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06 April 2018



OH "jon"!!!

That blue wave may be a blue waive... bye bye ,, as it circles the drain.

Paul Emery


What a joke. How long have you been repeating the same things over and over about Hillary and Obama. Don't worry, Ill remind our listeners next time you repeat the same old stories.

jon smith

Bessee 8:14-
Feel good about yourself now? Kids can't buy organic MJ grown under the sun, and have to resort to synthetic chemicals because of your prohibition. Think back to how many people went blind from methanol poisoning when your ilk made alcohol illegal. Do you understand (or care) how many people YOU have killed or maimed by your panty up the ass, bible thumping, prohibition on marijuana??

Don Bessee

Ya, you guys were right about the 'jon', what hoot I have heard about that.

Po' ol' fakenewsman @ 913 sounds so confused, more so than usual, especially as a putin party parrot. Ain't nobody going to spend a second on;

What a joke. How long have you been repeating the same things over and over about Hillary and Obama. Don't worry, Ill remind our listeners next time you repeat the same old stories.
Posted by: Paul Emery | 10 April 2018 at 09:13 PM

Stop letting the bar post for you ya' po' ol' fakenewsman. ;-)


I have to repeat myself. You have memory lose.
Damn right I will keep bringing them up. They are the virus we are in recovery from. Trump is the cure.
You still have yet to even say what evil Trump has really done against the nation's interests. Jobs up, economy up, pay, up.
Taxes down. Regulations down. Just to name a few.
Yet you shake your cane.
It's defiantly party over country for the Proggy side.

Bill Tozer

Oh jon, don’t be such a drama queen. People have been growing pot here for 40 years and that won’t change one bit. They have their buyers and connects and that won’t change one bit either. It keeps Nevada City afloat and keeps the tiny burg from rolling up the sidewalks and closing down the town, right?
Now, people can legally grow all over the place. The only thing that has changed is the market is flooded. Indoor growers have, are, and will continue to pump out 3 crops a year and you get better prices for indoors.

The sun kissed pot is going the way of the seeds and stems in your two finger sandwich baggie ounce. Indoor is the way to go from Colorado to Wa to Californeea. Buyers want indoor weed. Buyers prefer it! Gotta keep up with the times. Remember, the pot heads have been growing outdoors here illegally for 50 years and they will continue to grow law or no law. And 90% of the local loco weed will be going out of state. Roll up the plastic on a side or front of the little greenhouse frame each day and you got sun kissed organic medicine for suffering cancer patients who feel nausea after their kemo nuke juice treatments.

Drama Queen, Couch Fainter, Crisis Junkie, Worry Wart. But, but, but, what if bullfrogs can’t fly? You and Bobbie are like the dynamic duo, without the dynamic part. Want me to call the whambulance?


Account Deleted

jonnie boy at 9:17 - "Kids can't buy organic MJ grown under the sun, and have to resort to synthetic chemicals because of your prohibition."
That sentence can only come from a die hard left winger. People chose to smoke or imbibe whatever. Nobody 'made' them do it.


lol. Sometimes I have to believe we are living in the best possible timeline.


(h/t to Takimag).

jon smith

Scott 8:03-
We're talking medicine here. MJ users don't "chose" to smoke or imbibe, they were hooked and reeled in as impressionable youth. People like Don, with his onerous, heavy handed, toe tapping, bathroom stall lurking, moral dispensation (all clear signs of a closet queen) make their medicine illegal and the users are forced to smoke Drano.

George Boardman

Apparently Paul Ryan is joining the Republican exodus from congress. Is that what Trump meant when he said he was going to drain the swamp?

Robert Cross

Republicans are bailing out in record numbers. Ryan is just the latest. Perhaps they don't wish to stick around for the electoral reckoning that is sure to come and don't want to have their futures tied to trump any more. As anyone who has ever done business with trump probably already knows, trump is the kiss of death.

George Rebane

RobertC 932am - That's a fairly significant revelation Mr Cross. Is there anywhere you can direct us for substantiation, or is this the latest issue of TDS?


LOL!! "jon" is making assumptions again.
So those fake dope smokers were cancer folks? Nice reach.
No,, just street stoners.
Not ONE word in that story says "cancer".

Todd Juvinall

Cracks me up. The libs were devastated in 2010 and 2012 losing 63 seats because of Obama yet they never admit their monster defeats. Now we see the old guard leaving and the democrats are taking uo their stories why. Ryan never impressed me as he was supposed to be in charge of the budget crap and never did squat to fix the mess.

Bill Tozer

I don’t get it. Explain it to me.

A convience store in Chicago sells SPICE laced with rat poison and now kids in CA are forced to smoke Drano? That makes no sense. What drugs are you on if you said that bull pucky? LSD 25?

Have not heard of one example that medical marijuana is illegal in CA or Nevada County. There are even co-opts that grow and give away medical marijuana to suffering patients who have clearly defined medical issues.

As far as kids not choosing to smoke marijuana but got reeled in and got hooked on it due to circumstances beyond their control is hogwash. If a kids picks up a cigar butt laying in the street and smokes it, the kid chose to smoke it. Same with minors drinking alcohol or eating Tidepods or taking the condom challenge. What, somebody put a gun to the “children’s” heads and forced them to work at MacDonalds or shoplift a bottle of vodka and consume it or choose to blow off doing their homework? You are saying young people are not responsible for their actions, , thus should be held unaccountable for their actions. Does this apply to rape as kids listening to music lyrics or watching the news got lured into it? Blame the media?

The other thing you mentioned is that kids got hooked on pot. Despite all the people claiming they smoke their non-addictive marijuana, some have smoked it for years without missing a day and without any medical condition....that tells me that pot is addictive. Maybe a mental quirk that makes it psychologically addictive. I had one gal neighbor (when smoking dope was illegal) said she would rather move to a different state than give up her pot.....or ever apply for a job that required drug testing. Pot above employment, pot above everything else.

Pray tell me, when did Nevada County make it illegal for patiences with a doctor’s recommendation to seek, obtain, grow, and consume medicinal marijuana? Sure, you may have to be 21 to buy pot at medical dispensaries or eat the edibles, but I could be wrong.

Another thing that I don’t understand is the radio ads from a legal medical only marijuana dispensary in Sac. They advertise 30% THC, strongest stuff around, at a current 40% discount due to falling prices. I was told by medicinal patient advocates (like Patty Smith) that medical marijuana does not go by THC content, but by other cannaboles (or whatever the other compounds and chemical formulas are called) for medical purposes. Why would medical dispensaries advertise having 28-30% THC content when THC content is not the chemical that patients need most?

So, let me get this right. A convience store in Illinois sells tainted over the counter products and now kids in Nevada County are “forced” to smoke Drano???? And they are not responsible for their actions of drinking Drano or smoking pot or getting drunk on tequila because they got drawn in, reeled in, and hooked on it and it’s not their fault. They are not responsible for the choices they made? Supposed they make good healthy choices. Does that mean they cannot take credit for their good choices? I don’t get it.

Don Bessee

Epic fail by the po' ol' fakenewsmen -

Despite weeks and weeks of media hype about porn star Stormy Daniels, not only has President Trump’s job approval rating jumped in the latest Quinnipiac poll, but only 23 percent of Americans believe the alleged affair is an important issue. A massive majority of 73 percent say it is not.



jon smith

MSNBC surges by 30% while Fox is digging a fox hole with falling viewership. Time's up for the grumpy old party.

Trump is running around like a chicken being herded from all sides toward the good old oak stump. It's nothing a missile strike won't stall though, and give Mr T a fake blip in the pop polls.

Got a new moral crusade for you Don. Get those MJ scented toilet mints off the market before it's too late. Tide pods were a gateway drug to toilet mints. Kids are are going to hit the hard stuff with a chaser of Drano.

Don Bessee

Oh really @1148?

By A.J. Katz on Apr. 10, 2018 - 6:11 PM

FNC finished No. 2 in prime time viewers for the second straight week behind TBS, which aired the 2018 national championship on Monday. Fox News was also down double digits in total viewers from the comparable week last year, a week when cable news aired in-depth prime time coverage of the U.S. missile strikes on the Syrian air base.
Additionally, Fox News defeated cable news rivals CNN and MSNBC, in prime time and in total day among total viewers and demo viewers (A25-54).
Speaking of MSNBC – NBCU’s cable news network once again finished No. 2 across all of basic cable in total viewers, both prime time and in total day. The network posted +4 percent prime time viewer growth and +9 percent total day viewer growth compared to the same week in 2017.
CNN achieved a top 10 spot this past week among total day viewers (No.8), but finished No. 14 in total prime time viewers. Similar to FNC, CNN was down double digits versus the same week last year.



Todd Juvinall

On Jon/linda Maddow is up 100,000 on Hannity and is number 11. Lawrence O is #20. Hannity is 16, Ticker is 18, Ingraham is 22. No wipeout at all. But you have to admit the only network that tells both sides is FOX. All the rest are anti-trump 24/7 and that is sexy to a lib/commie like tou and your ilk. Oh and most of top draws including #1 is wrestling!

Todd Juvinall

Oops, here is the link as of today's numbers.


Don Bessee

Ya right.




I see Lil' "jon" and Paul won't touch my comment from last night.(10:02PM)
Ignore is the name of their game. Just had to run off to their MJ stash.(and got that wrong too) And when that went up in smoke,, try and say LIB news is great again..
The pooch is getting tired of getting screwed.


Trump sure ain't acting like one who Putin has by the nuts as Proggys have claimed. So much for being a Putin stooge.
Yes "jon" and Paul,, got that wrong too. ( pretty good at being on the wrong side of right.)

Marillyn Lock-Heed

,,,the all-right for lunch bunch is totally unhinged over the FBI Cohen roust,,,

'''In order to defend Trump, one has to attempt to suggest that anyone charged with holding the White House accountable is corrupt and evil,” explained Matt Lewis, a conservative commentator who has become a harsh critic of Donald Trump ever since 2016. And indeed, that appears to be what the majority of the Trumpist right has done over the past 24 hours, in the wake of the F.B.I.’s shocking raid on the president’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, railing against Robert Mueller and calling for his head. In fact, the special counsel was technically not in charge of the raid, which was carried out under the direction of the office of the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York.'''

Hannity is going to blow a gasket!!!


You in jail or what? Got internet privileges only every third day?

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