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30 June 2018



You were outnumbered today!


From a prior sandbox.


I like the subtleties to the whole deal. Obviously jailed parents imply dealing with their kids, smugglers/traffickers/badpeoplegenerally learned to bring kids with them to game the system, children are pawns in the game, there's beaucoup unaccompanied minors, etc., so what to do?

The basic question boils down to whether there's a border or not and whether mass immigration benefits the host country. In the meantime the kids can be used to attempt to bring down a legally elected President.

Using the current (D) theories on nationalism, you might as well back up the 747s in Lagos, Mumbai, Mexico City, Rio, and the like and bless us all with the benefits of diversity. It makes sense to do the same thing in Australia, New Zealand, and (to some extent) the UK since they are 'nations of immigrants'. Next up is Israel and Germany, ironically enough. The settlers here, after killing a bunch of perfectly good natives, stole the part with all the roads and so need to give them back.

In the world of The Camp of the Saints, we all need to learn to share.

George Rebane

Todd Juvinall reports on attending a counter rally this morning in Grass Valley -


Meanwhile, all George Rebane could muster was: “National dumbth on parade, again.” Todd, George et al.: Another word for “irrelevant.”


We’re about to be treated to another...” This blog has been a catalyst for the political change that has been necesssary to move our community to “purple” from political extremism.”......!

Yeah.....quite the catalyst. The only way you get people to comment is to run an endless series of Trump articles otherwise your cat box is a comment free “desert”.

Catalyst.....you’re delusional!

George Rebane

However, GeorgeR supports his summary assessment with ample back-up, which is totally absent from the Left and their local echo chambers who specialize in nothing more than ad hominems against the messengers. As for irrelevancy, those who can read with comprehension know that for every three in our county in the 18-64 group, there is one in the 65 and over group. The arithmetic involved here is beyond most liberals (a component of dumbth), and that they apparently are unaware of 21st century seniors living longer is also a factor that explains away their inanities.

Russ Steele

Here is some back up:

HUGE GAP HERE BETWEEN MAJORITY AND ELITE OPINION: Harvard/Harris Poll: “A majority of voters want immigration reform (73%) and secure borders (76%). Voters also want stricter enforcement of immigration laws (70%). Voters support prosecuting immigrants who cross the border illegally (53%) and sending these immigrants home (64%). A majority (55%) also stand against so-called ‘catch and release’ policies.”


George Rebane

RussS 428pm - Good case in point. Have you ever seen on a leftwinger's blog any substantive arguments and/or citations to support their harangues other than pointing to another source of similarly unsupported vituperation?

Todd Juvinall

Russ thanks for that find. I'll pass it on. But of course the loons at the lefty intersection this morning are all about "feelings". Many were childless people and that causes me to shake my head.


Oh my god. Somebody is letting Maxine Waters speak at one of these rallys!


Do they want more Trump.....because this is how you get more Trump!


re: Mad Maxine


Todd Juvinall

FISH, Someone sent Pelline a couple of pictures and now he is very happy. Anyway I wrote we had decided one hour for the rally and like all fake journalists, he twists that into we left as the other crowd pushed us out. You cannot make this stuff up.


How a left-wing rallying cry burst into the mainstream as Trump implements his most extreme immigration policy yet

How it burst into the mainstream? Barack was shown the door and it became acceptable to attack a policy that he used liberally! None of the lefty trouser biscuits gave a shit before!


Todd Juvinall

That is why their polls numbers are in the tank. But the lamestream media trumpets their position incessantly. Squeaky wheel thang. But the American people are not biting it. I was standing next to a gal and her daughter. They were from a Texas border town and relocated to here. She says the horrors occur daily there. The liberal loons across the street have no idea. The bad guys would slit their throats for ten bucks. ICE is between them and us.

Todd Juvinall

More dumbass stuff.
Pelline has some bogus article about how "Conservatives Weaponized Free Speech". What the dumbass forgets is Free Speech is and always has been a "weapon". Mostly against tyranny. And that is what we see here in America. The left has tried to curtail others free speech and we have fought against it. I saw Antifa and the other lefty loons in Berkeley last year. They were the violent ones, not the Bikers for Trump dudes from Montana. But Pelline and the left are just plain liars about this as they are about most issues that swing against their extremism.


ToddJ, are they waving the ol' Red, White, and Green over there?



What a gorgeous day, love those mesquite grilled porterhouses! Were they wearing their pink pussy hats today Todd? Its fun to watch the self immolation of the left.

One survey showed most Americans were not nearly as sympathetic to the illegal border crossers as the media.
“I think it’s terrible about the kids getting split up from their parents. But the parents shouldn’t have been here,” a Minnesota woman told the Times.
Another poll shows Trump with 90 percent support among Republicans, matching the backing of President George W. Bush after 9/11.
And his support is broadening. A Harvard CAPS/Harris poll showed his approval rating hitting 47 percent, a two-point gain in one month driven by a 10-point swing among Hispanic voters and a four-point gain among Democrats.
Pollsters attributed the rise to the strong economy and that a whopping 75 percent approved of the president’s decision to meet with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un.
Finally, a Pew finding about Trump supporters upends stereotypes: Just 31 percent are white men without college degrees, while 66 percent are college graduates, women or nonwhites.

Already Neil Gorsuch, Trump’s first pick, is enormously popular with those who believe a justice’s job is to make sure laws pass constitutional muster, not legislate from the bench. A second pick in the Gorsuch mold would secure a majority on the court for curbing government’s appetite for more domestic power, perhaps for decades.
And that could do something extraordinary for Trump’s legacy. All else being stable, putting the Supreme Court on an enduring constitutional footing would make his presidency one of the most consequential of any age.
Cue the wailing.


HA! HA! ;-)

Todd Juvinall

Yes they had those hats and many were wearing the tinfoil thermal blankets along with their tinfoil hats.

Bill Tozer

What did y’all expect? They call Stormy virtuous and Sarah Sanders immoral.


in reference to Spanky: "Conservatives Weaponized Free Speech"

That strikes me as a fair cop. In a civil war that is being mostly fought in the courts and in speechifying by all (with the occasional beating up and/or shunning of Trump supporters), both sides use what weapons they have.

Conservatives are learning to say what they think and it's tolerably effective. Team Blue wants to control what people say.

lol. I mean, really. It's pretty obvious who is on God's side here.

At least the US version of the Cultural Revolution has roughly equal sides. If our version of the Red Guard had more power than they have, it wouldn't be a pretty sight.


Keep sowing the seeds of your own political destruction -

Nearly 3-in-4 swing voters, about 73 percent, of swing voters said they do not want ICE to be disbanded. Less than 30 percent of swing voters said they support the abolishment of ICE.




Posted by: jeffpelline | 30 June 2018 at 12:12 PM

You were outnumbered today!

Outweighed too......


u @ 10:15AM

It wouldn't surprise me if the US polls similarly to Europe. The majority of people don't want mass immigration and the political elite plus a loud subculture do. This last group would include members of the group being imported since, reasonably, they'd like to look after their own.

The interesting thing is that, while it's not identical, it rhymes with the situation in the US. I'd sure like to know the underlying drive.


Stupid IPhone

Don Bessee

Sanity starts to reign -



Todd Juvinall

On your update. We know the First Amendment is a weapon already! As you point out it is there to expose the tyrants. My goodness, how the NYT's would even give up their "nuke" of free speech and press tells me they are total fools.

Bill Tozer





Bill Tozer

Re: update, How Conservatives weaponized free speech


Bill Tozer

National dumber on parade, again.

Bad parenting


Bonnie McGuire

I feel sorry for the border patrol, the illegal immigrants being abused by crooks, and those caring for them. I'm glad this President is doing something about it. San Diego proved that the border infrastructure system does indeed work...It is highly effective. The 40 mile border made both sides of the wall better.
Trumps wall is underway:
The border crisis is not new. Children have been dragged across the dangerous desert terrain by their parents — or smugglers — for years, and no one seemed to care. Brandon Darby, who has covered border horror stories since long before it was fashionable (i.e., the Obama years) joins Jon Miller to discuss what’s really going on

Bill Tozer

Scenes likes these type of things.

Our man on the beat walking the street, doing the Ask a Progressive a Question at a ‘Keep Families Together’ protest last weekend. Boy, where are all the young people? Looks like a third of them are getting ready for Wrinkle Village in the next few years. Sooo laid back. Must be Southern Cal. Must be summer and schools out. Later bro.




lol. That's a beautiful thing. I figure that it's partly the fault of estrogen in the ground water.

I wonder sometimes why the baseball cap became the de rigeur uniform of the US. These silly well-meaning wypipo could probably stand to wear identifying blue ones so we can avoid picking up door dings in the parking lot.

Of course, this is all a gift on a golden platter.


Absolutely freaking brilliant. Safety sells.

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