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02 May 2018


Todd Juvinall

As a connoisseur of women and their brains and emotions, I have to say these lefty ideas from feminists are total crap. Women are always carrying something men want and they know how to use it. But what fascinates me about western women's ideas about genders and how they get along is this, they are a tiny part of the planet's people and thankfully on;y ruin the small number of men in their circles.


Today Facebook announces dating app focused on 'meaningful relationships.'

Mark Zuckerberg says app, which shares some features with Tinder, aims to build ‘real long-term relationships – not just hookups’

When the left says it not for hookups, it is for hookups.

Dating apps are the new way of dating, the new way of testing before commitment. In days passed boy and girls met in the local stores, parks, and bars. Now with Facebook and another dating app they can expand the meeting area to 50 miles or more, not just the local bars, churches and grocery stores. Bigger is better when looking for a hookup. The questions are will the new Facebook Dating app include the prerequisite relationship agreement forms to be signed online. An online hookup agreement.

Bonnie McGuire

Hahaha...Since I'm a woman I'll share my life's experience. When I was fifteen years old I looked around at all the unhappy adults who seemed to have made wrong choices. So I prayed that someday God would bring me the right young man to spend my life with. Five years later a bunch of us were enjoying an evening get together in Nevada City, when a nice looking, masculine young man rode up on a beautiful light blue Harley Davidson motorcycle. I asked a friend to ask him if he'd give me a ride. He hesitantly complied, because he thought I was a teenager. That changed when he discovered I was twenty. We married two months later...A wonderful life together that lasted 65 years until Mel passed on. I realized God knew exactly how to get my attention and bring us together.

Bill Tozer

Consent? Consent? Oh, that was last night. Today it’s different.

“Ultimately my problem with the whole thing is it’s creating a culture on campus that it’s okay to re-write history and rescind your consent when you’re not happy with the outcome. People are scared to hook up without facing repercussions that aren’t warranted.”



Given that women will tend to replace husbands with government, especially obvious in the world of single mothers, I don't doubt that the future will tend towards more of a hook-up culture. This might also explain voting patterns to some extent.

An article worth considering:



,,,sad todd,,,what a jerk!!!

jon smith

Bonnie 9:54-
"So I prayed that someday God would bring me the right young man to spend my life with. Five years later. . ."

Ha ha! Reminds me of the cult in Chile who prayed for rain on the Atacama Desert. After 210 days it rained. They thanked god for answering their prayers.

Todd Juvinall

M so you must be a LGBT then? Sad. What a doofus.

Todd Juvinall

on smith | 03 May 2018 at 02:06 PM

You and Paul dance naked to the Druid god's at the Yuba so we get it you would not understand Bonnie or Christians. Sacrificing a goat are you jonnie?

jon smith

Todd 2:11-
Says a three time cheater who swore on a bible to "take this woman . . . until death do us part."

Thump that bible as hard as you want junior, but you carry no weight, my heathen son. At least I am honest and have never cheated on my wife. Ever.

Todd Juvinall

You are a three time cheater eh jonnie? Wow! I never did, but now that you have admitted you are a cheater on your woman, go flagellate yourself in the town square.


huh, now here's a thought.


Account Deleted

The whole 'wimmins lib' deal was always a head scratcher for me. My mother was a UCSB grad and worked before she was married. She had her own car and credit card. Any man that bothered her would have probably had the cops called on him or had his nuts done in. And that's the way she raised her daughters. My father was still the man of the house and my mother loved him for his devotion and sacrifice. I can remember my wife back when we were dating listening to some poor drippy sad sack of a libber on KPFA going on and on about what assholes men are and she pointed out - "well, you picked 'em honey!" The modern women want liberation but they don't want the responsibility of dealing with the new found freedom. I've known a lot of women that understand what freedom brings. Consequences. Deal with it or shut up. If you want to be an equal in a man's world then be a man. Or go back to your bedroom and play with Barbie.

Ricky McVeigh

If it’s wet and stinky, how does that resolve unrehearsed spontaneous flirtation?

Bill Tozer

A good read if you got some time. The sexual revolution’s angry children. How we got to where we are today. Very on topic.


Todd Juvinall

OK so this is where GeorgeR wants the latest liberal feminist male outrage to be written about. The AG was a poster child for the METOO nuts and it turns out he is an abuser. And not just with his undersized liberal toolset. He liked to smack gals around. I bet jonnieSomityh and his pals think this is just fine. Anyway, at least Trump and his flings were consensual. Schneiderman was all about giving his hate for mom to these poor gals.

Todd Juvinall

Just reported that the NY AG was in to kinky sex. Whips and chains. You cannot make this stuff up.

George Rebane

ToddJ 214pm - Isn't it interesting when Trump is accused of having consensual sex with a pro BEFORE he assumed public office, the morally moribund Left is all over the airwaves and online with their lambasting the man as unfit for an office he assumed years afterward. And now that one of their own champions of women's rights and #MeToo gets caught with sexual "role playing" while in office and talking out of the other side of his mouth, the Left suddenly has lost its tongue. What are we to make of this sound of silence?


A good one from Tom Sullivan today... Playful normal sex might include a duck feather. Kink involves the whole duck.

George, give the left some time to mourn the loss of a social justice warrior hounded from orifice.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Schneid.

George Rebane

Gregory 319pm - Sounds like a fair proposal. However, since I've never been good at estimating terminations of the Left's mournings (they have so little to mourn, hence they do even less of it, and therefore I'm out of practice), could you please assist in identifying when an adequate interval has passed so that we may again have at 'em?

Bill Tozer

Dr. Rebane.

The SF Chroncile, the only “real” newspaper in a one party town in a one party state did NOT even mention the Dress Maker’s (Damenschneider in German) role play slapping his black bitch around until he called he “Master”. And she kept coming back for more, which is another story. He likes his women rolled in flour, deep fried, and battered.

Damenschneider was working with the Meuller team so that if Trump would pardon Cohen or anybody, der Damenschneider would step in and charge them under state statutes, exempt from Presidential pardons. He has been working hand and hand with Meuller for months now, doing Meuller’s bidding where Meuller could not go.

Heck, during Hurricane Harvey, Damenschneider came out and made a big announcement warning about gasoline price gouging and if anybody thought the gas prices were too high, call this number to report price gouging at the pump. If and when one called the number, you got a recording to urging the caller to lodge their complaints against Trump into the recording, lol. Yep, Damenschneider has been fishing and trolling and investigating for Meullerall this time.

I think Trump got tire of the BS and took him out. Holy Cow, Damenschneider was gone in at the speed of light. And he was the Dems rising star, the friend of the Women’s Movements as well as his own bowel movements which he got his jollies off watching ladies unclog his toilet. If that is sex in the City, glad I am missing out. Sick stuff, but I digress.
Or maybe it was Rudi that took Damenschneider out...or maybe, just maybe, the Damenschneider and Weinstein are innocent (except the part about Harvey spooeying in the potted plants) and the Russians have been feeding Farrow fakenews to destroy the Democrat party and install Trump as Emperor for life! It was the Russians colluding with Trump, no doubt about it. Best to check Farrow’s bank accounts for any large deposits. Thankyou Vladdy, wink wink.

We need an investigation....for the next 5 years.


re: Schneiderman.

I expect that the teletypes are clacking out all over the country right now. A direct line from Green Libertarian Central Command.




Todd Juvinall

George Rebane | 08 May 2018 at 02:59 PM

My take is the left will do exactly what the Kymer Rouge and other communists do when they confront this sort of thing. RE-EDUCATION camp! And before we know it they will be parading the Schneid around by a leash, oops maybe not a leash, and proclaim he is now a good guy. Just like they did with Spitzer, Client Number Nine!

Bill Tozer

I told you so. Sheeple beware.


Bill Tozer

Gonorrhea is racist?

The Los Angeles Times on Monday published an article chronicling the rise of sexually transmitted diseases. According to the author, “Officials think racism and stigma may be to blame.” In other words, the acronym STD might as well stand for “sexually transmitted discrimination.” But make no mistake: The details included in the Times’ account make it obvious that the government is what’s making a bad situation even worse.

“In just the past five years, the number of gonorrhea cases in Los Angeles County doubled, with minorities suffering more than most,” the Times reports.....

Many health experts,” the Times claims, “say that public health problems are best tackled outside the doctor’s office — that fixing the culture that perpetuates them is more effective than changing a single patient’s behavior. For sexual health, that means combating the stigma around sex.” Yet the Left’s idea of “fixing the culture that perpetuates” illnesses and the “stigma around sex” is Spring Into Love.....



gb 334pm

I think that's enough sitting Shiva for the perv.

Thank you for observing a short period of mourning for the loss of a true friend and supporter of women's rights to be assaulted during sex, or whatever the perv was into.

Todd Juvinall

Rest in peace George Deukmejian. I met you twice while you were our Governor. An honest man.

Bill Tozer

21st Century sex....and if we destroy the patriarchy (whatever than means), then we can walk hand in hand back to the Garden and have fulfilling sex with any stranger we met.

“Powerless women suffering at the hands of dominant, abusive males: the description may be apt for Weinstein’s and Lauer’s episodes, but applied more generally to contemporary sexual relations, it is a fairy tale. In press reports, #MeToo heroines frequently project themselves as fragile innocents. NPR honcho Michael Oreskes forcibly kissed a young woman looking for a job when he was working at the New York Times. She wasn’t just angry at this objectionable encounter; she was devastated. “He utterly destroyed my ambition,” she told the Washington Post about the two-decade-old incident. The woman who accused Al Franken of “grabbing a handful of flesh” around her waist during a photo op was similarly ravaged. “Al Franken’s familiarity . . . shrunk me. It’s like I was no longer a person.” “We spend our whole lives afraid,” Jessica Valenti has written. This is sheer demagoguery. Its main purpose is to evoke pity for women and rage at men.
But inflammatory exaggeration and self-dramatization are not the only reasons to doubt that the young women’s reformation will succeed. Above all, the movement lacks a realistic appraisal of our fallen nature—both male and female. Women will always be gatekeepers; the biological mechanics of sex and the facts of reproduction demand it. So does the reality of female choosiness. As Nora Ephron once said, musing about her ex-husband, a lot of men “would have sex with a Venetian blind.”
The sexual revolution stripped young women of the social support they need to play gatekeeper, just as it deprived men of a positive vision, or even a reason, for self-restraint. Recognizing those losses is where any reformation has to start.

jay cruz

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Your first spam posting (the first one I've seen anyway)!


George Rebane

fish 716am - Actually, I had a spate of them in RR's early years which TypePad was able to incarcerate fairly reliably in my spam folder. But every now and then one would slip through like this 541am. I'll let it stand for now, and see if this repeats.

Today, TypePad mostly screws up by putting legitimate readers' comments into the spam folder which I then have to dig out and publish.

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