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11 June 2018



So "M"oron says Trump is a dictator? (still trying to sell that line I see.)
Do point out just what he's done to earn that title.
Dictators usually impose laws to stifle the masses,(Kinda like "O" did) not remove them.(Like Trump has.) Dictators don't allow guns in the possession of one's subjects. (Hummm.. There is "O" again)


Well well well.. Gotta love that genealogy.
OOHHHH the people you find your related too.
You may address me a SIR. Same Line of kin as Princess Dianna.
She and I share a set of Grandparents, And I happen to be three generations CLOSER to those Grandparents.

Since Paul loves the monarchy rule, he better afford me the proper respect he now owes me.

Don Bessee

While it will be helpful to clean up the rolls don't expect cali to do this.



Todd Juvinall

" Not sure it is on this side of their paywall."

George Rebane

For all those patriotic Americans still in denial about the intentions of the 'religion of peace', check out what our NATO ally is now threatening in his "war between the crescent and the cross".

Todd Juvinall

Uh Oh, the election results are still not updates even though we were told they would be at noon.


For all those patriotic voters in Nevada County watching for the updated election results promised by noon today... they ain't there yet.


but they are there now!

George Rebane

Check out what this new carbon nanotube capacitor can do when combined with lithium batteries in vehicles.

Todd Juvinall

The link on the elections page is not operable

Todd Juvinall

It is now


"Anyone else hunkering down?"

I'm always hunkered, but I don't think that I would buy any stock at this point (aside from automatic purchases in mutual fund proceeds).

I've been surprised by the behavior of bonds over time, but decided I didn't know anything. There's just too much money sloshing around for logic to be applied I think.

Just how long can house prices, company shares, the cost of tuition, medical expenses, etc. rise over time? Longer than you might think it seems.

Bill Maher, of course, is temporarily famous for wishing for a recession in order to get rid of Orange Hitler.


Better luck next time to John Foster who didn't make the top two for the runoff, and to Hilary Hodge who didn't make it to the top one. An also ran also goes to Erin Minett for NC City Council.


GR@12:09 on batteries.

Interesting. That nut will get cracked over time and electric cars will increasingly dominate. There are just too many advantages.

What I wish I saw more on was the other side of the problem. I can see having a car that can be recharged in a New York minute, but what kind of fueling station capacity and grid capacity to same does that imply? That's an awful lot of energy to pump over a wire and a lot of cars can show up in a given amount of time.

Don Bessee

Here is one for the po' ol' pollhead, more good news for the midterms -

The majority of swing voters say they support imposing tariffs on products imported from China, a new poll reveals.
The vast majority of Republican voters, 75 percent, said they support tariffs on China, while a majority of Americans overall support tariffs on China as well.




Don.. Your really going to twist off a few Lefties.
You keep using their own words against them,, like "vast majority".
Lil'"jon" won't be happy.

Todd Juvinall

Uh Oh, Miller lost over a hundred of his lead. Now ahead by 100.


,,,Prince walter,,,Fox reported it, not I
Lord Bessie,,,China yes, they are dishonest like emperor trumpski,,,
But Canada,,,and Mexico,,,idiotic!!!

Don Bessee

He may never get credit from environmentalists, but President Trump is building a unique conservation legacy by focusing on the restoration and rehabilitation of America’s majestic yet long-neglected national parks.



Todd Juvinall

COUNTED % Pro Rata
ELIGIBLE 6/11/18 Turnout Votes to Go
D1 15,217 5,286 34.74% 1,578
D2 14,334 4,492 31.34% 1,486
D3 12,718 4,068 31.99% 1,319
D4 14,168 4,408 31.11% 1,469
D5 11,635 2,710 23.29% 1,206
TOTAL 68,072 20,964 30.80% 7,058

28,022 Ballots Received
7,058 To Count

What a cluster


Ca. looks for more ways to mess with the vote.
They will try anything to keep the proggys elected.
I say let the old folks, and the military vote by mail,, all others show up on election day. The way it SHOULD be.(with ID)


Still can't show how Trump is a dictator Capt Clueless?
Sucks to be you.

Don Bessee

The shoes they just keep a dropin' -

Former Trump campaign volunteer Carter Page has been pursued by Christopher Steele and his dossier, the FBI, Democrats and Russia collusion-minded media.
He has proclaimed his innocence throughout the two-year inquisition.
Last week, he learned he had another adversary, this one hidden.

A federal indictment showed that James A. Wolfe, director of security for the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, was leaking secret anti-Page information to the press. His favorite recipient was reporter Ali Watkins, who quickly rose through the Washington journalism thicket from college intern to New York Times reporter at age 26.
The indictment against Mr. Wolfe, 57, said he had a romantic relationship with Ms. Watkins from December 2013, when she was an intern, to December 2017. Two plot twists that month: She won a job at The New York Times, and the FBI confronted Mr. Wolfe. The indictment charges him with three counts of lying when he denied leaking to reporters.




Don. Like I said before. The 1ST Amendment needs a new overhaul.(kinda like what Lefties have done with the 2ND)
This "freedom of the press" has too much freedom. This news is a great reason to end this "unnamed sources" horse shit.
Make false statements in the name of "free press", go to jail.
The 2ND states,, "SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED",, yet plenty of "infring'n has been going on. The press has help that happen.

Don Bessee

Seattle has caved to big tech and will be repealing the per employee tax. ;-)

Paul Emery

Nevada County is a solid blue county as reflected in last weeks election. More votes will be counted but in most races the Dems have solid leads. In partisan races the Dems outpolled the Pubs in the following elections:

District 1 House
District 4 House
Sec of State
Attorney General
Board of Equalization

The only major race that the Pubs lead in is Brian Dahle Assembly

Here's the latest polls to verify my numbers


Bill Tozer

Don @ 1:45 pm

This ain’t the first time the wackjob libs that have taken over Nirvana City Council...er...taken over Seattle City Council have had to rescind a head tax. Last time it was for “transportation” or big brother. The libs can never get enough of OPM. They are like herpes. Just when you think they are in remission, they flare up again. From 9 years ago...this month.


Todd Juvinall

It appears to me the election results are pretty reflective of the registered numbers. The democrats are to be commended in their drive. We useed to do this including me, but have not sone a drive for a long time.

Bill Tozer

This was last weekend in a nutshell. They are pissed because their Marshall Plan is coming to an end. Time to kick the babies out of the nest.



LOL Paul,, your counting victorys for Nov, and it's not even half past June.
The local Proggy didn't even come close.

Don Bessee

Bernie bros who buy into the joys of socialism Venezuela being preached by comrade Bernie.




I'm pretty stoked by this new (D) dominance in California. It's a brave new era. Up until now the rethuglicans were holding us all back.

You can expect large improvements in the homeless situation (free housing perhaps?), free or more affordable college, solidifying our sanctuary state status, even a single payer healthcare system.

The only thing that can keep California from becoming a Heaven on Earth is Orange Hitler.



Well, you know what happens when you feed stray cats.

Bill Tozer

Sometimes, it’s best just to let them speak for themselves.

Thompson went on to suggest that Trump was just engaging in the high-stakes foreign policy mission because he was “weakened”: “Lastly, there’s also a history of world leaders who themselves in trouble, meeting with weakened U.S. presidents. Brezhnev kissed Nixon, China met with Nixon. And so, this is just history repeating itself.”

Ruhle marveled in response: “You are such the historian. Every time you come, I'm more impressed.”
Ruhle then worried: “But will it be a winning news cycle for the president?” Sherman and Jordan promptly agreed that it would be, while Thompson sounded the alarm: “If those of us in journalism allow it to be. We need to absolutely scrutinize it in the same way every Democratic president was scrutinized going to North Korea. Can’t be this double standard.”

Sherman joined in the complaining about Democrats suffering from a media “double standard”:



"O" and Co. paid the fat kid to stay quiet.(along with all the other administrations over the years) Trump hasn't offered up a dime that we have heard of. Yet one of "O"s minions came out from under a rock.
Has the same whine as "M", "jon",, and Paul.
HELL! Trump may even get back that captured destroyer USS Pueblo..

Don Bessee

Well that's enlightening to know that the peoples republic of cali is ruled by the urban socialists ya po' ol' fakenewsman @ 209. DUH. ;-)

Don Bessee

Now he did it, slick willy spoke his truth, perhaps a little too much truth for his own good =

"I think the norms have really changed in terms of, what you can do to somebody against their will"




"Yet one of "O"s minions came out from under a rock"

I expect that it wasn't a rock so much as a planned foray. I'm not much of one for conspiracy theories, but the top level of the 'Resistance' is a fairly obvious cadre.

(as a side note, I really admire 'Resistance' as a word. It's like using 'denier' for global warming cynics. 'Denier' implies holocaust denial, and 'resistance' has the notion of the French Resistance built in. After all, anyone you disagree with is a Nazi).

My only opinion on NK and Kim Jong-un is that the latter absolutely *has* to have an exit plan/golden parachute that works, no matter what the deal is. Living in a place like that is dangerous, but running it is riding the tiger.

Don Bessee

The fakenews business aint what used to be in the age of Trump where the public is optimistic and supporting the policies.

In an embarrassing setback for CNN, the network’s heavily promoted new 9 p.m. show, “Cuomo Prime Time,” finished well behind arch-rival MSNBC during its inaugural week. Observers say it’s the latest sign that CNN’s anti-Trump programming strategy may be faltering.
Most troubling for CNN executives — “Cuomo Prime Time" finished its first week with viewership down 9 percent compared to CNN’s 9 p.m. programing the same week last year. In addition, Friday’s episode lost 23 percent of the viewers who tuned in for last Monday’s much-heralded premiere.



Bill Tozer

@4:00, Stalking Scenes or maybe not.

I, too. have always liked the word ‘Resistance’ from the get-go. Its like being Pierre in the French underground when the Germans occupied Paris, the magical city of love and romance or running around with tattered fingerless gloves fighting the alien machines in the ruins of our cities. A just cause. But, the Resistance grabbed that rallying cry banner before we did. You snooze, you lose.

There is an interesting concept that I have been kicking around in my head since reading one line in a long piece awhile back. The Resistance? They are the Revolution, see themselves as the Revolution, the agent for chance since Gov. Reagen told them that soap was not a four letter word, try it sometime. Or was that Nixon? Anyway, ever since that era here post WW2. There’s new generation with a new explanation.

Here is the line: The Revolution does not know how to handle a counter-Revolution.

I am seeing that played out on a daily basis. Scenes is right. The Resistance has radicalized the Right. We are the counter-Revolution and, try as they may, they just can’t handle it and know not what to do. At least they are quite articulate. Resist above everything! The cause is just.


Don Bessee

Resignation coming soon?



Don Bessee

Good news for the midterms for us, they are doubling down on left wing messaging courtesy Hollywood.

DNC Chairman Tom Perez, several House members and other top elected officials have already met with the group, formed by members of the entertainment industry in the wake of the 2016 election, that participants liken to a TV writers’ room, complete with producers of such programs as “Veep.” The existence of the group and details of the meetings have not been previously reported.



Bill Tozer

Don......wonder how they got wind of that? Think they take a peep at those “conservative blogs?” Nothing but an extremist alt-right vile bunch who are sooo mean. Why are they so mean and nasty? Why, why, why?
moi at 4:32 pm

Boy, that did not take long. What has got into Sessions? Trump shoved a flare up his chute or something? Nah. I bet the Left done radicalized him and he is putting his toe into the counter-Revolution. About time.


Don Bessee

While that old fox Sessions muffed the muller issue he has been doing what was promised @ 451. Then there was also today;



Bill Tozer

@ 5:14 pm

Silly boy. This is how they will spin it on Amy Goodman


They have covering that poor woman’s travails for awhile. You are aware that after her long dangerous trek, she was put in a cage and molested by gangs of Border Patrol Agents with leering eyes. And now this! Keep those interpreters handy. Also, the refugees won’t say the wife beaters or rapists’ names cause that would endanger their lives, duh.

Bill Tozer

Karen Musalo, co-counsel for the Salvadoran woman and a professor at University of California Hastings College of Law, said the decision could undermine claims of women suffering violence throughout the world, including sex trafficking.

“This is not just about domestic violence, or El Salvador, or gangs,” she said. “This is the attorney general trying to yank us back to the dark ages of rights for women.”

And this led to the “c” word and Obama era pics of brown skinned kids in cages and a whole lot of popping melons. Overripe melons.

Well, if you don’t want to be separated from you family, don’t sneak in here illegally. Use the front door. Much safer and you get treated better. Or, don’t send your kids ahead of you or don’t leave your family behind, or when the time comes, get deported as group of kin folk and stay together.

Don Bessee

Veto fodder -

Most recently, a CBS News/YouGov poll revealed that a plurality of Americans living in swing districts who said mass immigration has changed their communities say overall immigration is making life “worse” in the U.S. About four in nine black Americans in swing districts said immigration is making American life “worse.”




I think I like this a lot.


It would even fit on a bumper sticker.


note to self:

"We're America, Bitch" is on a growth trajectory. Watch for it.

George Rebane

PaulE 209pm - You are absolutely right. The progressive disease spreads inland into the mountains. And we can already see that they are bringing their San Francisco values with them. Wonder where they'll be heading next when we become the next shithole county.

Todd Juvinall

Wait until they bring jail time to journalists.

Paul emery

At the time of this posting kVMR Is live broadcasting a town hall meeting from the Nevada theater hosted by Yuba net on fire readiness. All the local fire departments and the sheriffs department are represented and answering questions. Worth listening to for everyone. 89.5 FM.

Don Bessee

Oh Dr. R, its not that bad yet! While we will still suffer the privations from the leftist lords in Sac and have the same congressmen we held the line on the 2 County wide elections despite the resistance. ;-)

Don Bessee

We had ours last firday ya po' ol' fakenewsman @622.

Larry Kudlow's wife reports he is fine after a cardiac event. ;-)

Bill Tozer

The economy gave Larry Kudlow a heart attach. It is just too much of a good thing.

“The war against energy is over. We have now freed up the animal spirits. You can see that by the confidence indexes. We’re rolling. The U.S. economy is rolling.” —National Economic Council Chairman Larry Kudlow

Daily quotes:

“I pretty much don’t go in the pool anymore.” —Marco Polo.

Change: “The most effective way to change the world is to share a meme of Facebook.”—Ghandi, 194!

Question of the day. Let’s see what is behind Door #3.


Don Bessee

Just another lesson for the parents of the Bernie bros in the basement.

Caracas (AFP) - Venezuela's sky-high inflation soared to 24,571 percent in the past 12 months, lawmakers said Monday.
President Nicolas Maduro's socialist government controls most of the country's economy and is in the midst of an ever-deepening crisis with food and medicine in short supply.



George Rebane

DonB 626pm - Very well then Mr Bessee, from your mouth to God's ear.

Todd Juvinall

Glad Larry Kudlow is going to be OK. I really like him.

Regarding the influx of these SF value types. Look at the mess the FUE has tried to make here. One bad apple.

Don Bessee

The world still turns.




and one for the haters;



Bill Tozer

I am still,getting a kick out of this all day long. Too funny. “He broke me.”


That’s who our friends on the left are. Not just Robert, all,of them.


News o' the times.

Pic o' the day.


Bill. "F" Trump he says? It looks like Trump is the one do'n the nasty,, and giving it hard and dry.

Bill Tozer

I love this one. Justin is going to get it hard and dry. Gotta know how to make them hurt.

President Donald Trump says Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau "learned" from the mistake of criticizing him and it's going to cost Canada "a lot of money."


Love this one as well:

The president also discussed the viral photo taken of German Chancellor Angela Merkel and others standing before him. Trump says it was snapped as they waited for changes he'd requested to the communique he ended up pulling out of. Trump says it "didn't look friendly" but it was "very friendly."



,,,po ol billy believes anything trumpski says,,,

Bill Tozer

Walt, I am not going to say anything mean spirited against De Niro, save to say that I wish Richard Geer would pull out one of those gerbils of his and let it chew off that distracting mole thing on De Niro’s face.

I think Robert DeNiro is a great case study of what hate can do to a person. While he spews hate at elistist awards shows, President Trump is working on World Peace.
Love Trumps Hate, am I right?

On to Singapore: can 1,000 experts be wrong?
MSM is having a melt down this morning...to pick up where they left off yesterday. Trump does not know history, Trump is not prepared, he does not have a 36 point policy paper, he did not spend over a year in prep, he is not wearing a goofy odd hat like Madeleine Albright wore to scare the North Koreans into cooperation....Trump does not know what he is doing!!



BREAKING NEWS! Dennis Rodman nominated for Nobel Peace Prize.


And we ridicule Dougy for everything thing he says.
Your account on hold again at the Daily Caller? They seem to be cracking down on your TROLLing.
Come back anytime for another feeding with a slingshot.


Bill. Speaking of the loony Dennis,,

Hey "M"itch.. Notice the hat he's wearing? LOL!

Bill Tozer

@ 9:22 am
Poor Dougie. Need to cut him some slack. His Democrat Party and its Industrial Liberal Media Complex was doing the full blown unhinged thang screaming for all to hear that Trumpski is a madman who was going to launch us into all out thermal nuclear war and we are all doing to die. That was just a few months ago. Trump said his button is bigger!! Run to the bomb shelters. We are going to die. Stop him! Somebody stop him.

Before that it was because of Tax Reform Armageddon we are all going to die. Before that is because Trump is pulling us out of the Paris Climate Slush Fund, we are all going to die! Before that it was if we mess with the Unaffordable Care Act, 20 million will die on our streets!
And just one month ago, the most recognized face, leader, and spokesperson of his Democrat Party was Stormy Daniels’s lawyer, one Michael Avenatti. Makes perfect sense that the Progressives are obsessed with death.. Their Leftist Agenda is going to die!


Punchy 209pm

No, Paul, the county is clearly Purple... about half and half. About.

Gavin Newsom (D) was indeed the leader with a plurality of 34.8% in his race. The 2nd, 3rd and 4th place finishers for Governator were Cox (R) at 25.4%, Allen (R) at 18.3%, and Chiang (D) at 6.3%... do the arithmetic. But statewide, there will only be Newsom and Cox on the ballot.

Let's give a round of polite applause for Zoltan Istvan, who volunteered to be a known loser for the Libertarian Party's sacrificial lamb to the top-two ballot designed to insure 3rd parties will remain out of the picture, not to mention a 2nd party (the GOP for example) that doesn't force out folks the party elite don't want to muddy the Primary waters.

LaMalfa buried the competition within Nevada County, 45.0% to the distant 2nd, Denney, at 18.3%, the two who will be on the November ballot. Funny how you rate Newsom as a clear winner in the county with 10.2% less of the vote than LaMalfa got.

And that's BEFORE the Janus decision that is expected to decimate Democratic Party cash flow in California.

Bill Tozer

Lol. Trump don’t need no sleep, sweet pea.

In their own words....from Douglass M. Keachski’s source of critical thought.



Yes, the Linda Campbell story in The Union is interesting.

Not said is that the divorce proceeding at which LC demanded to get arrested was hers... from her wife who seems to be the one who started the divorce log rolling. There were apparently allegations by Dana Campbell of domestic violence against her by LC... but there is an indication that the DV order didn't get past a hearing.

I'm not a lawyer and have no knowledge of it beyond reading the cryptic court record notes. There is another hearing next Tuesday at 8:30AM.

Bill Tozer


What is a bit puzzling to me is if Ms. Campbell wanted to be arrested for contempt of court, asked to be arrested, said it was her idea to be arrested, why did he/she/it resist arrest? Only thing that makes sense is she/he/it wanted the arrest on her terms and it’s terms only, not the officer of the court’s terms, aka, “Step outside, madam, man, whatever you are.”

They should drop the contempt and nail it with the resisting arrest charge to be adjudicated before another judge. As they say, “If you dance with a sheriff in the morning, you will be late for lunch.”

Darn, it is so hard writing this and being careful not to assume it’s gender. Ah heck, I’ll call it a her. At least I tried.

To give her some slack, family law’s rules are a bit different than criminal law when it comes to practice, rules, and where the rubber meets the road. And the Court does (or in a perfect world should) recognize that this is a time of raw and uncontrolled emotions for the defendant and plaintiff. Breaking up is hard to do. With that said, sometimes enough is enough despite how much the Bench’s patience is stretched. After three years, family law courts get tired of seeing ya again and again.

Bottomline: You demand the Court to arrest you? Request granted. :)

Bill Tozer

That Trump is a funny guy.


Todd Juvinall

Are there any kids between the two gals? LOL!


Todd, sometimes you're nearly as big a jerk as is Linda C. For example, your 1123am


Toes 1115am

The term "pro per", meaning "a fool for a client", was in the summary notes previous to last Wednesday's antics may have had LC in court without someone with sense to keep her on a leash.

Linda Campbell's term is up in November, District 1 of the NJUHSD (not the county district numberings). A better (meaning more sane and more logical) candidate needs to be found.

Bill Tozer

I don’t think LC is fond of Dr. Rebane or his lovely intelligent bride. Neither does she appear to take a liking to math and objective stuff like that. Editorializing over.

Ms Campbell, In her own words.

Linda Campbell sez

“All you are doing is using data to point fingers and blame THE GOVERNMENT, or focus on the symptoms rather than identifying the REAL Problem with a real solution. The problem and Medical Science proves it, is that your brain is an organ and part of human biology.
As such Mental Health IS part of one's physiology and not ones political a personal or political agenda.. You nor your husband do not have the knowledge, professional credentials or expertise to speak to this issue, and your series based on subjective rather than objective research reveals this..

My question, why does the Union waste or devote so much ink and paper on Rebane' continual use of disguising opinions as facts, the classic definition of propapaganda.
As a life long reader and subscriber of the Union, getting tired of their ideas or minority ideology being imposed on the rest of Us.

Bottom line, the solution lies in providing all Citizens, or We the People, with the same access to health care, as you and your husband currently enjoy under the Socialized Medical Care called Medicare. This Federal Government program has Administrative cost of 3 -5 percent, while the Private Insurance Health Care Administrative Costs are 20 percent. This includes the 8 per Cent Profit Margin that the Corporate Stockholder expect to earn every year.
For example; I am forced to pay, due to lack of plans offered by the Private markets here in Nevada County, 1130. 00 per month for decent coverage of my health needs, I'm 62.
That means approximately 200.00 per month goes to Management of which about 16.00 goes to the Corporate Stockholders pocket. In the mean time, that big ol tax break given to us by your big daddy President, resulted in a 1.50 decrease
in my tax bill...but you don't care, both of you and your political crowd or demographic don't give a damn about "We The People", as long as you have "yours" from the federal govt.who cares about "them" or it sucks to be US. Mrs. Rebane, you and your fellows, appear to be suffering from classic Dog in the Manger Syndrome.

It's simple, Public Education and Public Health Care is a Civil Right under the Ninth Amendment.

Economics and Capitalism do not appear in the Constitution, these Behavorial Science concepts hadn't been "invented" yet by Adam Smith.

However General Welfare is, under our Vision or Mission Statement , The Preamble. Both of you might try reading it sometime. The Federalist Papers are not part of the Constitution..



Hmm. Yes, the US Constitution does mention the word “welfare” twice, both times proceeded by the word “general” and never proceeded by the word “individual”. Nuff said.

Paul Emery

GREGORY I added up the total Republican and total Democrat votes in all the races. That's how I came up with my numbers. Are you saying my math was wrong?

Don Bessee

Such a constitutional expert @ 1142. So how in a civil court did they violate her 5th amendment rights? It was not a criminal case. ;-)


re: Ms. Linda Campbell, etc.

I don't have any clue who she is, but reading this stuff I wish that legal proceedings were more along the lines of the late 19thC. Old West.


In the interest of risk intolerance, I'm afraid we've built something of a monster.

re: Trump, Kim, et al.

I liked this video and it served to make me consider the matter. (Warning for those who are easily bored by such things. 10 minutes of editorial voice-over with graphics).


Don Bessee

The high school district has censured her twice before for the same thing and now this escalation to an arrest. The response of the Chair was pathetic and inadequate but is a clear indication of the political CYA going on. ;-)


re: BillT@11:42

In the words of Linda Campbell:

"This Federal Government program has Administrative cost of 3 -5 percent, while the Private Insurance Health Care Administrative Costs are 20 percent. "

I'm willing to have an argument about the way health insurance works, and I agree that Medicare is subsidized, but until people understand the cash flow and administrative overhead on Medicare there's no point in the discussion. My guess is that they really believe that the insurance paperwork cost for Medicare is 3-5 percent, they really don't think they are fibbing.


Toes 1142

Interesting delusions from Trustee Campbell.

Here's another view from an impeccably credentialed liberal lion of the law, Laurence Tribe:
"It is a common error, but an error nonetheless, to talk of 'ninth amendment rights'. The ninth amendment is not a source of rights as such; it is simply a rule about how to read the Constitution.".

Also, Adam Smith's magnum opus on free market economics, the Wealth of Nations, was indeed published four months before the Declaration of Independence was signed (that's 4 July 1776 for Ms. Campbell), 13 years before the Bill of Rights were submitted to the many States for ratification and 15 years before they were ratified.

I expect that Hamilton, Jefferson and the rest of the dead white guys who wrote that stuff would have read it as soon as the first copies arrived in the Colonies, very possibly before Independence was declared, before the first shots were fired.


Punchy 1156am

Take 50.1 measures of Blue paint and mix it thoroughly with 49.9 measures of Red paint. What color is it now?

I'll bet you your life that it won't be Blue.

Your arithmetic may have been correct but your color perception was hampered by your head being where the sun don't shine.

Bill Tozer

Well, there are plenty of topics to discuss in today’s Days of Our Lives eposide of The Sandbox. Healthcare, little rocket man, bumbling Trumpski somehow doing what no recent President has been able to do and going where no President has gone before, and much more.

Public education a civil right? Well, I think the US Constitution left that up to the states, and I ain’t no CA State Constitution expert. There is one group of people whose public education responsibility falls under the Great White Father in Washington...i. e., savages living on tribal lands...er....reservations. Boy, if one of those kids in one of those US Government operated and funded school houses graduates from Jr. High, heck, that is front page smoke signal news and time for one big all night celebration. Most don’t make it all the way through high school. Most? Vast majority.

Healthcare as a civil right? Well, we do have some irrevocable individual rights, but I ain’t no civil rights lawyer. Reading those long Southern Poverty Law Center’s papers and books and such give me a sharp pain between my temples.

What else? Oh yeah. A shout out to Scenes for being ahead of the curve, or at least on the cutting edge. Rush mentioned it today, as did the Patriot Post (a far far far alt-right deranged deplorable bitter clinger extremist minority viewpoint site on the Internet)

To Scenes, staying one day ahead of the masses.


Don Bessee

Looks like grandpa Joe's plans for 2020 may have been optimistic and of course slick willy's recent comment is not going to help things either.



Don Bessee

The swamp creatures are nervous -

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein threatened to “subpoena” emails, phone records and other documents from lawmakers and staff on a Republican-led House committee during a tense meeting earlier this year, according to emails reviewed by Fox News documenting the encounter and reflecting what aides described as a "personal attack."
The emails memorialized a January 2018 closed-door meeting involving senior FBI and Justice Department officials as well as members of the House Intelligence Committee. The account claimed Rosenstein threatened to turn the tables on the committee's inquiries regarding the Russia probe.
“The DAG [Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein] criticized the Committee for sending our requests in writing and was further critical of the Committee’s request to have DOJ/FBI do the same when responding,” the committee's then-senior counsel for counterterrorism Kash Patel wrote to the House Office of General Counsel. “Going so far as to say that if the Committee likes being litigators, then ‘we [DOJ] too [are] litigators, and we will subpoena your records and your emails,’ referring to HPSCI [House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence] and Congress overall.”
A second House committee staffer at the meeting backed up Patel’s account, writing: “Let me just add that watching the Deputy Attorney General launch a sustained personal attack against a congressional staffer in retaliation for vigorous oversight was astonishing and disheartening. ... Also, having the nation’s #1 (for these matters) law enforcement officer threaten to 'subpoena your calls and emails' was downright chilling.”






Maybe Acosta can get a gig at the crack KVMR news desk worrying about Stormy and asking NC city council ladies about the evils of 5G and chemtrails.


I like this.



Scenes 1203pm

I had an exchange with Trustee Campbell three years ago, following an attempt at her bettering me on education matters spanning from Whole Math of the 1990's to the modern disaster of Common Core. Here's a taste:

Don Bessee

Now the question is will she be haranguing the workers at conservative fair booths again this year? ;-)

Don Bessee

True dat! Senate staffer's indictment exposes the pitifully corrupt nature of Trump-Russia probe

For example, in July 2017, two networks’ reporters called me about a congressional leak alleging that I had canceled my House Intelligence Committee testimony at the last minute without a reason — implying some headline-making drama. In reality, the opposite was true: The committee told my attorney, with plenty of notice, that it needed to postpone my hearing.
Later that summer, a Washington Post reporter called me the day after my special counsel testimony — referencing the special counsel and a specific subject that had come up. Coincidence? I immediately called those who conducted the interview and warned that any more illegal leaks would have severe consequences — if that was what had happened. The reporter dropped the story which surely would have caused inflammatory headlines at my expense for being summoned by Robert Mueller’s team at all. As Washington insiders have said, it’s hard to find work when people think you might be indicted.



Bill Tozer

My I be so bold to draw the reader’s attention to Dr. Rebane’s newest post, since the good Doc is a rather polite modest fellow. And longsuffering, albeit even he has his moments.


@ 2:08 pm.
“Senate staffer's indictment exposes the pitifully corrupt nature of Trump-Russia probe” reads the headline. Here, let me fix that.

“Senate staffer's indictment exposes the pitifully corrupt nature of Trump!” Now it is ready for prime time.

Don Bessee

Hey BT are you bucking for a fakenewsmans job at KVMR? ;-)

Bill Tozer

I am already volunteering there as a DJ under an assumed name and in one of my personalities. Gotta dress the part. I wasn’t kidding ya when I said I could pose for a family portrait all by my lonesome. We agree. :). Oh, yo Punchy, don’t need a private tour of the studios, but it was kind of you for extending the offer. I am writing a book about my experience playing with switches in the new digs. I will call it “The Enemy Within”. “Enemy at the Gates” is taken. :).

2). You know, this entire rather embarrassing Campbell’s Soup affair could have been neatly avoided and kept completely out of the media. No one in the court would have said a word. Just a divorce case. Apparently mediation was not productive. But, she had to beg to be arrested and that made it a teenie weenie local tasty morsel tidbit of news.. Asking to be arrested and have the shocking details published on the World Wide Web was not thought out well in advance....Strike that. The plan was to be arrested on purpose. The cause is just. Hmmm.

Exhibit # 846 of Everything the Lefties do blows up in their faces. I rest my case.


Posted by: Bill Tozer | 12 June 2018 at 03:17 PM

Notice that we’ve suffering far less “jon smith” idiocy since L’ Affaire Campbell began?

Hat tip Todd Juvinall for outing the most annoying of the puppeteers!

Todd Juvinall

You are welcome. That shizo pair are in the clink!


Why are Democratic monopoly institutions such cesspits of chaos and violence?

Yes..... why are they?

(Well in this case you have Mayor Paul Lynde at the helm! This explain most of it!)


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