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22 June 2018


Jeff Pelline

"This man was an intellectual staple in our house for at least twenty years, and his most recent stint on Fox News brought him to our dinner table on an almost daily basis."

Huh? Do you watch TV (Fox News, no less) during the dinner hour?

Todd Juvinall

CharlesK was an honest man. As a commenter on TV he was someone that said what he thought was right even though he took a lot of crap from both sides. There were many times I disagreed with him but at least he was not trying to pull a fast one. He will be missed but fortunately, he wrote a number of books where a person can read his ideas and thoughts.

FOX seems to be the only honest new out there. I just watched Trump and the "ANgels" news conference. The people had lost a loved one to an illegal alien my=urderer or driver. CNN had it on a for a couple of minutes while FOX did the whole program. These poor people never get to be reunited with their kids. The FUE and his ilk could care less about them. Disgusting.


re: renewables in London.

Well, it isn't like they're going to have much luck with solar panels.

You know, I think that Bitcoin mining is using about as much power as Europe generates in solar-based electricity. Electricity is like software, it'll expand to fill the available space.

re: Spanky@12:07PM

A normal response to what is, in essence, an obituary. Stay classy.

Todd Juvinall

I see San Francisco is picking up the human and doggy feces and selling it to the MJ growers dor fertilizers.

Bill Tozer

@ 12:42
At least Dr. Rebane didn’t mess his nice words to memoralize Dr. Charles Krauthammer with, unlike the Fat Ugly KiD FUE did when he messed up big time with typos all over the place on his own Mother’s remembrance. That is so wrong.

I miss my Charles fix. Didn’t matter if the clips of Charles were 2:49 long or four minutes long. . It was almost all filler by other talking heads. Charles rarely needed more than 20 seconds to size up the whole situation and hit the bullseye dead center...with charm, style, and without hate. Most of the time under 14 seconds.

You can take all the hunan feces and doggie landmines in the entire Bay Area and shovel them all night long into the Black Hole and still would not make a dent in filling up the Fat Ugly Emitter’s pie hole. The proverbial drop in the bucket.

RIP Charles. Yep, you lived a full life.

George Rebane

For the curious, as a retired couple actively involved in the community, Jo Ann and I do watch news and documentary programming during our dinner (preparation and eating) hour. We DVR almost everything we watch that is broadcast in order to blast past the commercials, pause for discussion, and rewind for review. This is regular practice of almost all the well-informed retired couples whom we know. Call it multi-tasking ;-)

(And we watch Fox News, among other news sources, so that we can find out the full spectrum of what's happening, and don't have to sound like most of our leftwing commenters who are often outraged by RR's content from the news, mistaking what the country knows for my opinion or fake news, since their own highly self-censored outlets don't report items/issues that do not fit the established progressive narrative.)

When the kids lived with us, then dinner hour was for family conversation - reviewing everyone's day and planning tomorrow. That was then, this is now.


Posted by: George Rebane | 22 June 2018 at 02:10 PM

You would think that a vibrant cosmopolitan like jeffy would be able to mentally process this type of scheduling!

Apparently not!

Bill Tozer

Under the topic of “Speaking of global warming,”


Under the topic of Spanky


Steve Frisch

I will uncharacteristically join you in your praise of Charles Krauthammer and his unique brand of intellectual conservatism; I found it refreshing, well reasoned, informed, and if not aligned with my world view, respectful of it and willing to find areas of common interest.

I shared Krauthammers' love of philosopher and historian Isiah Berlin and noted an Atlantic obituary that contained one of Krauthammers' favorite quotes, “The true heart of the liberal political tradition is the belief that no one has the secret as to what is the ultimate end and goal of life. There are many ends, each deserving respect, and it is out of this very pluribus that we get freedom.”

RIP Mr. Krauthammer, you were well wroth listening to.

Bonnie McGuire

Here's an interesting take on San Francisco. Even more interesting are the comments for a larger picture. https://yournewswire.com/san-francisco-filthiest-slums/
Evidently we're watching history repeating and fulfilling prophecy. Same o in every civilization described by Sigmond Frued and many others. Individuals and their culture rise to great heights by self discipline and effort. It's sad when government stifles and sucks the life out of those hard working individuals.
Thomas Jefferson predicted that "When we get piled upon one another in large cities, as in Europe, we shall become as corrupt as Europe....And the so called "democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not."

Don Bessee

Oh Bonnie, Jefferson is just some dead old white dude whos statues will shortly be politically incorrect, oh wait, they are already. That does not change the fact he was correct about the corruption of weak (especially) urban governments. Just look at all the shit hole countries south of the boarder who are happy to send their gangs and unskilled, illiterate in Spanish masses to us to take care of. That's even after we allow mega billions in remittances that can comprise 15% or more of some of those shit holes GDP. Does anyone remember when Castro played Carter end emptied his mental institutions and prisons and sailed them to Fla? How is this any different other than its our own leading lights of the left, the limousine liberals, who are breaking the locks and throwing open the front door?

They have no love or compassion for the black urban moms or the kids of Appalachia, Ohio, Michigan etc. or their futures. The are happy to doom all those citizens futures so they can get air kisses at well guarded parties that raise money for the cause celeb of the nanosecond. :-(

George Rebane

SteveF 453pm - Good words, thank you Steve.

Don Bessee

Here come comrade Bernie's favorite people from his cited utopia -



Russ Steele

When Charles Krauthammer went on sick leave at Fox News, Ellen and I discover we were watching less Fox News. Sharing Charles insights was one of the highlights of our day. We missed him and his insight to events of the day. His ability to cut to the cores of the an issues through the BS was greatly appreciated. We did not always agree with Charles, but felt we learned something in the process of listening to his argument. He will be missed by millions of loyal viewers.

Yes we record Fox New and fast forward through the commercials which seem to last longer than the news items. Better yet you can back up a segments and hear the wisdom over and over again, until it sinks in. Big advantage when you partly deaf and impaired by slow thinking.

Bill Tozer

Re: June 23, the mainstream media as definitely anti-American.

How dare that Nazi Trump! How dare he! Pot meet kettle. Guess Gold Star Moms are sacrosanct (are they should be), Angel Moms not so much. Angel Moms should go away.

“Before introducing the package, Sanchez said the President was “apparently trying to draw a comparison between these families and the thousands of children that have been separated from their parents as a result of this Administration’s policies.”


Bill Tozer

Update.....Angel Moms

“Sabine Durden, a legal immigrant from Germany, said her son Dominic was killed in 2012 when a truck slammed into his motorcycle.

The truck’s driver, Juan Zacarias Tzun, was an illegal immigrant with two felonies and two DUIs, Durden has said.

"[Griffin] needs to go [to] a stage somewhere in little back alley and entertain the two people that are still following her," Durden said on "The Ingraham Angle."

"She just has no grounds. She has no soul. She has no heart. And I pray to God she never knows this feeling."

Durden added that her son's killer was jailed for just 35 days.

In response to Trump's meeting with angel parents, CNN commentator Paul Begala accused the president of "politicizing" the pain that families are enduring.

"It is monstrous to take these folks' pain and then try to use it to divide America," he said.

Michelle Root, whose daughter was killed by an illegal immigrant, had no words for Begala's remarks and said that the voices of angel parents need to be heard.

"We need to hear the other side of it," she said.
Hmmm. Won’t happen, Angel Moms.. Nobody gives a shit about your loss and pain and grief too great to be put into mere words....nobody except President Trump and a few million Deplorables. Nobody on the left really cares in the real world, and they own the media. The greater good and all that stuff. Sorry.

Don Bessee




George Rebane

DonB 356pm - Another corroboration that we are beyond the tipping point, and the future will be the Great Divide or the return to Stalinism.

Don Bessee

Who knew Huckabee was so funny -

Former Arkansas Gov. and presidential candidate Mike Huckabee posted a photo of apparent gang members on Twitter, saying they are House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi's "campaign committee."
The image, tweeted Saturday morning, shows five tattooed men using what appears to be hand signs for MS-13, an international criminal gang that was formed by El Salvadoran refugees in Los Angeles during the 1980s and has since spread throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and Central America.

"Nancy Pelosi introduces her campaign committee for the take back of the House," Huckabee tweeted alongside the photo.



Don Bessee

He is still right and the dems are being very helpful, especially crazy Maxine -

One year ago this week, the late Charles Krauthammer commented on the Democratic Party's "resistance" movement and what it could mean for President Trump going into the 2018 elections.
Bret Baier said Monday on Special Report that Krauthammer's words are still relevant, in light of a speech by Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.), wherein she called on people to confront Trump cabinet members in public places out of protest.
"They don't have a message," Krauthammer said of the "resistance" movement in June 2017. "This is the same reason that Hillary lost."



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