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30 May 2018



jonsmith, while clutching at his stars and stripes: "Todd-Your gal friend Roseanne refuses to stand and has even been filmed spitting sunflower seeds during the national anthem. "

You either have a poor memory or are under 30.


"The chorus of stadium boos that greeted Barr's screechy, off-key, seemingly flippant rendition of the "Star Spangled Banner," followed by what some perceived as an obscene gesture, at Wednesday night's game drew a louder accompaniment Thursday. Veterans groups, radio talk-show hosts and others condemned Barr for what they regarded as her denigration of the anthem."

"Padres officials, seeing a promotion they had hoped would be a big hit strike out badly, apologized Thursday, and then did what any red-blooded baseball team in serious trouble would do: They called in the Marines, who provided a tape recording of a U.S. Marines Corps Band rendition of the national anthem for Thursday night's game."

Paul Emery


Here is your exact quote from last nights 7:13. this was not an hallucination, as you claim it was your words.

"Or the reserves, with six months to start (including basic) and then part time, a weekend a month and a 2week vacation every year, courtesy of Uncle Sam."

I responded by saying:

"Being sent to Travis AFB for two weeks in the summer to unload caskets of
American soldiers is not exactly a 2 week vacation. You are an idiot if you believe it was."

Sorry you're having memory issues Gregory.


Punchy 930am

The irony, it burns!


You might talk it over with an English teacher, Punch.

jon smith

Thanks scenes 9:30.
You are a mean man. I was trying to break it to him gently. Why is Rosanne such a hit with the "ilk" of Trump, Bessee, and Juvinall when she is so flagrantly anti America?

Todd Juvinall

jon smith | 30 May 2018 at 08:59 AM from another thread. I am not a fan of Rosanne's bub. You libs are vile and nasty and disrespectful and get a pass from the lousy media and your fellow commies. What she said was trash and cannot be supported. You personally have said worse and are a liar to boot.

jon smith

Where on the body is Rosanne's bub? Is it near her angus? I bet you are a closet fan of her bub.

George Boardman

So Bessee, when are you going to spell out the details of your military service? Were you discharged early? What does somebody else's divorce have to do with any of this?

Your time in the military appears to be a subject you'd rather not discuss.

Todd Juvinall

jon smith | 30 May 2018 at 09:50 AM
And your support of Kim Jong Un is telling. Why are you so in love with that murdering swine?

Paul Emery

Yeah George B. He disappears when the subject is brought up.

George Rebane

Regarding actors as people and acting as their work product. Is it not possible to disagree or even hold reprehensible an actor's ideology and (off screen/stage) behavior while still enjoying their work product? Today we seem not to be able to differentiate these any more. In my case, I appreciate and enjoy very much the polished professional performances of rabidly leftwing actors whose publicly expressed ideologies I find to be the sum and substance of what is contributing to the destruction of America. Unfortunately, there is a difference there, and one's reaction to both facets can and should be expressed in separate arenas without the taint of hypocrisy.

Todd Juvinall

We on the right are the ones that are able to parse an actor from his politics and personal insults. Just watch any late night program or that Journalists dinner and see how these lovelies talk about us. Yet I am unaware anyone from our side that idiot broad "comefian" should be fired or muzzled. The left would just as oon stand an apostate up against the wall and snuff them for saying something trashy.

jon smith

Todd 10 :51

"Yet I am unaware anyone from our side that idiot broad "comefian" should be fired or muzzled."


Paul Emery

Oh I get it Gregory, you were trying to be funny. All of us my AF Reserves unit that did this duty say to you ha ha ha.


,,,Roseanne booed after butchering Star Spangled Banner at baseball game,,,

,,,Po ol Rudy Giuliani booed on his birthday at Yankees game.

,,,what happened Rudy??? you went from America's Mayor to wacky trumpski apologist.

,,,go ahead make my day,,,try to tell me the Yankee stadium was full of libs.

,,,you know it's bad when Fox Shep Smith is done with trumpski's bullshit!!!


Posted by: M | 30 May 2018 at 11:01 AM

Enjoy him until 2024! (Better lay in a huge stock of.... well you know 😀)!


.....and close html tags

Don Bessee

It looks like fake news does not sell like it used to -

In ratings data released Wednesday by Nielsen Media Research, FNC extended its run of consecutive months at number one to a staggering 197, while building hitting another impressive milestone: Fox News Channel has now beaten every other network in basic cable for 23 months straight, based on total day ratings, with an average total day audience in May of 1.4 million viewers.
In prime time, Fox News destroyed its competition, with an average total audience of 2.381 million viewers, compared to MSNBC's 1.384 million and CNN's 835,000.




.....or else!

Don Bessee

GB- I was pointing to the original source of the po' ol' faknewsmans story about me being a marine with a loony toon discharge, we have circled that barn every election cycle. Narrative fail, I served more than my 4 year enlistment because of a base of preference. As you can see the po' ol' fakenews man was left sputtering when he was preemptively hit with the marines not being my service arm, confirming he is just parroting what he is told.

Dow bouncing back nicely. ;-)


I wasn't talking about your duty, Punchy, I was discussing my options at age 18.

Just an IQ survey of RR readers... did anyone besides Punchy take my mention of a 2 week vacation on Uncle Sam every year as anything besides irony?

Todd Juvinall

JonnieSmith the spell checker. Always done to dodge the questions. What a pussy.


Posted by: Gregory | 30 May 2018 at 11:42 AM

....... anyone besides Punchy take my mention of a 2 week vacation on Uncle Sam every year as anything besides irony?

When I valiantly served in the Chair Force we cycled reservists through on a regular basis....”2 week vacation” was frequently used to describe their annual stint.

More Punch-E brand righteous indignation!


jonsmith: "Thanks scenes 9:30.
You are a mean man. I was trying to break it to him gently."

The main point, of course, was that Roseanne's foray into singing was not well received by the more patriotic Americans.

I doubt that hippies or illegal aliens much cared.

georger: "In my case, I appreciate and enjoy very much the polished professional performances of rabidly leftwing actors whose publicly expressed ideologies I find to be the sum and substance of what is contributing to the destruction of America."

Of course. I can't say that I much care what a musician or actor has to say outside of their craft. It seems to me that the fine line is whether their activities I find insulting are actually done as part of the performance. It's probably a subtle distinction to draw, but I think it's reasonable.

It's early days yet. It seems to me that public figures still haven't figured out that releasing their id to their keyboard can result in odd things. Trump road it to the White House, while others wish his impeachment or death. I expect that we'll simply get inured to it over time.

Don Bessee

Getting real -

Beyond the student limits, U.S. consulates and embassies reportedly received instructions that any Chinese citizen applying for a visa will need to secure additional special permission form the U.S. if they work in research or management for any company the U.S. Commerce Department lists as an entity “requiring higher scrutiny.”



Paul Emery

Any of you like to take a vacation for two weeks at Travis AFB pushing caskets of soldiers off the airplane into cold storage. By the way, there was no ceremony greeting them on their return. Just us Reservists on a two week vacation.

George Rebane

scenes 1234pm - agreed.

Bill Tozer

Look, cut the shit on who did what and who has the longest swinging dick. Punchy had a fucked job. It was a fucked job being where soldiers fell. We all left pieces of ourselves in the damn war, even the anti-war hippy freaks.

I am beginning to have 10x more respect for a guy I meet living in the Great Woods of Canada who was a draft dodger than some of you. I was hitchhiking once upon a time and he saw me standing there on his way to work and sawme standing there on his way home from work. Picked me up. Took me home to his cabin he built, meet the wife and kids, he had a good job and new life. But, that night when the lights went low, he had to ask. He missed that one part of home that he could never shake. “Tell me, how are the Giants doing? How have they been doing for the last 10 years? I miss hearing the games on the radio. I miss going to the ballpark as a kid with my dad. I miss reading about them in the paper. How are the Giants doing?” He had a big hole in his soul that only baseball could fill.
Oh, I lied my ass off and made up stories and even fake names of ball players and this great catch or play so and so did, and made up stories and we talked for hours. He could not get enough of the SF Giants. I did not give a hoot about baseball then and did not even had a clue nor could name one player on the Giants if I was asked, I think the only reason he picked me up on the road was because I carried my issued dufflebag around with me for years and he saw a fellow countryman.

That draft dodger hippy Bay Area kid got called and he fled north. We all lost a piece of ourselves in that damn war, every war. Including my host for the evening. And Jesse Winchester wrote songs about closing his eyes and thinking of the days atGrandma’s cabin in Dixie...... from Canada.

George Boardman

Bessee, you still haven't told me what service you were in. Were you also in the Chair Force, the preferred landing spot for the war hawks on this blog who are itching to go to war with Iran or North Korea--maybe both at the same time.


Not much opportunity for learning or advancement in that job, eh, Punchy?

At the time I was waiting for my draft lottery number, I had decided that if it came up low I'd try to enlist in the Air Farce to work air traffic control... four years but some control over assignments. Maybe parlay my two years of high school German into a european destination. Getting a safe number was better. One friend of mine, a year ahead of me at Mudd, watched as his birthday came up first out of the hopper. He drank a sixpack of beer, stumbled in the Army ROTC orifice and enlisted;.

A Mudd engineering graduate with decent grades, he asked for R&D and was assigned to Infantry. Ft. Benning, GA.

An engineer I knew at Hughes Aircraft Company was drafted in good academic standing out of a PhD physics program. He cashed out with a master's and was sent to his Army training... demolitions. He was scary focused with something of a twisted smile when describing the final exam, placing three charges to completely obliterate a 10'x 10' by 10' concrete cube. Never went back to finish up the Physics PhD.

Another guy I knew working at a computer company in Santa Barbara told me of his enlistment and getting into an electronic tech slot. Folks in his class were acting up and were told the next guy to act up would be reassigned to be a door gunner in a Huey, apparently one of the least survivable jobs in the DoD. Sure enough, someone acted up and in a few days was in Viet Nam working as a door gunner.

All in all, Punch, compared to the duty pulled by the soldiers whose caskets you moved, two weeks every year at Travis AFB probably was a vacation.

Bill Tozer

Well, the silver lining on Punchy’s job was on the hot summer days he could step right into the cooler. If we couldn’t laugh, we would all go insane.

And now, using my best Forrest Gump impersonation, “Then one day, for no particular reason, I took that dufflebag, emptied it out, and threw it away.” You could still see the USMC on it, faded, small rips, but still there.

In and around a summer of Love, , the Corp sunk so low it initiated for the first time in its history the draft. I have been told that you did not want to be drafted into Gunny’s beloved Corp. The first thing he did was walk the line of maggots and wanted to know who among the recruits was a puke bucket scrots was a draftee. They got singled out and were shown a special kind of welcome. Enlisting was proven to be a better idea. Or college. Or surviving son clause. Or weekend warriors. Or working on F-1s, the Phanton. Or, get drunk and screw.

Account Deleted

Boardman - 1:03 "...who are itching to go to war with Iran or North Korea..."
No one is itching to go to war.
The best way to avoid that is to let the enemy think we are itching for a war.
If Truman had told Russia and China we would make parking lots out of their countries if they sent one soldier into Korea, we could have saved thousands of lives and probably avoided a lot of bloodshed later in Vietnam.
Instead, he fretted what his 'image' would be if he did that and doomed so many American soldiers to death and torture at the hands of the commies.
If Russia and China thought that Truman was 'itching' for all out war, they would have never continued their involvement in Korea. Threatening war and wanting war are two different things.
Didn't you ever threaten to discipline your kids with corporal punishment? Did that mean you wanted to hurt them?

Bill Tozer



jon smith

Scott 1:55-
"No one is itching to go to war. "

Bullshit. Many thousands of people have devoted their lives to war profiteering. It is assinine to pretend that isn't true.


,,,not itching to go to war,,,just creating fear and paranoia of evil doers to keep the money flowing to the defense industry and Fed fat cats.


Oddly enough, I got to listen to the KVMR sheriff candidate interview with PaulE. Radio is something of a wasteland anymore, so you get what you can.

It was well done, Paul used his good radio voice with nary a 'umm', no dead air. Probably too many softball questions (just what do you bring to the department?)

The candidates are hilarious to listen to. It's probably just the times, but they are scared to say anything wrong. Lotsa talk about stakeholders and The Community and change and whatnot. Marijuana? Well, yes we should follow the law. Homeless people? Well, yes there are a lot of them and it's a real problem.

Hey, it's a cool gig to get so I can't blame them. It would be fun to have someone with an opinion run for office, but Arpaios are thin on the ground.


"jon" 249pm

I believe the smear by Bored Georgeman that was being countered were that there were a bunch of folks here, of the Chair Force variety, itching to go to war.

I don't know of any that fit that designation, and neither do you.


"Bored Georgeman"


Bill Tozer

The last person itching to go to war was Hillary with Libya. Trump don’t want war, he would rather do business with folks. And how well has never ending normal diplomacy tactics worked with North Korea, if ever? Try something different. Say it differently. Can’t hurt.

The war mongering Neocons (there are some in both major parties) are the likes of John McCain, Lyndsey Graham, probably Chuckle the Clown, Flake, and they are itching to go to war. Itching so bad they can taste it now, just like My Gal and her machine bigger than the likes we have never seen....including the Deep State entrenched bureaucracy. and faceless puppeteers in The Hague

George Rebane

Those who oppose federal spending for national defense (their only unquestioned constitutional responsibility) as wasting money on the military and defense industry "fat cats" apparently do not believe the basic data that compares who has what numbers and capabilities on the world stage. However, blowing five times as much on entitlements and special interest subsidies is just hunky-dory and probably needs to be increased.

Bill Tozer

The world is a very dangerous place with some unsavory characters running countries. If not the man in front of the cameras, it’s those guys behind him.

On national defense, it is much better to error on the side of caution with too much Defensive Spnding than come out on the short end of the stick. Greeting from America.

See, jon got his defense department R&D money, so he is happy, happy, happy now. And to think they scoffed at Ronald “Ray-Guns” for his pie in the sky Star Wars. A regular Seward’s Folly at the time.
Wish iStar Wars was bigger and better and completely tested and developed and operational in our brave new world of the here and now...just in case the UFK or some Mullah gets some crazy ideas and starts pushing some launch buttons.

Did you know.....

While at school in Switzerland, he (fat ugly kid, or FUK or FUE) ) received failing grades in natural sciences and received good grades in music and technical studies.

He reportedly has a love for cheese and heavy smoking, which have likely led to his health and weight problems.

jon smith

3 words: Military. Industrial. Complex.

Yes, we can never be too afraid. Lobbyists demand that we MUST throw more money into the 800 billion dollar "defense" pot even when the military itself say's they don't need it. The war profiteers always drown them out. Those who question "defense" spending are quickly put down as traitors, fools, commies, libs, anti-American . . .


,,,did trumpski lie again???




It seems to me that they (DOD) do a pretty decent job with the money. The missions change a little too often (with the inertia from the prior one causing problems), each generation of system will cost more than the last (a kind of Moore's Law), people have become more risk averse, etc.

Plus, large organizations waste large amounts, but probably aren't that bad from a percentage standpoint.

Defense as a proportion of GDP has dropped quite a lot over the last 70 years, the real growth is in other, and obvious, areas.

One potentially obvious problem I always think about is the 'one system too many' problem for a given clade of gadgetry. There's bound to be a set of aircraft carriers built after the whole idea becomes unsurvivable, one last family too many of manned fighter aircraft, a wasted generation of armored vehicles. Time machines being in short supply, it's hard to tell where the waste will occur.


,,,is trumpski still playing to the meatheads???



,,,it must be hard to be a trumpskiite,,,



Posted by: M | 30 May 2018 at 04:40 PM

6 1/2 more years dugski! Enjoy!

Bill Tozer

The industrial war complex and lobbyists in general have been applying the pressure since the first day George Washington took office.

Screw algae. And I am glad they nixed the funding for that all green all the time slow as hell “can’t plug your cell phone in or all the breakers will blow” craphead idea for our naval fleet. Sorry Captain, got to slow it down cause the turbines are sucking up all the juice and can’t get us where we need to be at that speed.
Screw that noise. Congress constantly proposes ships the military does not want and planes that the military does not want or need. But, our berets are made in China to save a buck. And even Baba Boxer went nuts when they tried to close a CA base or two. No way, Jose. Opps, forgot to call her Senator. Yes ma’am, no closures or else the chopping block.


Bill Tozer

Back to more important stuff.

My, my. If you gotta, flaunt it. Show us girl what you have under your coat. Oh, you are a naughty girl for sure.


Bill Tozer

It’s not nice to tell a lie.


George Rebane

Have no idea where people get the idea that the Pentagon is saying they are getting too much money for defense when our Navy is at its lowest ship count level in decades and the Air Force is having to cannibalize airplanes for spare parts to keep the other squadrons flying at reduced strength. The liberals, however, do mistake the debate between Congress and the Pentagon for acquiring specific combat systems that are manufactured in certain congressional districts. But the lamestream's story to the country is exactly what we witness echoed here in jon smith's 433pm. Now let's talk about the horribly misnamed 'farm bill'.

Account Deleted

Gregory at 3:05 - yes it was in regards to the folks George named. I suppose I should have said 'no one here'.
But the lefty loons got set off and they will swear on their honor that they personally know quite a few war mongers that they can't seem to remember the name of that try to make us afraid of wonderful lovable cuddly folks like Putin who just offed the latest reporter who couldn't follow the rules. But The Lil Fat Guy and Putin, etal aren't the problem. Trump is LITERALLY Hitler and he says bad things about reporters that lie and that's obviously way worse than actually murdering a reporter.
Actually the only folks I fear are the Americans that can't handle the responsibility of living in a free nation and want to just throw away hard fought and hard gained freedoms just so it will piss off people they don't like.

Don Bessee

Walking the walk -

Turkey's official Anadolu Agency reported Tuesday that three Saudi Arabian military advisers flew to the northern Syrian town of Kobani, also known as Ayn al-Arab, to meet with representatives of the U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces, which is dominated by Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG) but also includes Arab fighters. The Saudi advisers reportedly sought to create a new union of Arab groups in cooperation with Arab tribal Al-Sandid army.

One day after a high-profile report in The Wall Street Journal last month revealed President Donald Trump's plans to gather troops from allied Arab nations in a bid to bolster U.S.-backed efforts in Syria, Saudi Arabian Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir stated that the kingdom was "in discussions with the U.S. and have been since the beginning of the Syrian crisis about sending forces into Syria."



Bill Tozer

Pssst Scott. Putin didn’t off the reporter. It was a propaganda media technique used by an anti-Putin journalist with help of the Ukrainians to draw attention to himself...just in case Putin was going to off him anyday now. Those journalists (and especially lefty journalists) really hog the spotlight and make every story about them. Kinda repugnant.
Personally, I would like to see Trump pull off a deal with N. Korea just to watch Chris Hayes’s head explode on live TV.

Quote time, oh goodie, goodie.

Insight: “A ‘No’ uttered from the deepest conviction is better than a ‘Yes’ merely uttered to please, or worse, to avoid trouble.” —Mahatma Mohandas K. Gandhi (1869-1948)

Village idiots: “The Founders gave us impeachment to answer a reckless, lawless, and dangerous president and every day that his behavior is accepted, every day that you don’t oppose it, it becomes enshrined as the way things are done. You have normalized this presidency, you have normalized his behavior.” —billionaire leftist Tom Steyer

The BIG Lie: “The fact that children are being torn out of the arms of their mothers is on Donald Trump’s head and nobody else’s.” —Sen. Liz Warren (D-MA)

Demo-gogues: “Friends who know me, know that I love football. But I won’t be watching this NFL season because of the unfair, cowardly and idiotic kneeling ban.” —Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN), who hates patriotism as much as Colin Kaepernick does

Braying Jenny: “Tone starts at the top, and we like to look up to our president and feel as though he reflects the values of our country.” —former Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett responding to Roseanne Barr’s tweet and blaming Trump for it

Braying Jackass: “Roseanne’s problem turned out to be that she far too authentically represented the actual worldview of a significant chunk of the Trump base.” —MSNBC’s Chris Hayes (“This is how you got Trump.” —Ben Shapiro)

Hollywood glitterati: “The hate that has been spewing from those in Trump’s orbit has really taken a toll on all of our souls and psyches.” —"Will & Grace" star Debra Messing

And last… “If only Roseanne had attended those Starbucks diversity training sessions, all this could have been avoided.” —Ben Shapiro


Bill Tozer

And now, let’s see what the media wants us to think. Roseanne is a hot topic, I reckon. There is something about Sarah.......


Oh no, I have been painted with that broadbrush.....again! Wait, my vote wasn’t counted, so I am off the hook. Kudos to CNN, sorta, kinda. Strike that. I know what the CNN hosts were thinking, but they just can’t say it on air. Ok, they didn’t need to say it, that’s what guests are for in.....the aftermath.



Love it. Even the Muppets ain't safe.
Which makes this oldy but a goody worth another spin.


I think I really like this idea.

"A California church flirts with an unusual social experiment: to never call police again"

'Standing on the front steps of First Congregational Church of Oakland late last month, Nichola Torbett issued a declaration.

“We can no longer tolerate the trauma inflicted on our communities by policing,” Torbett, a white church volunteer, said in front of churchgoers who held photos of African Americans shot dead by law enforcement. The church, she promised, would never call the cops again in nearly every circumstance. Dozens of members had agreed to do the same.'


I think we could start this as a local movement. Our contributing Green Libertarians could make the same pledge.

What say you?


,,,George511pm,,,re: Farm Bill,,,are you talking about Republican rep Tom Emmer???



,,,or,,,Republican Micheal Conaway???



,,,I bet LaMalfa like the crop insurance program just the way it is!!! More money in his pockets!!!


Bill Tozer

Scenes @ 9:07 pm

It sounds exactly like being in the Promise Program . Promise not to call police, even when teachers have hospitalized by assaults from students.


,,,more on Loophole LaMalfa ,,,


George Rebane

M 758am - No, I'm talking about the tens of millions we feed surreptitiously. We've already circled the LaMalfa et al barn many times. But, of course as a liberal, that's the only part that you people see of the 'farm bill'. My position on subsidies has been aired countless times.

Bill Tozer

There is something about Candace that resonates.



George,,,so you don't want to talk about psychotherapy for stressed farmers,,, and running high speed internet to all the farms so they don't feel socially isolated???

'''This isn’t just an occupation, it’s a way of life. Right now farmers, ranchers, and agricultural workers across the countries are looking to Congress for a strong farm bill.

Because life on the farm isn’t what it used to be. Today, farmers are suffering some of the worst rates of suicide in the nation. Stress to make ends meet, social isolation, downturn of the market, low farm income, regulatory strains, and lack of treatment options all make it hard for farmers to get the help they need.

That is why I introduced legislation to boost resources specifically for farmer’s mental health. With the support of Chairman Conaway and the House Agriculture Committee, I am proud to report help is on the way.

Our farmers who feed the world are feeling the weight of the world on their shoulders. It’s time we get them the help and care they deserve.'''


'M' sez: "Because life on the farm isn’t what it used to be. Today, farmers are suffering some of the worst rates of suicide in the nation."

Hang on, I though Trump was at fault.


If you're going to bitch, you hippies need to get your story straight.


Gotta love the Green Libertarians. Pure class.


Paul Emery

California Repubbers numbers are pathetic

"SAN FRANCISCO — The state that spawned the "Reagan Revolution’’ and Richard M. Nixon just experienced a watershed moment — the California Republican Party was officially relegated to third-party status.

In the culmination of the withered state GOP’s long slide toward near-political irrelevance here, new voter registration data released this week show the once-robust party trails behind both Democrats and “no party preference” in the nation's most populous state. The California Republican Party is now outnumbered by independent voters by 73,000, according to Political Data Inc., which tabulates voter file data from county registrars."



News flash. Closing times are racist.



"California Repubbers numbers are pathetic"

I can't disagree, although a lot of it is obviously demographics. It's worth considering what the Democratic party will fission into since it really doesn't share a common core.

Given that there are scarcely any Republicans in CA (aside from evil flyover counties), why are there so many homeless? why isn't the health system any better? why are the schools in trouble? why the income disparity?

It looks to me like nothing that Democrats claim to want actually happens when they drive the bus. It's a funny thing. The main side effect of Democratic rule appears to be beefing up government bureaucracy as a form of jobs program. Well, that and human poop in the street.


re: The Homeless.

I really like this picture. It sums up the state in a nutshell.


Bill Tozer

@ 9:33am

“Back to Eden Bakery is 100% committed to … dismantling the white-supremacist heater-patriarchy,” Blomgren wrote.”

Funny thing is how quick the most bleeding heart libs go to any lengths to prove there isn’t a racist white-supremacist heater-patriarchyone bone in their bodies. The accusation is far worse than the “crime” committed. The phrase “white liberal supremacists” was on my mind this morning, First time I read that phrase was on a couple signs carried by outspoken BLM members when they took Bernie’s microphone from his hand on stage in a rally in Seattle in 8/2015. The Lefties certainly do not like being pinned as white liberal suprematists.

“Instead of protesting these issues and calling them what they are, racist, most liberals just go along with them. They don’t want to start trouble, when it is in their own backyards, so they remain silent and complicit in their everyday liberal white supremacy. However, in the case of Charlottesville, a place that seems far removed from liberal bubbles in the North, it is easy for these same parents, who refuse to speak up other days of the year, to condemn white supremacy. These liberals also have a special hatred for Donald Trump and a special love for Barack Obama. These political opposites serve the same psychological function for a lot of liberal “white” folks. Enthusiastically embracing Barack Obama allowed “white” liberals to prove they didn’t have a racist bone in their bodies in the same way that hating Donald Trump did.

Since the election of Donald Trump, it seems that identifying as a liberal has become, to some, a radical act. I want to caution my liberal comrades against this. Consider what Malcolm X had to say about “white” liberals and conservatives:

The white liberal differs from the white conservative only in one way: the liberal is more deceitful than the conservative. The liberal is more hypocritical than the conservative. Both want power, but the white liberal is the one who has perfected the art of posing as the Negro’s friend and benefactor; and by winning the friendship, allegiance, and support of the Negro, the white liberal is able to use the Negro as a pawn or tool in this political “football game” that is constantly raging between the white liberals and white conservatives.

Politically the American Negro is nothing but a football and the white liberals control this mentally dead ball through tricks of tokenism: false promises of integration and civil rights. In this profitable game of deceiving and exploiting the political politician of the American Negro, those white liberals have the willing cooperation of the Negro civil rights leaders. These “leaders” sell out our people for just a few crumbs of token recognition and token gains. These “leaders” are satisfied with token victories and token progress because they themselves are nothing but token leaders.

The white conservatives aren’t friends of the Negro either, but they at least don’t try to hide it. They are like wolves; they show their teeth in a snarl that keeps the Negro always aware of where he stands with them. But the white liberals are foxes, who also show their teeth to the Negro but pretend that they are smiling. The white liberals are more dangerous than the conservatives; they lure the Negro, and as the Negro runs from the growling wolf, he flees into the open jaws of the “smiling” fox.

The job of the Negro civil rights leader is to make the Negro forget that the wolf and the fox both belong to the (same) family. Both are canines; and no matter which one of them the Negro places his trust in, he never ends up in the White House, but always in the dog house. (End of Malcom X quote.)

Both types of white supremacy do not challenge the dominant white racial frame. In fact, they support it. Liberal white supremacists are concerned with finding evil racists that allow them to look good. They do not challenge the racial or economic status quo unless it is safe to do so and then only if it does not upset their social and economic positions. They would deny that they are white supremacists, because they do not say racist things, but they are just as culpable in maintaining the larger system of white supremacy.


Nope, don’t pin that label on me!! Even civil liberty lawyers don’t like that label one bit.

“These students have clearly made up their minds about free speech: they don't want to share it with anyone else—especially Nazis, but also civil liberties lawyers who happen to be experts on the thing they are willfully misunderstanding: the First Amendment. Their ideological position is obviously incoherent—Liberalism is white supremacy? What?—and would not stand up to scrutiny, which is probably why they have decided to make open debate an impossibility on campus. They really shouldn't get away with this.”


Guess there is no winnng the argument, but I, for one, love the phrase White Liberal Supremacists. Been fighting against them for years.

George Rebane

M 844am - ???!!!

George Boardman

Well Bessee, I still haven't received a clear explanation of your military service. As somebody who professes love for all things military, I would expect you to be proud of your military service. Maybe not.

Meanwhile, you're wasting your time filing a complaint against Joey Jordan because she was clever enough to buy "billsmethersforsheriff.com" while the big brains running his campaign fumbled the ball.

They even thought they owned the site when they submitted Smethers' candidate statement for the voter handbook. This is the kind of inattention to detail I would expect from the campaign for the "executive" lieutenant who turned the narco unit into a Keystone Cops operation when he was running it in 2015.

If the names of Smethers, Roscoe P. Coltrane and Buford T. Justice were on the ballot, I know who I wouldn't vote for.

But Jordan did nothing to enhance her reputation by denying she bought the web site. Of course she did. Does she really think people are stupid enough to believe her denial?

Still, what she did isn't against the law--even Todd knows that! Your complaint is a waste of time.

Bill Tozer

The Homeless: The pic of the Big A.
A picture says a thousand words. Nice bicycle helmet the guy is wearing. Safety first.

I enjoyed the story about the attempts by the city to move the homeless camps along the “river” to the Angels parking lot and adjoining paved lots used for parking.. They got their plan together, did the necessary background work, and held a meeting to announce the move. Then someone spoke up and asked where in the heck is the running water or bathroom facilities these hundreds of folks will need? They were going to place then on hot pavement with nowhere to pee nor running water, electricity, nor nary a drinking fountain. The idea was nixed, lol.

Bill Tozer

Elections appear to be more entertaining that in the past. At least the last one was.



Golly, Bored Georgeman, Joey Jordan buys a domain for purposes of a small campaign fraud, lies about it, and you're OK with that?

Here's another interesting take on the California Republican Party... from Google: the #1 ideology listed for the GOP is Nazism!

Why is the GOP tied with independents at 25% in the state? It might have something to do with the shaming by social media... if you are registered GOP, you have a target on your back. Especially if you are a teacher or a college professor.

Anyone who disagrees with the Left-liberal take on reality is one tweet away from getting fired.


"If you don't bring to the table the highest degree of ethical standard, qualification, education and experience, please don't run for local elected office. If you do, please contact me to run your campaign."
-from Joey Jordan Consulting

So, that means if you're an ethical candidate, hire Joey Jordan Consulting and they'll fling the mud for you?

jon smith

M 8:44-
Maybe we should start with reliable basic AT&T on Cement Hill first?

Had some DSL issues and the repair guy said that within 2 years ATT will be switching to 5G which is "Very Fast." Then the bad news. We barely get a cell signal now and 5G has about 30% less reach. In other words, no ATT cell service for the NW end of the hill.

jon smith

I thought we were bringing China into line. Nope. Mexico, Canada, and the EU get hit with tariffs. Probably on the shrewd and wise prompting of Trump advisor Kim Kardashian. This will be an interesting tit for tat that will certainly benefit the average American worker. Not.

George Boardman

Goodknight, your reading comprehension is right down there with Todd's. Show me where I excused Jordan's conduct.


Boredman, show me your outrage at a campaign fraud, a small, dirty trick by a local operator.


The Metate of Justice grinds ever so finely.




California homeless lead to a thousand opportunities for ironic/iconic photographs.

It isn't like the single-party state government will do anything about it, besides paying specialist bureaucrats of course.

Honestly, as long as you've got a cafe serving $5 coffee, a Tesla, and a condo near the beach, who cares?




Todd Juvinall

Boardman truly shows he is a moron in every post here. Are you really a college grad? You sure look to me like it is impossible you are educated at all. Here is your pal's resume'



as an aside.



,,,todd,,,that is not a resume you maroon!!!

,,,are you trying to out Hillary Hodge because she volunteered at Sierra Commons?

George Boardman

Congratulations, Todd, you spelled "moron" correctly. Who said a diploma from NU is worthless?


And we thought the likes of Wildwood and LOP were bad?
Criminally charged! Holy shit!!!!!
" Brucker said she was placed before a judge and prosecutor who accused her of violating city code -- because of cracks in her driveway.

She was fined $100 and sentenced to six months criminal probation, even though this was the first time she was made aware her driveway was considered a problem."

Then this guy,,, for a stack of wood?
"Jeff Thornton was fined $1,000 and threatened with an arrest warrant because he had a "disorganized" pile of wood in his backyard. "

Boardman may want to scratch that town off his list of retirement


Another ridiculous old man with a gun,,,


Todd Juvinall

Congrats Boardman, you spelled moron correctly as you are one. And a diploma from North San Juan State means something I guess. I love it when you come to debate and we can all see your lack of intelligence. Thanks.

Todd Juvinall

M you really are dense. She says that her job has helped countless people start a business and get a job and uses the Sierra Commons as her crutch. She is listed there at 15 hours er week. That is her resume you maroon. You really are a dense idiot.

Todd Juvinall

The NYT had a babe reporter in the Trump rally venue Tuesday in Nashville. This idiot reporter said 1,000 turned out. Now the NYT had to correct the obvious lies of this Trump hater. The fire marshall said his estimate was 5,500. I agree. I watched it. Another example of the little lies Boardman's ilk does at all levels.

Don Bessee

Board George4man- "Still, what she did isn't against the law--even Todd knows that! Your complaint is a waste of time."

Not so fast there editorialist, times have changed -

It is unlawful for a person, with intent to mislead, deceive, or defraud, to commit an act of political cyberfraud. Cal. Elec. Code sec. 18320(b)
"Political cyberfraud" means a knowing and willful act concerning a political Web site that is committed with the intent to deny a person the opportunity to register a domain name for a political Web site.

Political Cyberfraud includes intentionally preventing the use of a domain name for a political Web site by registering and holding...

She still owns it. Then there is all the godaddy internal records of signing into your account and buying domains with a valid credit card. ;-)


Who would have thunk little Sally Fields was so spunky???

"I like Samantha Bee a lot, but she is flat wrong to call Ivanka a cunt.

Cunts are powerful, beautiful, nurturing and honest."

Bill Tozer

You should know all about what’s it like to be one.




By golly, I learned something today. Thanks.

Bill Tozer

Careful what you wish for


George Boardman

Bessee. be sure to alert the media when you make your citizen's arrest. Now, about your military career...Oh, right, you don't want to discuss that.

Don Bessee

GB @612- I do with people who matter and why should I help the trolls refine their slimy narratives that cycle back every election year? Old farts should not pull out their dusty I love me box of plaques and awards while we have a hot war with young heroes sacrificing daily.

I thought 'journalists' were supposed to admit when they are wrong? ;-)

Don Bessee

Its starting to catch up with them -

Former FBI Director James Comey was recently questioned by the D.C. U.S. Attorney’s office as part of a probe into whether Andrew McCabe, his former deputy, committed a crime by lying to federal agents, a Thursday report claimed.
The Washington Post report indicated that McCabe, whom Attorney General Jeff Sessions fired earlier this year just days before he would have been eligible for a lifetime pension, could be charged criminally, according to a person familiar with the matter.
McCabe was fired after the Justice Department's watchdog said he lied to investigators reviewing the bureau’s probe of Hillary Clinton’s email server. Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz said McCabe had not been forthcoming in regard to the handling of the FBI’s probe.



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