soul could not handle the stress and up and killed himself. Meuller probably offered him a sweetheart deal or something.

Bill Tozer

Education: Limousine Liberals where the rubber meets the road.

Another administrator responded: “There are kids that are tremendously disadvantaged, that I would love to be able to offer — somebody mentioned $5,000-worth of tutoring for to raise their test scores. And to compare these students and say, ‘My already-advantage kid needs more advantage! They need to be kept away from those kids!’ is tremendously offensive to me."




Seriously, thanks for the run-down. My natural indication is to think of senior law enforcement and intelligence officials as having a mini-Beria inside screaming to be let out, so I'm never unduly outraged by their misdeeds.

It's fun to watch the local Green Libertarians cheer on the cops, never thinking that that organ of the state would ever be turned on them. After all, 'colluding' with Eastasia should be punished.

As long as Trump sticks to a few matters that I consider existential threats to the West, the rest almost doesn't matter.


Millennials Fleeing Urban Rot

Perhaps no region in the world is more associated with talent than the once-booming San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley. In the first four years of the decade, the area netted an average of 10,000 domestic migrants annually. But by 2016, the tide had turned. About 12,000 residents fled San Francisco that year, and the net outflow for 2017 climbed to 25,000. Nor is the future prognosis particularly great. Seventy-four percent of millennials in the Bay Area are currently considering an exit, according to the Urban Land Institute.


Bill Tozer

Regulating AI in a socialist progressive age.

Don’t use self serve checkouts!, warms the buggy whip union. Gee, that does not sound very progressive. That sounds like turning the clock back.


Bill Tozer

Not California, but the same. Seattle. Tax employers for each employee they hire to pay for rectifying income inequality and affordable housing?

I am stunned at the sheer arrogance of Ms. Sawant. Unbelievable. What a socialist pig.

"Amazon is perfectly capable of paying that, double, even four times that."
She also called Amazon's tactic "extortion."

Sure, the avowed socialist can sit back and tell us all from her uninformed city council chambers what Amazon can afford to pay and she knows best. Reminds me of Brother Ben ranting about the Waltons having too much money and they can afford to pay blah, blah, blah.

“Two supporters of the tax, City Council members Kshama Sawant and Mike O'Brien, seemed unmoved by Amazon's decision.
"I understand Amazon doesn't like it. I'm sure they would love to go to a city that has no taxes. And maybe they will find that place," O'Brien said.
O'Brien said he met with Amazon officials Wednesday morning. "I want to work with you, I would love for you to continue to grow in Seattle, but I need your help solving this crisis."
Added Sawant, "Amazon is perfectly capable of paying that, double, even four times that."
She also called Amazon's tactic "extortion."
City Council member Lisa Herbold has also supported the tax.
“Who loses? Low-income people lose, and we have an increase in homelessness," she said.
When asked if the city loses when jobs leave Seattle, Herbold responded “Again I'm hopeful that we’re going to come out of this with not only an understanding of the problems but an understanding of the solutions.”


Don Bessee

What will they do when the power is out??



Account Deleted

DB at 7:58 - British schools are removing analog clocks from classrooms because kids can't read.
fixed it for you.
What will they do when the power is out? Same as always. Don't need the lights to be on for that.

Bill Tozer

Don, Meuller and the courts.

Been sitting on this all week, waiting for someone to bring it up.

A). The Justice Department was set up by statute. Let that sink in.
B). Meuller must operate within the constraints of practices of the DOJ as established, not outside of it.
C). There are two DOJ memorandum that specially spell out what can and cannot be prosecuted concerning a sitting Prez. Their established Consitutional understanding. Mueller, in a perfect world, cannot drain away eneromous energy and time from the Prez doing his Constitutionally mandated duties. The 1972 (?) 17 page memorandum is the Justice Department’s legal understanding and protocol of the DOJ’s constitutional constraints and prohibitions concerning a sitting Prez. Special Investigators are bound by the DOJ’s established codes of conduct and legal nderstandings. It is up to Congress, and Congress only to remove a President and charge him/her with articles of impeachment that only the House can draw up.

D). Bottomline is that neither an unelected Special Counsel nor an unelected Grand Jury comprising of 12 unelected citizens (in DC of all places, lol) cannot remove a sitting President. A sitting President cannot be charged for obstruction of justice since Trump can fire any FBI Director or any Attorney General for any reason he chooses, or for no reason at all. Remember, the Justice Department was established by statute. Those actions by a Prez cannot be assailed.
Trump can tweet anything he darn well pleases any time he wishes. It’s a separation of powers issue, not a Special Prosecutor’s thang.

We will see how that judge rules in two,weeks. More often than not, they change their minds. Right now, the judge is telling Meuller he is overstepping his bounds as per the statutes of both the DOJ and the statutes governing the Special Prosecutor’s limits.

Separations of Powers. 3 branches, Congress has its powers as well for oversight of rogue executive branch departments.

Bill Tozer

Oh yeah, another Bottomline: if Trumps legal team is worn their weight, we may be heading to a Constitutional showdown. Manafort has just fired the first shot back.

Bill Tozer

More California exodus

There are many reasons for the housing crunch, but the lack of new construction may be the most significant. According to the report, from 2008 to 2017, an average of 24.7 new housing permits were filed for every 100 new residents in California. That’s well below the national average of 43.1 permits per 100 people.


Bill Tozer

Special Counsels: perhaps this article (opinion) piece by a guy who has been there articulates what I am trying to say about separation of powers:

“But Rosenstein refused to produce the scope memo without redactions, arguing that it pertains to an ongoing criminal investigation. This is a weak excuse, given the flood of recent leaks about the Mueller probe.

Congress’ constitutional oversight authority is supported by six express constitutional clauses and 18 separate laws – as well as Congress’s historic power to subpoena, grant immunity, take testimony, hold executive officers in contempt, and impeach.

So Rosenstein is on shaky ground in telling Congress that it has no right to see what it needs to exercise oversight.”


Aiming to put himself in the right, Rosenstein added: "We’re going to do what is required by the rule of law and any kind of threats that anybody makes are not going to affect the way we do our job."

Someone needs to slow this train down, or turn the burner back to simmer. No personal threats are contained in congressional insistence that executive branch officials comply with constitutional oversight. That is what the law requires. Refusing to comply doesn’t uphold the law – it ignores the law.



BillT@5:25PM and on

This covert war that is turning more overt over time got me to thinkin'.

Perhaps this really isn't about (R) vs (D) politics (or war about demography, or city vs town) but is instead just some evidence of an ongoing takeover of government by the intelligence community and national law enforcement.

My idea here is that, over time, the surveillance state will always grow to the extent that it has the goods on everybody combined with it's physical presence. Elements of the Washington apparatchiks v. Trump is a kind of premature battle undertaken before they had completely solidified their position...plus there was a certain degree of underestimation of the enemy I think.

We do live in (so far) unique times in that the tools have been put in place to watch the public and manipulate it in a more scientific manner. To some extent, the machinery put in place to observe you and better sell you bath soap and pickup trucks has been repurposed, and whoever has the keys to that operation has some real power, whether it's Facebook or a facility in Bluffdale, Utah.

To their credit, the Russians had a more straightforward model in putting forth a member of it's intelligence community as President-for-Life. He appears to be a gifted man, but there's no guarantee that his successor isn't a lot worse, and I'm not detecting a balance of power in the country as used to exist in the post-Stalin USSR. It's hard to tell from my comfy chair in Whiteopia, CA, so there's nothing more to be said about that.

George Rebane

My question is a simple one - Given how they are pushed around by the DOJ, FBI, Dem caucus, ... , do the Republican members of Congress have even one pair of balls to share among them?

Bill Tozer

Good Doc
Nope. They lack a spine and a scrot. Well, there is perhaps one of there with three testicles, but he is known as ET the extra testical and he gets branded as a Far Right Extremist wac job not to be taken seriously. Remember Nunes and his trumped up ethics charges? Trey is leaving, Sessions is fingering himself, and the rest wilt when the kitchen gets hot.

Why isn’t the Wall built? R’s don’t really want it. Same with the DOJ being a law unto themselves. The R’s don’t have the huevous rancheros to stand up and remind the FBI and DOJ who they report to and who they work for. Looks like this will be a court thang, since Somebody neutuered the R’s and now Trump just reaches out for a handful from the R’s and grabs one big putang.

This Russian Collusion mass hysteria got them recusing themselves and running for the hills. Actually, they can’t even make it to the hills when you fold like a cheat suit and have the strength of a soggy pretzel.

It is a fair question by Congress. What is the scope of the Special Counsel’s investigation? Does he have a blank check? Let’s see the memos laying it out. Fair question. Where are we in the investigation?? Kick down with the answers. They (Justice) forgot who their boss really is and it ain’t what they tell us it is. It’s what the Constitution tells all of us what the law is. There are 6 (SIX) articles in the Constitution that gives Congress oversight for a damn good reason.

What, Congress can’t see what Flynn said? The friggin words he uttered and the questions posed to him ain’t gonna change magically. And Fylnn did the bad lying thang after the election, when it was all over and had no bearing on the 2016 election results. And what about stuff that happened in 2007 and 2006; and even 2014?.. procedure crimes. And if Congress leaks, it’s on them, not the Sacred Cow currently being worshipped by the Left. The Lefties who have had a long standing animosity and a massive case of distrust towards all things secret agent man and dirty deeds done behind closed doors.

Yep, two judges just last week said to Meuller’s team not this time, asshats. It’s not going to be on your terms, what you want, when you want. That ain’t the way things are supposed to happen. What, trust you because you say to trust you? Don’t think so, not in my courtroom.

I don’t know when it started, but Congress has steadily given up its authority and let the Excutive Branch do the heavy lifting for them. Like DACA. The Congressional Constitutional Authority really got surrendered (given away freely) under Barry Frosted O’s two terms. Now, Congress is surrending it’s authority to some unelected dude named Meuller.

Bill Tozer

Nunes’s nutsack is intact. Correct move.


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