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09 June 2018


Bill Tozer

Tax on services will be a killer to po folk and the Mom and Pop stores. Now they want to tax drinking water. If we don’t tax food, an essential of life, why tax drinking water? A person can survive two to three weeks without food, but only 3 days without water.

“Brown then proclaimed himself a “born-again tax cutter,” but examples of when he actually reduced taxes are rather hard to find. In 1992, in the last of this three failed presidential runs, Brown advanced a flat tax of 13 percent, with a similar value-added levy on business and deductions only for mortgage interest, rent, and charitable contributions. The plan went nowhere and Brown struck out as a presidential candidate.

In his second go-round as governor, Brown proved he was a born-again tax hiker. Embattled Californians bear the nation’s highest income taxes, with a top rate of 13.3 percent, and the nation’s highest base sales-tax rate at 7.25 percent. Brown has also imposed a $5.2 billion gas tax and calls those who complain “freeloaders.” It’s a tough act to follow but Brown is up to the task with his tax on drinking water.”


Companion piece:


Todd Juvinall

I recall a city on the bluff overlooking the ocean tried a "view tax". They got their ass handed to them from even the liberals!

rl crabb

It's like I've always said, Californians love to be taxed. When Sacramento says, "We need more taxes!" The people say, "How high, sir?"

George Rebane

rlc 1201pm - And who, pray, are these compliant California supplicants who ask "How high, sir?"


rlc@12:01PM "It's like I've always said, Californians love to be taxed.

It's the nature of the tax that's the brilliant part. I probably mentioned before that Victor Davis Hanson nailed (I think) the future of California taxation as being various forms of user tax.

It's super-cool in a few ways.

. As usual with most taxes, you can redirect money from disfavored groups to favored groups.
. You can always make a logical case for it. After all, what's more reasonable than paying an 'Air Pollution Trash Disposal Fee' to the state when you pay Waste Management? Of course, the $$$$ are essentially going into a general fund.
. These kinds of fees hit the working and middle classes. There isn't a progressive tax schedule (like the income tax) so rich people don't really care. Plus the burgeoning illegal alien class and poor people generally typically don't have to pay it with their own money.
. Anyone who is seriously looking to the state for income (.gov retirees, state employees and the like) will be four square for the idea in order to shore up their finances.
. If Trump is against taxes, taxes must be good.

It's a win-win situation, especially if you are trying to build a Northern American version of Brazil.

rl crabb

GR 1:48PM - The voters, obviously.

Bill Tozer

Good answer, Mr. Crabb. My knee jerk response would have been “the tax payers”. but your answer is the correct one. Obliviously. The voters...the voters who want the tax payers to pay for the ride, aka, “the other dude will pay”.

Now, I am in no uncertain terms nearly as optimistic as Mike Reagen, concerning the November election, but there are some quotes in his writing that address the topic at hand, Kalifornia.

“If you like $5-a-gallon gas, if you like sanctuary cities, if you like illegals pouring across the border, if you want four more years of the progressive tax-and-spend policies that have destroyed what used to be known as ‘The great state of California,’ vote Gavin Newsom. You’ll be sorry.”


Well, to be fair Michael, not all will be sorry. Just those humping it everyday to squeak by.


George Rebane

We all must remember that "the voters" are not one homogeneous class of idiots. Unfortunately, in California the idiots make up the majority of voters.

Bill Tozer

Re: Vermont Relocation Grant

In a cruel twist of fate, the good citizens of the Green Mountain State has the highest per capita rate of consuming vinegar in the United States. To add to their misery, they also have the highest life expectancy. Alas, is their no end to the misery?



They don't even have to be idiots. I believe that fees have a lower legislative hurdle than taxes, but the best part about some taxes/fees is that they can be directed at a minority.

If some new way to flim flam money from the population only hits a small group, the rest of the folks either won't care or are in favor of the idea. You merely need to produce a continuous stream of money-extraction legislation that a majority is immune to. No doubt this idea has been expressed in some sort of game theory.


,,,here ya go ya bunch of whiney geezers,,,



GeorgeR: "The tax will give rise to a whole new bureaucracy charged with its administration that itself will cost over $600M annually, "

I don't see the problem. All the new tax has to do is to raise $600M/year and you break even. Just look at it as a jobs program giving thousands of people the opportunity to learn arcane and somewhat arbitrary rules. It's for The Children after all.

Bill Tozer

Thanks. Good map. At first glance I see that states that do not levy state personal income tax have dots, such as TX, FL, WA. Makes sense that states with no sales tax do not have dots either. Man, living in the Northeast must suck, . No wonder they call them high tax states.

Here is a more in-depth graph of user fees...er....service taxes for your consideration.


,,,here ya go ya bunch of whiney geezers



There's not a lot of knowledge in your link. After all,

"Remember that within each category of services, states can still have drastically different regulations. For instance, both Florida and Iowa are marked as taxing “business services,” even though Iowa taxes a wide range of these services and Florida only taxes security and detective services."

A service tax strikes me as ridiculous. There already is such a thing, it's called 'income tax'.

For that matter, why not just get rid of all California taxes and merely raise 100% of state money from property and income tax? One reason might be that the total hit would become more obvious to everyone.

Bill Tozer

Man, seems everybody is going after personal grooming services since the ACA taxed Botox and tanning booths...and the sale of each real estate transaction. And now they are taking beauty out of Beauty Contests and whinning about Affordable Housing. Go figure.

Todd Juvinall

M | 10 June 2018 at 09:11 AM

So you will pay sales tax on your masseuse who comes to massage your prostate? Too bad.

George Rebane

I take it our leftwing friends like Mr M attempt to soothe our pain at yet another new tax in a state of super-high taxes by citing that the same umbrage is already being exercised in other states. Would they also use such argument to calm us when our crime rates go up by citing states with already still higher rates of crime?



You know, I wonder if there isn't a named logical fallacy for that kind of comparison?

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