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30 May 2018



DB@7:03 "Its starting to catch up with them"

I wouldn't hold my breath, those systems won't cough up their people very readily.

Like Beowulf sez: "Fate will unwind as it must".


Bored Georgeman 6:12pm

So, when faced with the election code regarding the cyberfraud, you blow it off.

That's how the double standards get enforced.

Don B, thanks for the citation, I thought there was something along those lines in place now.

Don Bessee

As someone who uses Ferrell gas this is good news!

U.S. natural gas production in the Lower 48 states rose to an all-time high of 88.8 billion cubic feet per day (Bcf/d) in March, up from the prior record of 87.7 Bcf/d in February, according to EIA's 914 production report.




Paul and Boardman at the same assisted living complex? Now Boardman is all of a sudden concerned with one's military record.
Boardman.. That's the same card Paul plays when he's out of options, and looking to distract. And the same outcome every time,. He gets the short end.
But if you want to look just as foolish,, who am I to stop ya'?

Todd Juvinall

Dinesh S'Sousa gets pardoned by Trump and rightly so. His offense was always adjudicated with a fine but Obama and his brownshirts put Dinesh in the clink. Thanks Trump! I wonder how the libbies will react if Trump pardons Martha Stweart and Blagoivich?

Account Deleted

Paul Emery at 9:14 - Rs are at rock bottom. That's your worst nightmare, bro.
Your hommies are in charge. How's that workin' for ya bro? Biggest number of homeless - largest GINI index spread - largest amount of poverty in the nation. Yippee! You win, bro!
Care to respond, Paul?

Paul Emery

Not trying to win anything Scott. Just making an observation that the Republicans in California are really The third-party. They're pretty much irrelevant.

Todd Juvinall

The democrats have gerrymandered Cali really effectively. They have 45% of the voters and 68% of the seats. And not a word from the left.


Dems have controlled both houses of the state legislature since 1970, driven mainly by public employee union cash.

This cash flow will be impaired if Janus is decided in favor of Janus, to be announced by the SCOTUS on a Tuesday this month.

Todd Juvinall

Actually, the R's won the Assembly for two years in 1994-1996. But Willie Brown picked off Doris Allen to retain the Speakership for another year. After I along with many other County Chairs of their Central Committees flew down to go door to door and recall her, we succeeded. Then Willie picked off another traitor from Fresno. Eventully we gained the Assembly by one vote for one year. Bernie Richter was our Assemblyman. He hired me to help write a bill on state purchasing that would have saved us billions. It was squashed by Pete Wilson.


The one year of one house, 1996, didn't seem worth mentioning.


FYI, the Starbucks presentation for their employees:


Bill Tozer

Concerning the local scene:

"Future of Nevada County members consist of young professionals, activists, educators, business owners, environmentalists, artists, and social justice advocates, along with their mentors," said member and Nevada City business owner Rachel Luck. "We discuss, explore, and act on issues about which we feel strongly: environmental sustainability, access to local government, diversity and inclusion, indigenous rights, affordable housing, economic development and jobs, and the cost of living. We are oriented towards and interested in addressing the root causes of these issues."
Source: Nevada City Councilmember Reinette Senum.


Since I do not qualify to participate in Saturday’s confab, I will stick my neck out and toss out some ideas from the peanut gallery.

1). Nevada City boasts of being on the trailblazing cutting edge of permitting marihuana dispensaries (for medicinal purposes only, of course) in the county. All eyes are on the little 40 acre burg and dispensaries are vital to the economic health of the city. The tax revenue, the suppliers....all needed to keep the town from rolling up the sidewalks and shutting down. The marihuana business “keeps the city afloat” has been the mantra for years, year in and year out. That cannot be disputed.

My suggestion to the powers that be is to tweak the zoning codes and put a nice dispensary in the big empty old Broad Street Furnishings building at 210 (?) Broad Street. The good ole boys and girls must know the owner of the vacant building, most likely drinking buddies with the owner. Parking in the rear, big two story building with 3 stories if you count the attic where an occasional tenet lives, and smack dab at the entrance to the city! Why have an empty building greeting tourists or some dispensary hidden off somewhere out of hit where few venture? If you got it, flaunt it. Showcase it. Think of all of he tax revenue, not to mention a big vacant building is not a pleasant sight.

The downtown location would be a proud testiment to the cutting edge visions of local vibrant economic development and job creation. Since the City requires retail businesses on the ground floor, the dispensary should be no problem. Or, if that is a problem, the fill the downstairs will shops selling cookies, soaps, bath oils, and topical creams. Put a sign at the base of 2nd floor stairs the reads “No one under 18 years old allowed” and put the good stuff up in the spacious and historical dynamic second floor. Maybe even carve out a community center space on the ground floor and give it the town square or European feel. Build it and they will come. It will benefit all the local businesses downtown, save the city from closing down, and be well worth the drive to the Berkeley of the Foothills. Frisco Values will greet our locals and local alike as they enter the city.

2). Stop cultural appropriation by some of the restaurant owners. Social justice does not mean diversity if you imitate or hijack another’s culture.

Build more monuments for indigious people.


"Build more monuments for indigious people."

I seem to remember Thomas Streicher presenting one back when he was doing God's Work.

It was going to be a giant bronze Native American Indigenous Feller with a spear and a maiden that looked like a Frank Frazetta Conan drawing. It was brilliant.

I would have definitely donated to put that puppy up in downtown NC.

Robert Cross

In the "nothing says support our troops like trying to make money off the memory of dead soldiers" category-- The official trump website had a sale to 'remember' our country's fallen heroes. All MAGA gear is 25% off if one uses the code "remember." Is making money off the office of the President the new norm?

Todd Juvinall

Oh BoobieC you guys are so sensitive. Hard to believe that an American male can be such a pussy as you.

Bill Tozer

Todd, I never bought once that Bobbie is a male. Not one time. Ever. He’s such a c word.

Robert Cross

Todd & Bill, it is hard to believe you support such a grifter as trump. You must be as naive as four year olds not to see that he is using the office of president to enrich himself at your expense.

Todd Juvinall

Oh BoobieC, he is no grifter. They move from town to town to ply their trade. Trump seems to be locked into Brooklyn and Queens. And he has been the owner of property and building which grifters never do. So the true grifter is your love, Hillary Clinton and her sidekick Pocahontas. And we all know it. And I am sure BillT has you pegged as a "c" word. You are really a wimpass.


Bobbie, my oh my, yes. What a grifter. Terrible how he's hiding it all so well.

There will be a time where you may be able to vote him out... November 2020. Until then, I'd suggest giving him his due deference as he exercises the powers under the Constitution given his lawfully elected position of President.



Well, there's grifters and there's grifters.


There's scarcely anyone in history who has made as much money as the Clinton's have with their mouths. Frank Sinatra and Cleopatra spring to mind, but it's a rare thing.


Posted by: Robert Cross | 01 June 2018 at 12:05 PM

....yeah.....that's totally unethical......cough, cough ....Clinton Foundation.

Bill Toze

Oh, that’s what the tiny non-fuss was all about. Google and CA Republicans, eh?


Well, I always said Trump was a third party candidate, so I guess Punchy agrees with me. Anyway, the Google bias don’t bother me in the least. It’s who Google is...er...has become. Same for FB. No surprise here. I have got used to it, being the underdogs and all. I just don’t wear victimhood as well as my goofy friends across the aisle on the dark side of the street do. They have that down pat.
Get this. I was on one of my sites like Rowdy Conservatives or Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children or those kind of sites on FB and there is a NRA ad. When I hovered over the ad to read what it said (had a great eye catching pic),a pop-up appeared that said “Do you want to know who paid for this ad?” Well. I think it is reasonable to surmise that the NRA paid for the ad, lol. It’s not like some donor hidden secret advocacy group like Moving Forward Together in Hope to Pick Your Pocket and all Change or some other Leftist group funded by the usual shadowy suspects. No, I think the NRA paid for the ad, but thank you very much. :). Must be the Little Boss Hogg influence.

Then, right below that was a snapshot from the gal running the site. It as a warning from FB that said that they had violated FB’s rules and if the gal continues with such actions, then out goes the lights, long time no come see. But the funny thing is they never told her (or the reader) what exactly did she (we) say, do, or post that violated the rules and what specially was the Bozo no-no violation. You have been warned, cease and desist .
Well, i was definitely NOT saying the C word or anything over the top and outside cultural norms like that. It was not saying, “Hey, I thought Valerie was an Iranian, did not know she was black? I didn’t either.” Or....or....or....it could of been a meme I posted here, ROFLMAO. Guilty, your honorable discharge, your Excellentass, but guilty of what?
The Lefties have no sense of humor, but we all knew that. And they can’t meme worth a darn either. That is one thing not up for debate in our day and age.




Mr Tozer, I might aim you at Italy.

Hell, even Steve Bannon is involved.

Bill Toze

Oh Roberta

“...he is using the office of president to enrich himself at your expense.”
Posted by: Roberta Flack | 01 June 2018 at 12:05 PM

Well, not at my expense, buckoo. Can”t say the same for you. To the victors goes the spoils, loser. You can you better.

Bill Toze

Scenes, ?? Italy? Fascism or something new?

Well, the Lefties went ballistic over Steve Bannon straight out of the game. He was to TDS as Karl Rove was to BDS. Strike that. BDS had Cheney and Rumsfeld and Scooter Libby all mixed together. Bannon was worth ten of those lightwrights. But, alas, he got fired as well


0h Roberta, don’t be such a mangina. I am telling you this cause I love ya.

Don Bessee

So what was that formula now, oh ya, every point of growth represents a trillion and the taxes that implies. -

The Atlanta Fed forecasts a big boost in private sector fixed investment, which includes capital investment in machinery, land, buildings, vehicles, and technology. Earlier, the Atlanta Fed saw this growing at 4.6 percent. But following the release Friday of a construction spending report from the U.S. Census Bureau and the Manufacturing ISM Report On Business from the Institute for Supply Management, this was upgraded to 5.4 percent growth.


Oh I know 0 set it up for him but 0 never even hit 3%. ;-)

George Rebane

The anti-Trump forces are working overtime with today's release of the jobs report and other economic data. Here's MSNBC's best effort to put a bad spin on an economy that they would like to shield from Americans.

And for those interested in something more than the fluff reporting on the Russia collusion and now spygate, here's some substance worth knowing before your next shot from the hip.



Don Bessee

Botox Nancy said the numbers are just more crumbs but Trump only needs to shift a few percentage points -

Black unemployment fell sharply to 5.9 percent, beating out the 6.6 percent record low that was set a month earlier.




Nancy Pelosi speaks.


Bill Tozer

Good piece Dr. Rebane. The words used by agencies are quite telling. A spy for the criminal side, a informant for the counterintelligence side. The media for 15 months has been leaking and gleefully reporting on investigating Trump’s campaign during the campaign and after the election. Then, when the timeline is laid out and pieced together, and just as it looks Ike we got the prior Administration by the short curlies, suddenly its “No, it’s NOT the campaign, it’s not Trump, it’s Russia!.....and their new favorite Plan B, Obstruction of Justice!!! It’s always been Trump as the focus.
We get close, the name of the game changes at the last minute, literally. Who was in charge when all this was going on??? Hmmmm. Who exactly did Halpren report to??? Noticed former State officials have been quiet as a mouse, but I digress. I’ll leave State, the Foundation, and foreign service for another day.

Last paragraph: Andrew C McCarthy

“That norm was flouted by the Justice Department and the FBI, under the direction of the Obama administration’s senior political leadership. Representative Gowdy, Senator Rubio, and General Clapper maintain that the Justice Department and the FBI were just doing what we should expect them to do, and that we should applaud them. But this claim is based on the easily refuted fiction that the Justice Department and FBI were not investigating the Trump campaign. The claim also ignores the stubborn fact that, if all the Obama administration had been trying to do was check out a few bad apples with suspicious Russia ties, this could easily have been done by alerting the Trump campaign and asking for its help.

Instead, Obama officials made the Trump campaign the subject of a counterintelligence investigation.”

Bill Tozer

A very brief history of our secret courts:

No sooner had President Truman recognized the state of Israel, than the CIA swung into (illegal) action, secretly creating the American Friends of the Middle East, which brought Middle Easterners to America, published their views, and lobbied Congress, all against Israel. In the words of Hudson’s Michael Doran,

AFME was a remarkable instance of a CIA-confected front organization designed to counter official government policy, in this case by seeking to delegitimize Zionism in domestic American politics.

Truman quickly understood what was at stake. “It's become a government all of its own and all secret. They don't have to account to anybody.”.


Bill Tozer

Looking ahead. After the IG drops off his report on the FBI’s handling of e-mailgate, he turns his full attention to his next task: the Clinton Foundation. Hmm. Who was the head of the IRS when Hillary worked as Secretary of State? Lois Lerner, I believe.



I see the word is out on what the Queen of the DEMned stated.
Yes, it fun using Proggy statements against them.
"“Democrats know that the American people deserve A Better Deal, with Better Jobs, Better Wages and a Better Future. We are committed to creating millions of new good-paying jobs and raising wages, lowering the soaring cost of living for families and giving every American the tools to succeed in the 21st Century economy,” Pelosi wrote. “Democrats will never stop fighting for the hard-working middle class families who are the backbone of our nation.”

Really you old hag? Trump did in ONE YEAR what LIB vermin refused to do for decades.
And what's your plan today? Raise taxes and pass more regulations. Yup,, that's going to work out swell.


Can you spot the problem here:


Skipping school can have consequences.




Don Bessee

Poor babies, literally -

The Democratic House candidates lucky enough to finish in the top two in California's primary won't have much time to celebrate on Tuesday night. The expensive battles among a large number of well-funded Democratic campaigns have forced them to spend most of their campaign cash just to get to the general election.
All told, Democrats running in the state's ten targeted Republican districts have spent more than $30 million in the primary, according to campaign finance reports through May 16. Some candidates were barely in the black.
And for the most part, the Republican incumbents who are waiting for them are flush with millions of dollars in their bank accounts.




Trumpski and the swamp creature go for Solyndra style bailout of coal industry,,,



Trumpski swamp creature Scott Pruitt fails,,,



Posted by: M | 02 June 2018 at 04:11 PM

I wonder where Earthjustice will come down on the Keachie Depends Question?


California Gov. Jerry Brown: 'A Lot of Cities Signed Up for Pensions They Can’t Afford'


A lot of counties also signed up for pensions they can't afford... maybe they need to elect Supervisors who know how easy it is to be late with payments.


Doug Keachie aka M 411pm

The law was passed in 2010... the first 7 years of non-compliance was during Obama's watch.

That you blame it on "Trumpski swamp creature Scott Pruitt" is telling.

Bill Tozer

Fish @ 1740

“I wonder where Earthjustice will come down on the Keachie Depends Question?”


Don Bessee

The more this guy kills the clearer who it is since there shouldn't be too many who are connected to them all.

2 paralegals at one firm, an independent forensic psychiatrist and now another at a differnt lawyer building, all in the last few days.



Bill Tozer

@ 1608

“Trumpski and the swamp creature go for Solyndra style bailout......”

Hmmm. Why Aren't Liberals Celebrating Higher Gas Prices? It's What They Want.

Shouldn’t Democrats be celebrating the fact that fewer Americans were driving on Memorial Day? I thought we were facing an apocalyptic situation here.
Schumer conveniently blamed the United States’ exiting of the Iran nuclear deal for the spike — an agreement he supposedly opposed.

To understand how this policy manifests, just look at California, where gas prices are consistently among the highest in the nation — despite the fact that there are no constraining geographic or economic impediments to cheap energy. Last year, the legislature pushed through another gas tax (and an even larger one on diesel) and extra “fees” to help make one of the most regressive energy policies in the country even more onerous and expensive.”



Trump had better get started if he plans to accomplish anything in his next 500 day, this list of accomplishments in the first 500 looks a little thin to me. Your thoughts?

Neil Gorsuch on the Supreme Court

Stock Market reached an all-time high

Consumer confidence at 17-year high

More than 2 million jobs created

Mortgage applications for new homes rise to a 7-year high

Unemployment rate at a 17-year low

Signed the Promoting Women In Entrepreneurship Act

Gutted Obama-era regulations

Ended the war on coal

Weakened Dodd-Frank regulations

Promoted buying and hiring American

Investment from major businesses (FoxConn, Toyota, Ford and others)

Reduced illegal immigration

Bids for Border Wall underway

Fighting back against sanctuary cities

Created Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement Office

Changed rules of engagement against ISIS

Drafted plans to defeat ISIS

Worked to reduce F-35 cost

5-year lobbying ban

Sanctioned Iran over missile program

Responded to Syria's use of chemical weapons

Introduced a tax reform plan

Renegotiating NAFTA

Withdrew from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)

Removed The United States out of The Paris Accord

Created task force to reduce crime

DOJ targeting MS-13

Signed an Executive Order to promote energy independence and economic growth

Signed Executive Order to protect police officers

Signed Executive Order to target drug cartels

Signed Executive Order for religious freedom

Sending education back to The States

Fixing the Department of Veterans Affairs

SCOTUS upheld parts of President Trump's temporary travel ban Executive Order

Authorized the construction of The Keystone Pipeline

Created commission on opioid addiction

Combating human trafficking (both EO and action)

Rollback of Obama's Cuba policy

Food Stamp use the lowest level in 7 years

Reduced White House payroll

Donating Presidential Salary

Executive Order on Obamacare subsidies

Would not certify the Iran Nuclear Deal

Successful trip to Asia

Signed a trade deal with China

Designated North Korea a terrorist state

ISIS lost virtually all of its territory

Recognized Jerusalem as Israel's capital

Passage of Tax Reform Bill

Signed 130 bills into law

Made 136 Presidential Proclamations

Signed 64 Executive Orders

H/T Hannity and Bob

Bill Tozer

Lest we be amiss, the gap between white unemployment and black unemployment has narrowed to record low.



The feel good story of the day.....:

REMEMBER, ONLY TRAINED LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS CAN BE TRUSTED TO CARRY FIREARMS: FBI agent accidentally shoots bar patron when gun falls out of holster while dancing. “Video obtained by Denver ABC affiliate KMGH shows the agent attempted a back handspring, while surrounded by dozens of onlookers rooting him on, when the gun fell out of his back waistband. He quickly picked the gun up and tucked it back into his waistband, but the gun went off when he retrieved it. After the incident, the agent was taken to Denver Police Headquarters before being released to his supervisor with the FBI.”

The gun went off as he was picking it up; keep your booger-hooks off the bang switch. And don’t do handsprings while carrying; few holsters are designed for that. Also don’t carry when you’re drinking, as this video strongly suggests was the case. And finally, I’ll bet he won’t get the kind of punishment that a civilian with a carry permit would get for the same sort of misconduct.

Kinda surprised this guy isn’t on Muellers investigative team......sounds like he just what they’re looking for!


Bill Tozer

International Workers of the World Unite. May Day, May Day, mayday, mayday.

Democrat Assemblyman Miguel Santiago, D-Los Angeles, authored AB-3042 to combine the birthdays of U.S. Presidents George Washington and Abraham Lincoln into one “President’s Day” while designating May 1 for International Workers’ Day celebrations, a Communist holiday. The bill has passed two Assembly committees, and actually made it to the Assembly floor for a vote last week, but came up short. However 22 Democrats voted in favor of the bill’s passage, while 29 Assembly members abstained with “No Vote Recorded,” and did not even have the guts to make a vote.


As a tiny footnote, there is a CA Assemblyperson named Quirk. Voted aye. Learn something new everyday. There is also an Assemlypersona named Low. Another learning experience.


First worm farms... This next? Is this why "he" was going to China?
Cockroach milkers needed. A new use for those out of work trimigrents?

I do believe I will stick to beef, pork and chicken.


Russ. You can add to that list, Trump removed 25,000 gov. employees from the payrolls.

Bill Tozer

A few jobs coming to Appalachia. They can use all they help they can get in that region.


Don Bessee

It sounds like the mullahs are listening to their own propaganda if they think they will get away with another shakedown.

In a letter from Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif to his counterparts last week, he asked "the remaining signatories and other trade partners" to "make up for Iran's losses" caused by the U.S. exit, if they sought to save the deal.



Bill Tozer

Starbucks training, Rosie, Joy Reid...... Is the racial divide permanent? Is White America really Black America’s biggest problem?




Oh jeez, that's gonna leave a mark.



More Starbucks.



Life In These United States.


Robert Cross

In the "rule of law doesn't apply to wannabe dictators" dept. trumpski now says he can pardon himself. What do all you freedom lovers think of that?



It's an interesting legal question, but it wouldn't surprise me.

Fire up an impeachment if you're worried about it.


Posted by: Robert Cross | 04 June 2018 at 07:51 AM

Go on bobby.....toddle over to the fat mans site. Your bleating will find a warmer reception over there.

Todd Juvinall

Actually, Trump is on solid ground under the Constitution. His pardon powers are unfettered. So BoobieC, send a letter to your Congressman and ask for impeachment if you want to remove a President. Meuller and Rosenstein need to go and this phony "investigation" into a mon-crime called "collusion" needs to end.

Todd Juvinall

Colorado case on baking a cake is decided for the baker. The media says it is a "narrow" case but the vote was 7-2.


Bill Tozer

Robert Cross , I agree with Scenes that is a interesting legal question. Trump said he could pardon himself, but why would he do that? “Why would I do that? I have done nothing wrong” is the full quote. That’s what I think. A hypothetical legal question for Consitutional experts to debate.

In other legal news.......
By a 7-2 ruling, SCOTUS says you don’t have to bake that cake. Another interesting legal decision. Justice Thomas writing in concurrence addressed all the concerns about stigmatizing gays and the issues brought forth. Thomas hit all the points and concerns of the minority opinion and the gay couple’s arguments. Excellent concurrence, better than Roberts concurrence, IMHO.

Speaking of interesting legal debates, is it Constitutional to impeach a former President? IF Obama is found to direct esponiage on Trump’s campaign for political purpose only, can Obama, a former President be impeached? Answer: Yes. It’s within Congress’s powers. Interesting.

George Rebane

Imagine the last 1.5 years had Trump not issued a single tweet on the Russia collusion investigations, and just answered reporters questions when asked with simple denials that Team Trump did anything wrong. His constant tweets attacking Mueller et al have not served him well.


China Cell Phone Intel Collection

It only takes a few lines of embedded code in the cell phone processor to send you information to a China intelligence server, and you would never know. That same cold could allow China intelligence operators to turn on your phone audio or video with out your knowledge.

The FBI calls Chinese spies in the US a ‘whole of society threat’ — here’s how to protect yourself.

New court documents filed in the US allege that ZTE, another Chinese phone maker, was set up with the express purpose of conducting international espionage.

With a camera, microphone, and the logins of its owners accounts, accessing the smarphones of US citizens would be a massive intelligence boon for any nation.

Public naivety comes up again and again in intelligence circles. In May, the US banned all Chinese-made smartphones from the Pentagon, saying devices from Huawei and ZTE “may pose an unacceptable risk to department’s personnel, information and mission.”

If the Pentagon is taking seriously the risk of espionage via Chinese-made phones, maybe savvy US citizens should follow suit.

What I’d like to know is, when Chinese-made smartphones were becoming ubiquitous during the Obama Administration, why weren’t the American people warned?

Do you have a Huawei or ZTE phone? You could be a China spy!


OK, the intro above should read:

It only takes a few lines of embedded code in the cell phone processor to send your information to a China intelligence server, and you would never know. That same code could allow China intelligence operators to turn on your phone audio or video without your knowledge.

Sorry for the editing goof

Todd Juvinall

GeorgeR 831. I think differently. Trump's tweets make him totally transparent and he is man enough to take the heat. I believe no matter how he communicates the media will trash him relentlessly. His responses are his way of giving those bastards a thumb in their eye. I dig it.

Bill Tozer

Dr. Rebane.

Yes, the tweets have not served Trump well.....or have they?

On the pardon question. First, the left and some others have confused and convoluted issues here. A sitting President cannot be tried or convicted of criminal activity in a court of law. A former President can be charged for criminal conduct. All Meuller can do is report his findings to, in this case, Rosenstein. By the Special Counsel statute, he cannot release any findings but to Rosenstein, and must be sealed at that.

Rosenstein can do what he wants with the sealed report. All Congress can do is impeach or not. All Trump can do is pardon himself (interesting legal debate) for any criminal activity while he is a sitting President. If a President can pardon anyone for any reason he chooses, that anyone would include himself goes the reasoning.

A President can stop any investigation he chooses. Period. However, political questions are different than legal questions, duh.
I am inclined to side with those who say it is impossible for an President to obstruct justice because as the top official over justice, he would be obstructing himself, an impossible legal feat to accomplish. We did not even have a justice department until the latter 1800’s nor a FBI until the early 1900’s.

The framers did foresee impeachment and went back to the 1375 or so to find examples. The language was carefully crafted so that a Congressperson or political enemy or Someone who wanted to be President could not charge a sitting President with criminal conduct All they can do is remove him from office. Otherwise, a President would be too preoccupied to carry out his Constitutional duties and mandates.

Let the legal scholars fight it outand debate until the cows come home. SCOTUS will answer these questions, if necessary. As much as I like Alan Dershowitz, he sometimes puts on his civil liberties individual rights defense lawyer hat instead of his Constitutional separation of powers hat on these matters.


Not that I'm thrilled with the notion but.....

JONATHAN TURLEY: Yes, Trump Can Pardon Himself.


Todd Juvinall

BillT 919, You nailed it!

Bill Tozer

Dr. Rebane was right. Some of Trumps tweets are distracting. But, it’s kinda nice to see it play into the Left’s big fear that Trump will appoint himself dictator for life. :)

The Twwet:
“As has been stated by numerous legal scholars, I have the absolute right to PARDON myself, but why would I do that when I have done nothing wrong?" Trump said in a Twitter post on Monday, reiterating his claim that the Russia investigation was a "witch hunt."

“Once fascists get power, they don’t give it up. You’ve got President Trump for life.”—Bill Maher, four days BEFORE the 2016 elections, ROFLMAO.

Paul Emery

Ronald Regan's daughter reflects on whather dat would think of Trump.

Patti Davis, the daughter of former President Ronald Reagan, imagined what her father would think of current President Donald Trump. And she didn’t hold back.

In a letter posted Sunday in The Washington Post to mark Tuesday’s June 5 anniversary of her father’s death, Davis wrote that her dad would have condemned Trump’s abuse of power and incendiary rhetoric.

“He would be appalled and heartbroken at a Congress that refuses to stand up to a president who not only seems ignorant of the Constitution but who also attempts at every turn to dismantle and mock our system of checks and balances,” she wrote.

“He would plead with Americans to recognize that the caustic, destructive language emanating from our current president is sullying the dream that America once was,” she added. “And in a time of increased tensions in the world, playing verbal Russian roulette is not leadership, it’s madness.” Davis also scolded Trump for his “verbal violence” when he was a nominee.



Posted by: Paul Emery | 04 June 2018 at 10:37 AM

Perhaps your saddest attempt ever......!

You might want to consider just sticking to music!

Robert Cross

fishy 7:59. -- to be honest, I used to think you were half way intelligent.


Posted by: Robert Cross | 04 June 2018 at 10:52 AM

fishy 7:59. -- to be honest, I used to think you were half way intelligent.

Eat something....you'll feel better.

Robert Cross

Information of whether or not a President can pardon himself--I report you decide


Todd Juvinall

P{al Emery, Patti hated her parents for many years until her father was almost outta here. I think it is truly a ridiculous stretch. Maybe you should try this. "What would Jesus do?)

Trump certainly can pardon himself as t is an unfettered power and absolute. But since he is not a target and has done nothing illegal or wrong, it will not matter anyway.

Paul Emery

Typo 10:37 "What her dad would think of Trump."

Just the opinion of Regan's daughter Fish. I would say she knew the man pretty well.

Bill Tozer

Robert. The short answer is nobody knows for sure.

Paul, the Patty Reagen piece shows me one thing. She, besides being a person of long time Lefty persuasion (affliction), she also is a terrible writer.

Dr. Rebane: Tweets. Today is Day 500 of Donald J. Trump’s breathtaking presidency. As the NYT’s said over the weekend, they have run out of words to describe how great the economy is under Trump. But, the Pardon tweet has drowned it all out per usual. Like, how many weeks did Trump lose after the nomination about that stupid Gold Star Dad immigration lawyer personal friend of Huma’s family that miraculously was placed up on the DNC stage? And the fallen’s silent Mom....silent cause she is grieving there years later.....and cannot answer a question. Trump is a meanie. “What, she can’t speak for herself?” The unforgivable sin, among many. He ain’t no politician, but he’s a quick learner, but I digress.

Weeks. Trump lost friggin weeks over that farce. That was the time when he just won the nomination and I was exasperated (ok, concered) because every day, every week is important. But, noooooo. All got drowned out...which is pretty much the template ever since.

But, then again, Trump can do in a month or two what it takes others years to do. He don’t need 6 months to win the Whole Enchilada, just a couple of months or so.
If the first 500 days in office tells us all one thing, it is despite all the head exploding press caused by the Tweets, all the distractions, Trump can do more in a compressed time frame that I have ever seen in my lifetime. Yes, I am running out of words to describe how good it is.

Never get tired of winning.


Posted by: Paul Emery | 04 June 2018 at 11:18 AM

I would say she knew the man pretty well.

Davis and Reagan loathed each other....I'm a little surprised that she has the stones to claim that she knows what he would think of Trump given her overt antipathy towards her father.

Really Punch..... your most feeble attempt yet!


Here's a letter RR wrote his daughter Patti Davis in late 91/early 92:

“Dear Patti, With myself going on 81 years, I first can’t sit back and make no effort to change our family situation. I’ve heard and read statements by you about the biography you are working on and how you plan to explore what you say are the failures of your family.

“Patti you are hurting us – your parents – but you are hurting yourself even more. We were not a dysfunctional family. Was it dysfunctional to man the hot dog stand at an every year affair at your school? Was it dysfunctional to have trips every summer at Coronado and Frances Beach? I wish you would sit down with me and look at photos of these occasions and many others. Was your mother [Nancy] dysfunctional when she planned your wedding?

“Patti in our meeting at the office you said your mother didn’t like you. That’s not true. Yes she’s unhappy about the way things are but again I can show you photos in which the love between you is unmistakable. And these pictures are at virtually every stage of your life. Pictures don’t lie.

“Well I could go on like this but Patti as I wrote at the beginning of this my years are limited. I can tell you what it’s like to have regrets over things I did or didn’t do before my parents left this earth. I don’t want you to face that. But most important Patti is that you realize your Mother and Father have great memories of our “first born” – a beautiful little girl who used to come into our bedroom early in the morning before we were up and slip into our bed between us. That is just one of many memories we cherish and treasure.

“Please Patti don’t take away our memories of a daughter we truly love and who we miss.
With Love, Dad”

Davis sold the letter for $500.

George Rebane

Gregory 1206pm - That says it all about Patti. Thank you Gregory.

Todd Juvinall

Paul Emery needs to read Gregory's post. And then Paul can remove his head from his a**


Punchy won't bother responding to this letter and Davis' disposition of it as it doesn't fit his narrative of Patti Davis being a normal daughter who really knew her father. I expect he'll wander off until he sees another opportunity to score a hit.

Bill Tozer

“Punchy won't bother responding to this letter and Davis.......”

Problem with our local “news director” is moi done knew what he would post hours before he found it. This is too easy. Take about directing the news.

I guess I best post something. Is Chelsea back on the Campaign trail for My Gal? Sure has an eerily familiar smell to it. Heck, Bernie drew 150 when he stumped for My Gal.


I know, I know. Crowd size does not mean anything............unless it falls in 7 year period plus time period known as “The Reckoning”.

I love you Uncle Maxie. James Brown wants his wig back.

Paul Emery

Trump quote "I have the absolute right to PARDON myself."

So Gregory Trump believes he can pardon himself. That means that Trump can commit a murder or literally rob a bank and he can get away with no legal repercussions. Do you think Reagan believed that?

From a Trump Tweet

"As has been stated by numerous legal scholars, I have the absolute right to PARDON myself,


Posted by: Paul Emery | 04 June 2018 at 02:00 PM


Oh Punch.....you probably want to bail out now! Further embarrassment on the horizon!

Paul Emery


do you believe that Trump has the absolute right to pardon himself as he claims? Yes or no.


Posted by: Paul Emery | 04 June 2018 at 02:16 PM

Yes or no.

Here we go again with Uncle Punchys “Yes or No” Question-o-Rama!!

Well the fact of the matter is that it doesn’t matter what I think because I won’t be participating in the decision Punch! So far we have opinions on both sides with Trumps position leading so far (if I count my legal experts correctly)!

Rather than getting your boxers in a bunch why don’t you just wait and see where this goes next! Maybe go dig up a Presidential Popularity Poll those always seem to make you happy!

Bill Tozer

Yes or no?


Paul Emery


Yes or no do you believe that Trump has the absolute right to pardon himself as he claims?

Don Bessee

He's so cute when he stomps his little feet and acts all prosecutorial like a bad movie @243. YES OR NO! What, no you want the truth.... ;-)



I won the jackpot, Punchy dropped the Patti Davis story to concentrate on punching a new spot!

No points, Paul.

A problem with pardons is the accepting of a pardon is tantamount to admitting the crime. Which, if you are in office, means you will be impeached and very possibly removed from office.

No, the left-liberal-progressive political wet dream of seeing Trump frog marched in chains out of the oval orifice into a federal pen ain't going to happen.

Todd Juvinall

Paul Emery sure has a direct link to DailyKos. No wonder he is so wrong all the time. Anyway the pardon power is unfettered as I mentioned way back today. He can pardon a Panda if he wants. Even a dead black boxing champ from a hundred years ago or to your liking Mumia. Trump has you liberals making crazy every day. I love it that he stands up to the lies you and your pals spew out. Go Trump! We are really winning!

Bill Tozer

Todd @ 3:26 pm
And to add some good old rock salt to an open festering wound, Trump is going to pardon Martha Steward and the senate seat selling former Democrat Governor of the Great State of Illinois...the one and only Rod Blagojevich, the only governor in that Great State’s history to ever be impeached. There is a message in there somewhere, and both are Dems, ROFLMAO.

Paul. Ok, I will toss you a doggie treat because that is the kind of sot hearted sap I am. Hate to see you suffer so.

Yes or no? What do I think? My, you get soooo impatient. I think it was Mr. Green with the candlestick in the library.


Paul can answer his own question. READ THE CONSTITUTION. The BIG print version. Ever really read it Paul? Weren't you there when it was argued over? There is a guy in those paintings of the event that looks a lot like you.

Paul Emery

So Todd Trump can murder a child and pardon himself and face no criminal proceedings and you're ok with that. You believe that's what the Constitution allows.

Paul Emery

Patti Davis story was just a jab Gregory. It stands as it is. the daughter of Ronald Reagan believes her dad would be disgusted with Donald Trump. that she believes that is a fact. Nothing to argue about or discuss.

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