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17 June 2018


Todd Juvinall

The Red Hen is doubling down. Now it won't shut up. A hero to CNN and MSNBC etal. But they probably will go BK as they are bigots. What's next? They won't serve blacks and midgets?

Bill Tozer

Got an e-mail wondering if I was safe. Yes, I am safe. Fish, you safe? Think we are all safe. Pawnee Trail Fire now at 3,000, winds have picked up. Man, that Lake County sure gets slammed. Happens with every fire. Out of state news makes it sounds like the whole state of California is on fire.....


Don Bessee

Any wagers gentlemen?



Bill Tozer

Any wagers gentlemen.

Oh my. Janus and the Muslim Country travel ban will make them go bonkers....if the rulings are headed the way some here feel is the lawful way to go. :)

Think you have seen enough of Adolph Hilter/Nazi comparisons lately? You ain’t seen nothing yet. HH already called the travel ban unconstitutional way back in Jan, 2017...or about that time. It was a dark time for our Prossive friends sobbing from within the shadows.

Oh boy, I don’t think their little heats and feeble minds can handle much more of this. I see a mass hysteria coming, followed by a mass collapse. They will be exhausted before the 4th of July at this rate. Like, after blue last week, how many colors can their faces turn into next? They just have to be running out of colors sooner or later. There can only be so many colors. They are running out of options.

Bring forth up you crayons, boys and girls. Time to color in your respective areas and remember to stay in the lines.


That didn’t take long

Robert Cross

Todd 4:27 -- How is the Red Hen different than the SCOTUS decision upholding a bakers right to refuse service? Many businesses have signs about their right to refuse service. What makes Red Hen bigots? Is the baker who won't bake a wedding cake for a gay couple also then a bigot?

Todd Juvinall

If you take the time to read the SCOTUS you might learn something. The baker's religious beliefs were the issue. In the Red Hen they don't like someone for a political reason. Some might say fine. And actually, I am all good with it. But the consequences might not be pretty. Thinking a bit more. Hey, I am totally fine with it. A business can kick out someone for any reason as it is their business! Thanks BoobieC, I am born again!

Bill Tozer

The butcher, the baker and candlestick maker.



So. If our local Lefty chow hound gets the same treatment anywhere in the county, he won't bitch from the highest of the trees? and claim his rights were violated?


RobertCross: "How is the Red Hen different than the SCOTUS decision upholding a bakers right to refuse service?"

I can think of a few things.

The gay people sued in the various cases, Sanders just walked away.
You can make a strong argument that Republican women are not a protected class while gays are.
The difference was the item, not the people. Like I said earlier, it's like ordering a ham sandwich at an Islamic deli (I assume there are such things).
The Oregon bakery was ordered to pay $135k in 'damages'. Dunno about Colorado.

I think I'm starting to conflate the different lawsuits, it's all so confusing. I doubt that much of anyone here thinks that you should have to sell to anyone who comes in the door.

My guess is that gay couples are hunting for Christian bakeries/florists/photographers even as we speak. It's like those lawyers-in-wheelchairs who prey on restaurants, etc for ADA lawsuits. Profit!!

Seriously. Get all the retail stores in the area to put up signs showing whether they serve Republicans or not. I'll be happy to honor their wishes since they shouldn't have to sell anything to evil people. Go for it. Please, go for it.

Bill Tozer

On the economic front, nobody has died yet from the tax reform bill. Hasn’t killed us all, no Armageddon on the horizon...yet. Bummer, man.

Think Trump is right on with this one. There is more than just one way to get America back firing on all cylinders, no? Yes or no, yes or no? Why, why, why?


Meanwhile, back at Dem Headquarters.




While I'm thinking about it, one more thing on the bakery cake Supreme Court case. I don't think that the decision really covered very much, there's less here than meets the eye.

Account Deleted

Not sure whether to post this here or under 'declining IQ'.
You mean we have to pay the borrowed money back?
Isn't that like some kind of hate crime, man?
You can print money ahead of the growth of the economy for a while and then you can stop or just keep printing. Ask Germany circa 1921 or Venezuela right now.
You lefties can take all of your theories and wad them up and go shopping with them at a store and tell me how far they got you.

Account Deleted

Bobby the Idiot -"Todd 4:27 -- How is the Red Hen different than the SCOTUS decision upholding a bakers right to refuse service? Many businesses have signs about their right to refuse service. What makes Red Hen bigots? Is the baker who won't bake a wedding cake for a gay couple also then a bigot?"
She just walked out and went to another restaurant. No law suit - no butt hurt.
Thanks for letting us know once again how ignorant the left is, Bobby.

Account Deleted

And how is this different than the Starbucks manager kicking out non-paying moochers? Bobby Cross has no answer. As usual.

Bill Tozer

Yelp reviews for Little Red Hen. Mixed bag, but some folks just can’t take a joke. Why can’t we all just get along?

“Had the Cobb salad, found a roach at the bottom of the bowl.... almost lost my food on the spot. Told management and they asked if I wanted a free desert?!?!?! WTF, no I don't want a free chocolate covered rat tail... “

The nerve of these people....

I do not recommend this place...
This place is a complete, raging dump.

I was out here visiting some friends and we all wanted to grab a bite to eat, so we checked out the red hen. I ordered chicken and the shrimp puffs. I'll be honest that I can't remember ever eating chicken that tasted gamey. The shrimp puffs tasted like they came right out of a can from the dollar store, so much so that I began to become worried about contracting botulism. With that I powered through my meal and became immediately sick to my stomach and ran to the men's room where I came upon two other men who were puking their guts out.

When I finally came out of the men's room I told the waitress that the food likely made me sick in which she replied, "it happens. Are you done because we have other patrons who need to be seated? "

The food made me hurl, the service was horrendous and the servers were just about as nasty as could be. Other than that, the place is terrific.
Disgusting. Would never return. The food was atrocious and the servers weren't too friendly either. Maybe I just came in on the wrong night (now I know there was a Trump person turned away at the door) but the staff was VERY RUDE! The bartender that looked like Ned Beatty was especially annoyed by me asking him if he could "squeal like a pig."

There were some friendly southern folk in the corner talking about a Civil War battle that happened nearby, and how the Confederacy was still alive in this part of Virginia. I told them the war had been over for nearly 150 years, but this just made them grimace. They were young though and probably went to one of the nearby colleges which I think doesn't teach American history anymore. Apparently they were headed to a bonfire or party after dinner, maybe a toga party judging by the white sheets they had in their man purses.

I was in town visiting my in-law's grandparents, Pat and Bobbi. I never really knew who was which. They didn't speak much but they seemed to enjoy babbling while eating whatever it was they ate.

To be honest I could barely look at my dinner. I think it was chicken but I'm still not sure. It looked a little over-cooked and smelled like feet.

Pat and Bobbi will most likely give the Red Hen 5 big stars since they're used to eating old folks home food put through strainers. I know Pat (Bobbi?) wanted to save the leftovers (something about it looked like Hormel chili, Pat(?) LOVES chili) and I think I overheard that they like to dump chili on each other's chest for pleasure (ew). Seems their people have been performing this ritual for centuries. They're from Cincinnati.

But seriously ... wtf did they serve me (see pics).

NEW addition to this review! Tonight we went to the Subway down on Nelson St. near the Kroger. Much better! I'll take a $5 footlong over anything from the Red Hen!


Bill Tozer

Don’t think channeling Leonard Cohen is going to smooth their savage beast. This feels different. This feels dangerous. This feels ugly.

“And it is hate for victors, hate for the successful, hate for Donald Trump. They don’t have any outlet for it! You know, assuaging their anger on Twitter is not making ’em happy. It’s not solving anything. I think largely the left is incapable of contentment or happiness anyway no matter what’s going on. But they are staring smack-dab in a mirror, and what they’re seeing is failure and ineffectiveness. It’s driving ’em batty.

They’re causing children to die of starvation. They’re freezing in 70-degree weather because there are no blankets and all they’re being given is apples and water.” Wait a minute. I thought eating fruit every day was one of the healthiest things you could do. Hillary Clinton’s loss is the root, the foundation for all of this — and by the way, this sentiment that you’re seeing now expressed in hysterical, rabid rage has been there long before Trump.

This is who the American left is. They have been trending in this direction for the entire time I’ve been hosting this particular program. Yeah, it happened before, but now it is full-blown, five-alarm, 9.8 Richter scale, DEFCON 5 rage. I really mean I think somebody’s gonna get seriously hurt here before this is all over. Peter Fonda — who fits the bill of obscure, forgotten, incompetent, never amounted to much anyway, desperate to be known, desperate to be influential — has started tweeting in all caps.

The best and brightest at the FBI, the best and brightest at the Department of Justice, the best and brightest at the CIA, the best and brightest of the Obama administration joined forces to get rid of Donald Trump in the first six months of his presidency — and they have bombed out. They have failed miserably. And, furthermore, they have been unable to separate Trump’s supporters from Trump. That irritates them as much as all the rest.



A thing you can expect to see quoted for a while are pieces from the Unabomber. Strangely enough, for a crazy postal bombing Luddite dude, he has some interesting things to say about the Left.


The real-deal is a *lot* longer, pounded out on a manual typewriter in the woods (dunno how he was planning on making typewriters in a pre-industrial environment), but you get the gist here.


BillT@11:24PM "This feels different. This feels dangerous. This feels ugly."

Well, it appears that they've driven Scott Adams to vote.


You can see how dangerous it's going to be when the Democrats get 50% plus one. At a national level, the Trump administration resulted in some tax law changes, no motion in healthcare aside from dropping the requirement to buy insurance, an attempt to actually enforce immigration law by cranking up Obama-era programs, backing off of some trade and environmental treaties, Korea, zero on guns one way or the other. Nothing earth shattering. No death camps. No pogroms. No new wars.

The result? Absolutely gigantic overreaction and craziness from the Left. Everyone not on the Left (which seems to be mostly associated with elevating LGBTLMNOP behaviors and completely open borders, especially with Mexico...nothing to do with economics anymore) is a Nazi and deserves punching. Note to the local real Libertarians, the US Left will think of you as Trumpites regardless of handwaving about Gary Johnson.

If national government flips in any significant way, which is always possible in a largely 50:50 environment, watch out. The revenge for the imagined slights is going to be something to behold. We're riding a tiger right now.

One fairly likely side effect of this will be for the Right (maybe we should just call it Western Civilization) to amp up to the same extent. In order to survive, a large group of people will become the thing they are being accused of. The logic of strategy doesn't care about anyone's feelings.

Bill Tozer

I find Maxie Waters comments disturbing on so many levels. Sure, we can say it is just Aunt Maxie whipping up the crowd and being Maxine. But, it’s more. Much more. The anti-bullying crowd are the #1 bullies in the USA.
It’s not chasing just down politicians and harassing them and their kids and letting them know in no uncertain terms they are not welcome here, there, or anywhere. Nor is it just their kids, their staff, their loved ones and associates. It’s becoming anyone who is perceived to support the President that has a target on their backs. It’s open season, all rationalized away by the radical left, excusing their anti-social behavior.

Think about it. College Republicans are being hunted down, harassed, spit on, confronted while walking across the quad to class, having their personal information hacked, personal property vandalized. and daily followed and yelled at. This is happening on campuses that have had no controversial speakers invited to attend. Obelin College is just one among many who tried to get their hands of local election results to find out who among them voted for Trump. Hunt them down.

Old men sitting in their lawn chairs with Trump signs in the front yard in 2016 were pulled from their front porches and beaten in 2016 from across the Midwest, Rust Belt, and into Pennsylvania, as well as Florida and Virginia. The tapes of Dem henchmen planning vile harassment/bullying/intimidation of and paying for thugs picked up off the streets to engage in violence against people waiting in line to enter a Trump rally were released uncut to little media attention.

The unreported story is Congresspersons (R) receiving countless threats to their children and staff and other unfortunates who happen to have the same name as friends any family of said Congressmen or their children...the untold story is why so many are not running again because of these illegal violent threats. Ain’t worth it to many. To be candid, I can’t blame them especially those with school age children and co I guess home to crying, fearful spouses.

Having folks chased out of restaurants, public places, movie theaters, coffee shops and crossing shops (or at a minimum refused service and confronted with profanity) for daring to wear a MAGA hat in public is becoming more commonplace.

Groups of Trump hating bullies with the mob mentality are out gunning for bear. Track them down, search them out the and drive them away. Let the Trump supporters know they are not welcome here, there, anywhere. They are to receive no rest, no place to hide. The bullies are running amok, justifying their intolerance and their own Nazi youth tactics with a blindness of to their to their own uncivilly, censorship, and violation of civil rights, including the right to association and free speech to not even scratch the surface.

It is a truism that whatever the Left is accusing others of doing, they are the ones orchestrating and doing themselves. They accuse others, whipped up by MSM, of exactly what themselves are doing.

It’s getting more violent out there.


Todd Juvinall

The babe in Virginia who booted Sanders followed her and her family across the street to the other restaurant and kept up the screaming. These people are nuts!

Don Bessee

Here is one for the po' ol' pollhead -



Bill Tozer

Don, I saw that. Have not seen support for a Wall, whether fully completed or not, whether it’s a new fence or just in certain areas at a minimum....just something, any thing...I have never seen the support for the wall concept this high in the polls in memory.
Thus, the truism.: Everything the Progressives attempt to do, it blows up in their faces. They are their worse own enemies. They achieve only the opposite of what they seek to accomplish. Amazing. Drive a wedge between Trump and his base? Nah, they solidify and increase the base and support.

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