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27 April 2018



One for our techies.. It may work, but I really don't see it as practical. Actually,,, completely worthless.
There would need to be one on every corner, of every street.
And how much did we pay for this?

Paul Emery

So Trump nos is on record as saying his personal lawyer is a mobster for taking the 5th in the Stormy case.

“The mob takes the Fifth,” “The mob takes the Fifth Amendment. If you’re innocent, why are you taking the Fifth Amendment?”

Read more here: http://www.mcclatchydc.com/news/politics-government/election/article105178626.html#storylink=cpy

jon smith

For those of you on the fence about leaving California, watch this 20 second video.
As far as I'm concerned the most pressing problem in Nevada City is homelessness. If we make our town an attractive destination for the destitute, we will never be able to get a handle on it.


Paul Emery

typo "now is on record


re: Walt@2:54PM

Pretty cool really. A good product to stick on any Forward Operating Base road entrance, etc. Probably easy to automate with some kind of IFF stuff. A good idea.

re: JonSmith@4:11PM

"If we make our town an attractive destination for the destitute,"

I'm afraid that has already happened. I don't think that the current situation can be walked back.

Of course, it could always be worse.



In my shopping for towns, I've only found one so far with a no-tolerance policy.


The whole homeless thing is a great topic and a nice break from Paul's areas of interest.

Plus, it has the added spice of being local with basically no help from outside.

Hey! I know the solution! We'll have a Town Hall Meeting and then a KVMR call-in show with concerned hosts! Then we'll build a bunch of human powered million pound gypsy wagons!

Don Bessee

With everything going wrong its nice to see Nevada City has its priorities straight -

Nevada City Mayor Duane Strawser noted several constituents questioned the proposal because most of its proponents are not from Nevada City. He added that some felt it misstated facts and showed a lack of support for those serving in the military.

Council member Reinette Senum retorted that opponents of the resolution should have showed up at the council meeting.



re: DonB@6:26PM

First I've heard of it. Cool. We need more good resolutions full of good ideas.

I can't say that I see the point of federal money for homeless. Most places have homeless people, so it nets out to merely churning funds. Local homeless, local money.

I'm liking this idea. Let's say there are 50 homeless people in NC (probably more, but go with me). Maybe $50k/year apiece to give them a nice place to live, food, a little bit of spending dosh, county aid workers, training programs. 50*$50k = $2.5M. So, the 3k people in town could kick in $800/yr per person, maybe $2k per household every year.

There, that was easy.

Don Bessee

AUSTIN, Texas (Reuters) - A U.S. appeals court on Friday allowed Texas to implement a law requiring photo identification at the ballot box, reversing a lower court decision that blocked the measure on the grounds it could be discriminatory against racial minorities.
In a 2-1 decision, a panel from the New Orleans-based 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the law, which was designed as a fix for previous voter ID legislation struck down for being discriminatory.
The panel said the new legislation enacted last year had "improvements for disadvantaged minority voters," the latest chapter in a seven-year dispute over voter ID at the ballot box in Texas, the most-populous Republican-controlled state.


Don Bessee

@657- The last report on total expenditures on services showed $13.2 million (the last available report 2/17) on services for a population what they now say is 275+- in the county. Since that reported a 'czar' was hired at 150k and then you have the benefits package so its got to be at least 200k more now. You could buy them a car and a gas card so they could drive home. ;-)


I've been told that in the not too distant past, the homeless/transient problem in Nevada City was handled with a bus ticket to Auburn.

Don Bessee

@947 - Its been the other way to our lavish benefits post auburn experiment. One of the recent police chiefs said they were handing out our homeless resource guide in copy paper format.

Then you have this benefit from the growers -

"I didn't realize this was such an issue," commented Mayor Duane Strawser, adding that most cities he researched have such an ordinance. "It's unfortunate we have to look at regulation rather than musicians dealing with this themselves."
Strawser said would-be trimmers who come to town and can't find work often turn to panhandling with an instrument.



Marillyn Lock-Heed

,,,here you go scenes,,,check out the top 20 meanest cities,,,right up your alley???
Sarasota Florida sounds promising. No state taxes and no feeding the homeless.




Thanks for the help, but those are all too large. I'll probably stick with smaller towns in the western US.

Those small towns are a mixed bag of course, with varying degrees of pro-homeless thinking. I'm afraid that NC is close to jumping the shark in that arena. Like in a lot of other areas, the homeless advocates are much more politically active than the law 'n order types.

An interesting concept for dealing with the problem is what Las Vegas did. They put most of the homeless services in a fairly defined area, and then avoided running mass transit there.

If you have a bit of money, my general philosophy is that there's no point in complaining about it, but simply vote with your feet if need be. The problem is impossibly large and the solutions tend to cause more of the problem. It's easier just to change location than to change your present environment. Some Green Libertarians tend to do the same thing, but pull it off by living outside of downtowns.


from Marillyn's article-

"#5 Las Vegas, NV. ....
In order to keep homeless individuals out of future parks, the city considered
privatizing the parks, enabling owners to kick out unwanted people. "

Now *that* is clever. I wonder how they would deal with insurance issues.

Marillyn Lock-Heed

,,,who knew???


Account Deleted

Marilyn - That piece of crap from Prospect was filled with lies, name calling and one huge dose of ignoring reality.
Growing inequality? The worst state in the union for income inequality is California. And who runs the state?

Paul Emery

Don writes: " The last report on total expenditures on services showed $13.2 million on services for a population what they now say is 275 "

Are you saying those expenditures sere specifically for the homeless? Can you point me to where you found that information?


so 1000am

The prospect piece was written by Robert Reiche, now at UC Berkeley.

Back when Reiche was appearing regularly on Kudlow's CNBC program, Kudlow & Company, he told my son it was a horrible program and he shouldn't watch it. I gather Reiche cashed his checks.

George Rebane

Re homeless solutions: The People's Republic of Santa Monica go all mushy about the plight of the homeless in 1970s, and passed ordinances that made being homeless by iconic seaside SM a pleasure. The came in droves, and soon public access areas (including parking structures) were filled with urine, feces, and other filth. The tourist oriented city suffered. Brilliant idea - we'll gather them up, put 'em in vans, and take them to and dump 'em in Anaheim (Orange County). Soon Anaheim caught on and started reciprocating until cooler heads prevailed and they called of the 'transporting' of the homeless to each other. In the interval SM did away with the 'y'all come' ordinances and is having the police pick them up and take them to new and expensive shelters or jail. I guess the lesson learned is if you're going to transport them, pick more distant and more numerous destination cities so you can disperse your offal before they catch on. But then, there's no way to keep the bums from talking about being transported, so maybe the only solution is to change to an autocratic form of governance in which we're all (except the elites) equally poor and the homeless problem goes away. BTW, isn't that already Sacramento's solution?

Paul Emery


When the
County organized a town hall meeting on homeliness three or four years ago Nevada and Placer County representatives agreed that 60-70% of the homeless in those Counties were long time residents of the Counties and a high percentage of them were Veterans.

Marillyn Lock-Heed

,,,VA sec tries to keep vets homeless,,,fails


Marillyn Lock-Heed

,,,trumpski parade could feed homeless,,,


Marillyn Lock-Heed

,,,money from pubber giant pork teat to house homeless vets,,,


George Rebane

MarillynL 1052am - And your point please? Could we not do away with all of our cultural celebrations, and redirect the money toward alms for the poor and needy?

PaulE 1039am - I was only musing on Gregory's 947pm. Transportation does not work.




Disregard.. Computer gremlins.

Bill Tozer

The first ever proposed tax on water usage is making its way through the California State Assembly.



Feed homeless and you get more homeless.

Hire people to feed and care for the needs of the homeless and you get more public employees being paid far more than the homeless need were they to get the money directly.

Marillyn Lock-Heed

,,,heck of a job Brownie,,,

The story of the '''Katrina FEMA''' trailers — which Grist has assembled from Freedom of Information Act requests, interviews, and the public record — goes like this: Less than 24 hours after the New Orleans levees broke, trailer companies were in touch with local officials for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), setting up contracts to provide housing for people whose homes were destroyed in the flood. Since 80 percent of New Orleans, plus a whole lot of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama coastline, had been flooded, the need for housing was overwhelming. At the time, there were about 14,000 trailers in lots around the country, waiting to be sold; FEMA needed 120,000. It ordered nearly $2.7 billion worth of travel trailers and mobile homes from 60 different companies, and the production lines cranked into overdrive.

FEMA ultimately succeeded in deploying 140,000 trailers up and down the ravaged Gulf Coast. Then it had to start figuring out what to do with them as people began to rebuild their lives and leave them behind. The agency had planned on getting rid of the trailers by selling them, possibly even to the people who were living in them, but that was no longer an option. In July of 2007, FEMA suspended sales of the trailers to the public, and in November, it announced plans to move as many residents as possible out of the trailers — partly, a FEMA spokesperson said, because of formaldehyde levels.

,,,what happened to the $20k trailers???

Jan. 1, 2010, a court injunction banning the sale of the trailers expired, and FEMA handed them off to the General Services Administration (GSA) to auction them off, for about 7 percent what FEMA had originally paid for them. The GSA made buyers sign an agreement promising not to sell them as housing, and it slapped stickers on them saying that they were not to be used for human habitation — just storage or recreation.


Marillyn Lock-Heed

,,,lots of talk about homeless vets,,,lots of gubmint military bases and property all over the country,,,many with empty buildings

,,,national guard could manage the bases as camps for homeless vets,,,buildings could be repurposed to provide some types of gainful employment, education,etc.

,,,gubmint wastes massive amounts of money on the military,,,divert cruise missile firework display money,,,still within the military,,,to take care of vets...HUD,,,VA and other agencies would also share in the funding of the camps.

jon smith

$150,000,000.00 to clean up water for about 1 million people?? Sounds about right.

jon smith

So California collects 150 million tax dollars to clean water for 1 million people. Okay. What about the next year and the next and the next? Do they keep re-cleaning the same water? Something sounds wildly amiss with this report. Or maybe they simply want clean showers for the homeless to piss in.

Don Bessee

@1000am - That comes from the supervisors annual planning meeting where it was briefed to the Supervisors by County staff, February 2017. I have shared the actual document previously, it was page 23 of the briefing.

Cost of homeless by service category;

Financial food assistance -$7.46 million
Permanent housing assistance- $3.2 million
Mental health and substance- $1.38 million
Case management and outreach- $.56 million
Temporary housing- $.43 million
Emergency shelter- $.18 million

Since then they have created a $150K plus benefits, homeless 'czar' and threw another chunk of change at the issue so its more like $13,500,000.00++ this year.

We know it does not serve your narrative but those are the numbers ya po' ol' fakenewsman. ;-)


from Mr. Paul:

"and a high percentage of them were Veterans." (referring to homeless)

The numbers I see for homeless that are veterans range from something like 8% to 11%. I'm happy to post the sources if needed. It's a surprisingly high number I think, but since the welfare system is set up for everybody *but* working age men, maybe it makes sense.

..and to be fair, I'm absolutely not trying to diss you here...you have to ask how many vets actually did something dangerous for a living.

It's pretty obvious that the causes for homeless people, especially the PITA variety, are all over the map. It's kind of like trying to analyze infectious disease. People will tend to find a causality that meets their own political need (IT'S ALL REAGAN'S FAULT!!!, it's because of drug laws!!!, they're all vets with PTSD!, the Republicans stole our jobs!, etc.).

Don Bessee

Sounds like dreamy Trudeau is having unintended consequences -

MONTREAL — As Ni­ger­ian asylum seekers flood into Canada across a ditch in Upstate New York, Canadian authorities are asking the United States for help — but not with managing the influx at the border. Instead, they want U.S. immigration officials to reduce the foot traffic by screening Nigerians more stringently before granting them U.S. visas. It is a ripple effect that few expected last summer when people, mostly Haitians, began to walk into Quebec via an “irregular” border crossing north of Plattsburgh, N.Y., and seek refugee status. With the coming of spring, the flow has picked up again. But recently, the asylum seekers have been mostly Ni­ger­ian, and their route to the border is more ...




Mr/Mrs Marilynn-

",,,lots of talk about homeless vets,,,lots of gubmint military bases and property all over the country,,,many with empty buildings"

,,,It sounds like you want to reverse deinstitutionalization. So much for Saint Kennedy's good works.

My guess is that the only way to reduce homelessness is via culture. If living under a bridge is shameful, fewer people will do it. The moment that governments subsidize poor behavior and the village you live in lacks any kind of core morality, you get riff raff behavior. It's that simple.

George Rebane

DonB 304pm - Soon the Canadians will start rejecting their walk-ins and cries of racism will be heard all across their land from their more progressive elements. And all this will be totally invisible to our progressives when they contemplate the traffic across our southern border.

Don Bessee

Here is one for those afflicted with BDS, TURDS or TDS -

Trump has almost hit a key economic target
Rick Newman Fri, Apr 27 9:44 AM PDT


Reblog on Tumblr




Here’s what Q1 GDP says about Trump’s handle on the economy

Scroll back up to restore default view.
Economic growth in the first quarter was disappointing, but still not too shabby. And over the last four quarters, growth has nearly hit the level President Trump said he would achieve while campaigning.
GDP growth in the first quarter was a middling 2.3%, down from 2.9% in the fourth quarter. But first quarter GDP growth has been confoundingly low in several years recently, suggesting a measurement problem with the data that might be related to winter weather, or something else. Growth in subsequent quarters has sometimes come in stronger than expected, as if some growth is pushed out of the first quarter into other quarters.
During the last 12 months, the picture is clearer—and more encouraging. President Trump has promised to boost annual GDP growth to 3% or more, and he’s nearly there. The economy has grown at a 2.9% annualized rate during the last four quarters, including the weak first-quarter number that just came out. If there’s a snapback in growth this spring or summer, annualized GDP growth will exceed 3%.
Trump’s predecessor, President Obama, oversaw an economy that staggered out of a deep recession and never quite got into gear. During Obama’s second term, annual GDP growth averaged just 2.3%. The strongest years under Obama were 2013 and 2014, when growth hit 2.7%. But in Obama’s final year, growth fell to just 1.8%, fueling Trump’s rampant criticism of Obamanomics.
On the Yahoo Finance Trumponomics Report Card, which has been measuring the progress of the Trump economy since last May, Trump earns a B.




re DonBessee@3:04PM

Nigeria? The most important chart of our time.



The more you "give", the more they will take, then call their friends.
When those unemployment checks ran out it gave incentive to go find a job.

Now Placer Co. actually points the homeless in our direction. They tell those looking for the handout that services are better up here.
The Mrs. helps run one of the organizations that deals with the homeless.
Don.. do your numbers above take into account the charity's monitory help? Or are those just tax dollars? There is plenty more money going to the homeless in one form or another from the true nonprofits.


re Walt@3:37PM

No problemo. Just build some more microhouses. Remember those? They were A SUCCESS!!! The GORILLA LOVE PROJECT!!!



as Alli Rallixsee said - “It was so incredible to walk up today and see such a diverse, huge group of volunteers working busily away. Thanks for being such a powerful spark, Reinette.”

lol. You can't make this stuff up. Gotta have that diverse, huge group. Just one more problem for Waste Management to deal with.


I remember,,, but since I don't go anywhere near where the homeless congregate, I can't say if those boxes are even around anymore.
I do recall seeing a few that sat for months at the old Hills Flat lumber yard. (no missing them from the freeway)

Now when all the do gooders were building those boxes,, were there any future inhabitants there to help?

jon smith

I think those dog houses were constructed by the worm farm crowd. When the particle board got wet EVERY SINGLE door pulled out of its hinges. It was hilariously sad, but entirely predictable for a Senum project.

Marillyn Lock-Heed

,,,scenes,,,no,,,to the shaming idea

Marillyn Lock-Heed

,,,bwahahaha!!!,the meatheads are chanting '''nobel'''while trumpski hides from the correspondent's dinner!!!
,,,his contribution to the peace process???, telling lil Kim he had a small '''button'''!!!

George Rebane

Pardon me, but what did Obama do for his Nobel?


Marillyn sez:

",,,scenes,,,no,,,to the shaming idea"

Nonsense. Both you and I are surrounded by social mores. It's what makes the world go 'round.

Mr Walt -

"Now when all the do gooders were building those boxes,, were there any future inhabitants there to help?"

Good question, but probably not. I suspect they were good-hearted folks of some means but light on construction skills.

I think we need to brainstorm a new answer. With the Senum Shanties disappearing into the sunset and the Diversity Teepee gone from town, it's probably time for something else.

Don Bessee

Hoped for change @ 621. ;-)

Account Deleted

Marilyn at 5:58: so - we should celebrate being a bum? How many have you invited to live at your place?
What - none?
Why not? They're just like you and I. 'Cept for being bums.
The left loves bums. As long as they don't live anywhere near where the bums set up camp. The whole 'homeless' problem is another left-wing invention. There have always been folks that just want to drift around and not be responsible. It's a free country - let em.
But they still have to follow the same rules you and I have to. You lefties wouldn't understand that sort of legal ideal.
Then there are the folks that need help. Like now. But the courts ruled a long time ago that the state had no right to help them, so out into the fresh air they went - helpless and messed up. Anything less than an institutional setting for them is hopeless.
And then there are the ones that had a tenuous hold on a house and a job but the shit hit the fan and they're out on the streets. Those are the small minority of homeless but they do appreciate the help and most do get back on their feet with some help.
The main problem isn't 'homelessness', it's why they are home less. A lot just don't care. They will suck up every dollar you spend on them and the problem just gets worse. The left just will not deal with humans in a realistic manner. Where is the problem worst? Where the left governs. Yet the left is convinced they know best.
Have fun.


"The main problem isn't 'homelessness', it's why they are home less. "

Well, that's the thing isn't it? 10% of the people deserve 90% of the help.

Don Bessee

It looks like the bigger party was in Michigan!




OK, I have a helluva idea.

We can get Verizon to pay homeless people to be 5G hot spots.

It'll make the NC local politicians crazy.

Don Bessee

@ 728 - They could do a go fund me campaign to buy them tinfoil body suits. ;-)

Bill Tozer

Well, this comes at no surprise to anyone. As Elizabeth Warren would say, the game was rigged, the fix is in, the deck is stacked.....against “others”. Told ya the Clinton Machine was more powerful than any political party our nation has ever seen.


Marillyn Lock-Heed

,,,'''what did Obama do for his Nobel''',,, millennial logic???, their president got a nobel,,,so our president should get one too,,,lest he suffer emotionally and feel bad!!!


Actual peace talks with N.K. In how many decades? And no bribery payoffs to get there. All "O" did was set fire to the Middle East.

But then again,, the idea of our enemies fighting each other isn't all that bad. Just a few less when we finish the job.

Bill Tozer

Truer words have been rarely spoken.

“Kayne West has triggered the entire snowflake empire. The amount of hair on fire this week will contribute enormously to global warming.” —Gary Bauer

Little Rocketman holding hands with the S. Korean Prez, Mr. Kenyan West holding hands with Candace Owens and kissing on The Donald, Frenchie Prez is Trump’s bosom buddy, and now Angie the former East German soldier is coming around and saying the Iran nuke deal cannot stand as written. Unemployment claims surprised everyone by an unexpected drop this week. And now we find out that Obama, Susan Rice, and John Kerry all lied when they said there were no chemical weapons in Syria no more.

And Trump is allowed to be Trump, rockin’ and rollin’ in Michigan to the delight of the crowds. That really gets the elitists twitching like a goat’s butt in a pepper patch. The liberals have speak in euphumisims and hide behind political correctness because if they spoke bluntly and plainly, nobody would vote for them.

It’s been a tough week for our friends with TDS.



'"O" did was set fire to the Middle East.'

To be fair, it was more Mrs. Clinton's fault that the head of a sovereign state was sodomized to death with a bayonet. I'll admit that the Obama policy in Syria had every appearance of pouring gas onto a fire. Luckily I didn't vote for him the second time. I have yet to see how any likely result would be better than just letting Assad run the place and then pressuring him to be nicer.

It's a bummer that the Washington establishment (a polite term for 'deep state' I guess, partly made up of Paul's beloved 17 intelligence agencies) just love to bring down Third World leaders in that area and then let the chips fall where they may. It's rather like how some CEOs are addicted to acquisitions, it's fun to make things happen.

It probably doesn't help that the Israelis are so deeply entrenched in US .gov policy, even if people were capable of foreseeing the outcome of their actions, there'll always be confusion in motives.

Marillyn Lock-Heed

,,,the rediculous Nobel chanting is misdirected,,,

,,,if something actually happens it should be lil Kim that gets the Nobel prize,,,


What for Capt. Clueless? Making the mistake of burying his own nuke site by accident? Naaa, he gets the Dougy award for that.


Trump must have known what was going to go down. He ditched the press pigsty.

Bill Tozer

Whether a Nobel Peace Prize is doled out or not concerning the Korean Peninsula, its a big story. The two sides are technically still at war. I remain skeptical but as this story unfolds, I might more towards the cautiously optimistic camp.

As a sitting Prez, Teddy Roosevelt received the Nobel for his role in crafting a peace agreement between Japan and Russia in their naval war. The 2002 Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to Jimmy Carter "for his decades of untiring effort to find peaceful solutions to international conflicts”, years after he left office.

The Nobel Peace Prize in 1994 was awarded jointly to Yasser Arafat, Shimon Peres and Yitzhak Rabin "for their efforts to create peace in the Middle East.” Arafat got a Nobel, lol.

Al Gore got a Nobel in 2007 and Obama got one in 2009, after just ten months in office. For exactly what did Obama do to receive the award remains controversial, but probably based upon projected expectations of hope and changy stuff in the future.

The omission of Mahatma Gandhi has been rather puzzling. Probably the Committee The Nobel Committee didn’t want to piss off the camel jockeys. Gandhi was nominated in 1937, 1938, 1939, 1947, and, finally, a few days before his assassination in January 1948. Close, but no cigar.....as if Gandhi would even care about that worthless award.

So, if things work out beyond my wildest expectations and IF the N. Korean blood thirsty tyrannt who starves his own people and executes his own family members and the democratically elected S. Korean President have a nice bromance, then perhaps a Nobel is in order.

Should Trump receive a Nobel for his stick and carrot approach to Little Rocketman? Perhaps. Will Trump get a Nobel??? What, are you on drugs or something? Never! They gave one to the EU, to Al Gore, to Yasser Arafat but dissed Gandhi. Trump would have to pry the worthless prize out of The Nobel Committee’s cold dead hands.

jon smith

Kim and Moon will share the Nobel prize. Moon deserves credit for being the first SK prez to seriously and forcefully push for unification. Kim finally has the deliverable firepower to force the US to sit up and actually send high level diplomats to negotiate.


That's the spirit lil' "jon". Don't give Trump an ounce of credit he's due.
That's why the so called peace prize has been dubbed a joke for decades. "O" got it for being the great "divider".

jon smith

Smethers for sheriff??
"He said people regularly told him marijuana was a gateway drug. Additionally, the amount of THC — what gets people high — in cannabis is significantly greater than it was decades ago."
This guy believes MJ should remain a schedule 1 narcotic that has no medicinal value. At least seven recognized and prescribed drugs are derived from marijuana. What dots does he fail to connect here?

Is he living in the 70's? He demonstrates a complete lack of understanding about MJ imbibers. You'd think after "10 years of service as a narcotics officer. " he'd have a most rudimentary understanding of doper/drinker behavior. He is driven by ideology and damn the facts.

Dopers no more make a beeline for the highest strength THC available than alcohol drinkers buy only Bacardi 151 or Everclear so they can get drunk as fast as possible. The best selling cannabis is in the moderate to moderately high THC content.


Zuck didn't speak under oath for a reason.

The selective blocking of Conservatives continues. And the same tired excuse.. "blocked in error. Sorry for the inconvenience".
Yet Progressive propaganda runs like a well oiled machine.(and probably promoted)

George Rebane

Scattershots updated - I draw your kind attention to the 29apr18 update.

Bill Tozer

Science lesson for today



What a find Bill,, what a find.

Don Bessee

Some habits are just too hard break -

Koscielniak, with help from state Attorney General Bob Ferguson, was able to use a newly implemented cancel button on the group’s website. But when the next month came, another $10.48 was withdrawn from his account, the Seattle Times said.
Merrill told the paper that Koscielniak’s situation has since been “rectified” and they “will make sure this doesn’t happen again, with anybody, in the future.”
Koscielniak wouldn’t find out if his donation was canceled until next month’s bank statement, the paper reported.




Don...Herpes. Political donation style.

jon smith

Dennis Rodman for Nobel Peace prize.


Kudos to the new incarnation of The Magic Theater on Argall Way... now The Onyx Theater. Serving wine and beer, limiting the theater to the 21 and older set.


My wife and I saw "The Death of Stalin" on Friday, and I didn't think anyone could make so many summary executions of enemies of the state so bloody funny. Steve Buscemi as Khrushchev, Michael Palin as Molotov, Jeffry Tambor as Malenkov... it was all played straight.

They were what the Antifa would be if given the chance.

jon smith

Gregory - second the observation re: Onyx. Steve Buscemi would warm my heart if he played an ice cube. Such a wonderfully odd duck.

jon smith

A 30 billion dollar wall?? Someone, anyone, please rationalize this. The climbing wall at the gym is harder to scale and cost less than $200.00.



LOL!!! Gen."jon"Pickett.. ( Just when you thought you had it)
That's the OLD "wall" They have been climbing that since it went up.
Sorry, not the new design.
Hummm. I bet you have locks and doors on your house. But someone can just break a window.
Anything can be breached given time and effort.
Whatdya say to CS gas landmines?( make them non lethal) Interlocking direct energy of heat and sound, that's radar controlled?
Better luck next time.

Account Deleted

"A 30 billion dollar wall?? Someone, anyone, please rationalize this. The climbing wall at the gym is harder to scale and cost less than $200.00."
Obviously jonnie boy is too damn stupid to put in his bid. You could have made some serious cash.
'The climbing wall at the gym' - that comparison shows how jonnie is ignorant of reality.
For your education jonnie - there are just a few differences.
Lost on you, obviously.
Keep posting here. I like to keep tabs on the problems we face as a nation.



There's a lot more to the security in that area than just that one metal barrier.

Research it for a moment, look up the reduction in border crossings in that region (there was a lot of fuss when those systems were improved since it required illegal aliens to cross in more dangerous areas), and get back to us.

It's interesting to consider what the optimum physical setup would be. Of course, the Green Libertarians appear to be anti-border, but that's an uninteresting approach. The US in it's present form wouldn't last 20 years if we took that approach.

Account Deleted

jonnie boy's line in the sand - spray paint a line.
That'll stop 'em, right?
Scenes - "The US in it's present form wouldn't last 20 years if we took that approach."
If the US govt took that approach, I think you'd find a 'well regulated militia' soon on the border demonstrating the benefits of one of the amendments to the folks attempting to cross the line.


Back to red meat. I recall Sen. "steaming pile of" Schiff saying he had seen overwhelming evidence against Trump. We have yet to see it... WHY?

These people have said they have proof of obstruction. Collusion.
Yet not one has produced any. Again,, Why not?..
Somehow it just fine to say "I have "X" " when in reality "You full of sh*t". And no one is held accountable. Imagine that.
And the likes of our resident Proggys believe every word. Then clam up here when called on their overlords behavior.
I guess they like getting lied to. Haven't heard a bitch yet.


OH!! This is too good to pass up.
OH "JON"!!!! My Grand kid that's down there can help sign ya' up.
"The program is predicated on a critique of so-called “restrictive masculinity.” Men, the program argues, suffer when they are told to “act like a man” or when they are encouraged to fulfill traditional gender roles, such as being “successful” or “the breadwinner.”

Account Deleted

Walt - funny how it's OK when a woman acts that way!
But I know - 'that's different'.
For you on the left - you might want to study chemistry and biology. Maybe 'bone up' on the subject of testosterone. It's a 'natural' substance.

Don Bessee

So can we get back to the real world now?

In a poll conducted last month, Harvard-Harris researchers found that reducing immigration was a bigger priority for GOP voters than tax cuts, repealing Obamacare, getting the U.S. out of the Iran Deal, destroying ISIS, and expanding family leave.
Immigration is so important to Republicans that it even surpassed the economy and jobs as being the biggest issue.
Supporters of Trump’s say reducing immigration should be the second biggest priority for the White House, just after stimulating American jobs.
Likewise, Trump’s efforts to roll back unfair multinational free trade deals and implement tariffs to protect American workers’ jobs is vastly popular with black Americans, where 60 percent recently said that free trade has resulted in U.S. job loss, as Breitbart News reported.




Ooops. There goes certainty...


39% GOP
39% dem

Marillyn Lock-Heed

,,,uh oh,,,how can alt-right thinkers make sense of this obviously non eco groovy decision in hyper lib Cali???



Good morn'n,, Let me start by refilling your coffee cup.(excuse me while I unzip first)
First wizz of the day always feels best.

And yes Capt. Clueless, the free ride is over. The idea was all wrong. It's the ECO car that should sit in traffic, not the ones actually paying the fuel taxes.

Bill Tozer

@9:23 am
After relieving pressure on the bladder in the morning, some, like Ms. Marilyn Lock-Ness, do their daily affirmations to get a better prespective of their real value in our krazy world.


Oh Nessy, you just couldn’t help yourself, eh?



Here's Professor Turley on the CNN-Clapper connection

Yes, dear friends, Comey and Clapper both lied to Congress on "the dossier".

jon smith

Ahh good. More secret WMDs. “Proof” from our favorite spy master. For some reason, Colin Powell was much more believable.



Don Bessee

Speaking of spy masters -

“When initially asked about leaks related to the ICA in July 2017, former DNI Clapper flatly denied ‘discussing the dossier [compiled by Steele], or any other intelligence related to Russia hacking of the 2016 election with journalists’,” the report read.
But the report stated that Clapper “subsequently acknowledged discussing the ‘dossier with CNN journalist Jake Tapper,’ and admitted that he might have spoken with other journalists about the same topic.”
Clapper became a CNN national security analyst in August 2017, just one month after his "executive interview" with the committee.


That's one way to lock of up a job in advance. ;-)


Oh no, that Mister Clapper, he never lie.


Don Bessee

Narrative Fail -





Netanyahu: Iran has secret nuclear program. “Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Monday his country had thousands of pages of documents proving Iran is secretly pursuing a nuclear program.” This is yet another devastating blow to Obama’s awful foreign policy legacy.

Related: Insane Israeli operation smuggled 110,000 secret nuclear files out of Iran.


Stealing all these documents is also an espionage coup that will have the Iranians mole-hunting for years. Not many people have those document-smuggling skills. Say, has anyone seen Sandy Berger lately?

Plus: U.S. Confirms Authenticity of Secret Iran Nuclear Docs, Officials See Game Over for Deal.


What say you crickets??

Don Bessee

This could bankrupt a CNN or MSNBC -

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (AP) — A Malaysian court on Monday sentenced a Danish citizen to a week in jail after he pleaded guilty to maliciously publishing false information, the first person to be punished under a controversial anti-fake news law.
The legislation was approved by parliament earlier this month despite criticism that it was aimed at silencing dissent ahead of a May 9 general election. It carries a maximum penalty of six years in jail and a fine of 500,000 ringgit ($128,000).
Salah Salem Saleh Sulaiman was detained April 23, two days after he claimed in a YouTube video that he was with a Hamas scientist who was gunned down in Malaysia by two assailants on a motorcycle. Salah claimed he made countless calls to police who were slow to respond, and that an ambulance came an hour later.
Local media said Salah didn't personally know the victim, Fadi al-Batsh, a Palestinian electrical engineering lecturer in Malaysia who was a member of Gaza's ruling Hamas group.
The court sentenced Salah, who is of Yemeni descent and is in Malaysia on a holiday, to a week in jail from the day of his arrest and fined him 10,000 ringgit ($2,550).
Local media quoted Salah, who was not represented by a lawyer, as telling the court that he had only been in Malaysia for 10 days and didn't know the country had an anti-fake news law. He said his action was a mistake and apologized.
Salah reportedly said he didn't have money to pay the fine and will have to serve another month in jail instead.


Bill Tozer

Comey, Clapper? Small potatoes. I have my sights on that lying sack of bat guano John Brennan and Dr. Rice to start. Both in on the dossier and ensuing spying on a political opponent’s campaign, not to mention actively conspiring to overthrow the results of a democratically elected President. That’s heavy stuff, man.
Dr. Susan Rice of ”Benghazi was just a little 9/11 street demonstration that got out of hang” as well as “the outer” fame, that is. No, not the talented and gracious concert pianist and rabid football fan, Dr. Condoleezza Rice whose morals are impeccable, as opposed to dumb lying piece of grunt, Susie Rice.

Anybody notice that while we investigate the corrupt Swamp Creature investigators, not much focus on the Hillary, John Kerry, and the State Department. Pretty quiet on that front. Remember it was the Austrailian forgein service that made contact with the British Foreign Service that started this whole thang about the Russians and Trump colluding and cuddling. Putin has Hillary’s missing e-mails and he’s sharing them with Trump, that horrible Treasonous Trailor!
Funny, the head of the British top spy ring, foreign intelligence division, was only 49 years old, on the job just 18 months or so, doing great, and 2 days after Trump got sworn in as Prez of these here United States, he up and left his job. Odd timing, eh? Guess he did not figure Trump would win either. Good thing Susan Rice wrote that non-contemporaneous CYA e-mail to herself on Trump’s swearing in day that “everything was done by the book, by the book, by the book, book, book”..... echoing into the darkness.

Well, until we get closer to the stink, guess we will have to settle for the low hanging fruit like Sally Yates and this guy in the link below. All fingers point to the White House, pre-Trump and before Trump became so magnanimous. Gotta smoke ‘em out.



Account Deleted

Say folks - do kids under 18 have Constitutional rights?
Brooke May, a teacher at the school, claimed last month that the shirt violated the dress code and said the 8th-grader could have his "Second Amendment rights when [he] turns[s] eighteen," according to the complaint. The dress code prohibits "obscene" language, anything that "may be deemed a safety issue," and "anything that promotes weapons."
His Tee shirt had the words: "Don't Tread On Me" and 2A.
No images of a gun or references to weapons.
Just the Constitution.
Pretty scary for you panty waist lefties. Better run.

Don Bessee

Well said Mrs. Rebane!



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