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25 June 2018


Don Bessee

Maxine can bellow all day but this is the stuff that is giving the DNC nightmares -



Bill Tozer

Continued from closed Sanbox:
Todd @ 9:47 am

We both agree that the owner of the Little Red Hen is free to follow her conscious and refuse Sarah Sanders service. Repulicans can take their business elsewhere, no biggie. Nothing to do with race, creed, or ethnicity. I am ok with that.

It has everything to do with religion. Although the Left would be aghast to say it’s about religion, their Progressive ideas are a strick religion to them. It’s their God. It’s what they worship. So, when the Red Hen lady said she cannot in good conscious serve the current press secretary or member of the Administration, it makes sense from a religious point of view.

But, here is the big difference. After stating her views, the restaurant owner followed the Sanders dinner party across the street and tried to impose her views on the restaurant across the street. Not only was Sarah and family told to leave her restaurant, the lady wanted others to feel, do, say, and act they way she did. She demanded it. “Those people”. are not welcome in her community. Not “those people”. Not on her streets. She demanded the place across the street to do as she did, make the same decision as the Red Hen lady did. Unlike the cake baker, she did not try to find another place to accomadate her customer’s needs.

Thus, the bigger picture. Our nation was founded on the radical idea that each individual is a self governing entity, within the latitude of reason, of course. Not talking about criminal activity, obviously. As individuals, we would exercise our freedoms and follow our dreams and live our lives as we see fit with a minimal of outside intrusion and without coercion.. .be it association, speech, religion, right to peacefully assemble, right to secure in our own persons and homes, etc. The ole “free to disagree.”

The religion of the Leftists are not that way . It is rooted in coercion, stifling of dissent, and the antithesis to the self governing individual. The Don’t Thread on Me flag is decried as racist, offensive, or whatever label they hurl at it as an unacceptable emblem of an unacceptable ideal. It must be torn down, burned, and stricken from public display and even private display is found.

The proprietor of the Little Red Hen was following her beliefs and conscious by asking Sarah Hucklebee and her family/friends/associates to leave her establishment. That is her religion’s beliefs. Not really a problem with me or you.
But, but, but.... But, when Ms. Hucklebee honored the Red Hen’s request and vacated the premises, the lady then showed WHAT her religion is all about. She chased the departing party down and imposed her beliefs on the establishment across the street. That is totalitarianism. That is Maoist. That is tyranny. Her religion is stricter and more intolerant than any cult.
That is their religion. That is their tenets, , be they good, bad, or indifferent for all the world to see. They worship at the alter of shoving their will down the throats of others and they feel there are no other ways or ideas or beliefs worth mentioning or considering. To them, there is no other beliefs They are groupies of a dangerous sect and hold dear to the belief they alone should be the only ones to hold the keys to the kingdom. Burn the heretics at the stake...and their books with them.

Todd Juvinall

I think the loons of the left have opened up a can of worms they closed many years ago. They have now allowed a business to boot people for any reason. Regardless of race, religion etc. They are the now "Old South" democrats that started the Civil War. They are racists and bigots.

So that is the new normal according to the democrats. A business can actually say"no shoes, no service"!

Todd Juvinall

It looks to me like we are not just the destination for people seeking a better life at te border. I call it an orchestrated INVAsION. This might leave Trump with the ability to declare "Marshall Law" to stop this invasion. What do you think?

Don Bessee

One tough lady -



Don Bessee

Now you know you have gone too far when botox Nancy says too much -



Don Bessee

Anything is possible in the age of Trump -

Iranian civilian protestors, in a surprising turn of events in the country, are taking to the streets to express opposition to the hardline ruling regime by chanting, "Death to Palestine" and "Leave Syria, think of us," according to an independent translation of videos showing the



Don Bessee

A little bit of desert to go with your lunch -

Economist Peter Morici thinks Democrats are lucky that tax filing day doesn't come before November's midterm elections.
Morici appeared on "Fox & Friends First" on Monday to react to U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin's announcement that new, postcard-sized tax forms will be released this week.
As they worked on tax reform, Republicans had promised to make the filing process clearer and simpler for Americans, so much so that the 1040 form, the basic tax-filing document, would be the size of a postcard.
“Next week we will be unveiling the new 1040, and it will be a postcard as we promised,” Mnuchin said last Wednesday during a press conference celebrating the six-month anniversary of the passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. “Hardworking taxpayers won’t have to spend nearly as much time filling out their taxes.”
Morici said many taxpayers will find filling out the postcard form much easier, because they can simply take the new larger standard deduction instead of itemizing their deductions.




Sounds like Americas spoiled children are spoiling for a fight!

"The U.S. had thousands of domestic bombings per year in the early 1970s. This is what happens when citizens decide en masse that their political system is corrupt, racist, and unresponsive. The people out of power have only just begun to flex their dissatisfaction. The day will come, sooner that you all think, when Trump administration officials will look back fondly on the time when all they had to worry about was getting hollered at at a Mexican restaurant."



From the same comment thread

"It is worth remembering that Herbert Marcuse, part of the Frankfurt School, wrote “One Dimensional Man,” in which he coined the term “repressive tolerance.” That idea was embraced by the New Left of the 1960s and is the foundation of the “political correctness.”

The idea is that Left is good, and Right is bad, and anything or anyone who tolerates the expression of views from the Right is engaged in repression. Whereas anything said on the Left is acceptable and tolerated. It is the progressive idea. History can and must progress, and there is just one direction for progress, and anyone who tries to divert it or slow it down is an enemy of the people and must be treated as such.

Marcuse was a Marxist who was allowed to enter the US as a refugee from the Third Reich. A lot of good it did us. He got a comfortable well-paid tenured teaching post at a state owned university (US San Diego), along with lovely weather. He sponged off the taxpayer, and then took the native voters and taxpayers that he would enjoy taking away their Constitution. Don’t we just love immigration?

Let’s just say he wasn’t any different from the Nazis that he fled. Had he suffered repression at the hands of the Nazis who didn’t value freedom of speech, it would have been ironic and poetic justice.

As you can see from the Times editorial, Marcuse’s “ideas” are still popular among the thuggish class.

If we were to take away freedom of speech from people who say stupid things, what would be left of the academic world?"

Bill Tozer

Todd @ 11:20

Only a declaration of a emergency as such would work. Marshall law could be an option if deemed necessary. Right now we have the Treaty of Guadeloupe that bars assembling the US military at the border. National guard troops are for domestic civil unrest, restoring order, and “law enforcement actions”, not military.

I hear some well meaning, but foolish ideas, about sending troops down to Mexico’s southern border to nip the problem in the bud. Do we really want our troops sent down to Mexico’s southern border? Think of the implications, the international violations of Mexico’s soveignty (and other nation’s soveignty) and other issues. No, it is up to us to secure our borders at our borders.

Marshall law? Perhaps a Homeland Security declaration, state of emergency. It’s an option, albeit not on the table right now. If nothing else, a Wall would funnel most illegals to points of entry or choke points instead of having a wide open/ porous 4,000 mile area to send massive amounts of manpower and limited resources to. Sure, those bound and determined with the initiative to sneak in illegally will find a way. Slowing down the unabated flow is our first immediate priority. Stopping it will take awhile. First thing you do when out in the woods and mauled by a bear is to stop the bleeding. Then you work on on the next steps to close the wound. We have an open gash that needs to be addressed before bleeding out.


"Marshall law"......?

Oh Bill.....

Martial Law!

Todd Juvinall

Martial Law is not what I would like to see but in my view if we are invaded or are being invaded the border would b the place.

Bill Tozer

Todd. Agreed. That is where the action is, when the shoot out at the OK Corral is sizing up to be. One of those things that look unpalatable at first glance, but you eat it cause you are hungry and have no other options. Like medicine. It’s for your own good and you take it cause the illness ain’t going away by itself.

And yes, for the purists, 60% of the illegals....er....WOPs (without papers) cross the border by land. The other 40% overstay their visas, to simplify things.
Marital law governs divorce, right? Martial law, marital law, tomato, potato. It’s kind of like a divorce...close enough. War of the Roses.

Yo illegals: We just ain’t that into you right now. We need a separation to find ourselves. It’s not you, it’s me. :). It’s a maritial law thing. Talk to my lawyers.


Clearly your pony tailed chickenshit can’t bring himself to say what his fellow democrats need to have happen in order to keep the circus going and the monkeys happy!!

Kunstler however can!

”The truth, I believe, is that the party wants to bring as many Mexicans and Central Americans as possible across the border, by any means necessary, to fortify its future voter base. And so they are acting to insure that it happens.”


Bill Tozer

We have the freedom of speech and expression. That I do not oppose. But, that freedom of speech and expression does Imply freedom from pushback.



Clearly......Than Franthithco Valuths are superior to your pathetic middle American mores!

Has Dolores Park ever been so crowded? Piles of trash left behind over weekend

Actually the term used was “an ocean of trash”......


Don Bessee

What kind of working girl?

It now appears that Watkins, who has covered national security for McClatchy, HuffPost, BuzzFeed, Politico and The New York Times had intimate involvement with at least two potential sources. The Times even noted that Watkins once told friends she “wanted off the beat,” but “her editors were eager for scoops.”
“Times officials are currently examining her work history and what influence the relationship may have had on her reporting,” according to the report.
"Last fall, after Ms. Watkins and Mr. Wolfe had broken up and while she was still reporting on the intelligence committee for Politico, she briefly dated another staff member at the committee, friends said. That relationship, which has not been previously reported, ended when the two decided not to pursue something more serious," the Times wrote.



George Boardman

Trade wars are easy to win, sez the prez. Tell that to the Harley-Davidson employees whose jobs are being shipped overseas because of foreign tariffs imposed to counter Trump's tariffs.

At the rate the trade war is escalating, I expect American companies that do a lot of business overseas to start announcing layoffs around mid-October, just in time for the mid-terms.

Don Bessee

Testing out new spin ahead of 2020?



Bill Tozer

New day, just like the other day


Somethings remain the same

Somethings never change.

Don Bessee

Now hypocrisy is a mandatory practice for the left -

Remember when Madeleine Albright went so far as to say that there is a “special place in hell for women who don’t support other women?” Does she really believe that? If so, why hasn’t she come to the defense of these women?
Whether it’s disparagement of Hillary Clinton’s clothes or Kellyanne’s svelte figure, clearly there is a problem.
So I am asking you, Madeline Albright and Gloria Steinem, to say something now. Your lofty words about equality and respect mean nothing if they don’t apply to all women. Did you mean it, or are you complete, hypocritical phonies? This is the moment for you to put up or shut up. You can either rise to the occasion, or we will know for sure that – as we have long suspected – you value leftist ideology above all, even women.



Don Bessee

You tell em' brother!



Don Bessee

Not everyone sees the world thru Board Georgmans tinted glasses -




Hi Boardman, It's time to wizz in your oatmeal. Put another WIN in the Trump basket.
"British industrialist Sanjeev Gupta’s GFG Industrials on Monday reopened a shuttered South Carolina steel plant in a move that will allow his U.K.-based firm to circumvent the Trump administration’s 25% tariffs on steel imports."

"Liberty Steel said the facility would employ about 125 workers at launch and more than 300 workers in the “medium term,” according to a press release. GFG Alliance has vowed to invest more than $5 billion in the U.S. within the next few years."

Those are real jobs, and real money.


A nice little story.


Bill Tozer

This morning I listened to Devin Nunes call in a radio station. He (the committee) was giving the FBI until 5 o’clock today to fork over the documents they are seeking. Nunes said he don’t care if you call them informants or whatever, but most normal people call them spies. All he wants to know how many informants were involved to spy on the Trump Campaign and how much were they paid. Simple enough, no names necessary. My guess is the FBI-DOJ will slow walk, stall, and give up what little they can. Oh yeah, Nunes wants to know who is in charge, first and foremost.

So, who is in charge??? Wray or Rosenstein? Me thinks that the government does not want the committee to know when they started the Russian investigation into Trump. Period. They said it started in July, 2016. Me thinks it started in the Spring of 2016, after Brennan flew to Moscow, but did not check in the the Russian foreign service department. Anyway, not much news and the deadline has passed, EST.

“What we’re asking for is, we want to know who’s in charge — Wray or Rosenstein, or neither?” Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) said Monday.

Number two, we want to know if they ran informants — either one or more, and how much they were paid," he said. "It's something we've been asking for months. And they refuse to answer the question. It's very simple."
“I have tried to stay uninvolved with the Department of Justice and FBI (although I do not legally have to), because of the now totally discredited and very expensive Witch Hunt currently going on,” Trump tweeted Monday morning.

“But you do have to ask why the DOJ & FBI aren’t giving over requested documents?”

Don Bessee

Curses foiled again -

We haven’t heard much about that scheme of late, for good reason. Last month, the Internal Revenue Service issued a warning that “federal law controls the characterization of the payments for federal income tax purposes regardless of the characterization of the payments under state law.”

Implicitly, in other words, were California or any other state to attempt the charitable contribution ploy, taxpayers who used it would be in danger not only of having their deductions denied, but of being slapped with penalties for trying it.
Call it a political checkmate.



Account Deleted

Boardman at 2:38 - You sir, have wandered into an area you know very little of. This might possibly be par for the course, but in this instance, I would ask you to inform yourself first of the facts before you blow your small, insipid little horn. Harley Davidson's long range plans were set out years ago - long before The Donald even announced his run for the presidency. The Motor Co has been in situation before and this time, it's even worse. The companies main business is to sell impractical over-priced toys to an ever shrinking crowd of boys. They do have a pile of money and some pretty good engineers. They also have a good business acumen and a bunch of smart guys that do actual research of market trends, global marketing research and the like. I would suggest your harrumphs are largely due to American labor union squeelings at the thought that HD would act in it's own self interest in allocating its manufacturing and sales locations according to logic and facts.

Don Bessee

Breaking News - Comey personally killed an immunity deal for Julian Assange on the madam liar, liar, pantsuits on fire's emails was just reported on FOX right after the rally. ;-)

Don Bessee

Lets try and educate our resident Union editorialist on more of the big picture -



Engineers and machine operators are in some of the biggest talent shortage categories. Tamping down the wage undercutting by illegals on the bottom rungs and booming high wage job generation in industrial production benefits everyone.



Things are getting good!
"Mad" Max finally may get what's been WAY overdue.


It's fun to see CNN get slapped around.

This was the best part.
Acosta then explained his side of the confrontation with an elderly female Trump supporter:

While we have had people come up to us and be nice this evening, I had an elderly woman just a short while's come up to me — we have some video we can show you — where she came up to me and said that we at CNN should get the F out of this auditorium at this high school in West Columbia. She then turned to the crowd and then whipped them up into a frenzy, calling on us to leave before President Trump arrives, Wolf.

Got told off by a feisty granny!
Acosta might contemplate suicide in the near future.

Don Bessee

WTF. You mean it was not going to be live? That's a DVR event for sure!



Bill Tozer

Oh Slappy. Maxie, you are one funny gal.

Earlier this month, the most fervent advocate of impeachment for Donald Trump was charged by The House ethics committee for several ethics and rules violations. Waters was named the most corrupt member of Congress in 2005, 2006, 2009, 2011, and now in 2017 by the group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington. This time, Waters is accused of helping a bank in which her husband owned stock in secure federal bailout funds.


Oh Slappy Maxie. The taxpayers are still waiting for your kin to make good on the 12 million loan, but to date have not seen a penny of it paid back. Is it racism, Slappy Maxie, is it? Is that why they persecuted you? Was it because you be a black woman? Was it The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, again?

“During the height of the 2008 fiscal crisis, Waters helped arrange a meeting between the Treasury Department and top executives of a bank where her husband was a shareholder. Using her post on the House Financial Committee as leverage, she called Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson personally, asking him to meet with minority-owned banks.

When Treasury followed through, there was only one financial institution present: OneUnited. Had that bank gone under, the New York Times reported, Waters' husband would've lost as much as $350,000. Luckily for the Waters family, OneUnited received a cool $12 million in bailout funds.

After three years of special investigation, the ethics committee eventually ruled that Waters didn't technically break any rules. But that ruling came after unearthing her more than questionable family business practices, like making her grandson, Mikael Moore, her chief of staff.”


Slappy Maxie is one funny gal

Bill Tozer

Newt, short and sweet


The Left is awe inspiring


Bonnie McGuire

What's been going on is sad and pathetic, but the same o regarding human nature and those who don't pay attention being manipulated by wannabe dictators wallowing in power and money provided by those they tax. And most of those taxed are too busy working to pay their taxes. The latest hellabaloo dividing America is over the poor illegalimmigrant children being separated from their parents who created the problem. No decent mother, or father who really cared about their family wouldn't make the trip unless someone was paying them to do it for some kind of profit. Really bad stuff if you look at the horrible map showing the trek. As a mother I wouldn't subject my family to this.http://res.dallasnews.com/interactives/migrantroute/

George Boardman

Obermuller, save your tutorial for the big brain the White House:

Bonnie McGuire

Bill T...11:14am
Bless your heart for telling it exactly as it is. I think it was Ben Franklin who commented the way we think is our religion. Hahaha in a way it's funny how contradictive and untrustworthy human nature can be.



"Pennsylvania's largest labor group threw its weight behind a moderate Republican congressman one year after its president warned that union officials may have grown too complacent with the Democratic Party."

Don Bessee

Bonnie @ 748 - We citizens are paying the illegals to have better benefits than a kid from del paso heights ever gets during imegre adjudication. Then there are the 'nonprofit' leftist legal leaches who get paid to gum up the system. O created an army of non-profits that earn big bucks as individual cogs to manage it all. Care to guess who they all donate and volunteer for?

Citizens first is how the world works in central and south America. Perhaps Comrade Bernie could take his crew to Venezuela and become citizens there (no government check from here) and make Hugo Chavez land into the paradise no one else has been able to. Show us the way! Lots of resources, lots of empty houses.


Bonnie McGuire

Getting more and more obvious Don.


Exciting times.



Now known as the 'C' word and the 'P' word.


Bill Tozer

8:34 pm
Comrade Bernie and citizens first? . Hey, my gals Hillary and Debbie Wassername-Sargent Shultz already gave Bernie a lesson in socialism. They took the delegates from Bernie and gave them to My Gal Hill. Sweet. How cool is that?

Venezuela, 10 montha ago.

“GENEVA (30 August 2017) – Extensive human rights violations and abuses have been committed in the context of anti-Government protests in Venezuela and point to “the existence of a policy to repress political dissent and instil fear in the population to curb demonstrations,” a report* by the UN Human Rights Office has found.

“The generalized and systematic use of excessive force during demonstrations and the arbitrary detention of protestors and perceived political opponents indicate that these were not the illegal or rogue acts of isolated officials,” the report says.
The report calls on the UN Human Rights Council to consider taking measures to prevent the human rights situation in Venezuela, currently a Council member, from worsening.

Analysis by the UN Human Rights Office indicates that of the 124 deaths linked to the protests being investigated by the Attorney General’s Office as of 31 July, the security forces were reportedly responsible for 46 and pro-Government armed groups, known as armed colectivos, for 27. Responsibility for the remaining 51 deaths has not yet been determined.

During the period covered by the report, 1 April to 31 July, the Attorney-General’s Office opened investigations into at least 1,958 cases of reported injuries in the context of demonstrations. The report’s analysis of injuries shows the use of force progressively escalated. In the first half of April, the majority of injuries were from inhaling tear gas; by July, medical personnel were treating gunshot injuries.”


Venezuela 3 months ago

Venezuela today

Bill Tozer

Darn. I did it again. Opps and all that self flagellation. I am a worm.

Venezuela THREE MONTHS ago.
Socialism is rearing it’s ugly head. The State will never relinquish power voluntarily. Neither will the Deep State. Chomp, chomp.


Bill Tozer

The P word? Now wait a cotton pickin’ moment. You never picked cotton and I sure as heck never own slaves. My pool boys were well paid and fed raw meat. Next thing you know the Union will censor Boardman for saying ghetto.


Account Deleted

Boardman at 7:57 - I was responding to your post. Are you admitting you can't back up your words? Stand and deliver or crawl away.
You made the observation. Stop deflecting. Typical left-wing BS.
Posts big talk and then runs away. Continue your point with facts and reason or just admit you are repeating crap you read some where.


California is only the 44th most patriotic state in America. Study.

Too many lefties who hate America?



Now that the enemies of traditional culture have latched onto 'cotton', in the case of 'cotton pickin' referring to somewhat mindless but grueling manual labor (and evidently only performed by black Americans in the history of the country), I propose that 'cotton' be dubbed The Other 'C' Word.

It'll scan oddly to read:

c***** to
high c*****
c***** pickin'
c***** on to
tall c*****

but our media Lord and Masters have spoken.

Whether the original 'C' word outranks the new 'C' word is up to the progressive hive mind, although using the original 'C' word makes those phrases read oddly.

I await breathlessly for the first printing on bed sheets of '100% Organic C*****, Hand Wash'.

Bill Tozer

SCOTUS rules for Crisis Pregnancy Centers, overturns CA law that requires centers to post big signs that read “Abortions Not Preformerd Here”.


News o' the minute.

It's the swampiest swamp of all.

Sign of the times.

But really, who cares what they think.

I guess he'll have to be happy with the $60M 'book' deal.

And I thought that the (D) strategy of higher taxes, open borders, and attacking public officials was a sure winner.

Bill Tozer

SCOTUS sides with Trump on travel ban after HH called it unconstitutional.


,,,Hoohoohoohaha,,,you boys are really filling your diapers lately,,,

Better stock up,,,I can get you the hook up!!!

‘’’Will work for Depends’’’


toes, have you also been reading the live blogging at SCOTUSblog?


Janus v Blue Meanies will be tomorrow.

Bill Tozer



Dougy.. You do realize it's YOUR side that lost?
Time to turn your inside out again.


Posted by: Walt | 26 June 2018 at 08:39 AM

Yeah....if he offers you a place to sit you probably should think twice!


Hey did you guys know......this is how you think?

This is how extreme conservatives think:

“Barry Pruett June 26, 2018 at 7:56 AM

If Trump has a rational basis for banning travel across the Mexican border, this opinion supports such a ban. Just sayin.”

I guess Las Mañanitas — a favorite of ours — is a long way from Harvey, Il. LOL.

You don't go to Las Mañanitas to eat the local wildlife (bird population) do you jeffy? That would be low even by your questionable standards!

....and as always LOL!


Hey......why didn't I get the memo? When did James Brown come back to life? And why is he crazy?


Todd Juvinall

Our country is only one vote away from leftwing tyranny. Thank GOD the people voted Trump and he appointed Gorsuch.

Don Bessee

Marxism by any other name is still totalitarianism -

Briefly, neo-Marxism divides the world between oppressor and oppressed and identifies a system, or systems, by which the oppression takes place. In classical Marxism, the oppressed were the proletariat, the oppressors were the bourgeoisie, and the system of oppression was capitalism. The Marxist framework has been adapted to categorize and pit against each other various group identities, all toward the end of establishing socialism.



Don Bessee

Merkle and Macron out maneuvered by the new Italian government -

“We believe that is should be only the Libyan authorities who patrol Libyan waters, and [support] blocking the way to non-governmental organisations that want to substitute, replace governments, and to help illegal immigrants,” Salvini said at his conference with Maiteeq, in reference to the so-called ‘rescue’ charities which have been picking up migrants in the waters off North Africa in order to bring them to European ports — often racing to beat Libyan coast guard vessels to do so.
“Let the Libyan authorities do their work of rescue, recovery and return [of migrants] to their country, as they have been doing for some time, without the ships of the voracious NGOs disturbing them or causing trouble,” he added later.

We, the Libyans, we agree amongst us on so many things with the Europeans and our partners regarding the illegal immigration, but we categorically refuse the presence of any migrant camps in Libya,” added Libya’s Deputy Prime Minister Ahmed Maiteeq.
The pair’s plans to establish reception centres to process asylum claims on Libya’s southern border appear to have completely outmanoeuvred proposals by France’s Emmanuel Macron, Germany’s Angela Merkel, and the European Union establishment, who have been suggesting reception centres either in southern Europe or on the Mediterranean coast in northern Libya.



Bill Tozer

Goodbye Little House on the Prairie..

Guess we should grab some sticks, matches, and start roasting the marshmallows.


Trying to impose 21st century PC values and social justice cleansing on 19th and 20th century literature is sort of like tearing down the statue of Joan of Arc in the French Quarter down in New Orleans, I reckon.

The characters and dialogue contained in Laura Ingalls Wilder’s beloved fictional children stories probably reflected the characters and conversations of the times when some folks were out in the boonies inside their little hobbles with their prairie home companions.

My take is the body of work of an author should be considered. We banned Huck Finn for containing the N word, yet do not take into consideration the relationship and bond that Huck and Jim had, nor the internal conflict Huck experienced to reconcile the times he lived in with his friendship with Jim.

I do not see the entire body of Mark Twain’s literary work demonized or removed from the public libraries, nor his name stricken from the record. And to think some have the nerve, nay the gall, to boast that Samuel Clemens once stepped foot in Nirvana City’s own Nevada County.
Seems kinda inconsistent, but what do I know.

Burn baby burn! Burn her at the stake along with her books.

Don Bessee

Another opinion that Boardman should stick to his front porch -




Remember this over at Crabbmans'?


Stephen Miller as Little Joe Goebbels for stating what the SCOTUS stated in today's reversal and remanding of the 9th Circus injunction on Trump v. Hawaii.

Here was my take on it:



fish: "This is how extreme conservatives think:" (Attributed to Spanky)

I rather like the phrase. I guess it's in the thesaurus next to 'hard right'.

No doubt I'm a broken record on the topic, but it's been obvious to me for years that the argument between the two groups (and there's typically just two groups) has spun from economics and the role of government to nationalism vs. globalism. Both sides can have varying opinions within their orientation about things like public health care, government pensions, gun control, etc., but these things have become a secondary overlay over the real point of contention. The new US Left never had any intention to protect the borders, but it's only now become obvious.

You do have to ask why I, as a proponent for America and The West, would feel obligated to watch Spanky's back in terms of government obligations. If they don't look out for their own people, why should I look out for them?

The amusing thing is that the rest o' the world doesn't feel that way. To the citizens of China, Nigeria, Central America, a white US liberal is merely a chump. Those folks are filled with in-group preference and any thinking in game theory will tell you who ends up with all the gold, land, and wimmenz.

Bill Tozer


Papadopoulos pleaded guilty on Oct. 5 to lying to the FBI during that first interview about the timing of his contacts with a Maltese professor named Joseph Mifsud. Papadopoulos told agents that he believed he met with Mifsud before he joined the campaign on March 21, 2016.

Papadopoulos did tell the FBI about a meeting with Mifsud on April 26, 2016 in which the professor claimed that he had learned that the Russian government had “dirt” on Hillary Clinton in the form of “thousands” of her emails.

An affidavit filed in the case says that Papadopoulos deleted his Facebook account a day after his second FBI interview. The affidavit asserts that shutting down the Facebook account obstructed the FBI’s investigation.

Papadopoulos’ wife, Simona Mangiante, has told The Daily Caller News Foundation that Papadopoulos denies taking part in any collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian government. She says that Papadopoulos did not take Mifsud’s comments about Clinton emails seriously.

Papadopoulos would serve as the catalyst for the FBI’s counterintelligence investigation, which was code named Crossfire Hurricane.


Shutting down his FB page is considered obstruction of justice? Oh my.


Posted by: scenes | 26 June 2018 at 01:01 PM

You do have to ask why I, as a proponent for America and The West, would feel obligated to watch Spanky's back in terms of government obligations. If they don't look out for their own people, why should I look out for them?

You’re not looking out for him......he will, and more importantly his offspring will benefit if you prevail. It’s funny....but Mr Creosote has publicly cheered the minority status his kid will likely suffer under when he hits his mid-forties! He thinks it makes him seem enlightened I suppose!

Pity that jeffy won’t be around to collect his slice of comeuppance. But wouldn’t you just love to be at that party.

Bill Tozer

Only a progressive Liberal can look down on others from the gutter.

Waters’ extremist rhetoric comes one year after a Sen. Bernie Sanders supporter tried to assassinate multiple Republican lawmakers during a congressional baseball practice in Virginia. The deranged shooter shot Republican Rep. Steve Scalise, leaving him severely injured and fighting for his life in the hospital for several months.

Last week, a group of liberals swarmed Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kristjen Nielsen’s home over the migrant crisis, putting her family at risk while trying to leave.

As the Left gets more desperate to oppose Trump ahead of midterm elections, these disgusting tactics and calls for violence only prove how insane and unhinged they have become.



re: Gregory@12:47PM

It's kinda hard to get by the heinous drawing. There's definitely an art to cartooning, and I ain't seein' it there. Maybe a good try at Ratfink driving an El Camino might be in order.

You have to admit that we are living in peculiar times when a large part of the population feels that a)the executive branch should not be fully in charge of entry into the country (subject to current US law) and b)if you refuse to let any old person into the country, you are a Nazi and probably have human skin lampshades in your den.

I don't know if I would go so far as to call the Berkeley Blackshirts(tm) some form of fascist. There's obviously more intellectual context to a proper fascist than a silly Left Coast kid is likely to cook up in their pointy little heads and violent mobs can be driven by all manner of things.

What I pray for is some sort of Antifa Manifesto so I can try to understand the underlying logic of the whole shebang. I suppose that mind viruses don't need to be built atop underlying principles.

rl crabb

Trumpist Logic 101... http://abc6onyourside.com/news/nation-world/congressional-candidates-controversial-billboard-has-polk-county-abuzz


Earl, and what was Rick Tyler's vote total? How is he related to the Trump campaign?

Zilch and he wasn't are the answers. Really, RL, is that BS the best you can do?

I am happy to be in good company with Alan Dershowizc' quote front and center. In fact, outside of no longer being able to stand a nightly watching of Morning Joe, I'm pretty much still in the same place.

Maybe I'll make myself a nice ginnantonix tonight to watch the Joe and Mika show, again tomorrow to see the meltdown over the Supremes case this morning, and again the day afterwards to see the reaction to Janus v. the Blue Meanies case... assuming it goes as most think it will, including the Blue Meanies Local 4321 that is looking at a decimation of their cash flow and trying to fit a happy face on it.

George Boardman

Not only are members of the Trump administration being harassed, but the young, single employees in the White House aren't getting any action. As soon as they tell somebody on one of the dating apps what they do for a living, they are met with...silence.


Bored Georgeman 303pm, is that the best BS you can create out of whole cloth?

I'd expect the mating game in DC revolves around the same things it always has revolved around... proximity to power and money, two names for the same thing.


re: RLCrabb@2:33PM

Hey, you might as well go whole hog on the matter.


Californian running for Senate, Republican party.

The only conclusion to come to is that all Californians are Nazis.

Todd Juvinall

Boardman is just fantasizing again. I heard the youngins are getting so much they can't keep up!

rl crabb

More than once I've heard George say that people should be able to live among their own kind, and imply that things were much better when we were a "whole" nation. The animosity toward Muslims is always on display in this neighborhood.
The fellow in the video is only one of many who have come out of the woodwork since Donny took charge. And no, I'm not advocating open borders, although I expect that's the response I'll get. I only hope there will be a few doors in the wall once Trump achieves his Fortress America.

Todd Juvinall

Maybe you should relocate to Yemen RL. And then report back their positions on gays, LGBTQ and women's right? Maybe drugs too. Of course they keep alcohol out, right? And maybe interview some Houties and ISIS dudes and see what they think about you just because you are from America. Hell, I'll get a GoFundme together to raise money for you.


Posted by: rl crabb | 26 June 2018 at 04:20 PM

The animosity toward Muslims is always on display in this neighborhood.

Sorry RL but the recent behavior of the “newest neighbors” in Europe not to mention the couple of unpleasant episodes over here leads to a “less than welcoming” attitude among many I’m afraid!

Just the way it is!

Todd Juvinall

Hey I have a better idea for RL. He can go to Sweden and join his pals the immigrants as they mass in the town squares and molest those tall blonde Swedish gals. And he might get away with it as the Swedes are so PC! Maybe Sweden can export them, the dudes, to America and move them into GV on Mill Street!

rl crabb

Yep. Just the response I expected.

Bill Tozer

My my,
Well, it’s good to be getting back to being called racists again. That Nazi thing just don’t have the same ring and this all gets down to the wonderful world of color, does it not? The Nazi thing they have been throwing at us is runnings it’s course and will Peter out soon enough. OK, may feel like forever, but it won’t be. It will be back.
Nazis caging brown children. Seems so limited in scope. Now racist is a term with expansive horizons. and not coincidently, is where this whole trip started here before Trump. Ah, back on home turf. Cool beans. There is a certain comfort to its familiarity.

Yo, Crabbman, Mr. Crabbman!!!!

Ok, hurl away, call us nasty names. I’m ready. Lay it on me brother.
Then it will be your nappy-pooh time. Only 4-5 months to go until November, and yous guys don’t seem to be getting your act together. It’s like chaos all over again.

Anti-Muslim? Moi? Nah, more like anti-Charlie Hebdo. Sorry, it’s in my blood. Told ya I got a couple of cartoonists in the family tree. One guy was in the 1933? Who’s Who’s as the political cartoonist for the Chicago Tribune or Sun or Chicago Times and got chased out of town because of calling out corruption in city hall and the Governor’s digs, escaping with his sharp wit and pencil entact. The other has opening credits on an old old flick called Snow White and the Seven (perv) Dwarfs. So, yeah, I ain’t anti-Muslim, I”m anti-Charlie Hebdo.

Haven’t seen you draw any pics of The Prophet lately, but that’s none of my business, soul mate. :). Would you prefer one hump or two on that camel, sir?

Don Bessee

Wow what a rough day to be team lefty, first you get body slammed by the SCOTUS and then -






A recent Gallup poll shows that 90 percent of Republicans support the president. According to the New York Times (a far-left outlet that regularly spreads fake news), other than the historic outlier of George W. Bush in the aftermath of the September 11 terrorist attacks, no Republican president in this poll’s history has garnered 90 percent support from Republican voters at this point in a first term.



Bill Tozer

Is this whole Muslim thang about today’s SCOTUS? Sounds like someone needs to talk about their pain. The thrill of victory and the agony of da feet. I am here for ya brother.

Did you like the two pics Burka Women I posted here yesterday? Is that what made you first grimmance? Did that piss ya off or what? No, it wasn’t in anticipation of the travel ban ruling. SCOTUS don’t tell ya which day in advance.
To the discriminating eye, the Burkas were blue. Blue, baby, blue. It was a subliminal message of the upcoming and much heralded BLUE WAVE. Plus, time to get in those summer outfits and show some skin....unless you look like Lena Durham. Then cover up in blue. She is probably saddened today as well...and those temps can get blistering down in those the Southwest towns this time of year. Hot outsid. Or, maybe it’s all a pigment of your imagination. Or maybe not..

George Boardman

I know Bessee, Obermuller and Walt prefer the Breitbart school of economic analysis, but you should read the lead editorial in The Wall Street Journal today. So your heads won't hurt too much, let me quote two pertinent comments:

"A June report by the economic consulting firm Trade Partnerships Worldwide estimates a net loss of 400,445 job over the next three years because of the steel and aluminum tariffs, quotas and retaliation. That's 16 jobs lost for each steel or aluminum job gained."

The editorial ends with this:

"Good luck to Republicans running on the Trump tariffs in November."


Toes 511pm, I think you meant "I ain't anti-Muslim, I'm *pro* Charley Hebdo".

No, Earl doesn't go out of his way to anger people who could be a personal threat, physically or monetarily. Quite the contrary.

Don Bessee

LOL! The globalist never trumpers at the WSJ editorial board!! That's worse than using one of your own columns GB. ;-)

Account Deleted

from Boardman - "A June report by the economic consulting firm Trade Partnerships Worldwide estimates a net loss of 400,445 job over the next three years because of the steel and aluminum tariffs, quotas and retaliation. That's 16 jobs lost for each steel or aluminum job gained."
A report from who? Did these good folks 'estimate' that Trump would be POTUS?
Boardman couldn't figure it out and is still pissed at Trump because as stupid as Boardman thinks Trump is, Trump is still way ahead of Boardman. Trump at least recognised that there was a trade war against the US and has joined the battle. The last sad excuse we had as POTUS had no clue.
I notice Boardman is trying to ignore the employment numbers. Lowest unemployment for blacks EVER! Must be because of Trump causing the loss of American jobs. If Odumbo was pres, Boardman would be braying like the demented donkey he is. Instead, he quotes 'estimations' from people that have no idea what is gong to happen in the next year. I can cite all sorts of things I don't like about Trump, but he's not stupid and he actually cares about his own country and restoring the rule of law.

Account Deleted

"The animosity toward Muslims is always on display in this neighborhood."
You mean the folks that mutilate girls genitals and throw gays off the roof?
Is that the problem, bunky?
Just how many more innocents have to be murdered after hearing the yodel of 'Allahu Akbar'?
Gee - I must be a real intolerant guy if I don't celebrate the intolerance of the Muslims.

Don Bessee

Canada is the model of no limit immigration right?



Todd Juvinall

RL is speechless! Like all vacuous brainwashed liberals he can't respond to a question which he knows would expose him to ridicule. I recall he did a lot of yapping about the Charlie Hebdo murders. Does that make him a bigoted racist? Yes in his own words.

Todd Juvinall

IOt looks to me the left who is calling the "right" Nazis are actually what I recallroaming the streets in brown shirts beating people up. They were in black shirts in Italy. Nice to see RL upports them. We always knew he would be outed sooner or later.


WOW Boardman,, 500,000 over three years? It sure beats the hell out of 500,000 jobs lost in just one month when "O" got busy. Then continue that trend, and body count.
More people OUT OF WORK than WERE working. One HELL of an accomplishment. Forget that news?
Every time you speak of doom and gloom, the opposite is actually fact.

George Rebane

re RLC 420pm - It is remarkable that liberals view Trump wanting secure borders equates to a "Fortress America" that has no provision for continuing legal immigration. Everything for them is black and white, there is no practical nuancing possible when they fire up their thinkers. I wonder what doors they would consider that the feds would close if they did away with porous borders - or are porous borders the "open doors" that they seek to maintain?

And is it really a societal sin for people prefer living with people who share their values and mores? This is such a fundamental desire which 1) has never been abandoned by people in second and third world countries, and 2) is now desperately sought to be restored in first world countries that let in the hordes escaping from their own shithole countries. It is clear that what felt good then, no longer feels good after gaining some experience with 'multi-kulti'. Why can't people have the right to choose people with whom to live?

rl crabb

Reread what I said, George. "I'm not advocating open borders." I'd love to see a real bipartisan effort, but with both sides entrenched in their dogma, it ain't happening any time soon. One eye blind.


Well RL,, care to tell us just which party is "resisting" said bipartisanship? Trump even gave in to Proggy bitching. He stopped the separations. Yet Proggys whined even more. Now it's "set'm free" to run wild across the nation.

Since when did Proggys give a shit about parental rights? Proggys want the State to raise the children. I Know. Been there.

Account Deleted

"I'd love to see a real bipartisan effort,..."
At what, pray tell?
How about enforcing the laws we have?
If not, then why have laws?

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