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27 May 2018



George, Interesting post, I was not familiar with Sapir-Whorf. My first computer language was assembly language for the RCA 1802 processor, followed by Basic on TRS-80 and Fortran on Digital VAX and now I am teaching my self Python on Mac after a quick dip into R. I was never proficient in any of these languages, learning just enough to see how they worked. I am finding Python highly useful in a broad range of data analysis functions, including machine learning and image analysis.

Back to the language issue. It has been my experience that we humans often do not share the same meaning of a common word or phrase. When developing software for government agencies it was essential to create a dictionary of terms, so we shared a common understanding of the project objectives and desired outcome.

I attended a Sierra Business Council Leadership Training Program that extended over nine months. It was soon evident that we were using the same economic development terms, but the lefties in the class thought they meant one thing, and as a conservative, I had a very different view of what the terms meant. We wasted a lot of time talking past each other. I suggested to the training instructor we develop a dictionary of words we could all agree had a universal meaning. Creating data dictionaries was a foreign concept to the instructor a recognized leadership trainer, and we arrange to meet before the next session, but her husband had a heart attack and died. We never met, and finished the course with a substitute.

We seem to have a lot of talking past each other on RR, but I doubt that the lefties would take the time or interest to develop an RR Dictionary of Terms so we can improve communications.

George Rebane

Russ 151pm - The "RR Dictionary of Terms" is long-developed and growing. Readers may always access it to see how I (and, perhaps, others) use a given term or word. It has always lived under the 'Glossary & Semantics' link in the top right panel.


George@03:34 PM Excellent, now the trick is to get your lefty readers to use the dictionary, and comment when they disagree with the definition. Some interesting discussion should follow.

George Rebane

Russ 412pm - It is many years that I have been hoping for that. But it appears here and on the national stage, the progressive Left has never wanted to engage in such a precise level of debate. They neither define their terms nor reveal the tenets of their beliefs.

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