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30 May 2018



Nice reach Paul. Your really getting that "nutting up" down pat.
"Can kill a child......." Good GOD Almighty. Your really getting twisted in your old age.

George Rebane

Legal scholars tell us that a president can literally pardon anything that has run afoul of federal law. But Congress can always impeach and convict an errant president, and then indict the resulting private individual. Besides, a basic facet of law does not recognize anyone sitting as judge and jury on his own case.



"The President shall be Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy...and he shall have Power to grant Reprieves and Pardons for Offences against the United States, except in Cases of Impeachment."

At first glance, I'd say yes. I can't see any other way to read that.


Posted by: Paul Emery | 04 June 2018 at 04:44 PM

Just a jab.....

Maybe after your shift tonight you can go interview some of the local Nevada City homeless.....ask them what their fathers would have thought about Trump.

I’m sure those opinions stand as they are as well.

Sheesh.....what a nitwit.

jon smith

The minute his impeachment trial begins, I'm pretty sure Trump cannot pardon himself. But Pence could once he takes his rightful seat at the throne.

Bill Tozer

“So Todd Trump can murder a child and pardon himself and face no criminal proceedings and you're ok with that.”

Is that a statement or a question? Either way, Paul, that is a dark sentence, a very dark speech..

Didn’t one of our VPs shoot somebody in the growing pains of our nation? It wasn’t murder, it was mutual combat.

And the town crier waved his lantern and the went through the streets that night calling out, “Murder, Murder on Pennysvalia Avenue. Murder, Murder.. Murder in the White House.”.

Bill Tozer

OMG! Timing is everything. I am cooking some stir-fry right now and have a The Great One on the radio in the background. A caller just called in and was talking about all this crazy lib stuff “they” were saying like Trump murdering someone and pardoning himself!!!

You can’t make this stuff up. Fact is stranger than fiction. Our director of news Popinjay obliviously has received his squawking points. The Great One sighed, said “yes, they are going down all these crazy rabbit holes”, ROFLMAO.

Back to the stove...


Is it against *Federal* law to murder a child, Punchy?

Cue the Final Jeopardy! theme.

Don Bessee

LOL @ 610! ;-)

Todd Juvinall

Paul Emery | 04 June 2018 at 04:40 PM
You are so predictable. Fish has you pegged correctly. You are truly unhinged.

And for goodness sake, I answered you previously. Are you not reading the posts or do you not comprehend them?

Bill Tozer

Not just murder, but murder of a child.p, eh. Nothing like taking it to the limit Is that like Armageddon or what? Pardoning herself for murder was a big plus My Gal was looking forward to. Alas, it was not to be.

Child murder. Is that before or after Trump does the nasty on the youngster?

I can see why somebody’s mind went straight to THERE. Makes sense. Since the pagan Druids had to sacrifice a Virgin, the only undefied females around were kids under 5. Mercy. That’s some glucked up stuff. Child murder? Child murder? Only a sicko would go there.

Todd Juvinall

jon smith | 04 June 2018 at 05:35 PM

The impeachment is done by the House, the prosecution by 2/3 of the Senate. Until the moment he is successfully prosecuted he remains the President. Ask Andrew Johnson.

And Pence could then pardon him as did Ford for Nixon. Maybe not smart politically but still legal.

jon smith

Todd 6:30
Ask assistant AG to Nixon, Mary Lawton. She doesn't agree with you. Lawton is a Constitutional scholar, and you are a knuckle dragging hammer swinger who barely graduated from a bottom tier school. Think I'll throw my hat in with those who know and not a small town poser.

jon smith

Speaking of placing odds. The strongest rumor so far is that Melania attempted suicide. Very plausible in her situation and the follow up White House shuck and jive.


BillT@6:28PM "Child murder. Is that before or after Trump does the nasty on the youngster"

Before, I think. A White House BBQ will follow.

Keep in the mind that the child is crippled, blind, and a POC. Trump is an old guy so it's harder for him to chase down his prey and thus slower ones are needed.

Amy Goodman will run with the story. It'll turn out that the child was an undocumented citizen and honors student. The crack KVMR news crew will host a call-in show discussing the Trump Crimes and the dangers of 5G technology.

Paul and George Boardman will share a Pulitzer for their story, "TRUMP CHILD MURDER. EVIL? OR WILL IT HELP THE CROPS GROW?"

Paul Emery


From your interpretation of the Constitution could Trump pardon himself of all potential federal crimes before facing impeachment which could remove him from office but leave him immune from any criminal prosecution?

Paul Emery


that is what Todd believes not my view of the Constitution.

Don Bessee

Amongst the voices in your head @ 659? ;-)


jon smith: "Ask assistant AG to Nixon, Mary Lawton."

Kinda hard since she's been dead lo these many years.

Betcha you went to 'thinkprogress.org'


Rumor control!

I heard Melania was hurt fighting off Zombies from the House of Representatives... child zombies.

Are there *Federal* statutes against killing child zombies?


Gregory: "Are there *Federal* statutes against killing child zombies?"

I think it's OK as long as you don't use Class III weapons. It's in the 'Sporting Chance' clause of the Constitution.


Paul.. There is no "your view" of the Constitution.
It's in simple King's English.(Remember? you prefer the Monarchy way. The revolutionary war was unjust in "your view". Yaa I remember that.) Sorry bub, there is none of "I can see what they wrote, but that's not what they really meant", horse shit.

Don Bessee



Todd Juvinall

jon smith | 04 June 2018 at 06:56 PM
For a troll you are not that bright. Nixon's gal wrote something and in your delusional world of ganja that is somehow law? My goodness, I'll take my knuckle-dragging great life over yours any day. You are truly a sad troll. As far as graduation I finished 35 out of 350. Top ten percent. You did not even finish.

Paul Emery, "your Constitution" is not mine you say? I suggest you read it and get some help on the comprehensive side so you don't appear so stupid. Oh, and there has never been a President indicted or told he had to go to a Grand Jury. Why is that bub?

Todd Juvinall

Dwight Clark died today! 59! JonnieS could not even carry his jock strap. RIP the "Catch" is on my wall!

Todd Juvinall

Oops he was 61 and had ALS.

George Rebane

PaulE 705pm - No, I don't think his auto-pardon would make him immune from prosecution after congressional removal from office. But then President Pence could pardon him, and that would keep him from prosecution.

Don Bessee



Account Deleted

from Paul Emery - "Patti Davis story was just a jab Gregory. It stands as it is. the daughter of Ronald Reagan believes her dad would be disgusted with Donald Trump. that she believes that is a fact. Nothing to argue about or discuss."
Folks - here's a class A asshat. He admits he's just being a troll. And then declares we are not to even to 'discuss' the issue.
What do you think about some one with that sort of attitude allowed to be on the public airwaves of America?
We'll discuss whatever we like, Paul - and just what are you going to do to back up your demand? Cry? Run to your safe space? Stomp your feet and hold your breath?
We're waiting to hear from you, Paul.

jon smith

TJ 8:20-
Graduated top 10% of NU?? Now there is something to crow about . . . ha!!!! What a triumph of lower education! Your education level shows every time you attempt to write a complete sentence.

I thought Dwight Clark had his 60th birthday a year or two ago. It made the news because he outlived the predicted life expectancy of his shitty disease. But what do I know? You are the one with his poster on the ceiling above your bed, or so you claim. If you say he died in his 50's I won't beg the point.


Toes 545pm

Yes, indeedy! Aaron Burr, the sitting Vice President under Thomas Jefferson, did indeed shoot and kill Alexander Hamilton in a duel, perhaps doing the nation a favor.

Don Bessee

Hey I found a Unicorn! A concealed carry dude in apocalypse Chicago!




"jon smith" 852pm

I'm going to guess that you and your kids didn't manage to graduate in the top 10% of their high school class, whether NUHS, BRHS or other.

For that matter, I wonder what RL Crabb's class standing was graduating from high school.

Bill Tozer

Seattle is lovely this time of year.

We are not calling these groups homeless; it does a disservice to the people who are really homeless that need services, that don’t want to be homeless. A lot of people, we understand, have fallen on hard times-- we want to get those people services,” Pierce County Sheriff’s Department spokesperson Ed Troyer said.

They were offered services. We even offered them jobs with labor people for a few months,” Troyer said.

He added that all their offers were rejected, including money to help clean up their own mess.

Account Deleted

"Despite a fresh warning from the Internal Revenue Service, a key committee in the California Legislature on Friday unanimously advanced legislation designed to shield wealthy residents from the effects of the federal tax overhaul enacted by Congress in December."
This is what happens when the Dems run the show. Who do they legislate for? The wealthy! Who do they try to destroy with high gasoline prices and taxes? The poor!
Don't forget to add 20K to the price of your new home! That will surely help the poor working class. But we must pass new laws to aid the wealthy. Gee - I could have sworn the Dems claimed that the Trump tax law helped the wealthy. Now the Dems in Cali are trying to reduce the increase in fed taxes on the wealthy. I realize we shouldn't discuss this until Paul Emery gives us the go-ahead, but dang - I'm kinda confused by Trump giving tax breaks to the wealthy but the Dems in Cali want to help the wealthy by protecting them from the tax breaks that Trump gave them? Maybe one of them smarty pants lefties can chime in here.

Bill Tozer

“Maybe one of them smarty pants lefties can chime in here.”

Ok, what say you, Reinette? Should Jack Daniels be boycotted or not? See ya on the overpass and bring your signs.


Todd Juvinall

JonnieS 852

Hey at least I graduated. You and your mentally deficient kids never have. BTW do you visit them in the asylum often? People with your polluted DNA should be fixed.

I graduated right behind Sarah Woener, a wonderful doctor here. You should see her for med renewals.

Why are you underachievers always trying to bring down your betters. You must have quite the inferiority complex. What a hoot!

Bill Tozer

Well, let’s just finish the day where this last 15 months of fun started, shall we?

The enlightened. tolerant, and superior Leftists, led my our own jon smith, called the beautiful, classy, and gracious First Lady a “whore”. Liberal idol Rosie called the First Lady’s ten year old son a retard, obliviously autistic. The President’s daughter was called the C word and then the one who said that was honored and admired, awarding her at the TV Academy Awards two days later.....at an event where our civil liberty betters barred the press. They saved the best for the President.
My, my. they are certainly the mentors that will lead us out of darkness and into the sunshine, right? They are the right thinkers, no?

“May’s jobs report shows that strong employment numbers mean little to the families hit with soaring new costs under the Republicans’ watch,” asserts Nancy Pelosi. “There’s no question today’s job report is good news, including the news that we’re as closest we’ve ever been to full employment in the black community. But what’s full employment without full respect?” asks CNN anchor Don Lemon.

Far better for Americans than your racist presumptions and the Left’s unrelenting hatred and hysteria, Mr. Lemon.....and jon smith and Punchy and.....”


And these are the same folks who cried out against all the vitriol? “Stop the vitriol!”, thus saith the Enlightened Ones.



Thanks for the tax article, it's absolutely hilarious to watch the machinations.

Imagine the results of a websearch on the hue and cry for raising taxes on the rich over the years. Trump does it, and the first thing that happens is that highly unequal states (Blue States, natürlich) jump in to save the day for the folks that actually run the show.

I wonder how long it'll be until the California wealthy are hopping around in helicopters to avoid the favelas. They'll probably drop in once in a while to get a bit of ethnic food from that really good restaurant down in the barrio 'cuz the owner really likes them.

The real net results from running a single-party social democracy, especially in a diverse polity, are breathtakingly obvious. The only smart moves are to stay rich or to stay away.

Todd Juvinall

BullT 1052
Right on the mark. Trolly creeps like jonnieS have nothing. But they sure can name call everyone, even little Barron. They have nothing to offer the people of our country. And the country will show them the door for a long time. JonnieS will go back to his cave and abuse his goats for another eight years. What a hoot!



That was a good editorial that you linked to, but I'll have to disagree with it in one area.

One point the writer made was that it's 'the fringes' who are the most ugly acting. Maybe it's hard to avoid the attractiveness of the standard curve as a way to build a taxonomy.

I keep some track of that, and would have to say that neither the real deal alt-right or the long term socialists or communists act in a particularly impolite fashion. The most hardcore of the former mostly pushes for ethnostates (formerly called 'nations') with high functioning citizens, classical education, fitness, traditional gender roles, etc. The most hardcore of the latter calls for what they always have, but aren't particularly impolite about it if you check out their websites and writings.

I'd say what you are seeing is more a radicalization of the middle. It's a lot easier to call the First Daughter a cunt than it is to have political thoughts of any depth. It isn't like the chattering classes of the Left are thinkers of any note and the angry old white men are just using the internet as a form of local tavern for venting purposes.

jon smith

When Trump took office the National average for a gallon of gas was $2.14. Today it is closing in on $3.00. Why are we asking OPEC to increase output at the same time we are exporting oil?? What happened to Making America Great?


Miss America scraps swimsuit competition; No longer judge on physical appearance...

Dead contest walking.....

Although I do look forward to the more comedic aspects of the revamped offering!



Posted by: jon smith | 05 June 2018 at 07:55 AM

When Trump took office the National average for a gallon of gas was $2.14. Today it is closing in on $3.00. Why are we asking OPEC to increase output at the same time we are exporting oil?? What happened to Making America Great?

Oh Linda.....the price is set at the margins and an overall increase in worldwide supply should have a suppressive effect on price!

You might want to consider instead why we have 23 different flavors of gas across the nation depending on the season and also remember that Governor Senile (D- CA) rammed new gas taxes through and their effects are just now manifesting themselves!

Bye Felicia!



lol. Dude, you really phoned that one in. Try again.


re: Miss America contest 2.0

I really like this idea. I thought of two more urgent changes.

. They need to start allowing Men in Dresses (tm) to participate. There's nothing like a beauty queen with a beard.

. Everyone wins first place. Trophies for all.

It's probably time for Sports Illustrated to cut the swimsuit issues, or at least go to plus-sized models. Some political pressure needs to be applied and we have just the guys to do it on this blog.


Posted by: scenes | 05 June 2018 at 08:21 AM

Trophies for all.

I hate to nitpick scenes but it's tiaras for all.....tiaras!


Tonight.....Nevada City progressives can leave the Viagra in the medicine cabinet!

David Koch Stepping Down From All Business, Political Activities

......and in other news local mini marts report a spike in single pack cigarette sales!



Miss America 2020



Posted by: scenes | 05 June 2018 at 08:30 AM

Hey chief how bout a warning for that sort of link.....I'm not a well man!

Todd Juvinall

The left is not being fair about the use of locker rooms and showers. They let the gals into the mens but not the reverse. Does anyone have an explanation?

jon smith

Fish 8:09-
That didn't take long. Like rolling a wine bottle through a drunk tank, the Pavlovian reflex to jump on it is just . . . too. . . strong.. Your reflex is to blame Governor Brown for gas prices across the country.


Posted by: jon smith | 05 June 2018 at 09:23 AM

No Linda you are seeing the increased California prices when you go about your busy California day. I can only assume this is what fired a random neuron or two in that estrogen soaked progressive hind brain of yours.

California prices are indeed higher for the two reasons I cited. You as a progressive empty head has to ignore or minimize these two factors in order to transfer blame to the president without causing too much cognitive dissonance!

Have a nice day!


so Jon, when did your assigned talking points show up in email?


Todd Juvinall

FISH you are on to linda! Cali has the highest prices and we have a number of blends that force gasoline makers a lot of costs. Gov MoonieBeam in the 70's actually signed numerous laws to force all this. So he is totally culpable. Lind/JoonieS is a moron and has no clue.


Posted by: Todd Juvinall | 05 June 2018 at 09:38 AM

FISH you are on to linda!

Actually Todd ever since you mentioned that you thought this....


was one of our "jon smith" puppeteers I haven't been able to shake the image!

Hat tip!

Bill Tozer

Hmm. Don’t gas prices always go up in summer? I just wish I could find one gas station here in CA that was even close to the national average. 3 bucks a gallon seems like a bargain, but they pay 9 bucks a gallon in Sweden and we should be more like them. It’s for the children

Concerning Beauty Pageants , I was figuring the contestants would be robots anyday now. Now, them are some real beauty queens....with brains, unlike the 9:46 am pic that lacks both.

Bill Tozer

“The left is not being fair about the use of locker rooms and showers. They let the gals into the mens but not the reverse. Does anyone have an explanation?”
Posted by: Todd Juvinall | 05 June 2018 at 09:12 AM

Oh Todd. The lines are shorter and waiting times much quicker in the men’s bathrooms. When the females got to go like really bad, they become opportunists. The only thing I don’t like about women in the guy’s restrooms is that they take way too much time to take care of business, not to mention hogging up the few stalls. Those stalls are for pooping, not for peeing, duh. And they use way too much toilet paper. Whatz up with dat?

But, the larger point you make perplexes me. I thought men could go in the little girl’s rooms. In fact, isn’t that why CA and other liberal states boycott North Carolina because of that horrid “sex you were born with” ass backwards sexists bathroom laws??? Best check your information.
The Left is the protector of all women and that is why they advocate for (and force) male pervs, Peeping Toms, pedophiles, and the gender confused with testicles into the Ladies Room. Oh, maybe the conservatives are right. Maybe we call it the “Left’s War on Women” for a good reason.
Bottomline: As long as you are pro-choice, then that’s all matters, right?

“Hey little girl, want some candy?” Yep, the Left’s War on Women is appropriate.


,,,'''They let the gals into the mens but not the reverse. Does anyone have an explanation?'''

because we know you like it that way Todd!!!

Bill Tozer

Concerning Melania Trump (the whore immigrant) and the Leftist Industrial Media Complex’s deep concern for her heath, safety, and whereabouts.....mystery solved.


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