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17 June 2018



Speech schmeech sayeth the ACLU.


Don Bessee

Who wants to bet on how many shows before it gets pulled for no ratings? Single digits?




The God Emperor speaks:


George Boardman

Walt, whatever happened to that guy who got shot in Grass Valley, the one you said The Union wouldn't report on? There must be a media conspiracy because nobody else reported it either.

Or maybe it didn't happen. What's your source--those little green men you talk to in the pre-dawn hours? Or are you one of those guys who believes anything that validates what you already believe? No thinking involved!

Don Bessee

Well that sure is some heavy lifting there @ 701, KVMR, KNCO and the Union didn't say so, so it must not have happened. Now that's funny, do you have any idea how many reported shooting happen and when the cops show up there is physical evidence and shell casings but no scum bags to make a report. Drug dealers are a might skittish around the law, you may have heard we have a lot of those in the region and then there are your patch pirates. ;-)

George Rebane

GeorgeB 701pm - Mr Boardman, I notice that many of your recent comments are of a quality below your pay grade. Are you just slumming it here, or working on developing a new persona?


Boardman.., There was one small burp about it in the police blotter.That was it. It was on Whiting St. Not far from the church.
Rick(?) Baker was the name.
I listened to the events on the scanner.
You should know by now I don't make anything up Boardman. It's not my style, and it always come back to bite one in the ass. Many a Lefty haven't figured that out yet.

A while back I saw something up in the sky, gave a detailed description here, and was accused of drinking WAY too early.. And did I have any left?. Vindication came when news of the Google balloon drifting overhead that same day.
I won't name my accusers. They might remember who they are.


Boardman. Get yourself a police and fire scanner. You will be flabbergasted to what DOESN'T make the news or print.
I guess it takes a killing for the local rag to report any gunplay these days. But the dope mules hauling 60lbs getting stopped on 80 headed East still gets some attention.

Don Bessee


PHOTOS: Melania Trump Trolls ‘Fake News Media,’ Rocks ‘I Really Don’t Care, Do U?’ Parka Back to White House



Bill Tozer

Walt, I remember who he...er...who they were. I won’t name your accuser(s) either. :) Yep. It was Whiting Street. Followed it on a pro-LE feed...in live time. Not much there. Gun discharged. Not even a leg warmer if I recall correctly. Now, back to hiding behind your walls, Boardman. Oh, lest I forget, best open your front door now and then to let the flies out
Oh boy. I know this would be one hard row to hoe.

“Yes, it’s been a rocky start on the reform trail. But now the Democrats in the Senate are getting in on the act, demanding that the reforms be canceled. 45 of them signed on to a letter demanding that the President rescind the orders and put an end to the madness of removing workers who spend their time watching porn on their government computers while being paid on the taxpayer dime. (Government Executive)”



Since Boardman questions me, I bet he thinks I may have made up my questioning of the local Sheriff's knowledge (or lack there of) about exploding targets. Here is what I got back days later.

"You may have already gotten an answer to your question. I am not exactly sure, but I believe you should contact the state as they issue state blasters licenses which should include the types of explosive’s you can use. It looks like the State of California Division of Occupational Safety and Health issues these types of permits. If you are blasting in Nevada County, you will also be required to obtain a local license through our office once you meet the state require."

You would think the sheriff office would be up on the subject.
It's not like exploding targets are anything new. Just Ammonium nit. and a little aluminum power. Be a good shot, and everyone at the range knows you hit what you aim at.

Don Bessee

It seems the Antifa pink hats think the lawyers go first in this irony -

TRIBECA, NY — A Brooklyn woman was arrested and charged with assault and harassment Wednesday for allegedly bashing a Manhattan lawyer in the face with a metal make-up box and shouting 'White b---h, take that,' police said.
Crown Heights resident Amy Bell, 37, was walking along Warren Street near West Broadway just after 10:50 a.m. on May 31 when she allegedly struck a woman in the head with the box, screamed an anti-white slur and laughed in her face, authorities said.

Police say Bell fled west on Warren Street, leaving the 57-year-old victim with a gash on her face. The woman, a lawyer who works on civil rights, juvenile justice and immigration issues, was treated at NYU Langone Medical Center. She was on her way back to her office when she was clobbered.



Bill Tozer

Wherever the cameras are.


Don Bessee

Its odd that they don't mention her social media mania that team 0 vetting ignored because well that's how the Executive Branch Staff across the board were in total collusion! I know blame it on her mom what with that name.




Bill and Melinda Gates pissed away $575 million on an effort to increase teacher effectiveness in math and reading.

It didn't work.


Gates goes and hires the best experts his people point him to. Eventually, he may get the idea he's hired the wrong people, over and over.

Don Bessee

Alas the money won't run out to teach that lesson @ 1105 ;-)


re: The well-meaning Gates grants


But it's for the children!! lol. In those school districts, it's never hard to tell who really benefits.

My gut feeling is that to make a difference in the hood, school design would need to be unacceptable to modern people.


Turning sow's ears into silk purses never works.

If we want students who can demonstrate skills in reading and mathematics, we need teachers who could demonstrate those skills before they entered college. SAT scores is an imperfect measure, but a measure it is. So are GRE scores.

If we can't winnow out the weakest teachers and weakest administrators, we can't improve our schools. And as Paul has demonstrated, parents and other stakeholder groups with a vested interested in failed schools will turn a blind eye to schools that meet their cultural desires while leaving the children's need to learn how to read and to 'do' math out of the equation.

Bill Tozer

Early in Obama's first term and on the trail, Obama advocated for getting the rotten apples out of the teaching profession and lifting up the education of the students. All about the kids. I agreed and supported the plan. And rather than slam teachers, Obama and others proposed plans to help teachers get up to par, not just firing them wholesale. Teacher standards and all that stuff. Evaluations, taking into account special needs students and other factors. Sounded good and fair. Help teachers get up to par, give them all the tools they need or lack, and when it became apparent that some are just not cut out for the teaching profession, cut them out. As Obama said some bad apples would be better suited seeking another profession and encouraged to seek and obtain employment in another field. Right on Obama!

But, noooooo. That talk was dropped like a hot potato. In today’s world, it is never about the kids. The kids are not the client. The parents of school children are not the client. It’s all about the teachers union, period. The teachers unions’s (a private entity) clients are the teachers. We see this replayed everywhere across our land, year in and year out.

Remember that huge Chicago Teachers Strike about 8 years ago? Went on for weeks, new mayor Chicago Style dead fish in mail Rohm Emmanuel was under intense heat, full blown national attention. The teachers union asked for a 30% raise settled without objection for a 15% bump. But that was never the issue. Nay, the real issue that got them taking to the streets was a proposal for teacher evaluation.....but we all knew that.

Maybe with the police shooting in Pittsburg, might be an opportune time for Gates to reconsider his horrible idea of focusing on the kids and wanting teachers rated.. :)

Never let a crisis go to waste- Rohm Emmanuel. He made that quote famous. Hey, his own brother was the man behind Obamacare....

Bill Tozer

No, this ain’t a redo of Stop and Frisk in NYC. Yes, NYC Dems just slammed police tactics as 18 gang members were arrested. Yes, 18 members of the Martense-Beverly Bosses were rounded up on a string of charges that linked gang members to two murders and six nonfatal. The gang is known for keeping a scoreboard for the killings, much like what you see in any sports betting club in Reno.

Yes, NYC Mayor Bill Debasted is in Texas right now slamming the USA for putting little children in dungeons. I report, you decide.

Central to the NYPD’s gang policing practices is the usage of a secret gang database. Between 2001 and August 2013, the NYPD added 21,357 individuals to this database. Only 1 percent of these individuals were white; 48 percent were Black and 44 percent were Latino, a contrast made sharper when compared to New York City’s demographics: 33 percent white, 26 percent Black and 26 percent Hispanic.

When asked about the racial breakdown of the gang database, NYPD Chief of Detectives Dermot Shea said, “The racial breakdown, unfortunately, is extremely disparate, and it almost exactly mirrors our gun violence shooting breakdown in New York City…it’s approximately 95 percent people of color…when you look at the shooting violence in New York City, and you look at the individuals on either side of the gun—unfortunately, but it is the reality in New York City—[people of color are] roughly 95 percent…of the individuals getting shot or the individuals arrested for violence.”


Boy, this would get Brother Ben rolling over in his grave or wherever he may be.

George Boardman

People getting shot is still rare enough around here to warrant a news story when it happens. Somebody discharging a gun? People around here are always exercising their Second Amendment right.

I've done enough police reporting to know that many calls to 911 are gross exaggerations and that police dispatchers aren't always precise in describing to responding officers what they might find at the "crime" scene.

I don't know why anybody would want to listen to a police scanner around here. I heard enough of it when I worked at The Union to know very little that's worth reporting happens in Mayberry.


"I don't know why anybody would want to listen to a police scanner around here" Right.. Sure thing,, Boardman. Stay ill informed.
You just proved last night your ignorance of the goings on, and played the sad trombone on yourself. There is no digging yourself out of that one.
Some people want to know what's going on around them.(me included)
You can now go back to sticking your head in the sand, then popping back up claiming to know the latest.

One more thing Boadman, If it wasn't for that scanner, I would not have known about a fire last year that was just down the road.
That little box gave me the early warning. No emergency alerts came our way from the reverse 911. Go ahead.. Rely on the gov. to warn you.




Don Bessee

Being a socialist is becoming quite lucrative -



Todd Juvinall

Bernie sure has fooled all those little college boys and girls into believing it was not his fault they are in huge student debt. All the while owning some real pricey real estate on that small salary of a senator.


This sounds like calling for an invasion.
"Mexican presidential candidate Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) called for mass immigration to the United States during a speech Tuesday declaring it a “human right” for all North Americans.

“And soon, very soon — after the victory of our movement — we will defend all the migrants in the American continent and all the migrants in the world,” Obrador said, adding that immigrants “must leave their towns and find a life in the United States.” "

We better start taxing Proggys first. THEY will be the first to say "let them in".


Well well... Those who have demanded TOLERANCE, sure ain't showing any.
"And a Ride for Tolerance and Inclusion has been organized by Ridge resident Schuyler Bright, who is encouraging participants to show up with banners, signs and educational materials."
Now wait a minute. The Confederacy was a Democrat idea and action.
The Ridge is infested with Dems. The "stars and bars" represent Democrat history... A little embarrassed?

George Rebane

Among the many others along with two above, these comments belong under 'The Existential Abrogation of Sovereignty' in order to present readers with a cohesive topical comment thread.


Sorry Doc,,, you used too many 25 cent words for this common ditch digger.

George Rebane

Mr Branson, that's part of the curse of RR that you have been exposed to for some years. One 25-cent word covers for many nickel and penny words, that's why they were invented; and that's also why God invented dictionary.com ;-)

George Boardman

But Walt, the scanner broadcasts information provided by the government--you know, those people you don't trust.

You still have explained where that mythical shooting come from, other than your fevered brain.

Bill Tozer

Boardman sez:
“People getting shot is still rare enough around here to warrant a news story when it happens”

Hmmm. So that is why you got all unhinged over little bicycle boy Boss Hogg, took up the case, and carpet bombed this site to vent your disgust at us thick headed pea brains who are sooooo far beneathe you......all accumulating in the big build up to the big Townhall anti-gun climax, aired on every local medium of broadcast? Cause it’s rare. Not you guys wetting your beds, but shootings here.

And then one day, for no particular reason, nobody cared that Laura Ingrahm called piglet a whinner because he could not get into Cal or UCLA. Well, neither did you, George. Darn, I have already forgotten his first name. Pencil arms...pencil neck...something like that.

Yo Boarman, 546 Whiting Street is one big apartment complex. That’s a couple minutes or so just to drive through the circle of buildings. One gun shot and they are burning up the 9-11 phone lines. Same as that “hostage situation” on the apartments on Sutton across from AAA last week. Girl or guy with gun leading girl or guy into apartment. Think SWAT rolled on that one.....apartment dwellers, the unwashed, the reason that Bay Area Values Hilary is not the incoming 3rd District Supervisor.

Boy, you really hate the blue collar working man and woman. Well, you may not hate them, but don’t get a nose bleed looking down at them, oh exalted Illustrious One. They are not to be listened to, not really, and what they say is of no import. Thanks for coming by and rubbing elbows with your lower companions. Makes you fell like you give a crap about them, eh?

Don’t blame us cause your baby grew up to be a schood teacher or worse.


Don Bessee

Oh crap, lets talk about those smuggled babies at the border and not any of this say the dems -

Throughout Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz's massive report on the Hillary Clinton email investigation are lots of strange things. One of the weirdest is the extent to which the FBI went to make up words and phrases to disguise reality.
An early draft of the 2016 FBI report on the email scandal was reportedly subjected to linguistic surgery to exonerate the former secretary of state, who at the time was the Democratic nominee for president. Clinton was originally found to be “grossly negligent” in using an illegal email server. That legalistic phrase is used by prosecutors to indict for violation of laws governing the wrongful transmission of confidential government documents.

• One, the FBI made sure that Obama, the boss of most of the wayward FBI and DOJ officials, was not to be entangled in any scandal.
• Two, seemingly everyone at the Department of Justice and FBI assumed Hillary Clinton was going to be president. They were sure Donald Trump was headed for a humiliating and well-deserved defeat. Therefore, in the heat of the 2016 campaign, the FBI and DOJ did what they could to ingratiate themselves with those they expected to be in power during a likely eight-year Clinton presidency.
Yet the very thought of a likely President Hillary Clinton in court so worried the chief investigator, FBI Director James Comey, that he watered down “grossly negligent” to the mere “extremely careless.”
FBI investigators also had concluded that it was “reasonably likely” foreign nations had read Clinton's unsecured emails. Comey intervened to mask such a likelihood by substituting the more neutral word “possible.”

Former President Barack Obama was found to have improperly communicated with Clinton over her illegal server while she was in a foreign country. Obama had denied that fact by falsely claiming that he never knew of her server until much later, after it was publicized.
The FBI hierarchy under Comey tried to hide the embarrassing details of Obama's conduct. As a result, the FBI deleted Obama's name from its report. In its place, the FBI inserted the laughable “another senior government official” — as if the president of the United States was just another Washington grandee who had improperly communicated on an illicit email server.




Damn Boardman, you picking up Mzz."jons" slack? Now saying the event never happened? Whatever. It's your own creds your shredding.(keep up the good work)
Just when did I ever say I'm anti Government? Just corrupt government. And Lord knows there has been plenty of that. (seen the news?)

Speaking of the "jon",, Real smooth move when you go out of your way to get hauled to jail. Enjoy paying those fines? Hope they stuck it to you good. You might think twice next time. I'm sure the family budget ain't what it used to be.. And who's fault is that? Being the female version of a "dick" really paid off.
If you go to jail thinking it's cool to do,, you might be a stupid Liberal.

Todd Juvinall

Boardman's fevered brain could discern the difference of a gunshot with his own flatulence.

Don Bessee

Now the Trump gets to appoint 2000 administrative judges throughout the swamp.

The U.S. Supreme Court gave presidents more control over key jobs in federal agencies on Thursday, ruling that the way the Securities and Exchange Commission selected in-house judges who enforce investor protection laws violated the U.S. Constitution.
The justices agreed with President Donald Trump's administration that the SEC, in having low-level staff install administrative law judges, infringed upon powers given to the president in the U.S. Constitution's "appointments clause" regarding the filling of certain federal posts.
The ruling could reverberate through the federal government, which has nearly 2,000 administrative law judges who decide matters as varied as unfair trade practices, veterans benefits and patent infringement.



Bill Tozer


Is it just me or do other folks find it a weird coincidence that 3 out of the 5 FBI agents slammed by the IG report went straight from the Hillary e-mail yawner to being placed on the Meuller colonoscopy? Odd. 3 out of 5 and recommended by the IG for further consideration of perhaps prosecution. One of the 3 is up the ladder from “agent” or special agent. Yes, correlation does not necessarily equate to.... ......whatever.

Sure looks like a tightknit little clubhouse they play in. But, what’s behind door number 3?

rl crabb

A few years ago, the Mrs. and I had dinner with some old classmates of hers who now call Pahrump (love that name) home. They were big on conspiracies, from 9/11 to birth certificates. They used to be Catholics, but I'm betting they've seen the light (coming from Area 51, no doubt.) Who says the GOP ain't inclusive... https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-election-religion-brothels/in-age-of-trump-evangelicals-back-self-styled-top-u-s-pimp-idUSKBN1JI1A9

Don Bessee

Door number 3 @ 430- That's where they hide the servers! ;-)

Todd Juvinall

Seems the left are the conspiracy loons. Paul Emery and the grassy knoll right on this blog. Conservatives and Republicans are to smart to fall for the left's musings.


Posted by: rl crabb | 22 June 2018 at 04:36 PM

Are you trying to kill Punchy RL? You know how worked he gets over matters sexual!

Don Bessee

Good guy with a gun, again -

Dennis Madaris heard her in distress and left his home to discover her being beaten, Madaris told the news station. “One of them turned around and had a gun in his hand," Madaris said, referring to one of the suspects.
The woman, who’s eight months pregnant, was delivering a pizza Wednesday night, WXIA reported. But no one was at the house when she got there. Then three suspects came behind her — and one of them was armed with a handgun, she told police, the news station reported.

That’s when Madaris jumped into action, he said — and the gun didn’t scare him off because he had his own.
"I told them, ‘Drop the gun or I’ll drop you,’ and they threw the gun down and all three of them took off,” Madaris told WSB-TV.




RL.. Forget Trump was a Dem for the most part?(and I was the lead rooting section here from the start)
Maybe Hof is a JFK Dem.( far Right By LIB standards today.)

Tell ya' what. Have him open a "shop" in Nevada City. The National would be good, That was the best cathouse way back when.

Bill Tozer

Yo Mr. Crabbman

Have you read that long article in Rolling Stone about Johnny Depp yet? I did last night. Must of mentioned Hunter S Thompson 35 times. Each time it did, my mind drifted to you, Quaaludes and good times.

Anyway, your link is right on. Times have changed a wee bit. In the Age of Trump, things have been tweaked slightly. We still got all the good ladies working inside, and your drum circle of compatriots are on the outside protesting. I know, that hasn’t changed through the years. But what has changed is we are now damn proud of it Booyah. Thank you, President Trump. Oh, about them ladies, our ladies,........... the ones that cost Hillary the election by voting for The Donald, said they have had about enough of your kind of noise. Can I get an Amen.

Opps, guess the more things change, the more the stay the same. Nevermind.



OH YAAAaaa... Hookers for Hillary. I remember that.
Yet our own Lefties here diss the "working woman". Right Paul?


Boardman. Still awake? This is some of that corruption of gov. I don't care for.
Remember who their boss was?

Protect the old bat at all costs. Is it's the FBI's position in government to help LIBS get elected?
Ever hear of Nixon? He got run out of town for less.

With all this news over the past year, and the election rigging that was done by the Left reached epic levels,,, and your side still lost. Even the "insurance policy" failed to pay off.

rl crabb

No, I haven't read the Depp story yet. Never met the fellow, but I was impressed by his interpretation of Thompson in the Fear & Loathing movie, even though the movie itself sucked bat guano. The porn industry was naturally drawn to the left for many years, due to the lack of support from the Falwell/Robertson faction on the right. That opposition began to fade with Reagan, a divorcee who fathered a child with Nancy before they were legally bound in marriage. With the acceptance of the philandering Trump, and now, the Pahrump Pimp, the evangelicals have truly come full circle.
The Mitchell Brothers were big players on the left side of San Francisco politics. The one exception was Mayor Feinstein, who tried to run them out of town. They got her home phone number and put it on their marquee, under the line "For A Good Time Call..."

Don Bessee

Here is what happens when your public clock hits 20 minutes -

(former) "Comedian Kathy Griffin and adult-film actress Stormy Daniels posed together in a photo this week raising a middle finger to President Trump"




Best headline you’ll see today...:

”Stormy Daniels Says She’s Headed to the Border Next Week As Soon as She Figures Her Best Course of Action”

Maybe an impromptu show for the little ones......

You’re truly doing the lords work stormy!!



Ugh.....read this if you want to see just how far the bureau has fallen!


Somewhere Efrem Zimbalist Jr. is spinning in him grave!!

Bill Tozer

Seattle leads, CA follows.


Todd Juvinall

Agent Number 5 is a mutt and a bee-atch. My guess is a feminist and man hater. Sessions needs to vleak out these fifth columnists and make them guards at Gitmo so they can gain some perspectives.

And Stormie might be illegal! And she is headed to the border to go home. She could come here to give us one last show though. LOL!

Todd Juvinall

Looks like Berkheimer went limp on politics today. He is now talking about women authors. We all spanked him pretty good last time for his anti-Trump voter screed.


Good Afternoon Nevada County! a repost...

Reddit Picture News o' the Day.




ZH on the capital of the Green Libertarian States of America


Netflix exec fired for saying a magic word while telling his employees what words not to say.


Don Bessee

I wonder how the clinton news network will spin this given their recent narratives??

U.S. Forces Korea announced Saturday the wooden “Temporary Transit Cases” had been sent to the DMZ as North Korea prepares to return the remains of fallen American service members who died during the Korean War.
U.S. Forces Korea spokesman Col. Chad Carroll told Fox News the military also sent 158 metal cases to a U.S. airbase outside of Seoul to transfer the remains to the U.S.
South Korean news outlet Yonhap News Agency reported that the cases would be stored in Panmunjom, a border town, for several days before they are sent to North Korea to receive the American remains.




DonB@8:14PM "I wonder how the clinton news network will spin this given their recent narratives??"

I can guess what their opinions are. It's usually best to just go to some pure Green Libertarian writing.


Behold what Team Blue thinks


Bill Tozer

Oh my. CNN disses it’s parent company Time for fakenews, ROFLMAO.


Bill Tozer

Heard about this interview with a Border Patrol agent on CNN and finally got around to view it. Oh my, some producers’ heads are going to roll for this one.


Bill Tozer

Opps from above. Here is the uncut version. Answers many questions. Can’t understand how CNN could ever let this slip by and made it on air. :)


Todd Juvinall

The county really dodged a bullet. Here is what Hillary Hodge writes on her Facebook page. Sent to me by a friend.

"Please understand that if you are living with the possibility that the Trump regime has a silver lining, you are living with privilege. If a part of our community is living with hope for the Trump era, please know this: We are not the immigrants at the border, our children ripped from us. We are not young black men, dying at the hands of police brutality, or their parents, terrified at the possibility. We are not vulnerable young women, losing our healthcare and family planning options,or the victims of rape watching our assailants walk away with 3 months, 6 months or less. We are not poor college graduates, suffering under crushing college debt, wondering how to make ends meet with no-benefit jobs and sky-rocketing rents. We are not LGBTQ people being fired from our jobs, discriminated against in communities or being beaten to death by cleansing gangs. We are not foreign-born citizens, targeted for our accents or the color of our skin. We are not fixed-income seniors who worked our entire lives paying into a social security income only to have it stolen from us in our golden years. We are not the victims of heightened racial tension, nor the victims of the uptick in hate-crimes. For those living with the privilege of distance from the Trump regime, they have the opportunity to have perspective. For those of us directly suffering from the impacts the policies of this administration is having, we do not have the same privilege. Perspective will be too late."

Bill Tozer

World Cup:
Mueller, Comey, Steele. Investigation started over 8 years ago and it is still going on. Oh yeah, it also involves Russia


Bill Tozer

7:20 AM

“We are not LGBTQ people being fired from our jobs, discriminated against in communities or being beaten to death by cleansing gangs.”

My my. Never knew Grass Valley/Nevada City was such a homophobic place to live. Cleansing gangs roaming our streets? Or did she mean grooming gangs like in Merry Ole England? Maybe she meant Oakland or the Castro District.. Or maybe she meant places where the population is predominately Muslin. Like Milo said, the biggest threat to the Gay Community is no longer the Christian Right, but the Islamic Community. He should know. He got fired as well, but not for being gay.


It's good to see that the voters rejected the Progressive.
That is one messed up in the head woman.



"cleansing gangs"? lol. I didn't know that janitors were such mean guys.

You have to admit that the county dodged a bullet on that one. To the extent that I cared, I figured that her skimpy resume was the main problem, but it's pretty obvious that the women is kind of whacked.

To be fair, 'cleansing gangs' aren't entirely unknown (like BillT mentioned). The problem is that when this happens:


and both teams are members of protected groups, what in the heck do you do?





Todd Juvinall

The "progressive" left is on a tear and doing their own "ethnic cleansing" of those that disagree with their extremist policies. Just read a SacBee story on Tom Steyer, the billionaire hedge fund guy. He can't even get the democrat party to support his attempts to impeach Trump. And he is now dissing his own people. We simply have to make sure we counter the loons but they seem to be self-destructing. Hodge is certainly an unhinged whiny lefty.


HH isn't 100% wrong, the country does have a scattering of crazy prejudiced people.



I may have to get one of those hats and go "progressive hunting".


Posted by: '''M''' | 24 June 2018 at 08:34 AM

Good to see the “Man from D. I. A. P. E. R” checking in on this beautiful Sunday morning.



Don your MAGA hat and go to that Sierra Commons Business Ignitor thingie to start up your internet marketing consultancy scam. I don't expect that Trump voters are welcome and hilarity would ensue.


It would be bad enough for Link Hogthrob to listen to Krugabe about economics! To pay any attention to him on other matters......ooooh ....bad call jeffy!

There are entire industries devoted to debunking Krugnutty!


Posted by: scenes | 24 June 2018 at 08:53 AM

You are an evil man scenes......I dig that about you!

Bill Tozer

Ah, HH88 is just joining the fight to not let Trump gain one inch towards being anything in the proximity of being “legitimate.” They said it right after the election, and they are saying it now. Their playbook. We cannot let this President ever ever be considered legitimate. Once that happens, our boat is sunk!, Quick, run to the little Red Hen. Resist everything. Resist curing cancer. Resist! Embrace Fear!

“We are not vulnerable young women, losing our healthcare and family planning options...

Well, abortion on demand is available all over the place. Just pick up the phone and call Planned Parenthood. They have a wealth of information and darn near unlimited resources. They got so much money, they got 600 million dollars for Women’s Health from the government alone. Rolling in the dough. So much money and extra resources they plunked down 150 million on political advocacy for Hillary in the 2016 election cycle, and way more than that across the board. They even manned the phone banks for our Progressive candidates.
“Family planning” has not disappeared. Even free abortions for po folk in CA. Guess Hilary means some SJWs can send 5 bucks for a cup of Starbucks several times a week but can not afford to pay 8-12 bucks a month for the pill.

“We are not foreign-born citizens, targeted for our accents....”. Tell that to the First Lady.

HelpJeff, they are attacking me! I am under assault. I am the victim here.

George Rebane

re ToddJ 720am - The ignorance of HH and her ilk is beyond understanding. They all know how to stare reality in the face, and simply ignore it. None of them asks, 'Then why are they by the millions risking life and limb to fight their way illegally into this country? The perspective that the HHs can't access is how come America is providing sustenance to people like them when they have nothing to give in return for which anyone is willing to pay.

Todd Juvinall

Honestly, I shake my head every time I read a HH screed or her ilk's ramblings about America. Most of us on the right simply ask to be left alone but the left can't stop interfering. When they found they could get 50 percent plus one vote to force us into lawlessness for simply practicing our religion I knew the country was in trouble. I truly think the progressives are mentally ill. I cannot find any common sense in them. If it was not for hardworking regular Americans paying the bills and fixing their cars these snowflakes would perish on their own.

Todd Juvinall

Just realized the Red Hen in Lexington Virginia (kind of ironic name for a Revolutionary battle place) has now exposed the utter hypocrisy of the left's attempts to arrest and fine a cake baker. The bakers anmd the manager of the restaurant say they have the right to not serve someone. For that I agree. But these liberals put the country through hell taking the opposite postion all these years.

Ricky McVeigh

Can we all get along? Can we get along?

George Rebane

RickyM 1012am - Please show us the way Rodney.


Judith Lowry says:

June 23, 2018 at 6:50 pm

Bruce is right. When you are in it, you can’t always tell when the coup is complete. Comparisons to the insidious rise of the Third Reich could not be more instructive.

Nazis......Nazis everywhere......!

Poor Brucie......it's always 1939 for him!


Wanna see what Kamala Harris is going to look like in a few years?


Bill Tozer

“Can we all get along? Can we get along.” Ricky McViegh @ 10:12 in the am.

Well, it’s kinda of hard to get along with the savages on the Left. Sure, we tolerate them because that is who we are on the Right, but we don’t venture into their safe places or stoop down to their level to get along with them.

Here is what I mean by it’s kinda hard to get along with them. Take the last week or so. Now, to illustrate the difficulties we face about getting along with the Leftists, I will replace the names of the current First Lady with the names of the previous First Family.


1) Samatha Bee (upset about President Obama caging immigrant children) says to Maila Ann Obama, “Do something about your dad’s immigration practices, you feckless cunt! He listens to you! Put on something tight and low-cut and tell your father to fuckin’ stop it.” No problem with that, eh? That makes Samatha Bee, a C list actress, a A Lister as she instantly shoots up a couple notches on the totem poll.

2). Peter Fonda, also upset over Obama’s policy of caging of migrant children, tweeted, “rip Sasha Obama from her mother’s arms and put her in a cage with pedophiles.". No problem with that. In fact, the former actor who has been off the radar for decades, just saw his stock jump from obscurity to stardom in 30 seconds.....or less. Our hero!

3). The Raging Bull DeNiro, on national television, grabbed the mic and declared right out of the gate, “First thing’s first: “F*** Obama” he said, fists upraised as the audience gave him a standing ovation. “It’s no longer, ‘Down with Obama, it’s ‘F*** Barrack Obama’”. Man, that brought the house down as the wildly cheering crowd of all the beautiful people felt their spirits soar in one big interconnected group climax.

Ok, lesson time over. I ain’t to sure I know how to get along with that. Been in jail, been to the Penitentiary, been to Skid Row and Tobacco Road, been to the barrios, the ghetto, the penthouse, the outhouse, the most expensive universities, walked on the red carpet, sleep on dirt floors, and made my residence inside the Gates of Hell. Been to the redwoods, the desert, and the jungles with screaming monkeys virberating in my head. And nothing, absolutely nothing in my life has ever prepared me for getting along with those kind of degenerates on the Left.

Can’t we just get along? Sure, if you are willing to sell your soul and walk back inside the Gates of Hell.

Bill Tozer

And do you know what Samatha Bee, Peter (and Jane) Fonda, and Robert Dinero have in common? Privilege, white privilege!


"Can't we all just get along"?? Apparently not.

The Proggys are really looking to start a new civil war, and won't be happy till the shooting starts. They they will cry and whine it's not a fair fight because "the Right has more firepower".

Bill Tozer

Love it when we take a page out of their playbook. The Leftinistas are ill equipped to handle the counter-revolution. Make it go away, just make it go away, whaaaaaaaaa.

The assault on White Liberal Supremacist Privilege has begun.

“The University of Washington settled with the university’s College Republicans Monday, agreeing to pay $122,500 to make the lawsuit go away. The settlement comes after the campus group filed a lawsuit claiming that UW’s speaker policies “unconstitutionally infringed upon the [University of Washington College Republicans’] First Amendment freedom of speech by making it unaffordable and therefore impractical to host events likely to invite violent protests,” Campus Reform reported.


Don Bessee

Then what do you do when the narrative fails?

This, then, raises the question: Where do Democrats and their “Never Trump” conservative hangers-on go next, rhetorically, having spent their shot on the border issue? Anything less than full accusations of Nazism will seem tame by comparison. Now that Trump is “actually Hitler,” any compromise by Democrats will be viewed as kowtowing to fascism. Conversely, sticking with the Nazism line of attack cheapens its effect and, frankly, makes its proponents come off as a little more than unhinged, something perhaps already at play given that a Gallup poll has put Trump at his highest approval rating to date.
Is this perhaps the last, desperate gasp of the president’s critics? Do they double down and ride the Trump-as-Hitler narrative — and themselves — into the ground until November’s midterms and beyond? Undoubtedly, the president is ready to chum the waters with another carefully manufactured outrage to distract the pundit class.
Despite what should have been a slam-dunk for critics of the president, the overwrought rhetoric of Democrats may have handed the modern-day Teflon Don another victory, and harmed their longer-term prospects in the process.




ToddJ: "The bakers anmd the manager of the restaurant say they have the right to not serve someone. "

I believe there's a difference, albeit a subtle one. The bakers refused to make a certain product, somewhat in the way a Halal restaurant wouldn't make you a ham sammich.

The restaurant refused to sell something to a person because of their political beliefs

Of course, gays are protected and white Republican wimmenz aren't, so there is that.

I'm think I'm in favor of being able to refuse service to anyone, at least in the case of private businesses. Of course, you do end up with segregated lunch counters, so it's a mixed bag. Determining the reason for refusing trade is too tricky, so it might as well be all or nothing.

Heck, let's go for it. All the businesses in NC/GV can hang up a red or a blue sign (or both perhaps) showing which party they favor. I think it would be a great experiment and no doubt one that HH would favor given her semi-regular rants. It would be kind of fun and we'd all learn something.

George Rebane

scenes 1253pm - red and blue signs hanging in retail windows? Hmmm, now that may be a very good idea Mr scenes. How would you get the word out?

Don Bessee

@ 1251, 1259- That would certainly improve sales for brick and rock vendors. ;-)

Bill Tozer

Don @ 12:37 pm

Great timing. I was going to start this day with something along the lines you posted, but I digressed. They can call Trump a Nazi until the cows come home. The Maoists calling Trump a Nazi. How deciliously insightful. Skunk smells his own first and all that jazz.

But, this is what I want to hit on. I have waiting patiently for this moment and it arrived. From your link to my heart.

“On Friday, an MSNBC commentator extended the Nazi label to every Trump supporter, declaring: “If you vote for Trump then you, the voter, you, not Donald Trump, are standing at the border, like Nazis, going: ‘You here, you here.’”

Rejoice! Rejoice oh forgotten ones. The time has arrived with gusto.
It has been proven as an undeniable fact that it is an act of political suicide to dis Trump supporters...er...Trump voters, Trumptski maniacs. It gains Trump more support each and every time. It solidifies and grows the base. Slam Trump, but not little ole bitter clingers.
Even My Gal the slush, who depicted half of all TRUMP SUPPORTERS as a basket full of DeplorableS and the other half of TRUMP SUPPORTERS as irredeemableS, quickly said, “Oh, no. I was talking about Trump, not his supporters”, ROFLMAO. She knew, she knew. She may be poticicallt tone deaf, but even My Gal knew she kicked the hornets nest with that one.

To repeat: call Trump anything you please, but once you start in on Trump supporters, time to kiss your Lilly White (ax handle width) ass goodbye.

(Hmm. CNN dropped 20% in viewership since that comment.)

“If you vote for Trump, then you, the voter, you, not Donald Trump, are standing at the border, like Nazis going you here, you here.”

(Hmmm. Did he just call me a Nazi? Ha! I’m a recovering anarchist.)


And they call us stupid and dumb? Ha!, and again I say “Ha”.


Bonus link. Now, who’s the dummies, hmmmm? You are so much smarter than us, masta. Yes masta, you be smarter. Yes masta, you be our betters,




Obviously, the flags themselves are a trivial matter.


Although I'd probably prefer US-sourced red flags.

Perhaps the Chamber of Commerce could run the effort. You would expect a certain amount of politicking in order to convince the various tchotchke and coffee shops to go exclusively Team Blue. The bars might go mostly Team Red but are too smart to turn away anybody with a buck. HH would make a fine Gröfaz in the campaign with a secret control center at the crack KVMR news team's studios for the Blues. We can take applications for Red team leader but I'd expect them to be able to do a few pull-ups and qualify at the range to get the job.

Bill Tozer

12:51, 12:59, and 1:24 pm
Now boys, we must be inclusive. Aren’t we forgetting a couple of our friends? What about the Purple signs and the Green signs? And twhat about the brown sign for the kangaroo and gator jerky folks?

12:53 pm

“...given her semi-regular rants.” Phew, that was close. I thought for a second there you where going to say “monthly rants” or blood shooting out of everywhere. You did good and exercised much self discipline and control. The visual of blood shooting out her eyes will suffice nicely.

Bill Tozer

How about blue and red stages for the street festivities happening on Broad Street or wherever the new town square is going to be. Red stage playing one kind of music, blue stage playing another kind of noise.


George Rebane

All that flag stuff sounds delicious. The solution for the all inclusive and inviting capitalist is to post all the colored signs that apply. Well, maybe making the red sign a wee bit bigger ;-)

But very definitely, this idea should not lay fallow. If it goes in Nevada County, it will go viral across the country.

Don Bessee

You would think that facebook and twitter would have already done this and you would be wrong -

The Times reports that Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan earlier this month sent a letter to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey warning the company could face prosecution if it does not block accounts belonging to Hezbollah and other terror groups.
Israel's Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked has also threatened legal action against Twitter over the social media giant’s handling of posts by terror operatives, the Times reports.



Todd Juvinall

From a friend on FB. I tried the number and it is toast as the GOP and conservatives have overwhelmed the place and it makes me very happy.

"Oh, my gosh. What is this? Pretty scary, but makes conservatives look oh so beautiful! The Red Hen restaurant – Lexington, VA (540-464-4401).

Reminds me of Robert DeNiro getting a standing ovation a few weeks ago at the Tony Awards ceremony by saying, "F Trump." The hard Left is becoming emboldened to display their insanity."


The news you didn't hear about Red Hen. You saw it here first.
Paying attention Boardman?
"The Red Hen was closed to the public Saturday evening, after Wilkinson received three death threats, according to friend and nearby shopkeeper Siobhan Deeds. Deeds said she’d also received three calls marked “unknown private caller,” including one from Oklahoma, asking her to support shutting down the Red Hen."

"A visitor from Alleghany County who had dined at the Red Hen in the past for special occasions, said that, though an “ardent anti-Trump person,” he still did not support Wilkinson’s action. “As a business owner it’s your business to serve everyone no matter their politics or sexual orientation,” he said."

Don Bessee

In vino veritas -

The Senate Intelligence Committee’s vice chairman couldn’t resist mentioning the Russia probe.
“If you get me one more glass of wine, I’ll tell you stuff only Bob Mueller and I know,” Warner joked to party-goers. “If you think you’ve seen wild stuff so far, buckle up. It’s going to be a wild couple of months.”
Warner found himself in hot water in February after it was revealed the 2020 hopeful was in contact with Adam Waldman, a lobbyist for a shadowy Russian oligarch.
Text message exchanges show Waldman offered to connect Warner with Christopher Steele, the former British intelligence agent behind the dubious anti-Trump dosser.
“We have so much to discuss u need to be careful but we can help our country,” Warner told Waldman in Mark of 2017.
“I’m in,” the lobbyist replied.




From the Gazette,,
It may not bode well for the soon to be renamed "Cooked our own goose".
And who was saying put up signs? Someone beat you to it.
" Main Street Lexington
24.06.2018, 08:40
The red hen should put up a sign in the window that says “we don’t serve republicans here” that way we don’t waste time going into that chithole. "
"Main Street Lexington
24.06.2018, 08:59
Can we get a list of all businesses that support the Red Hen's decision so that republicans know where they can and cannot shop while visiting? I think a sign in the window "Democrats Only" will also help."

There are more unfavorable comments than favorable.
I see the Hen, dying a slow,, miserable,, death. And all self inflicted.


GR@3:26PM Just think of all the trouble that this flag system would have saved the Red Hen restaurant. Sarah Sanders would have just seen the thing and driven on to Chick-fil-A.

No harm, no foul.

You can make the argument that the flags are extended to the HR departments of companies. In California at least, you can have a *strong* political culture in a company coming from the top down. This is especially bad in sole proprietorships since practically everything happens at the whim of the guy in the middle. Google could stand to have a blue banner as big as a house out front.

In any case, downtown retail would be a good place to start.


Oh well, one man's terrorism is another man's freedom fighter. Twitter, youtube, and the like don't hesitate to shut down accounts that they disagree with, although they rarely seem to be real-deal terrorists. You'd have to have more energy than I do to keep Arab and Persian politics straight, although I expect they'll just move to another website. Assuming for a moment that twitter etc. are actually impartial (a huge stretch), it seems like a lot to ask to get them to censor subject to 100+ countries laws and the millions of opinions that everyone brings to the table. I don't doubt that they're all working on esthetic AI's that do the work in the background, but that's a non-trivial job to be sure.

Free speech on the margins is a tricky matter. I suppose the British will deal with it by making most videos illegal to watch and by forcing everyone to turn in sharp items.

Don Bessee

Reality check for all the lefty globalist chicken littles -

Washington has sent a clear and loud message to China in recent months: you can no longer take the American market for granted. You must develop your own market, so as to balance the trade books.
That’s why Washington has announced a host of tariffs on products imported from China.
This message isn’t new. It echoes a similar message America sent to Japan back on September 22, 1985, at the Plaza Accord.

That’s when the Japanese economy was growing by leaps and bounds by running a big trading surplus with the US.
We know what happened in the aftermath of the Plaza Accord. The Japanese economy went on a rollercoaster ride before descending into a prolonged stagnation that has lasted to this day.

Once a serious contender for world leadership, Japan is now counting lost decades.
Will China follow the same fate?



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