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11 May 2018


Bill Tozer

There are only two kinds of immigrants: legal and illegal. Not that hard to wrap your mind around. Changing the word “illegal” to “undocumented” makes it sound like it’s just some paperwork error. Check is in the mail, dog ate my homework kind of thing.

Now it’s being a refugee from domestic violence instead of fleeing imminent death or torture for solely political or religious reasons....like the brown shirts are coming tonight to drag you off to be never seen again. Literally a situation where you must flee for,your life...for political or religious reasons, not economic reasons.
Or how about this silly notion of a refugee from crime. I am sorry that their country of origin as a weak civil service structure that can’t get a handle on crime and domestic abuse. Read the booking reports for our local jail and you will see quite a few folks arrested here for domestic violence and crime.

From Canada....just to show what de facto amnesty looks like there.

“But unlike Syria or Afghanistan, neither country fits the criteria for a war zone. Of the 2,552 claims from illegal border crossers that were finalized in 2017, only 53 per cent were accepted as refugees. The federal government even dispatched Haitian-born MP Emmanuel Dubourg to Miami to tell Haitians directly that most of them will be deported if they try to cross into Canada. But as the backlog piles up, it is taking longer and longer to process refugee claims. In October the wait time was 16 months. In February, it was 20 months. According to an internal report from the Immigrant and Refugee Board, if current rates of border crossing continue, the wait could be as long as 11 years by 2021. A 19-year-old crossing the border could be 30 with three kids by the time he ever has to make his case for staying in Canada. “Realistically, if it’s going to take 10 years to get a refugee hearing … you’ve almost got de facto amnesty,” said Raj Sharma, a Calgary-based immigration lawyer and former refugee protection officer.”


Amnesty, de facto amnesty...its all in a label.


By golly, Black Pigeon Speaks actually did a vlog on California.


George Rebane

scenes 304pm - Thank you Mr Scenes, I've posted your excellent link as an update above.


OH YES.... It's all in the label.

"International Socialist Workers’ Day "
That says it all...

Our Proggys will be all for it.

George Rebane

RR has been identifying these 'Democrats' as thinly veiled communists for years. Now they are dropping the veil as they call us all to follow their lead into totalitarianism. What is truly remarkable to watch are the denials dutifully delivered by their local lackeys.

Bill Tozer

Making a mockery or legal immigration:

Legal immigrants are not forgotten. They are marginalized by a Democrat-Media Complex that knows such people represent a mortal threat to The Narrative™ — a narrative that requires the deliberate conflation of “legal” and “illegal” immigrant, because absent the critical distinction, progressive assertions that Americans who disagree with their agenda are racist, bigoted, xenophobic and nativist ring exceedingly hollow.

Without that conflation, Americans would be constantly reminded of the stark difference between law-abiding and respectful people requesting entry and the activist-abetted, often lawless arrogance of those demanding it.

Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) senior researcher Nayla Rush, who legally emigrated from Lebanon and endured the costs and legal requirements associated with doing so, is taken aback by the attitude of the Central American caravaners — caravaners indoctrinated and enabled by the Pueblo Sin Fronteras (PSF) activist group. “I could comprehend someone wanting a better life, sneaking in, and, if caught, feeling apologetic,” she explains. “But these people are marching in front of cameras, in front of the whole world. They demand to be admitted here. Where does this sense of entitlement come from?”


Bill Tozer

If America is such a bad country, shouldn’t we be warning illegals not to come here?



Ricky McVeigh

An interesting and yet all important tell is that when the writer capitalizes ALL in order to emphasize a dire call to duty, her message is actually telling us that another Haldol injection must be performed stat in order to keep the public peace Q.V.

Todd Juvinall

Anyone see Maxine Waters meltdown on the House floor today? The woman is a gift that keeps on giving for Republicans and black males.



Thanks for the heads-up on that. It's too funny.

I see that someone referred to her on youtube as 'Mad Maxine'. Seriously, that is gold. If Trump ever calls her that in a tweet, it'll stick in perpetuity.

Don Bessee

What a bad day to be a po' ol' pollhead -

he threat to the Democratic Party is obvious based on these results and their upward trend for Trump. If Trump could win Pennsylvania despite a turnout for Hillary in Philadelphia that was only three points less than President Obama received in 2012 and “The best turnout without Obama on the ballot I’ve ever seen,” then any further bleeding of black support in that state could ensure Trump’s re-election, even if he lost Florida but kept his rust belt wins. If the current support level holds and turns into actual support (or anywhere near it), then Democrats are in profound trouble—possibly even for the midterms.
In Michigan and Wisconsin, Hillary underperformed Obama with blacks. Trump’s margin in Ohio was so high that any further slippage among blacks would lead to landslide territory.



Don Bessee

How will the lefts anti-Semitism fit this in the narrative? Its not as if they know the difference between suni and shia.

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman declared April 30th that it was long past due that the Palestinians, instead of constantly rejecting to negotiate offers, finally negotiate and accept what they have been offered multiple times — a nation of their own — or “shut up.”

He told Israeli news:
“For the past 40 years, the Palestinian leadership has missed opportunities again and again, and rejected all the offers it was given. It’s about time that the Palestinians accept the offers, and agree to come to the negotiating table — or they should shut up and stop complaining."



Bill Tozer

Immigration or invasion?


Don Bessee

They should install these in the House and Senate chambers!

A virtual border agent kiosk was developed to interview travelers at airports and border crossings and it can detect deception to flag human security agents.
The U.S., Canada and European Union have tested the technology, and one researcher says it has a deception detection success rate of up to 80 percent — better than human agents.
The technology relies on sensors and biometrics, and its lie-detection capabilities are based on eye movements or changes in voice, posture and facial gestures.



Bill Tozer

It’s all in the label: The reason God created whiskey was to keep the Irish from ruling over anything.

The Irish ran wild, lynching blacks and burning black establishments to the ground. As described in Leslie M. Harris’ book In the Shadow of Slavery: African Americans in New York City, 1626-1863, the Irish rioters “made a sport of mutilating the black men’s bodies, sometimes sexually. A group of white men and boys mortally attacked black sailor William Williams — jumping on his chest, plunging a knife into him, smashing his body with stones — while a crowd of men, women and children watched.”

Luckily for the Irish, there were no ethnic activist groups leaping in to excuse their bad behavior. President Lincoln sent in federal troops to crush the savage uprising. (Hey, President Trump! Lincoln is a very popular president!)

And these were European immigrants, most of whom spoke English, contrary to the claptrap you’ve heard in reaction to Kelly’s remark this past week. Today we’re getting peasants who not only don’t speak English, they don’t even speak Spanish and are also illiterate in their own dialects.

The Irish were driven out of their country by a one-time calamity — the potato famine. This wasn’t how they always lived. Starving poverty wasn’t their culture.

Still, the Irish were — at one time — among the poorest immigrants we ever got and the slowest to assimilate. It took 120 years, by political analyst Michael Barone’s estimate. (Imagine a time when our worst immigrants were the Irish!)


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