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16 April 2018


jon smith

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! What was mission? What did we accomplish?
I'm waiting for "Great job Brownie."

George Rebane

jons 233pm - For once, Mr smith, I totally agree with you. Miracle of miracles?

Robert Cross

In the "we ain't no grifters and besides it's taxpayer dollars anyway" category; It seems that Scott Pruitt broke the law by building a $43K sound proof phone booth in his office without getting congressional approval. This according to the GAO. Any idea what is Scott afraid someone is going to hear, maybe backroom deals with his oil buddies?



I could be wrong, but this is what I think the message was for Assad. You are defenseless; we can turn your bedroom into a pile of rubble just like your research institute. As I recall, it was a missile through the palace bedroom window that got Gaddafi's attention in Libia. Next time there will be no warming, and it will come in the middle of the night when you are least expecting it. Your Russian defense systems in no match for our smart weapons.

Todd Juvinall

Did mission accomplished? Who are we to say it wasn't? They blew a few buildings up and if that was the mission, they then accomplished it.

Regarding Pruitt. He ans his family get a lot of death threats from the eco-warriors and global warming loons. And with all the leaks going on in the EPA with those "deep state" employees, I think his soundproof bubble is just fine. Maxwell Smart had the use of one so why not Scott?

Paul Emery


Different polls have different methods. That's why the RCP consensus poll is the most reliable overall look at public opinion. They were one point off in the Presidential general election polls in Nov 06. They called for Clinton 3.2. It ended up being Clinton 2.1, only 1.1 points off. Rasmussen uses likely voters most of the rest use registered voters (rv-lv). not sure what "A" means Gregory. Perhaps you could help me with that.
Any RCP was right on the number in '16.

Interesting to note that all polls in the final '96 were LV's


jon smith

Do you truly think this wasn't a coordinated spoof? No one was home at the secret poison plants? Not even a single security guard? No poison escaped from the facility? It was cleaned out. No missiles defenses deployed? Call me naive, but I'm not stupid. International eyewash, nothing more.

Paul Emery

that's Nov '16

Don Bessee

As if we didn't know already -

“The idea of ‘domination’ seemed as much a half-serious, half-joking fantasy as a hard-set mission,” declared Losse, who added that eventually, “the idea of domination started to become plausible.”
“My worry began to deepen when, around this time, Zuckerberg began using the language of states to talk about Facebook’s burgeoning power,” Losse proclaimed.
According to the former speechwriter, Zuckerberg started to use slogans such as, “Companies over countries,” and would tell employees, “If you want to change the world, the best thing to do is to build a company.”



Marillyn Lock-Heed

,,,robert,,,, maybe little scotty pruitt saw too many GET SMART TV shows,,,

Marillyn Lock-Heed

,,,in the '''what is trumpski hiding''' department,,,trumpski is walking back nikki haley's proposed sanctions,,,

,,,still dreaming about that moscow hotel trumpski???

Todd Juvinall

jon smith | 16 April 2018 at 03:49 PM

Where did you get that info?


A nice example of modern political activism.


jon smith

TJ 4:42-
Give me a body count. I can't recall when a body count isn't soon released after any kind of public raid. As of now, official body count is a big fat goose egg after 3 disparate bombings that included over 120 missiles. If there have been casualties announced, I simply missed that in the news, and it is my bad.

If there had been a single person on the scene, I'm pretty sure we would have heard about it by now. From my perspective, it looks to have been pre-planned with all personnel evacuated and any poison gas receptacles removed in advance. Just a sneaking hunch.


"it looks to have been pre-planned with all personnel evacuated and any poison gas receptacles removed in advance."

What exactly would be the point in killing personnel and/or throwing a bunch of poison gas up in the air?

Bill Tozer

little buddy Smith is probably right. The Syrians were moving their hardware to Russian bases and missles flew right over Russian heads to hit the targets. An attack on the Russian fleet or a Russian base or a group of Russians could be an act of war. Pearl Harbor, Fort Sumner stuff.
Missile strike, not a air strike (to ‘splain it to MSM and the far left pay TV cable outlets). Words and term conjure up images. Kinda important to be more precise, as in precision Missle strike. Sure, there might have been an air strike out in the sifting sand. Good target, the lab braincenter and R&D Center. The lab and building can be replaced, but never my favorite microscope. I loved that thing. They don’t make them anymore.

Was it last April we Swiss cheesed a runway that was up and running two hours later, as Punchy has often mocked?. Well, that was strike one.
What threat to our homeland does Syria pose to our nation that we would ATTACK them? Well, that is Strike 2.
I am only counting to 3. Dodged the war bullet and got 2 out of the 5 Pernament Members of the UN Security Council on board.

Or, maybe it was Wag the Dog. Maybe, maybe not. :)



Well, this explains it.


jon smith

scenes 5:34
"What exactly would be the point in killing personnel and/or throwing a bunch of poison gas up in the air?"
The point is obvious, because no one got killed and no toxins were released.

Three HIGH VALUE targets destroyed and not a single casualty? Those targets were also high value to Syrian rebels and you can believe they were hardened to some degree and protected by defensive troops inside and out. Until a few hours before we destroyed them.

What was the mission? To save face.
What was accomplished? Nothing particularly strategic, but to those with blinders it looked like we accomplished something. Still waiting to hear what.

Todd Juvinall

jon smith | 16 April 2018 at 05:17 PM

Just as I thought, you made it up. Thanks for confirming. You and Jim Comey cut from the same cloth.

Marillyn Lock-Heed

,,,the 3 Stooges,,,,trumpski,,,,trumpski lapdog hannity,,,and fellow Playboy bunny humper and convicted Republican briber elliot broidy,,,

,,,,slimeball lawyer cohen’s only clients,,,

Marillyn Lock-Heed

,,,Comey,,,Rosenstein,,,Mueller,,,all Republicans,,,

,,,all thrown under the bus by trumpet meatheads,,,

,,,and trump whisperer Hannnity!!!

,,,,total douche!!!

Bill Tozer

Talk about a Shithole. Can’t we just level the hellhole or something? Who wants take open sewer to be part of our new state? Anybody? Anybody want Frisco to be associated with Northern California?


Todd Juvinall

Marilyn, it just proves we are nonpartisan and we want what is right. You libs go to your grave defending your scofflaws and even promote them. We have the high groun=d bub.

Todd Juvinall

Anyone else read the little vignette in today's Union about the prison riots on South Carolina? Apparently, the inmates used their cell phones to spread the riot. I was wondering how they are allowed a cellphone? Amazing.

Todd Juvinall

BillT go over and read this stuff.


Marillyn Lock-Heed

,,,todd,,,total race baiter,,,sounds about right,,,oh my she has slanty eyes!!!

what an ass!!!

Paul Emery

Yeah Marilyn, Trump is toxic for sure. He has no friends, a wife that has to put up with daily humiliations as almost daily there is a new trump romp reported, the latest being a love child with kitchen help and Stormy and her lawyer out witting him at every turn.

It's just a matter of time before the repubs jump ship. I guess that will likely be after the midterms. Here's an example of how bad things look. In Arizona 8th District Special Election - Lesko vs. Tipirneni, the Dem os up by 1 in the Emerson Poll in a district that Trump carried by more than 20 points last election.



Doug Keachie/Marilyn Lock-Heed

Your ellipses are using commas ,,, rather than decimal points ...

You might want to find the point key... it's probably just to the right of the key you keep using. I realize looking to the right might be difficult for you but give it a try.

Todd Juvinall

Trump is foing just fine Paul Emery. He is at 50% and climbing in the approval zone. The R's will hold the House and the Senate and probably gain seats.


Punchy 345pm

I saw this yesterday but when I sat down to respond, typepad was belly up.

"Different polls have different methods"

No Shite, Sherlock.

"That's why the RCP consensus poll is the most reliable overall look at public opinion"

Not really. The RCP is all the numbers put into a blender which doesn't get poured out very often.

"They were one point off in the Presidential general election polls in Nov 06. They called for Clinton 3.2. It ended up being Clinton 2.1, only 1.1 points off. Rasmussen uses likely voters most of the rest use registered voters (rv-lv). not sure what "A" means Gregory. Perhaps you could help me with that."

I already did, Paul, but I'll repeat myself: "A" means "All". At least RV means that if a sample is entirely Democratic Party registrants, they claim to be citizens with voting rights.

"Any [sic] RCP was right on the number in '16. Interesting to note that all polls in the final '96 were LV's"

Yes, it is. You see Paul, polling organizations want their final numbers in a campaign up to an election to match reasonably well with the reality of the election results, so in the final weeks and days, they tighten up their standards for tallying opinions, and compensating a bit for oversampling and undersampling of voting groups. By the last days of an election, all polls are on their best behavior... even the ones who are paid toadies for their guy or gal.

Right now, NONE of the polls included in the Presidential Approval blended number are Likely Voter polls, save Rasmussen, and your insistence on claiming the blended number is the cat's PJs gold standard for polling is misguided at best BECAUSE only one of the polls is apparently trying to adjust for the mix one would get in an Election and that poll is the one you are throwing out as an outlier.

Think, Paul, think. Why is that?

Sometimes the truth is the outlier. There are a few polling orgs I tend to believe. Rasmussen is one, Pew is another, Gallup isn't bad, but an opinion poll surveying All people (as their current polling of presidential approval is) needs to be taken with some very large grains of rock salt.

jon smith

Two faced Gorsuch should be jailed!
Tomorrow's tweet today.


js 1019am

Two faced? Goresuch?

He's a Jeffersonian textualist, not a doctrinaire Republican. I found his opinion to be reasonable.

jon smith


Tell that to Trump. He's a good listener.

Todd Juvinall

Gorsuch? Naw, he is fine. Ginsburg and Kagan need to go. And Breyer is the biggest liar. Appointed by GHW and then when seated becomes the biggest liar on the planet.Liberals are so phony.


Todd, the "wise latina" Sotomayor has been in lockstep with Ginsberg and Kagan, has been identified as the hardest Left justice on the bench and in the top three of all time.

Kagan will probably outlive you, Todd. She was born in '60 and has no health issues I'm aware of. Sotomayor is 63 and has lived with type 1 Diabetes since she was seven, so, you have half a chance of outliving her.

Sotomayor fell and broke her shoulder yesterday at home. Not sure if it's her left wing or her right wing that is in a sling today.

I suspect, in hindsight, Ginsberg is wishing she had resigned in the summer of 2015. Perhaps Garland wishes it, too, though Garland, a Democrat, probably would have too moderate for left-liberals among Dem senators as a replacement for Ginsberg who is now probably close to her pull date. Another two years?

Paul Emery

RCP was right on the money on Nov 6. What has changed that would make them wrong today.


punchy, 1130am

I anticipated that question, Punchy. I'LL REPEAT THE ANSWER FOR YOU, LOUDER THIS TIME:


At this time, only Rasmussen reports their Presidential Approval poll is of LIKELY VOTERS.


Bill Tozer

I am a day late and a dollar short. RIP gunny. Semper Fidelis, Ooh Ra.


The resistance strikes back.



Toes, here's a clip from Full Metal Jacket that was the introduction for most of us of "Gunny" R. Lee Ermey


major snowflake warning!!!

Bill Tozer

@12:21 pm

You are correct, sir. Gallup as well as most of the rest poll all voters, registered voters, or folks that say they are R’s, D’s, or Independents this far out before switching to likely voters in the waning days (month or less) before the election....with the exception of Rasmussen.


Who was Alexander Graham Belloski? The first telephone pole as well as the inventor of the first telephone poll.

Paul Emery

I got that when you first posted it Gregory. Let me ask you this. Do you believe Trump is a popular President? According to you Rasmussen is the only poll that shows Trump reasonably breaking even so all the others must me wrong. I understand your point but there is other evidence that Trump is in the pits such as my citation of the Arizona special election which shows a Democrat sunning close to a Republican in a district that went 20 points for Trump in the last election. The Repubs are pooping their pants about that and having to spend much money on what was considered a sure thing. Sure things also crashed for the Pubsters in Alabama and Penn. We've been through that before so no need to dwell.


Libs ALWAYS ignore the law of unintended consequences.( even when well warned)
Thanks Pigglet.
Same thing happened with the NRA Membership WAY up,, donations WAY up.
The only one getting burned are butthurt Proggys, and the advertisers who got bullied into yanking their ads. (Delta, the biggest loser)
When will Lefties ever learn? ( this coming election? You clowns are great at counting ballots long before they are cast.)
All is not lost,(yet) Proggys might have their young'ns out "inspecting" mailboxes for forgotten ballots..(EVERY residence gets one.. What could possibly go wrong?) Just to help them find their way back to the ballot box.


punchy 210pm

If you got that the first time, Paul, why the hell did you challenge me with "what changed?, indicating to me you slept through my prior post.

I've every reason to believe Trump is recently hovering in the high 40% range, from maybe 46% to 51%, among likely voters. That's LV in the RCP parlance.

While I don't particularly care for Trump, the schadenfreude I get from observing the seething set who can't see straight through the fog of their hate is often delightful.

How does the song go?
"Schadenfreude Goetterfunken,
Tochter aus Elysium.
Wir betreten, Feuertrunken, Himmlische dein Heiligtum..."


I also have every reason to think that the average "progressive" DEM absolutely hates Trump, including the mindless haters who challenged everyone here who didn't believe Trump should be hounded from office and thrown in jail for being a traitor, collaborating with Putin to throw the election, as traitors themselves.

Incredible how single minded hate has taken over the party of enlightenment.

When a Republican with the baggage carried by the Alamaba senate candidate runs against a reasonable Dem, no one should be surprised with a loss. And they guy who won the special election in Penn. would be a GOP candidate in Taxachusetts. Maybe even California, compared to the last three winners here.

Paul Emery


What criteria do pollsters use in determining someone is a likely voter?

Bill Tozer

@ 2:37 pm. Oh my, they just get more and more crazy. I did not think that could be possible.
Trump is an unpopular Prez? Really? You don’t say, duh.
Kermit the Frog could have beaten Roy Moore. In fact, Jones said we should all slow down on this anti-gun crusade and think where it is heading, ie, almost warning that the same people who said we can keep our doctors are saying we can keep our guns. A pro life Democrat (is there such a thing allowed in the Big Tent Party?) won in PA.

Local congressional candidates win or lose on their appeal to the local voters and local issues, not merely who the Speaker of the House or President is. There is such a thing as coattails, but it ain’t the only thing.

As of today, I would give the Blue Wave better than a 50% chance of winning back the House. The pendulum is in constant motion and swings both ways. The only constant in life in change. With that said, there are not a lot of R congressional candidates who are running from Trump, but a hell of a lot D’s in swing states that are begging the D leadership to stay the gluck away. Only need a shift of 23 out of...what, something like 435 seats. That is doable for the Dems. A 60 member swing is even double at this moment in time. The Senate? Not likely.

If the Dems win the House, they will start impeachment proceedings. Draw up some charges with 50% plus one vote and send it for trail in the Senate, which requires 2/3 to convict. Ain’t ever going to happen. But, who cares. The Leftist have been foaming at the mouth to get revenge for impeaching Bubba for a long time. They can almost taste it now.

I love it when the Leftists get their juices flowing and start making pronouncements of massive sweeping victories, sweeping the land and finally total annihilation of the R’s to the point they will never rise out of the dust again. Thy have already begun to tell us exactly how it is going to be, the mass extinction of not only the R’s, but of the right and especially those conservatives. Get those dreams soaring ever higher and higher. The bigger they are, the harder they fall. Warms the cockles of me weary heart.

See, the Lefties alway forget the advice of Walter Winchell:

“It pays to be nice to the people you meet on the way up, for they are the same people you meet on the way down.”

It is a weird quirk of human nature (especially of the extreme far left as well as stock market watchers) that when things are going badly, they always make it out to be worse than things actually are. And when things are goong good, they think it will always be that way forever.

What goes up, must come down, usually at a faster speed in descent. Watch out below, the Blue Wave is coming!


Don Bessee

Here ya go ya po' ol' pollhead -



Don Bessee

Well Tom Brady is a dead ringer for the sketch and I know he was tight with the president I am sure he was not doing enforcer work for him. Perhaps ol' stripper stormy was just having a po' ol' fakenewsman like fantasy!




@ Paul's 3:00,,, They answered the phone. DAMN Paul,, forget again so soon? I TOLD YOU just the other week I got polled. YES by a PHONE CALL. Question #1. " Are you likely to vote?"
"criteria" enough for you?

Robert Cross

In the "do what you are told, boy, or we release the piss tapes" category..trump tricked everyone, even those in his own party, by reversing his decision to place new sanctions on Russia. Nikki Haley had said when asked whether Assad’s patrons will see any consequences in the wake of a horrific chemical weapons attack in Syria, “And they will go directly to any sort of companies that were dealing with equipment related to Assad and chemical weapons used.” In other words, the sanctions would on on corporations that sold chemical weapons related products to Syria. Now, oops!! No sanctions!! After the Kremlin denounced the sanctions as “international economic raiding,” trump changed his mind because, according to Haley,"he was not yet comfortable” with executing them as yet. He will probably get comfortable only after his Ruskie buddies dump their stock or never. Didn't Mueller say the Ruskies could have information that would allow them to blackmail trump? Connect the dots is the new game in town.

Don Bessee

The gross ignorance of the cross one keeps shining on. Notice how much of that is a recycle on the last sanctions he said were not going to happen then miraculously the russians got hammered.



RCross sez:

"Didn't Mueller say the Ruskies could have information that would allow them to blackmail trump? "

Come on, be logical about this. I'd say that there's a near certainty that all sides have enough on each other to cause a form of intelligence MAD at any time. Putin's bank accounts, Big Bill's trips to the Island of Young Girls, a few decades of sketchy payoffs in New York by the Trump organization, GRU interviews with the guys kneeling before Saint Obama at Man's Country in Chicago, Russian oligarch financial doings, Miss Hillary's influence peddling complete with audio tapes.

I know it's tough, but I wouldn't get so excited about the mere thought of some Trump info release. If anything, we all need to get more forgiving about the chicanery of our lords and masters. There'll be a boatload of private information sleazing into the mainstream from here on, including perhaps your own.

Bill Tozer

They just keep getting crazier and crazier.

“Women are dying because we are losing elections.” —DNC Deputy Chief Keith Ellison

“People will rot in hell for besmirching the reputation, the integrity and the professional history of [Comey and Mueller].” —Rep. Jim Himes (D-CT)

“I’m so furious I can barely write this email. President Trump is inches away from firing Robert Mueller and derailing the entire Russia investigation. … I need a MASSIVE 24-hour fundraising surge to send [Republicans] a powerful message: If they let Trump fire Mueller, we’ll kick each and EVERY one of them out of office.” —a Nancy Pelosi fundraising email deceptively titled, “Mueller FIRED”

Don Bessee

While team lefty is spewing its vomitus rhetoric we are getting some s%^t done in the real world -

WASHINGTON/PALM BEACH, Fla. (Reuters) - U.S. Secretary of State nominee and CIA Director Mike Pompeo made a secret visit to North Korea over the Easter weekend and met with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, a senior U.S. official said on Tuesday.


A peace treaty between the North and the South under discussion!?!?! You could have gotten better odds on that happening than Trump winning!


Bill Tozer

Ah, the new history textbooks are out.

—The textbook concludes that Trump’s political positions and views are “not-very-hidden racism.”

Don Bessee

The end of the wonton technology transfers under team 0 -



Bill Tozer

Religious wars


Article VI of the U.S. Constitution provides, “No religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office of public Trust under the United States.”

“This is essentially imposing a religious test on officers of the United States, something explicitly forbidden by Article VI of the Constitution,” added Eastman....

Bill Tozer

Scary tee shirt sez...”I will control my guns, You control your kids”

“I cannot believe how the media has convinced so many people that guns are scary,” he told the website. “This lady was having a literal panic attack.”

He added, “I love my shirt. I’ll probably order more just so I can wear them every day I’m off of work.”



punchy 300pm

"What criteria do pollsters use in determining someone is a likely voter?"

Why are you asking me, Paul? Isn't it bloody well enough that all polls used by the RCP aggregation switched to LV before the '16 election and as a result, they came real close to reality?

Paul Emery

Sorry Don

Washington (CNN)President Donald Trump told Colorado Republican Sen. Cory Gardner that the President will support efforts to protect states' that have legalized marijuana, according to a statement from Gardner released Friday.

"Late Wednesday, I received a commitment from the President that the Department of Justice's rescission of the Cole memo will not impact Colorado's legal marijuana industry," Gardner said in a statement. "Furthermore, President Trump has assured me that he will support a federalism-based legislative solution to fix this states' rights issue once and for all."




You dodged my 1013pm.

Bill Tozer

1). Odd that @ 10:49 pm would suddenly out of the blue believe Trump after posting hundreds of times that Trump is a LIAR, LIAR, LIAR,. Can’t believe anything he says, The Liar-in-Chief, right? But, pot is different, I reckon.
Oh no, Trump is going to send the Feds to arrest every grower in them thar hills who are just trying to provide for their families! What about States rights? The sky is falling. Trump is a liar. And you guys call yourselves conservatives.

2). In other news concerning the passing of Barbara Bush, I am so glad I will never meet this woman. It’s who they are, through and through.

Jarrar continued, writing: "PSA: either you are against these pieces of shit and their genocidal ways or you're part of the problem. that's actually how simple this is. I'm happy the witch is dead. can't wait for the rest of her family to fall to their demise the way 1.5 million iraqis have. byyyeeeeeeee."

sweetie i work as a tenured professor. I make 100K a year doing that. i will never be fired. i will always have people wanting to hear what i have to say. even you are one of them! <3 https://t.co/AMx9onyMD9

— Randa Jarrar (@randajarrar) April 18, 2018


Marillyn Lock-Heed

yesseriiieee bill,,,gotta love that free speech,,,dint know that fresno was such a hotbed of political activism!!!!


Your kind of teacher, Keach?


re: [email protected]:48AM

Nothing to see, move along.


I wonder what Victor Hanson thinks of his ex-coworkers.

It's worth considering whether public university liberal arts is savable. These articles are scarcely worth posting given how much craziness there is. There may be a bit of economic pressure to rid schools of non-academic subjects, I can't imagine too many students are happy with their Latina Studies degree in terms of student loans.

The Green Libertarians aren't going to justify behavior at universities, so it makes for a poor subject for argument. It's the kind of millstone hung 'round their neck that the KKK is for the Right. Of course, there's a multitude of insane college professors being paid from the public till for proper indoctrination of the young while the KKK makes up a couple of thousand marginalized poor people.

Marillyn Lock-Heed

,,,oh dear,,,roger stone on babs bush,,,such disrespect from a trumper!!!


Marillyn Lock-Heed

,,,the rich are loving their trumper tax breaks!!!


Marillyn Lock-Heed

,,,trumpksi has lost all credibility!!! from nikki haley fiasco,,,comey comments,,,stormy,,,

trumpski is an immature old man,,,concerned about '''hand size''' ,,, obsessed with large breasts,,, makes shit up all the time,,, a 13 year old stuck in a 70 year old body,

wasnt there a movie with a similar plot,,,Bigly???!!!!



This is genius:


More school news:

"Clegg faces impeachment charges related to threats he made to de-fund the school newspaper following the publication of a controversial column on whiteness called “Your DNA is an abomination.”"

and to keep Paul interested.



more on the abomination DNA:



and just to show that nothing is sacred anymore:


Paul Emery


RE your 11:58

I already noted that. I used the comparison to the 2016 presidential poll to verify the veracity of the consensus process RCP uses. This is a job approval poll in a non election year. There is no election happening that they may "likely" vote on at this time. Sorry you're confused. Hope I helped you out.

Bill Tozer

Well, now the sudden interest in polling techniques and metrology yesterday makes sense. If the Left does not like the results, attack the messenger.

“It is not just television pundits who mock Rasmussen's divergent results. Coombs recalled that Lanny Davis, a longtime friend of Bill and Hillary Clinton, sent him a nasty email three days before the 2016 election asking if Rasmussen was going to apologize for getting the race so wrong and skewing the RealClearPolitics average.

"We have not heard a word from Lanny ever since Trump was elected and we were proven right," he said.

Coombs said Rasmussen conducts polls more or less the same way it did when Barack Obama was president, except for adding more cellphone users.

"In many instances, we had Obama, his favorables, higher than some of the other pollsters did," he said. "And, of course, they didn't complain about that."


Speaking of Lanny Davis, he will always first, foremost, and forever be a FOB at heart and, by default, a Friend of Hillary.
Marilyn will love this and agree wholeheartedly. He called him a narcissist and a liar!



Todd Juvinall

Just like all liberals, Paul Emery cites poll after poll to deride Trump but when the worm turns against him he is now an expert in why that doesn't matter. You cannot make that stuff up.

Paul Emery


Also note that the Rasmussen poll shows only 33% "strongly approve" of Trumps job performance which is the likely size of his shrill right base of supporters and is pretty dismal.

Paul Emery

Sorry you're having trouble following the conversationn Todd. Easier for you to talk about your infatuation with Melania and how you'e like to date her.

Bill Tozer

Well, I knew that somehow Meuller and the unhinged Leftynistas would find a way to tie Stormy into the Russian Collusion narrative. I did not know how, but I knew they would try. A no brainer.



"I already noted that." -- Punchy

How is "What criteria do pollsters use in determining someone is a likely voter?" 'already noted that' in my challenge of why are you asking me how they determine it?

It's a job approval poll in a non election year (except it is... for all of the House and a third of the Senate) ... of people who are likely voters in the next election, and the election after that. People who vote. If they're young without a track record of voting/not voting, they could ask "are you looking forward to voting in November?". It's polling, not Rocket Science.

Sorry you're confused. Hope I helped you out.


LIBS still trying to get that indoctrination going.
"“The Angry Election of 2016,” describes Trump supporters as “mostly older, often rural or suburban, and overwhelmingly white.” It also calls Trump supporters from Hillary Clinton supporters’ perspective “people who were afraid of a rapidly developing ethnic diversity of the country, discomfort with their candidate’s gender, and nostalgia for an earlier time in the nation’s history.”

Todd Juvinall

Just made a comment on the Black Lives Matter article in the Union. Honest to goodness these people are nuts.

Todd Juvinall

Paul Emery | 18 April 2018 at 09:05 AM

Why thanks but I don't date married women even though they want to. That Melania is a beauty and Trump is a stud. And you are not.

Paul Emery

Thanks Gregory

Non election year for President that's why it is an unnecessary filter for a job approval poll. The current Rasmussen is not a voter preference poll. That comes later.

Thats what we do Gregory. We help each other out.

Todd Juvinall

Trump's numbers are better than Obama's at the same time.

Paul Emery

In what poll Todd?


punchy 936am

A job approval poll of people who are likely to vote in Trump's first midterm, widely seen as a referendum on... Trump. Even by you.

You're welcome, Paul. Always happy to rub your nose in it.


that should have read punchy 932am

jon smith

Todd 9:29
“I don’t date married women”

But it’s ok to cheat on married women if they happen to be married to you?
“The party of family values is proud of you.”

Bill Tozer

Keeping moving the goalposts there. Gone from approval ratings....don’t like the results, then make it strong approval. Nothing wrong with making lemonade out of lemons.

The pollster I watch is Pat Caddell. He follows sentiment. I remember 3 weeks out he was saying that the anger at Washington has not gone anywhere, but is not showing up in the polls. That anger in a nutshell was simple, yet behind the reason we have a President Trump instead of a president Hillary Clinton: A goodly percentage of the American people feel the country is moving in the wrong direction and for the first time in his polling experience, the growing belief that the voters will leave the country worse off for their children than they were handed to by their parents. That belief has always been shared by a small minority, but grew in 2012, 2014, 2015, and by July of 2016 it reached heights that we (he) have never seen before, including the Great Depression. In effect, the American Dream was dead to a growing percentage of the electorate. Unheard of as each generation felt it was their duty to pass off a better America to the next generation.

More than three weeks out and that sentiment was not showing up in the national polling, albeit it was surfacing in some states. Pat was scratching his head. Three weeks out and it was a done deal according to all the other polls. Over.
The Huff-n-Puff Post gave Trump a 7% chance of winning, or was that 3% or was that the NYT? 5-38 was crucified as a heretic for giving Trump a 29% chance and three weeks out, the Hillary Campaign stopped polling. Just waiting for the fat lady to sing. Then, the sentiment started showing up Cadell’s polling as movement and Trump knew he had Michigan, but the polling gurus did not have a clue. In fact they mocked and ridiculed Trump for even campaigning in Michigan, lol. What is he thinking, he does not have a clue that it’s a waste of time! How naive can he be? Yeah, tell it to the hand.

Comey did not cause Hillary to lose. All Comey did was to get those off the fence and make their already pre-determined decision sooner than holding back until the last second. The sentiment of America moving in the wrong direction, nay, that America is in decline did not go anywhere, Coney or no Comey. He just solidified that sentiment.

33% strongly approve is within the margin of error of that steady line of 36-42% Trump approval rate which is a constant. That is all he needed in 2016.


More on Pat. Pat likes to quote his former foe, the former Democrat Ronald Reagen,
“ I did not leave the Democrat Party, the Democrat Party left me.”—R. Reagen and P Caddell.

Keep you nose buried in those polls. I look at sentiment, those long simmering feelings that build for years.

Paul Emery


trump down 15.6 Favorable/Unfavorable RCP consensus poll


Bill Tozer

That’s all we need. Holding steady as she goes

Todd Juvinall

jon smith | 18 April 2018 at 10:56 AM
Your transgenderist medicines are affecting your brain.

Paul Emery, Rassmussen has Trump even.

Bill Tozer

Ok, bury your nose in the polls 6 and half months out and before the primaries. By all means, enjoy yourself and have at it. Whatever it takes to get your jollies off. I will look at the polls 3 weeks out, or sometime after labor day. It’s always seems intelligentally lazy to report polls instead of news or ideas, IMHO. But, you got to work with what you got, I suppose.


Bill Tozer

I give up. You guys win.



More prove of TDS
"Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman of New York is moving to change New York state law so that he and other local prosecutors would have the power to bring criminal charges against aides to President Trump who have been pardoned "
Taking a page out of Calif.'s playbook.

Just pass a law, and Constitutional powers are gone. Good luck with that.


re: BillT

I think this explains a lot.


Don Bessee

These are the people who decide what comes up on searches -

A document brought to light by James Damore’s class-action lawsuit against Google and drafted by the company’s HR department instructing managers at the company on how to be “inclusive” cautioned managers against rewarding employees for traits “valued by the U.S. white/male dominant culture”, including individual achievement, and meritocracy.




re: [email protected]:07PM

lol. Thanks. You made my day. That is pure gold.

You know, they really are crazy. Arguing about Stormy Whatsherface or poll methodology is an enormous waste of time and rarely produces anything amusing.

Don Bessee

Here is one for the po' ol' pollhead, will this have an impact on the upcoming primary?

About 24 percent of the survey’s participants said it’s “very important” for the U.S. to increase deportations of undocumented immigrants, while 35 percent said it’s “somewhat important,” according to the poll. That viewpoint even held true in the Bay Area, where 25 percent of those surveyed said increasing deportations is very important and 35 percent said it’s somewhat important.



George Rebane

DonB 207pm - Google is spot on about such rewards reflecting the "US white/male dominant culture." Having said that, if Google is stupid enough to implement that in their workforce, they will put the reward structure of the former USSR into a good light, and then it will be time to sell Google short - we'll make a mint.

Paul Emery

More news to give the Repubs Trump burn. Cruz is only up by 3 in the Texas Senate race. That makes it a State in play for the Fall.


George Rebane

PaulE 249pm - By what logic do you deduce that public sentiment about anything, let alone a politician, is monotonic in its behavior - once Cruz has started going down, he'll only keep going down???? You drew those conclusions all throughout the 2014 and 2016 campaigns. Did the results of those elections not give you even a bit of a pause in continuing to make such pronouncements?

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