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26 June 2018


Don Bessee

Push back?



Don Bessee

I didn't say it but -

Here at home sweet home, a prominent member of Congress wants to organize vigilantes to follow Cabinet secretaries and others prominent in the U.S. government into their homes, shops, churches, and restaurants to harass, intimidate and harangue them simply because they don’t like the president they work for.



Don Bessee

Shure why not!



Bill Tozer

I agree with Dr. Rebane. Best thing we got going for us right now is Slappy Maxie. Don’t touch her, pray she gets her mojo revved up and rearing to go like never before. She fills in a lot of gaps for us. Also, count your lucky stars each time Mad Maxi-pad and The Botox Queen make joint appearances....in front of a bank of microphones and cameras. If that pair don’t get you off your chair and mail in your ballot, nothing will.

Even Bill O’Reily defends The Mouth.


Fair comparison? I report, you decide.


James Brown after Aunt Maxie commandeered his wig. Trigger warning.


Todd Juvinall

This is the number to the Senate babe from NH whose young babe intern yelled F**k Trump when he was at the Capitol. I called and urged her firing. You should too.

Sen. Maggie Hassan, D-N.H.
Washington, DC
330 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510
(202) 224-3324

Give her a call!

Todd Juvinall

Maxine Waters hubby is a bank official or trustee and when the meltdown hit she refused to recuse on the banking committee. She lives in a four million dollar house and I heard it is not in her Watts district. I have been to Watts and it still looks like the 60's era riot is there.

Bill Tozer

@ 11:57 am

That’s all fine and dandy what Tom Fitton has to say, but what does Tom Cotton say on the matter???

Dave Cranfield

Maxie's comments makes me think some one in the gub'ment will want to add to the long list of protected status (race, color, age, sexual orientation etc. etc.) among citizens to add "political

Bill Tozer

Re: Milan Vodicka PhD, you can’t fix stupid. I just don’t have the time or energy to start from scratch to explain it to him. Waste of time anyway.


Here are the names of just 10 illegals that are in currently in custody. They just came here to seek a better life for themselves and now they are separated from their mommies!

The names of those charged are Elmer Zelaya Martinez, 27, Erick Palacios Ruiz, 20, Ronald Herrera Contreras, 20, Josue Vigil Mejia, 21, Henry Zelaya Martinez, 24, Oscar Contreras Aguilar, 20, Yonathan Melgar Martinez, 21, Pablo Miguel Barrera Velasco, 20, Anderson Villatoro, 21, Francisco Avila Avalos, 20 and Fredys Baires Abarca, 20. Their gang member aliases included nicknames such as "Killer", "Horror" and "Lil Clandestino".

All of them are charged with conspiracy to kidnap, while Aguilar is also charged with conspiracy to commit murder in aid ofracketeering.

MS-13 was started by Central American immigrants, mainly from El Salvador, in Los Angeles in the 1980s and has expanded to include Hondurans, Guatamalans, Mexicans and other Central and South Americans.


Account Deleted

re Milan Vodicka PhD - Completely unhinged. Trump is not going to Mexico and marauding through villages separating families. These people are illegally entering our country and putting their children in danger in the process. It is absolutely normal for children to be separated from parents when the parents are incarcerated. His little 'history lesson' has no bearing whatever on the situation at our nation's borders.

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