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09 April 2018



I'd say that all the low-hanging fruit in IC engines for cars has been picked. At this point, squeaking a little bit more clean will cost a lot more, and you can argue that you are just pushing the pollution elsewhere by covering a car with sensors, exotic valve trains, and bitchin' new materials for lighter weight.

Just wait a bit, and I expect the battery problem (recharging time, expense, high weight) will become less obvious and electric cars will be the clear winners for most use.

A reasonable conclusion...merely keep emissions standards where they are from now on and count on electric to come online for transit at some point. Hassling the manufacturers for unreasonable standards will drive the costs up without much to show for it. Leave them alone for a while and at least they'll get to plan without a bureaucrat pulling a rug out every five years or so.

Two things I'd love to see. The first is to get rid of 'California' standards and have a 50 state standard. The second would be to do an unbiased estimate of the cost-benefit of smog checks.

George Rebane

scenes 214pm - Agreed.

Account Deleted

I checked out the No Labels website. Here are their 4 main agendas:
"...creating 25 million net new jobs in the next decade, securing Medicare and Social Security for 75 years, balancing the federal budget by 2030 and achieving energy security by 2024."
And of course they propose absolutely nothing specific.
Have fun.

Bill Tozer

Sort of

Concerning Uncomfortable Learning, I flashed on a quote from “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.” When one character asks about teaching and/or learning, the other shot back that learning is supposed to uncomfortable. Can’t find the quote, but here are other C.S. Lewis quotes:

“If you look for truth, you may find comfort in the end; if you look for comfort you will not get either comfort or truth only soft soap and wishful thinking to begin, and in the end, despair.”
― C.S. Lewis

“Is he-quite safe? I shall feel rather nervous about meeting a lion"..."Safe?" said Mr Beaver ..."Who said anything about safe? 'Course he isn't safe. But he's good. He's the King, I tell you.”

― C.S. Lewis, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

Education without values, as useful as it is, seems rather to make man a more clever devil.”

“The task of the modern educator is not to cut down jungles, but to irrigate deserts.”
― C.S. Lewis

Uncomfortable Learning is a great promote free speech on campus. In fact, I would like to see promoting and discussing free speech beyond the legal terms and definitions. The only remedy for what may be considered wrong with free speech is more free speech.

Bill Tozer

Re: blacks practice rasicts attitudes towards whites:

“It seems that black elites have now consigned the rest of their genetic peers to the kingdom of eternal victimhood from which the way out is not known.”

I have tossed out the “slave mentality” idea before without any traction. This will be no different. That mentality creates rather than being the source of being a perpetual victim, the aggrieved class if you prefer. Beyond the victims status, there is the no longer a mere subtle attitude that the aggrieved cannot make it on their own without alms dropped into the cup by the slaver master. Any person who has the slavery mentality is truly not free, for his lot in life is dependent of the oppressor. Like a jailer and a prisoner, both are tied to each other stronger than any chain ever made. Neither one is free and both, in a way, are captive to each other. The jailer cannot free himself from the inmate, neither can the inmate be free to leave the captor.

The old Jewish stories serve as a great example. The Hebrews were slaves in Egypt for 400 years. After being freed, it wasn’t but a day or so that they wanted to turn back. “How are we going to eat? Who will feed us? Who will take care of us and protect us? At least being salves we knew where our next meal was coming from.” That is the slavery mentality.

No one slave, including Moses, was allowed to set one foot in the “Promised Land, the land of milk and honey”. Why? Because they had the slavery mentality. Their children did not have the slavery mentality, thus able to grab the tiger by the tail and seize the opportunities before them. They were the unchained ones.

Want to see racism? Go to the Rez. Went to the Rez about 4 years ago to see old friend in trouble. A Rez (not mine) just a 20 minute drive from a city of about 300,000....not in the boonies. My ole buddy introduced me to his girlfriend, both about the same age, mid-50’s. then. She told me that see has never spoken to a white woman for 30 minutes in her entire life, on or off the Rez. Not that she has not spoken to white people at the DMV or stores, but never has spoke to a white person for 20 consecutive minutes her whole life and prefers it that way. She has to stay on the Rez because she has absolutely no clue make it outside, and she ventures out, she ends up in jail. And she is a taker with the victim mentality. Slave mentality, leaving only to pick up goodies from the social service offices. Sad. 25% of Native Americans live on the Rez, 75% have left through the years to find freedom and liberty, and pursue one’s independence from the slave quarters. Sometimes big open spaces are prisons without bars if you have the slavery mentality.

So, the white libs are slaves to their white guilt and the black professors are slaves to victimhood and no one has made bolt cutters big enough to break that bond between the two.


re: BillT@7:20PM

Obliquely related:

Black professors in the victim biz (obviously there are honest-to-charley black academics): I'm not a mind reader, but there's obviously a couple of other motivators.
. Hey, it's a business. What sweeter deal is there than teaching a few classes at a university of a largely made-up and intellectually sparse discipline?
. Revenge. Seriously, there's nothing sweeter than bullying people, students, cops, anyone you can catch in your net, that you feel don't particularly respect you. It would be interesting to see one of these guys when they're on a tear and do a quick medical check-up. You just know there are pleasure giving hormones coursing through their system as they yell at the cop or give a good rousing speech. It has to be addictive.

This last appears to be a modern tendency generally. I wonder sometimes if a primary problem isn't simply a lack of useful activities for modern people. 100 years ago, your 7 children or your dawn to dusk job would keep you too busy and tired to wave signs and afflict some poor guy in a MAGA hat.

Bill Tozer

Uncomfortable learning

Ruger has said that Wax is wrong about her affirmative action students’ performance, but won’t give data to back up his views. One of the Overseers keeps saying to me: “Paul, Amy is wrong!” I say: “Well, I hope she is, but what are the facts?” He says: “Well, Ruger said she’s wrong; that proves it.” Really? Privately, faculty members have told me that their experiences match those of Wax.

Because Ruger has publicly said that Wax was wrong, it might be nice to know how various groups have fared at Penn Law. Each year at graduation the Law School announces membership in Order of the Coif and other honors based on grades; we know who those people are. We also know who gets clerkships. Why are general data that would help us assess the merits of racial preferences being suppressed? … If [Wax] is wrong, then so much the better. Wax would no doubt be thrilled. However, if Wax is right, and the data are available and she is punished for talking about her experiences over two decades of teaching, the University has effectively constructed a cynical firewall to suppress all discussion of affirmative action: It won’t comment on its existence or student outcomes, and it punishes others for commenting publicly on student performance. That hardly seems to pass the test of intellectual inquiry expected of a university. What are the Law School and the University afraid of?

Don Bessee

A lunchtime snack for Gregory -

Climate scientists have long known that plants offset some of the effects of climate change by absorbing and storing CO2. But climate scientists assumed that the ability to plants to perform this function was limited because the availability of nitrogen in the atmosphere was limited.
As a 2003 study published in the same Science journal put it, "there will not be enough nitrogen available to sustain the high carbon uptake scenarios."
In the wake of the latest findings, Ronald Amundson, a soil biogeochemist at the University of California at Berkeley, told Chemical and Engineering News that "If there is more nitrogen there than expected, then the constraints on plant growth in a high-CO2 world may not be as great as we think."
In other words, with more nitrogen available, plant life might be able to absorb more CO2 than climate scientists have been estimating, which means the planet won't warm as much, despite mankind's pumping CO2 into the atmosphere.
A Stunning Finding
Houlton has been exploring this possibility for years. Back in 2011, he reported that forest trees can tap into nitrogen found in rock.
At the time, he said "the stunning finding that forests can also feed on nitrogen in rocks has the potential to change all projections related to climate change," because it meant there could be more carbon storage on land and less in the atmosphere than climate models say.


Bill Tozer

Way off topic, but why waste it in the Sandbox or bury it in March on Townhall. Solve this problem and you solve a lot of crime, school shootings, some of them drug problem, and the wasteland of which young black men living (existing) without any good direction.

63% of youth suicides are from fatherless homes — 5 times the average. (U.S. Dept. Of Health/Census)
90% of all homeless and runaway children are from fatherless homes — 32 times the average.
85% of all children who show behavior disorders come from fatherless homes — 20 times the average. (Center for Disease Control)
80% of rapists with anger problems come from fatherless homes — 14 times the average. (Justice & Behavior, Vol 14, p. 403-26)
71% of all high school dropouts come from fatherless homes — nine times the average. (National Principals Association Report)

43% of U.S. children live without their father (U.S. Department of Census)

While the Left has essentially attacked the societal importance and significance of the role of fathers and has attempted to replace them with the state, the truth of the innate nature of humanity has proven time and again to frustrate the ideology of leftists and their social engineering. Three decades of research has conclusively determined that children — perhaps especially boys — grow up most healthy and stable in a home with both mom and dad. In fact, it’s not a stretch to argue that the majority of criminal and drug-related problems in society today can be traced back to broken homes where a father is lacking.

Nah, just ban guns.


One thing Bill's info doesn't say,(Where to really find it is the hard question) is how many cases involve the gov.(CPS ) and anti discipline laws. "Spank the kid, go to jail" All that teaches the kid, is the parents have no authority. The "county" know SO much more on how to raise a kid...In foster care, at the parents expense.
Then mandatory parenting classes(usually by someone with no kids)
On and on it goes.


I told this story here from a memory of reading it in the newspaper, but an inspired googling (well, a DuckDuckGoing, but that doesn't make into as good a verb), but we are animals not unlike the oliphants and share at least one pathology with them.

Right now I'm killing time watching the movie 1984, John Hurt, Richard Burton. The Eurythmics have a titles credit for music! It has been a long time since I saw the movie, and longer since I pulled my copy off the bookshelf.

There's an opening sequence where, in a large theatre, a newsreel tells of Oceania's INGSOC victories, and the crowd roars... and jeers when Emmanuel Goldstein is shown talking. The crowd screams for him to shut up and wishing death for him.

It was eerily like the Stalinist townhalls of late. Death to the NRA and all that. Then it hit me ... the NRA is Goldstein to the party faithful.

The Estonian Fox

Comment on Calexit-
An interesting gerrymander review from the April 11, 2018 Political Calculations website ( Half of the long article is devoted to the “non-partisan” supermajority in your state.

Several excerpts from the article:

1.“Overall, Republicans won 26 seats and Democrats won 54, enough to claim a supermajority...”
2.“Citizen Redistricting Commission (CRC) favored the Democrat party to a slight extent, with 2 more seats tilted in the political party's favor” (my note - that’s all the Dems needed for a supermajority).
3.“If advocates did try to lead the commission toward biased maps, they had limited success.”
4.“They indeed had limited success, but perhaps being able to have complete political control over the California state government, even on an intermittent basis with a small edge that would often be dismissed in legal proceedings as being too small to worry about, provides outsized benefits, above and beyond that from simply obtaining a legislative majority. As such, the promise of obtaining a supermajority in the most-populous state of the U.S. would provide a tremendous incentive for the majority party to continue dressing up its advocates in non-partisan sheep's clothing whenever the state's Citizen Redistricting Commission redraws the state's political map to ensure that tilt continues in its favor. It's like economics. Most of the meaningful activity takes place at the margins!”

Since I now reside in a newly drawn, ‘non-partisan, un-gerrymandered’ district here in Pennsylvania, I am especially disappointed that the Penna Supreme Court drew up the new boundaries of voting districts. I thought that was the job of the state legislature. The court couldn’t wait for the new gerrymanders in 2021 after the census, so they had to do it NOW. Did I mention the 7-member court has 5 Dems and 2 Repubs? But I’m sure that they are non-partisan.

George Rebane

EstonianF 1045am - Tere tulemast! Ja siis mis sugune rebane olete Teie?


re: Mr. Fox

An interesting small article. One thing to keep in mind with districting is that one man's gerrymandering is another man's justice. A lot of the point of gerrymandering, aside from the obvious purpose of doubling down on a political party's dominance, was to give minorities (ie. blacks) guaranteed districts. Like most things, it's a mixed bag.

As a thought problem it's worth considering whether districts should be drawn along geographical fault lines rather than along religion/ethnic/language/financial ones. I'm not certain what the right answer is here.

California is a funny case I think, in that it's in a state of flux right now. It's morphing from a democratic/republican political situation to a democratic/hispanic democratic one. The Republicans either don't matter or are moving out-of-state. Any single party setup here is of limited lifespan and people will fall along new fault lines.

re: GeorgeR@11:24AM Jeesh. It's like you guys have a different word for everything.

George Rebane

scenes 1152am - Apologies, I had to reply once in our common mother tongue. Translation: Welcome! And then what kind of fox are (formal) you?


Here's a comment by Chris Hodgekinson on Crabb's blog a couple days ago:

"[Gun confiscation] actually can be accomplished much easier than that; 2008 was the first time the SCOTUS had addressed gun ownership, in District of Columbia v. Heller, ruling that we all had the right to own weapons outside of a military function. It was a 5-4 decision which, had Obama been allowed to appoint Merrick Garland after Scalia’s death, it might have been rightfully overturned. So, we’re just one appointment away from tighter gun control, no change to the Constitution needed."

That Hillary made it clear Garland wasn't the progressive she would be nominating may well have been a factor in her losing the election, and McConnell made a long pass play with his refusal to hold hearings to consider the nomination. But it worked, and a young(ish) Scalia clone (more a Jeffersonian to Scalia's Hamiltonian leanings) is there now.

But no, Chris, it wasn't the first time SCOTUS considered the 2nd. The Miller decision (1939) found an individual right to own weapons that were somehow related to the needs of a well regulated militia (it might have gone even more Miller's way had he lived long enough to have his lawyers present for the oral arguments), but it's the text of the Dred Scott decision a century earlier that gives a clue as to why they didn't take up the individual right. Again, Seven of Nine justices (sounds like a Star Trek character) didn't want to grant to freed slaves the following listing of rights:

"It would give to persons of the negro race, who were recognised as citizens in any one State of the Union, the right to enter every other State whenever they pleased, singly or in companies, without pass or passport, and without obstruction, to sojourn there as long as they pleased, to go where they pleased at every hour of the day or night without molestation, unless they committed some violation of law for which a white man would be punished; and it would give them the full liberty of speech in public and in private upon all subjects upon which its own citizens might speak; to hold public meetings upon political affairs, and to keep and carry arms wherever they went."

The Two of Nine who voted to grant Mr. Scott his rights as a citizen didn't counter that list. So that was Nine of Nine who agreed... the people had (and have) the right to keep and carry arms wherever they went. It just didn't enter into the group mind that citizens didn't have that right until FDR was President.


re: GeorgeR@12:12PM

No problem. I just ran it through google translate.

It's remarkable how much better language translation has become with the newer notions of doing such things. It's not dissimilar to how far OCR got by changing approaches.

re: Bill&Walt and fatherless children.

An interesting question to ask is whether single parent households/divorce/fatherless households are a cause or effect or both. Maybe you are just seeing a variant of r/K selection theory at work.

George Rebane

Gregory 1221pm - Excellent pick up on that sentiment which "didn't enter into the group mind that citizens didn't have that right until FDR was President."

Bill Toze

On a lighter note, seeing white privilege everywhere....or some other category

Bill Toze

Re: update, cloture votes.

Short and sweet:


George 126pm

You're welcome, but I wouldn't say FDR was the change agent on guns but was perhaps more just the man swept in by the times. People were looking for the bennies of a strong central government that they could trust to do the right thing.

Cue "Looking for love in all the wrong places".

FDR had an assassination attempt by an Italian immigrant (a naturalized citizen) before his inauguration; the mayor of Chicago was fatally wounded. The St.Valentine's Day Massacre involved Italian and Irish mobsters in Chicago. I suspect the WASPs were not thinking straight when they supported the NFA in 1934, the common sense of the day.

I've read the first draftings of the NFA essentially included a ban on handguns, The Holy Grail of the gungrabbing set. Those who dream of an alternate history fixing that error might consider that could have awakened the NRA in the 30's instead of the 70s.

Don Bessee

Speaking of state institutions -

As Mark Zuckerberg faced an uncomfortable five-hour Senate grilling over Facebook’s privacy failures, it was his so-called ‘booster seat’ that created a sideshow on social media.
The Facebook CEO was perched on a height-boosting cushion for the interrogation over the Cambridge Analytica scandal - the data-mining firm accused of hijacking data on millions of users.
Sitting on the four-inch leather cushion, Mr Zuckerberg conceded: “We have made a lot of mistakes in running the company.”
Commentators dubbed the cushion a ‘booster seat’ after photos circulated online, speculating the social media chief may have requested the seat to appear taller, more authoritative and imposing.
“Tech companies pretend they don’t understand the subtlety of the bias their platforms introduce, but OF COURSE they do. Zuckerberg is 5’7”,” commented Kaivan Shroff.
“His team has him sitting on a 4” cushion during testimony because they know it’s important for him not to look small or meek in the pics.”



The Zuckerberg Booster Seat(tm).

Marillyn Lock-Heed

,,,po' ol' Jeff State would quickly become just another welfare state,,, Cali would probably be smart to jettison ol' Jeff staters!!!


re: Marillyn Lock-Heed@8:40AM

I'd say that the plan to break the state up into threes (SF, San Diego, LA) probably has more traction. Unfortunately, this area would be part of the San Francisco state in that case.

In the meantime, you'll just have to be forced to live in the Whiteopia I guess.

The second that a city that is 90% Democratic (per the last presidential election) and has as much money as SF isn't buried in human excrement, needles, homeless people, and political corruption, I'll take their views on government more seriously.

I admit that it would make a heckuva Green Libertarian capital city. I'm thinking hard on what the flag would look like.


re: Black racists.

I rather liked this one.

There's an honesty in an approach like that.

George Rebane

Were it true that Northern California would become just "another welfare state", then it means that currently the north is just a drag on the rest of CA. And if the Left really believed that, they'd promote the SoJ movement in a heartbeat. But instead, they're telling their acolytes to continue pushing a narrative that does not connect any dots.

Bill Tozer

3 Calis? No, no, no. Having The Santuary City by the Bay in the New California will not work. What is it about “we don’t want anything to do with you” does the map drawer fail to understand? Obviously the rich guy who is funding the 3 Cali signature campaign is as clueless as the human waste lying on the streets of San Fransisco. And I am talking about the nes with two legs.
It’s not a matter of California not wanting to be part of the USA. Nay. It’s that we here in the north do not want anything to do with Frisco to Mexican Border. Keep your Disneyland, I will survive just fine, thank you.

Bill Tozer

Scenes will love this; re Calexit and the Great Divide.

People say both sides disagree on everything, but that is not entirely true. A mass shooting happens at a high school in Florida. Both sides do agree something should be done. People on the Right think we should increase school safety. People on the Left think we should restrict the gun rights of every American citizen, and they’ll try to destroy the career of anyone who disagrees.

Illegal immigrants are pouring across the border. The Right calls for increased border security. The Left offers them sanctuary cities and protection from federal enforcement.

Every issue plays out this same way, and people on the Right will only accept this kind of abuse for so long. Sooner or later, the left-wing rage mob will start coming for the careers (and lives) of any normal American who sees things differently.

This idea of breaking up the country may seem a bit outlandish now, but you won’t think so once real domestic unrest comes to your town. Our political disagreements have become a powder keg, one that already would have blown if conservatives had liberals’ emotional instability.

Bill Tozer

Re: uncomfortable learning:. Are we free to discuss America’s real problems?

“As Humpty Dumpty said to Alice, we can make words mean whatever we want them to mean. And who decides what is code for something else or what qualifies as a dog whistle? Those in power, of course—which in academia means the Left.

Offense and upset go with the territory; they are part and parcel of an open society. We should be teaching our young people to get used to these things, but instead we are teaching them the opposite.

Disliking, avoiding, and shunning people who don’t share our politics is not good for our country. We live together, and we need to solve our problems together. It is also always possible that people we disagree with have something to offer, something to contribute, something to teach us. We ignore this at our peril. As Heather Mac Donald wrote in National Review on August 29: “What if the progressive analysis of inequality is wrong . . . and a cultural analysis is closest to the truth? If confronting the need to change behavior is punishable ‘hate speech,’ then it is hard to see how the country can resolve its social problems.” In other words, we are at risk of being led astray by received opinion.

Bill Tozer

I liked this paragraph from the link above so much, I will post it to drive the point home.

Furthermore, the charge that a statement is “code” for something else, or a “dog whistle” of some kind—we frequently hear this charge leveled, even against people who are stating demonstrable facts—is unanswerable. It is like accusing a speaker of causing emotional injury or feelings of marginalization. Using this kind of language, which students have learned to do all too well, is intended to bring discussion and debate to a stop—to silence speech deemed unacceptable.


re: BillT@9:07

I appreciate the author's problem in drawing a map. when you look at this:

It's obvious that voting patterns are split by essentially two things, urbanization and race. There's only a handful of outliers like Flagstaff or Austin.

A better representation:

If you look at the trifecta of Team Blue nomenklatura, media, schools, internet backbone, at least the media still has some trace of balance. Like in the days of the two newspaper town, you can find MSM to suit your taste. Probably the main losers are the big three networks and DNC house organs like the NYT who at least pretended to be impartial for some years.

The schools appear to be a lost cause and have run so far off the rails I would expect a backlash to occur at some point. Not even our local hippies could be expected to justify the actions at most universities, so they tend to ignore them.

The real tragedy is the fact that internet chokepoints have thrown in with the Green Libertarians. Given the tendency towards monopoly or oligopoly with websites and services, it's rather criminal that Google/Youtube, Go Daddy, Amazon, Patreon (small, but something of a single source for it's service), Facebook, etc. have all thrown in with the Left. It's as if ATT dropped customers based on political beliefs.

Bill Tozer

And now, a Lefty’s take on the Great Divide: Time to lay dirty

“We very narrowly avoided having a break-up-California initiative on the ballot in 2016, which was pretty transparently designed to give statehood to Silicon Valley so that they wouldn’t have to support the rest of the state. So I kind of sat down and drew seven state maps that would have voted overwhelmingly for Clinton. Unless we want to be fighting at a disadvantage for the U.S. Senate for the next 20 or 30 years, we’ve got to get creative. And California is just this invitation to mischief. We could have 14 senators out of California rather than two.”

Bill Tozer

“Not even our local hippies could be expected to justify the actions at most universities, so they tend to ignore them.” ——Scenes

“The 1960s counter-culture liberal protestor who just wanted free weed and an end to the war in Vietnam has been replaced by a man who hunts down Steve Scalise and tries to kill him at baseball practice. The Left is not playing games.......
....Because Democrats are saying it—and not just some hippie chick with armpit hair at a vegan rally.”

Yep Scenes, I have come to the realization that the unified chorus of crickets from our Leftty At Heart commentators here when moi or Dr. Rebane or the evil Don B and Todd, or you post what is happening on the college campuses (and now nursery school through K-12 education) is because it is just an inconvient truth happening off in some other place....not here in the center of their universe, aka, Quainty Township. They choose to look away rather than defend, decry, justify, rationalize, or even talk about it. Silence is golden, duct tape is silver. Nothing to see here.

I was tempted to cease wasting time posting what is happening not that far from the Foothills because the Left’s former true defenders of civil liberties (coupled with their historical extreme distrust, suspicion, and opposition to government busting its britches at the seams) now seem like throwbacks from a different era. Where are the old hippies who clung to defense of rights, Liberty, and....”Give me liberty or give me death.” Heck, guess the only one still around is the aging Alan Dershowitz who is rapidly losing the strength to fight like he used to.

Old hippies still just want free pot and the end of war, I reckon. They really don’t belong in our new era. And to tell ya the truth, neither do I.

George Rebane

BillT 836am - We "really don't belong in our new era." Is that new era or new area? There are tens of millions of us who don't want anything to do with the new era of the Left. Yet we exist and still lead productive lives, and would not hesitate to form a redesigned USA - the new area - that again conforms to the better angels of our Founders legacy. Are we to remain the unwilling and unrepresented captives of the growing hordes of grabbers and gimmes that our education system is pumping out annually.


My bad.
Yup,, it has my vote.

Will the true blue Lefties skedaddle to more nutty grounds?


"Is that new era or new area?"

For now, a person could always go back in time merely by moving residences. The states do differ pretty radically in some ways.

Personally, I think that Trump is missing a real bet in his ICE enforcement. By simply radically amping up border patrol and fed policing on illegals everywhere *but* California, you could cause some interesting side effects. At that point, you could either decide to make California part of a looser-knit federation (with border controls between it and the 49 states), or wander in and police a place where the aliens have nicely concentrated themselves. In any case, it would be interesting to watch.

Perhaps it could be done in a more above board fashion. Disarm California citizens completely and embrace 'undocumented workers', a kind of 'Guns for Mexicans' plan. I'm not sure what the exchange rate would be.


Wow Scenes,, never thought you one to experiment with drugs...Uh, Have any left?

Bill Tozer

Update: The Union column, The Golden State, and The Crystal Ball.

Well, it’s all left and no other option. It’s how it’s going to be and there ain’t nothing anyone can do about it. Might as well jump in the Lefty waters will both feet.. The future is written in stone, the die is cast.

If you, the reader, have the stomach to read this article reposted by Twitter’s Jack Dorsey below, then there is absolutely no need to read the Union’s column by Darrel Berkheimer...a very light read in comparison, but cut from the same talking points.

Dorsey kicked off the week, posting “The Great Lesson of California in America’s New Civil War.” The article described how California became a one-party state and said “there’s no way that a bipartisan path provides the way forward” for the United States. There’s only one way, going left.”

....And all the pleased residents of CA lived happily ever after as they led the rest of the nation down the skipping down the merry Yellow Brick Road of Destiny.


Hey, I like that Darrel Berkheimer article. It reads like a purely rational argument written by a completely unbiased man.

Given the Green Libertarian success in California, income equality, healthcare for all, clean streets in San Francisco, the rest of the country should benefit from a bit of the same treatment. It'll be a veritable poopageddon as SF values move into flyover country.

re: Walt@3:55PM

No drugs needed, I'm just trying to have a positive input on the problem. It seems simple enough to me, California wants unlimited illegal aliens, most of the rest of the country doesn't. It's a win-win.

Bill Tozer

“It'll be a veritable poopageddon as SF values move into flyover country”——Scences from the Poopageddon.

Hmm. Poopageddon. Much easier to spell than Scenes from the Apocalypse. Some left more than their heart in San Fransisco.. And now, coming to a sidewalk near you!


Maybe the 'poopalypse' is a better term.

The endgame of a wealthy and thoroughly Democratic area:

Hey, I know!! It's Reagan's fault!


Congrats to The Union for the awards given in the category of dailys with a circulation of 15,000 or less.

Perhaps they should be bumped up into categories above 60k... their "poll" about banning AR-15's is over 30k at the moment, and I'd expect less than half of their readers would actually respond to an online poll like that.

The longer the "poll" charade is maintained, the less credible The Union will be on firearm matters.

Marillyn Lock-Heed

‘’’Here's one to frost the external plumbing of certain alt-Left extremists hereabouts’’’,,,

,,,a bit gratuitous don’t you think???

,,,just depends on your narrative I guess,,,


re: Gregory@10:46AM

They appear to have a new poll. I was off for my daily voting and it had changed.

It's probably time for a new one.


yes x

Bill Tozer

Crabbman, Calexit, and the Union.

Let’s see if I can tie all this together. Congrats to the Union for continuing to publish the only reason I subscribe to the paper....the police blotter.

Noticed Crabbman got some honorable mention for drawing something for the Union. I also remember Crabbman said on this site that Robert E. Lee was a traitor. Period. Ok. So, does that make those who support Calexit traitors? Of course it does. Traitors to the Union for which she stands.....indivisible. Treason. Death by firing squad . Besides, even if they parted ways with the USA, they will never ever be happy.

rl crabb

Well, Bobby Lee was fighting to keep slavery...Oops! I mean state's rights. (Wink!) In that case, you should be cheering, Billy.

Todd Juvinall

BillT, yes I agree the calexit pushers should be treated just like Robert E. Lee and the South in the Civil War. But liberals can't see the sameness at all.


Rasmussen daily poll has Trump at 51% (+3).

Marillyn Lock-Heed

,,,the latest Syrian target practice was nothing more than an a '''wag the dog''' attempt to control the news cycle,,,and show off some '''par force this sucka''' air superiority

it was probably a meth lab in the desert

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