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26 April 2018



Where o where will the money come from now???
"Laffer and Moore estimate that both California and New York will lose on net about 800,000 over the next three years, roughly double from the previous three years, while Connecticut, New Jersey and Minnesota combined with lose around 500,000 people in the same period."

Marillyn Lock-Heed

,,,about them swamp allegators,,,the doc is a good medic,,,that does not mean he would improve the VA in any way...

,,,T-Rex would have made a better choice to run a UUGE organization like the VA...

,,,now that I think about it,,,someone with experience in restructuring companies might be a good fit to straighten out the VA

George Rebane

It's always good perspective to think of all the well qualified people in management we have had run the VA, and what a mess they have made of it. While there has been an exception here and there, from my years in business and academe, I have never been impressed by all the supposed qualifications required for this or that job in upper management - new comers and 'old hands' perform about the same. The correlation between acknowledged/touted qualifications and job performance has hovered around zero.

Bill Tozer

Kinda odd that Jackson was the personal physician for 3 US Presidents as well as serving in the combat lines patching up our boys wounded under fire. First responder kind of guy.
Yep, a medical doc who actually lays his hands on a POTUS with sharp instruments and pokes them with needles, and prescibes who knows what liknds of medical chemicals and compounds to the holder of the highest elected position in the nation (not to mention the leader of the free world) ......and has to have the real high clearance after passing multiple intensive FBI background checks......well, guess after serving 3 Presidents up close and personal, Jackson ain’t fit.

Oh yeah, the good Dem Representative said in his talking head interview on the boob tube that “yeah, i can’t prove ANY of the allegations.” Kinda of like making stuff up, I reckon. Did Jackson piss on some hookers or jack off into a potted plant? Straight out of the Dem playbook. Somethings never change....

Marillyn Lock-Heed

,,,500 fired from VA in 2017,,,maybe more now,,,

,,,about the same number of firings back in 2015,,,

,,,but the swamp creatures that still inhabit the upper echelons of the VA are sitting pretty,,,


jon smith

Bill 12:59-
By your logic Cristeta Comerford should be director of the the USDA.

Bill Tozer

ah, cut the crap, jon. This is just Libbie revenge for Jackson saying Trump ain’t neither crazy or has even the hint of diminished capacity. Boy, I could hear the exploding heads go off like a bag of popcorn from here when that went down.
Jackson screwed up a whole week or two of the 24/7 narrative that Trump is crazy and now the libbies can remove him from office. They found the perfect loophole at last! Was it CNN or MSNBC that had their go to expert top notch Yale professor head shrinker do the diagnosis from her little corner of the world. Come to find out the Holy Grail of Experts babe done let her license to practice elapse and cannot practice medicine, lol.

Man o man, after yet another narrative blows up in their faces, the mainstream extreme far lefties get all quiet for 13-18 hours and then get all pissed off again, start the blame and slime and unhinged thang all over again. Revenge! They had their sights on Jackson, gunning for bear with their crazy eyes. Not a pleasant sight.

Ok, win one for Team Degrangement Syndrom. About time you guys won something. Been awhile. Just don’t slobber on my boots, if you could be so kind.


I see that jonmarillynpaul is already here to apply spray paint to walls.

Something useful:


It would be interesting to see if a big state school could hit the Western canon hard enough to make an impact. At this point, dropping the Latina Studies department might result in a lawsuit and some action by the Crazy Ninth, so maybe it's not even possible.

Account Deleted

jonnie boy at 1:44 - Do you have anything factual to state about Jackson?
Must be tiring to carry around a sack of rocks. Or is it strong back, weak mind?

Account Deleted

You would think the left would be embarrassed at the state of govt education in this country. Have you seen the numbers on the folks that didn't know the earth was globular? The left owns the education system and yet it some how tries to blame the uneducated dolts on the conservatives.
Conservative Christian schools whup butt on the govt schools in standardized testing which plays into the govt schools not wanting to partake of said testing. Just exactly who is the party that denounces science? You lefties roll out graduate after graduate that couldn't melt ice with a volcano.
Uneducated idiots are the forte of the left. At least the drunken red necks know how to fix stuff and that water goes downhill.
Lefties have nothing but the deer in the headlights look when you pose a problem.

Bill Tozer

The State of Education:

Well, this explains a lot about our children being ignorant about the Constitution of the United States. The young minds can’t read it. The founding document was written in cursive, something that is not taught in public schools anymore.

jon smith

Scott 7:08
"Do you have anything factual to state about Jackson?"

He's outahere!!!!
Bring in the good doctor Harold Bernstein to run the VA or maybe Ben Carson. Trump is full of good ideas.


ScottO: "You lefties roll out graduate after graduate that couldn't melt ice with a volcano."

That strikes me as a pertinent statement.

Education is basically run by the Left (I'd love to hear why it isn't), receives an amazing amount of money, the $$$/pupil (inflation corrected) have gone way up over the last 50 years, and you get remarkably bad education results in single party cities and states.

This last is the really interesting thing. Why should I trust the Green Libertarians in matters of education when they don't do a good job in places they utterly dominate? I guess it's just because we haven't hit 'real socialism' yet, just a little bit more'll do it.

Short version. Why isn't K-12 any better in California than it is? Why should the rest of the country become more like CA?


re: me@7:30AM

There's probably a meta-question there.

Why isn't ________ any better in California than it is?

After K-12, we could stick in 'the firearms murder rate' or 'health insurance'. Admittedly it's easier to smoke dope.

Being in a state utterly dominated by liberals doesn't seem to buy you a lot. It isn't like they invented the beach.

jon smith

scenes 7:30
"It isn't like they invented the beach."

True, but we protect the beaches we have from privatization, development, and oil spills. All you can see in the California coastline is $$$$$$ for personal short term gain.


re: Jon Smith

Lucky thing that Tahoe is a giant natural park and that the California coast line isn't filled with homes, often restricting access.

An awful lot of California 'environmentalism' is based on putting pollution elsewhere. Shipping trash out of state, importing electricity, making it difficult to mine, produce oil, refine, or manufacture, but instead have other people do it. There's hardly anything more ironic than a proud California electric car owner, secure in their morals, driving a vehicle at the end of a dirty supply chain. I suppose it doesn't matter if the poison is in China, huh?

In any case, this is all just pushing my question aside. If Liberal policies are so great, why don't they work any better in places run by Liberals?

My first guess is that , in the final analysis, California policy is made for distinct special interest groups. Schools are run as job programs, beaches are kept clean for the sake of the well-off folks in Whiteopias, immigration policy is set to please people who want their 100 relatives to live near by. It's all just self-interest with a thin veneer of altruism.


Could it be?? The tide may be turning for this state?
A Proggy in the rear view mirror?,, In this state?????

Even Liberals like to keep money in their pockets.( some, anyway)

jon smith

scenes 8:07
I have no sympathy for anyone who stews about his condition in life but is too lazy to do anything about it. Cry all you want about the State of California, but until you move to Alabama, Mississippi, the Balkans or some other wonder world you deem so much better than California, put a sock in it. Or continue to cry, and wonder why we gaze upon you as irrelevant.

Marillyn Lock-Heed

Po' ol' scenes,,,how they like to bitch about Cali,,,when the hell are they going to move???

Paul Emery

Yeah Maryillyn Todd and a few others on this blog would be much happier in Idaho or Oklahoma, States that match their politics and way of life. Sad for them that Nevada County is turning blue and is part of the State majority .

jon smith

We have friends who moved from Grass Valley to Boise a few years ago. All we hear about now is how "The Californians" are taking over Idaho and bring their "California Values" with them. The irony is lost on them just as it would be with Todd, Don, scenes, etc.

Speaking of California's world class coastline. Could you imagine if people like Todd had a chance to "improve" it. Endless oil refineries, cement plants and cheap strip malls would be his wet dream.

George Rebane

Beautiful illustration of the presaged mentality for the Great Divide is contained in the previous three comments. There seems to be no understanding of California's degradation politically, culturally, and economically. They have no idea why our state has fallen from the top in a number of metrics (including QoL), as cited in these pages, to the bottom or near the bottom. Their only answer to the unrepresented is 'my way or the highway', as more have and are taking their admonishment to heart while some of us are still here attempting to bring us back from the abyss. Socialism über alles!


The LIBS are sharing the same bong, and must have grown their dope on a cinnabar deposit.
News flash. Libs are not going to get free health care via the state.
Now how high will taxes go before these LIBS break under the strain? (Oh.. Go on the dole.. Got it) But Hay! You have all the dope you can smoke!(good luck making a dime growing it.)

So.. How you going handle all the illegals you want to let in? Who is going to pay for them? They don't pay any taxes. Just a bunch of freeloaders.(LIBS love freeloaders)
Do tell us(I won't hold my breath) where is all that OPM coming from? The FEDS? LOL!!!


Another swamp dweller caught lying..
"The former Environmental Protection Agency deputy chief of staff for operations, who’s behind a Democratic letter full of accusations against Scott Pruitt, reportedly misrepresented how long he served in the U.S. Coast Guard.

Kevin Chmielewski’s resume claims he served for four years, from 1998 to 2002, but a Coast Guard spokeswoman told the Washington Free Beacon the EPA whistleblower only served for one year."

What's a little three year embellishment?
What's a few lies to give Pruitt plenty of grief? (That's what LIBs do)

This guy reminds me of our own Proggys here.

jon smith

I'm sorry your QoL suffers so. I actually feel like I'm on top of the world looking down across the Sacramento Valley this morning. I love SPD, Nevada City, our farmer's markets, our quirky trimmigrant season, the Wild and Scenic festival, the Yuba River, and my daily walks down Cement Hill.

George, in many ways we live parallel lives yet I am happy, and have a lot to be thankful for while you have a negative spin on just about everything and everyone who doesn't see the world through your filters.

I was just discussing with my wife what a beautiful season spring is in the foothills. My guess is that in the more up tight(tightly wound) households in the neighborhood you could only moan about how crappy hay fever season is.


Where in the Balkans does "Jon" speak of at 948am? The hole they're digging out from is more similar to where Kali is heading than is comfortable to speak of. Tito was no paragon of freedom.

jon smith

Gregory- I'm happy you caught that. It was my admittedly feeble attempt at humor this morning. I'm just waiting for the Balkanization of Idaho now that it has become the destination de jour of the bitter right.


Here ya' go "jon",, a wife that won't say NO!. This will fix your "dry spell".
If you petition the State, there may be a subsidized plan to fit your low income needs.

Account Deleted

jonnie boy, you'll have to wait quite a while for that. There are lots of ex-Cali moving here and the values they bring are the ones that are already here. Sorry - no bitter people. I have heard of some folks that move here for a job and don't like the politics, but they should have paid attention before they moved here. Folks that just bought the house next door are from Quincy. It is getting more built up but we figured that would happen. There is a Bernie supporter that lives on our street. She was born and raised in Idaho.

Marillyn Lock-Heed

,,,whining about QoL??? in Cali??? talk about a glass half empty!!! I wonder which ghetto they live in???


The same one you do Dougy.

Marillyn Lock-Heed

,,,walt,,,it is all in your mind,,,the grass really is greener,,,right here in River City!!!

hey walt,,,did you hear,,,your boys want to exterminate all the wild horses!!! guess thos po ol Bundy Bunch dont like them freeloading welfare horses eating the grass that their freeloading welfare cattle want to eat!!!



One thing that the Balkans, Alabama and Mississippi have over California is the average 4th grade achievement in language and math.

I can hear the wailing from the not-too-distant future by CalSTRS/PERS retirees when pensions are adjusted to reality. It will be worse than the ruckus kicked up by air traffic controllers in Greece when they had their attitude adjusted... we'll see when your cup really is half full, Doug.

"I was just discussing with my wife what a beautiful season spring is in the foothills. My guess is that in the more up tight(tightly wound) households in the neighborhood you could only moan about how crappy hay fever season is."

This is how the Left rationalizes keeping their noses in the air and into other people's business... "those people" don't believe what we believe because we're better than they are". Mike/"jon", you're following the lead of mass murderers in the past.


"Po' ol' scenes,,,how they like to bitch about Cali,,,when the hell are they going to move???"

Actually, that's in the works. Since I currently live in a Whiteopia, the only real downside is high prices on gasoline, health insurance, groceries, and fire insurance. Most of California is a lot worse than Nevada County.

So when are you planning on moving to a place that is abundant with vibrant diversity? Not gonna happen I bet.

In any case, if Liberals are blessed with the ability to actively run things, as opposed to the Orange Hitler approach of letting things just go and hoping for the best, why isn't California better than it is?

Why don't we have single payer healthcare, lower gun murder rates, better educated kids? Methinks it's because Progressive thought is a paper tiger. Lots of handwaving about how good things could be if just the 'right' smart folks could run things.

lol. What a bunch of maroons.


re: M. Lock-Heed

"your boys want to exterminate all the wild horses!!! "

I'll take a moment off from my question about why California isn't any better for 100% Liberal control, and address this for a sec.

Wild horses aren't a native species, at least not for some 10's of millions of years. They're the equine version of feral cats. I have no problem with a round-up and (if needed) dog-foodizing of them.

You might as well worry about the wellbeing of Asian carp.

Marillyn Lock-Heed

,,,anything for the poor starving cattle,,,eh scenes???

talk about maroon logic,,,burn a lot of gas scenes???,,,i hope those couple of extra dollars in fuel savings help,,,since we know you would never drive an e-car. health insurance,,,oh,,,i see,,,you are moving to a single payer,,,or government supplied insurance,,, or a third world country so you can bask in diversity...

,,,don't forget the sunscreen!!!

jon smith

scenes - We agree. Fuck the "wild" horses. With VERY minor exceptions, they are NOT proud mustangs brought over by Cortez. Virtually all are descendants from Dustbowlers who couldn't afford to feed their meager stock any longer and let them loose to compete with native pronghorns and bighorn sheep.

Must correct you on your loose history of NA equines though. The last native horses were wiped out, probably by Pow Pow and his buddies who loved all the animals in the woods (to eat), about 10k years ago. BLM could sell culling rights to Purina and not only save some money, but pad their wallets too.


Uummm,, Dougy,, eating horse meat is a Mex. thing. Something "we" just don't do.(but they say it's pretty good)
And a full "extermination" is a proggy line. Like AGW. (horse shit)
Not long ago the cry was to round them up because they were starving out in the dessert.( city slicker horse people,, who know jack shit about horses) And your horse sense amounts to just what?

Dougy and his single payer.. Yup, Your the payer. Deal with it.
Being a leach to everyone else is never going to fly.. You got Trump for the effort. Happy?

And since you brought it up, See what's going down in the UK?(again) A baby is dying of something, and the GOV. won't allow the kid to leave the Country for outside treatment. Yes, the GOV. healthcare there, has control over the human body. Socialized med. at it's best.( and you want it here???)


Here we go again. Numbnuts "jon" thinks he knows what happened to the native horse. That's right asswipe, blame the first knuckle draggers.( Gone LONG before that. By a thousand years)
But that makes no diff to you. Proggys make crap up.


re: Jon Smith.

Apologies, you are quite right. I was thinking in terms of the original horse evolution a few million years back, not the horse variations killed off circa the very late Pleistocene. It's amusing to think about how people view native Americans as stewards of the land when in truth they killed off everything bigger than a dog in the Americas.

re: Mr/Ms. Marillyn
",,,anything for the poor starving cattle,,,eh scenes???"

There's nothing good about old West style over grazing, although modern beef production has veered strongly from the open range. Running cattle in huge numbers on arid lands is not much better than converting the California Central Valley into a salt desert over time. Human overpopulation is bound to cause resource depletion regardless of how efficient you attempt to make everyone. The obvious answer of course is the mass importation of moar and moar people.

Witness the Colorado River delta as an example of the health-giving effects of California environmentalism.

In any case, while you're here, in a state *completely* dominated by Liberals, why aren't health care, schooling, gun murder stats any better than they are? If it can't be any better than a 'pubber' state, what's the point of all the fuss?

jon smith

Good grief! Walt has become an animal rights activist now? You truly buy into all the bleeding heart "save our wild horses" propaganda? Here are some big new words for you to google: Pleistocene, mega fauna, carbon dating.

George Rebane

As we continue observing the liberals' view of California, one that they get only from their sources, they have missed totally what the aggregate stats say about who is coming, who is going, who is making money, who is represented in government, and who have their hands out. One side of the political spectrum reads both sides, the other side has no clue save what their own mental monitors are passing out. They think that pointing these things out about California are only from the personal experiences of the critic. It is for them inconceibable that what concerns us is fortunes of the taxpaying middle class that is giving rise to those one-way U-haul numbers that we have been reading about for some years now.

The only way that California's insane policies can survive in these United States is if the progressives in the rest of the states can initiate equal levels of misery where they live. As they now regularly write in their opinion rags, it's time for the US to follow California's lead and become a single party nation. That will do away with all these inconvenient and pesky comparisons.


No, "jonnie" on the spot,, I don't buy your horse crap.
Unlike you and yours I don't make mountains out of mole hills.
"the horses will be exterminated!" Uh,, NOOoooo.....

Kill the fox you wanted BAIT for?


"Critics of the idea that the North American wild horse is a native animal, using only selected paleontological data, assert that the species, E. caballus (or the caballoid horse), which was introduced in 1519, was a different species from that which disappeared between 13,000–11,000 years before.
What year and month did Cousin Gorg set foot on the North American plain? Did he use an AK57 spear chucker? The M41 bow and smart arrow?


THIS is the socialized Medicine Proogys want.

Funny,, you don't want to talk about it.. WHY????
This is your mission in life. This is your free healthcare you wanted.
Yaa,, stick to horses headed to the glue factory.

Marillyn Lock-Heed

,,,sigh,,,walt,,,alfie doesn't live in the usa,,,you have been had,,,again

jon smith

It's refreshing that in this country a tractor driver can refute the overwhelming body of paleontological evidence supporting the history of North American megafauna. It doesn't make you right, it just make you look impressively ignorant. When you and your meadow muffins hold hands and sing Kumbaya to the feral horses outside of Sparks, please send us a video. Purina has a rendering plant at the edge of town. Stay upwind.

George Rebane

Where in hell did all the horseshit about horse meat get into this comment stream? Why don't you both cite the sources of your claims and be done with it?


The environment can present an area where the liberals split into groups, much like conservatives, or even the followers of Orange Hitler I suppose.

One of the interesting arguments you can get into are the feral cat feeding crazy old ladies (ie. most divorced older female Democrats) vs. the people who feel empathy for native wildlife like songbirds. Cats are really hard on the environment, and the problem occurs at both ends of the animal. Since they are substitute children for a lot of people (I don't mean that in a particularly bad way, humans are suckers for warm furry critters with big eyes on the front), emotion plays a big part.

I don't doubt that there are people who want to save both wild horses and feral cats who are strongly pro native wildlife for other species. It's an odd thing, and probably not the result of purely logical thinking. You end up with peculiarities like the infamous Sierra Club philosophy on immigration, bought and paid for.

re: GeorgeR@1:22PM

"As we continue observing the liberals' view of California,......"

I take your general point on California though. I think that expressed more simply, it amounts to: Living in California is an increasing PITA, and the policies that make it a PITA aren't improving life on the ground. Plus, the rules are making it increasingly expensive. As a side note, I'd say that the search for another Whiteopia drives the wagon trains east as much as increasing government overhead.

The counter example will tend to be the quite successful push for smog laws for car ICEs, although that was as national as it was statewide. You can certainly make an argument for getting rid of CARB.


re: GeorgeR@2:31PM

Something for Walt, it's actually pretty interesting and not well known I think.


I suppose you could argue that humans aren't a native species and should all go 'home' themselves. So much for being indigenous.

Back onto topic. In terms of fleeing the state, I'm continuously surprised that the public pension balloons haven't all popped with the attendant side effects. The easiest way to collect more money (in CA) will be to wildly raise property taxes I would guess, as it's so hard to avoid.

It'll probably require some sort of big problem in the stock market, which always happen of course, so the real pension crisis will happen in concert with other forces. Hopefully the GDP will grow faster than the boomers can draw down their invested savings, but I wouldn't count on it.

jon smith

Walter might start with this round up of American horses, their evolution and extinction about 10,000 years ago. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Evolution_of_the_horse

I'm certain Walt can dig up some quote from PETA declaring that NA horses never died out and in fact survived on a tiny island in the Great Salt Lake from whence they spread like prairie fire once liberated by our great white fathers.

George Rebane

scenes 241pm - my prognosticated solution for debt and unfunded liabilities, promoted here for years, was invented in Weimar almost a century ago. Pay off everything in nominal dollars after everyone's savings have been destroyed, and then we all wait for the man on a white horse to lead us to ... .


See "jon"? that's what smoking dope does to you. I'm with Scenes.
Cull the critters. Me??,, PETA???? And the horse you rode in on, and the dog that followed.
Your comprehension skills are sorely lacking. Try reading what I posted again. Your the one blaming the dawn of man, on the last native horse being done in.


As for Clueless,,"alfie doesn't live in the usa"
Well no sh*t... But that's the kind of care you want HERE.
That's socialized medicine for you. Hay!!,, But it's FREE!!
Those with REAL EXPENSIVE problems and sicknesses are going to die.
It's not cost effective.
So tell me smartass, just how much a month is too much to keep someone alive? That's what the Brit Docs just decided. You don't get to buy catastrophic health care coverage there. But you can here.

And the parents have no say in the matter. Again. Ain't the UK health care great?
And this is the blueprint "O" and Co. was going to use?


On the subject of "Our American public mind"
"University of Utah has installed a closet on campus for stressed students to cry in following final exams."
" provides a space for students to cry privately on campus. The closet is equipped with several stuffed animals. There are two lights that can be adjusted to meet the student’s specific preference. On the closet door, there is a list of rules. According to the rules, students must knock before entering and may spend no more than 10 minutes in the closet."

When is this insanity going to end?


re: GeorgeR@2:47PM

That makes me think on government bodies without the ability to print money (or borrow at reasonable rates) and look for examples. There have been some collapsing bubbles that seemed to co-mingle public and private funds (South Sea Island Company) but I'm not satisfied with those as proxies.

Maybe El Salvador. Uses the US dollar as a currency. Like California, a poor GINI score. Increasingly similar demographics. I suppose they have a very well entrenched civil service with it's taproot locked onto the country's cashflow. I wonder if it wouldn't be a good predictive laboratory for California state finances.

Plus pension fights.

I need to know more about that place.


scenes 241pm

It's nearly impossible to predict the end of a bubble. California isn't broke yet, they still have checks and other governments willing to lend them (us) enough to get by another year and enough of the unfunded liabilities have been swept under the rug to allow the rocket scientists in Sacramento to pretend they aren't there.

Public pension obligations need to be shed, transformed to a 401k-like vehicle that will enable the near poor (like Keach) to have much of their promised 'pension', with the high six figure annual obligations trimmed to a high five figure reality.

Federally speaking, Social Security and Mediscare need to be means tested and pensions replaced with a funded 401k-ish plan whose contributions are ended at the time of retirement.

The Brit NHS made a good call on Alfie; an incurable genetic disease had already ravaged his brain and they had no curative therapy nor the budget to experiment. But there shouldn't have been anyone keeping their parents from seeking any alternative therapy, as long as the NHS wasn't paying for it.

jon smith

Walt 3:24
" You don't get to buy catastrophic health care coverage there."

You are on a roll today. Of course you can buy catastrophic coverage and private coverage if that's what you want. Just like here. Have you ever been out of this country?? The parents of the brain dead 2 year old want the UK to pay to ship the body to Italy for palliative care. They should have bought the extended coverage plan. Sorry about the kid, but he's dead and no amount of handwringing or public funding will bring him back.

"Though the public system dominates healthcare provision in England, private health care and a wide variety of alternative and complementary treatments are available for those willing to pay."



Get real, Mike/"jon"

There is no extended coverage plan on the planet that will cough up huge sums for very expensive experimental therapy with little to no expectation of success.

Worldwide, we need to break ourselves from the habit of spending huge sums of money (usually other people's money) in a futile attempt to Beat the Reaper.

That said, you first.

Bill Tozer

More of the same. Californians leaving California.



Whata deal!
"The $100 card will be for “functioning handguns, shotguns, and rifles.” A $200 card will be given for firearms listed as “assault weapons” in California.

They want someone to hand over 2000 bucks worth of gun for 200 dollars? I can think of maybe two people who would fall for that.

Marillyn Lock-Heed

‘’’ the Left’s objective is gun confiscation by whatever means available’’’,,,another sweeping generalization,,,as per usual,,,

,,,the latest idea,,,from a diesel driving Texan who packs a piece to church,,,create a special permit process for the types of weapons that (((like certain drugs))) are prone to abuse.

jon smith

10% of face is a good price on the hot gun market. Still, I'd rather take the cash than a WIC debit card. Can't buy beer with WIC.

Marillyn Lock-Heed

,,,walt,,,,your boy Barbie hobby gun ain’t worth that much,,,gold,,,bitcoin,,,ARs,,,the latest speculative investment???

Bill Tozer

1). Ms. Marilyn sez: ‘’’ the Left’s objective is gun confiscation by whatever means available’’’,,,another sweeping generalization,,,as per usual,,,

Oh Marilyn Manson, you are just upset that you can’t own or posses a firearm because of the legal medicinal marihuana script to ease your aching bones. It’s a bitch getting old and uglier. If some tweakers try to bust through your door in the dead of night wearing black hoods and such, just have the Mrs. call 911.

I believe the goal of the Lefties is total gun confiscation. Name one place or time on this planet when that was not the goal of the Lefties. I will wait for an answer. One place or time is all I ask.


2). California



Capt. Clueless tries again. Thanks for showing one more time, your clueless on the value and actual price if firearms.
Tell ya what Cap,, you try and buy one... OH.. That's RIGHT!!,, You can't! Sorry for your bad luck.

And thanks "jon" for showing your superior knowledge on economics.
10%? Yup,, you go with that. You will be in one of those homeless boxes by the end of the month.

George Rebane

"another sweeping generalization", au contraire, that assertion is very specific and EVERY successive gun control initiative by the Left confirms it. For those with rusty critical thinking skills, I challenge them to come up with a better approach, given that gun confiscation is the goal, than what is being done today - ignore current laws, pass another layer of new ones. In short, all the evidence in the public forum attests to their effort to attain the final goal - including having local leftwing acolytes across the land continue their BS denials.

Marillyn Lock-Heed

,,,read it and weep boys,,,

,,,guns don't prevent tyranny!!!



The modern university.



Sure Capt. Clueless.. Keep believing that.
A little reading material for your LONG wait.
Tough times. The young voters ain't buying Proggy BS anymore.

Your go right ahead and "think" progress,, while the rest of us actually MAKE progress.( something a PROGGY just can't do)

George Rebane

MarilynnL 831am - Excellent expose of your thinking and from where it draws support. Many thanks.


And Fake news gets BUSTED again.
Lib news runs with this.
"Parkland survivors criticized the National Rifle Association after it banned guns from Vice President Mike Pence’s upcoming speech at the organization’s annual convention later this week."

The fact IS,,,
"The Secret Service works closely with our local law enforcement partners in each state to ensure a safe environment for our protectees and the public,” the agency told CNN. “Individuals determined to be carrying firearms will not be allowed past a predetermined outer perimeter checkpoint, regardless of whether they possess a ticket to the event. "


re Marillyn Lock-Heed/Bun Bun/obee wonton/MAGA Covfefe/Generalissmo Covfefe/obeehave/ @ 8:31AM

They would probably make a more accurate point if they built a chart based on % of households with a gun. Since a lot of guns are owned by people with a lot of guns, guns per capita is pretty meaningless.

I'm happy to admit that guns don't cause freedom, they allow the ball to be put in play if freedom is threatened. You don't necessarily end up with a free society at the end of the day.

Generally, what produces a free society? My guess is that any country with a culturally diverse population is on borrowed time, and monocultures need to be well behaved ones. The Swiss will always have their shit together and I doubt that El Salvador ever will.

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