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05 June 2018


Don Bessee

Walt @ 223 - Well that explains all those popping sounds I heard when I drove through Nevada city! ;-)

Bill Tozer

Saw this and thought of that quote by Maddog when asked what keeps him up at night. He answered “Nothing. I keep other people up at night.” It’s not nice to diss the Warrior Monk.

And now, in my best Paul Harvey impersonation, “The rest of the story...”


Looks like the Warrior Monk has free rent in his head.

Don Bessee

You know we are doing the right thing when Soros whines;

George Soros recently lamented the rise of President Trump and anti-establishment parties across the globe, saying “everything that could go wrong, has gone wrong.”
Soros made the comment in an interview with The Washington Post published Saturday. He also said that he did not expect Trump’s election, saying, “Apparently, I was living in my own bubble.”



Bill Tozer

@ 2:55 pm
“everything that could go wrong, has gone wrong.”

Hmmm. That sounds so familiar. It’s like I have heard that barking before.



Don Bessee

Is the house of cards crashing down?

China has abruptly put the brakes on solar power subsidies, seeking to stem overcapacity in a sector that has benefited for years from government incentives.
The move caught many in the industry off guard.
Solar stocks have fallen across the board by double digits. It’s uncertain when they will recover.
It hasn’t been a good week for wind energy either. In Britain, the industry has become a national joke because for seven days its wind turbines stood still and produced no electricity. Great news for all the birds and bats they would otherwise have sliced and diced; no problem for the renewables industry troughers who still get their rich subsidies whether the wind blows or not.



Bill Tozer

Justin is a little bitchy this morning.

On Saturday, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau sniped about "stragglers" after Trump was late to a breakfast session on gender equality.



Some reddit pics.

A story in a picture.

and another.

Stick to things that matter.

Meme o' the moment.

Some Tommy Robinson excitement

Jill Stein on Big Bill

Don Bessee

Thanks Angela is not what the Germans are saying -

“The failure lies in the inaction [of the government] since the challenges that Germany would face with the arrival of refugees were clear,” Weise said, adding: “The crisis could have been avoided.”
The scandal has deeply shaken the German public’s confidence in the agency, with a poll released in May suggesting 79.7 per cent of Germans distrusted the agency’s asylum rulings.
...with reports claiming that 46 radical Muslims were granted asylum status and at least one of them was a known terrorist threat.



Bill Tozer

Irony Alert.

“We are outraged by these leaks and last Friday requested an investigation by the Department of Justice’s Office of Professional Responsibility into the source(s) of the leaks,” McCabe’s attorney explained.

That’s right: Apparently, leaking information to the media and then lying about it is completely fine when it can damage Donald Trump, but McCabe is suddenly “outraged” when similar leaks start actually hurting him.


Note to self: Buy even more stock in Acme Rents

Bill Tozer

From the Land of Make Believe:

Forget learning how to write correctly, now a “big part” of the work of writing consultants “is to help students become more critical of these unjust language structures as they affect students’ writing and the judgment of that writing.” Instead of teaching students to write well, consultants will “discuss racism and social justice issues openly in productive ways.”




Oh man, now you've done it. Your last link led me to this one.


Where mentally ill people get to read 'My Two Daddies in A Dress' to the children of the well-meaning bolshies.

Next up will be Hoarder Reading Hour with 'My Two Daddies and their Ten Tons of Trash'.

or the ISIS Reading Hour with 'My Daddy and his Sex Slave Behead the Infidels'.

or a Kollege Professor reading 'World Without Daddies: The Significance of Diversity in Intersectional Gender Bias Theory, an Ethnic Framework'

God Help Us All.


as an aside, this being a sandbox and all, I got interested in the squeaking (h/t to j. smith) about Trump's evil tariffs with Canada.

It occurred to me that most of the folks expressing an opinion know essentially nothing about the history of that kind of thing. Proving the efficacy or evil of a tariff is hard enough, although it doesn't stop CNN 'reporters' from trying, but at least you can look at the history of the thing.

It's easy enough. Just go to google news, search for 'canada tariff', and set the date to 2015 and prior. Anything after that will drag in the craziness concerning GEOTUS and his accession.

I can't say that the idea of 'free trade' ever really occurred to the Canadians before the latest uproar.


and...nothing to do with anything thus far...I actually ran into some reporting that I rather like. (warning: no Stormy news here)



I'm sure the proggys will call this "money well spent".

Now the real news would be how many vendors are going to get stiffed by the proglidites. Why pay when you lose?

Bill Tozer

Villaraigosa’s poor showing surprised me, bigly. A quite popular mayor of the Golden State’s biggest city, Latino, good looking, articulate, passionate, well funded. ambitious. What went wrong?

I will tell ya. He bucked the teachers unions in LA with modest proposals to expand school choice. That’s the big coffin nail in CA politics.

“Newsom only raised $14 million during the same period, with 5.6 million coming from “Citizens Supporting Newsom,” which is dominated by unions and Blue Cross”

Odd that in Newsom’s victory speech, he skipped over universal health care by giving it no mention. Must have slipped his mind in the euthusiasm of the moment. The Nurses Union will remind him which side his bread is buttered on. You can bank on that.

The DNC still has some outstanding debt from 2016. And to think My Gal stepped in and kept that organization afloat. They lost a good thing when Hillary got branded with the scarlet letter on her forehead. The letter L.

Bill Tozer

Scenes @ 7:24 am

Drag Queens never bothered me. Heck, I remember John Belusi’s The Raging Queen skit on SLN and have even attended a Cabaret Show once. No biggie, great entertainment, fun, funny, and singing as each of the performers were trying to out do Mae West. It was something recommended by my date (female) as a novel thing to do and turned out to be an entertaining experience.

But, what gets me up in arms is:

“Using public infrastructure as a vehicle to advance social justice morality is not new in Minnesota. In 2017, one of the state’s top school districts made national news after it was revealed officials had initiated a “sweeping initiative that reordered the district’s mission from academic excellence for all students to ‘racial equity.’”

That pisses me off. Reordering the school district’s mission from academic excellence for all students to racial equity is one big dereliction of duty and responsibility...to our students. We are failing our school children and paying through the nose to do so. What is wrong with academic excellence? Why is that not the primary goal for all school children? I can understand, but not condone, this SJW crap on college campuses. But, school age children? Story book time at a public library? What ever happened to “everything I needed to know I leaned in kindergarten”? Opps. They are teaching that in kindergarten now. Nevermind.

Bill Tozer

More on academic excellence in public schools. You know, government run free schools for kids.

Are Asian students now being classified as White?


Don Bessee

Here is one for the po' ol' pollhead -

The reason why Democrats seem to be struggling in Ohio–and around the country–is contained in the next explosive newsworthy fact from this poll: President Trump is far more trusted and popular than Pelosi. When asked who they trust more to lead the nation, respondents overwhelmingly said President Trump and the GOP in Congress over Pelosi and Democrats in Congress. Trump leads Pelosi by double digits in this regard in Ohio, as 45 percent sided with him and Republicans whereas just 35 percent sided with Pelosi and Democrats.



Don Bessee

Move along nothing to see here -

Last month's legislative elections were won by an alliance headed by the populist Shia cleric Moqtada Sadr.
Amid allegations fraud, the outgoing parliament ordered a recount of about 10 million votes. It is unclear if this may affect the outcome.
Firefighters have been attempting to control the fire at the storage site, which housed ballot boxes of the al-Rusafa district in the east of Baghdad.
An interior ministry spokesman told the Reuters news agency that the blaze had destroyed some documents and equipment, but efforts were being made to stop it from affecting ballot boxes.
He said the blaze had been confined to one of the four warehouses.
However, Baghdad province council member Mohamed al-Rabeei told Reuters that "all the boxes and papers have burned".



Bill Tozer

Well, Trump was once right again. Lebron wadn’t lying, he ain’t going to the White House. Like Arnold, Lebron might be one bad hombre, but he ain’t no Trump.


Concerning the G-6’s group intervention on Trump, they better send someone tougher than the former East German soldier Angie to be their bulldog. She ain’t no Trump either.




"Are Asian students now being classified as White?"

Only when it suits a narrative. It's not dissimilar to the way that Latinos (Hispanics? whatever the word is) are conflated with whites when suitable, not otherwise.

I admit that it's one of the great ironies of modern times. In large-scale IQ tests, one of the few things that sociologists appear to apply any rigor to, Northeast Asians are top o' the heap (besides being well behaved as a group).

But...they are a minority. Oh noes! Now what?!

Given that a flat-out meritocracy will always be out of the question, and removal of bias in order to build one seems relatively straightforward, what's a Progressive to do?

If I were 18 and looking at college, it seems to me that a real money maker would be to specialize in bending AIs to current political prejudices. Left alone, mere pattern matching will end up with undesirable results, but knowing how to cook the books will be worth serious dosh as a profession.

George Rebane

As many investigators have now confirmed, we are all different in almost any dimension you care to dredge up. And many of these differences are categorical, meaning people with blue eyes or black skin or pigeon-toed or ... share certain sets of traits and also genes. Therefore as both Charles Murray ('The Bell Curve') and Nicholas Wade ('A Troublesome Inheritence') have documented, it's not that hard to determine, say, the race of a person and/or ethnicity from analyzing his DNA, leaving out the part that determines skin color or 'race'. Bottom line, we are not the same 'under our skin', and that's what also makes us so unique in so many ways.


The GEOTUS speaks:



lol. This is a beautiful thing.


Bill Tozer

“The archive describes itself as “the U.S. Government's collection of documents that records important events in American history. … “

Wrong. History begins today.
Isn’t that the place where they keep Ken’s Starr’s indictment draft of one Hillary Rodman Clinton during the Whitewater investigation? Didn’t Sandy Burger put on some pounds the last time he ate in the building? I’m sure it’s all just a little mistake.


George Rebane

scenes 127pm - This is the second time I've noticed 'GEOTUS' used. In the event I'm the only slow one around, please tell me what you all mean with that GE part? All my guesses are probably wrong :-(


there are no stupid questions.

GEOTUS = God Emperor of the US.

It's a parody of POTUS. I expect largely taken from Frank Herbert the SF writer.




Another variant is a taken off of the titles African heads of state will give themselves.

Usually a vamp off of something like Cowboy Doctor God Emperor President of the United States, although he doesn't seem to have the same penchant for medals. That's usually reserved for US O-10's.

George Rebane

scenes 338pm - Many thanks, but I don't really see Trump as GEOTUS. He's more like a hubristic business guy, full of piss and vinegar, who finds himself bumbling through the world of diplomacy and swamp politics, speaking his mind way more clearly than all his predecessors combined. Isn't there a way that we, who generally like the way he is taking the country, can get together in the Rose Garden to deliver the heartfelt message, 'C'mon Donald, why don't you quit shooting yourself (and us your supporters) in the foot. For openers, just try to stifle every other tweet, and see how that clears the atmosphere.'


GR: "Many thanks, but I don't really see Trump as GEOTUS."

No one really does, but it's a funny concept. It's the kind of thing that's meant as an in-joke (with a bit of self mockery), used to irritate the opposition, works well with memes. There's plenty of Trump imagery out there showing him as a sort of world-conquering superman.

Personally, I don't think that Trump would succeed if he tones it down. He's riding a wave that requires the purest form of self confidence. Looking to either side will result in wiping out. It's all a once in a lifetime event.

In for a penny, in for a pound. None of Trump's policies have been particularly horrendous, but Team Blue responds with their own GEOTUS concept. It's the idea that the current President is the most evil man in history, a kind of non-vegetarian Hitler who hates dogs. If their aim was to radicalize the Right, they've succeeded brilliantly.

Bill Tozer

“Editor’s note: Donald Trump regularly incites political violence and is a serial liar, rampant xenophobe, racist, misogynist and birther who has repeatedly pledged to ban all Muslims ― 1.6 billion members of an entire religion ― from entering the U.S.

Do you have information you want to share with HuffPost? Here’s how.”

Ah yes, I forgot about reading those lines above every single day all through the campaign. Thanks for reminding me Scenes. Think that must of influenced our sweet gentle Popinjay or something. Don’t think they care much for the Nimble Navigator.
Milo called him Daddy. It was appalling the way they attacked a victim of child molestation the way the progressives did. Milo was just making a joke to cover his pain. A young man suffering from the traumatic experience and suffering from PTSD and they ravaged him for dealing with it by making light of it. But that is how predators are.

Dr. Rebane. Well, you try controlling Trump’s Twitter Machine. How did acting more Presidential work for us for the last couple of decades? As unsettling as it is, it could be worse. Just reread the first sentence of my this post and get back to me. Melania sent me a birthday card so I can mail it back to Donald and make his birthday a special day. Maybe all the cards will soften up those rough edges. No question where he stands on issues and what he thinks, exactly like the Huff-N-Puff Farting Post, which happened to be started by a woman who drove her husband Mike gay. :)

Let’s see what Victor has to say.


Don’t think Trump is what we could call SUAVE AND DEBONER in the traditional sense. Style over substance and all that is what we have been getting. Keep doing what you are doing and you keep getting what you’re getting....my version of Einstein’s definition. It could be worse. He trying as hard as he can. Guess he likes to walk loudly and carry a big stick. Why, that’s down right unconventional.

Remember, desperate times call for desperate measures. Liking or disliking the Tweeter Machine is not a requirement.

Suck it up, Buttercup. Reread those first to sentences above. Puts things into perspective.


Like whites, many Asians are not Under Represented Minorities (URM). Overrepresented minorities do not need help getting into college as they already have a work ethic, can read and write well and generally do not get into trouble with the law.

URMs get affirmative actions. Hard working minorities don't.

Good luck to the hard working minorities suing Harvard for equal treatment. Color blind admissions.

Bill Tozer

Lest we forget, Tombstone was a gun free zone. Did you remember to thank Mr. Trump for firing James Comey? Hmmm. Thankyou President Trump. Thankyou from both sides of the aisle.





Aha. Thanks for URM, I had never heard of that.


I wonder if there are many Ainu-Americans? They're probably out of luck. 'Latinx' grates on the ears, though.

The specificity reads like the kind of crazy racial statutes the (Godwin Alert!) 1930's German government used to write for marriage law, business contracts and the like.

I'm afraid that we live in a silly age.

Don Bessee

I FOUND IT! I FOUND IT! Absolute proof of Russian collusion!

The picture — featuring Alex Ovechkin, Tom Wilson, John Carlson, Alex Chiasson, Dmitry Orlov, Philipp Grubauer, and Brooks Orpik — was posted by Philip Pritchard, the "Keeper of the Cup." It was taken at Georgetown’s Cafe Milano on Saturday night, according to one Twitter user.

Look at those russki names, Dimtry Orlov, Ovechikin, Muller its time for the grand jury!



Bill Tozer


Lest I forget. I hope tomorrow is the big day for you. SCOTUS plans to release a ruling on the first business day of their work week through the Nd of June. Maybe tomorrow, maybe not. Probably not. They like to drop the biggest bombshells last and get out of town simultaneously.

As far as Asian students winning a suit against Harvard? Not very likely. Ain’t going to happen. Hmmm. Because of The Reckoning, I will give them a slim to none chance. Never know. But to toss out the whole shebang entrance requirements to get into the select prestigious academically focused public NYC high schools with rigorous standards because the student body doesn’t look like NYC is a recipe for disaster....if acededimics is what is considerated a top priority. Opps, how foolish of me. I am sooo far behind the times. Call me old fashioned. Not a top priority in the bigger picture.

That Michelle Milken sure is a firecracker when she get riled up.


more on 'URM'

Which gives me an idea. Since race can be a rather continuous notion, I think they need to be more scientific and all.

I'm sure everyone is familiar with this guy.

You certainly don't want people gaming the system.

So...why not add DNA sequencing to college admissions. You could probably group people by preferred minorities in an accurate fashion (62.8% African for example), assign a score to their desirability, and give them a better shot at getting into college or receiving a scholarship.

This could work.

Don Bessee

Should this be posted under Kalifornia? The true benefits of socialism -



Todd Juvinall

How come the press always fails to mention what the other countries charge us in this tariff issue? Seems they attack Trump for his attempts at parity but fail to mention the reverse.

Don Bessee

It almost feels like piling on, never mind, just a passing nanosecond of pity for the po' ol' putin party parrots.

The poll also found Trump supporters more likely to vote than those who oppose the president and his policies.





You know the answer of course. When you're trying to take down a President, just make up any old thing.

I think there's more to this than tariffs. Fer example.

I believe that there was a certain amount of factory movement to Canada to take advantage of lower tax rates while NAFTA allowed importing to the US. The tax rates are now more equalized. I wonder if there'll be movement back here?

Don Bessee

@ 657- That aspect should help the states in proximity to large fracking operations to take advantage of the well head price since we can pump more than we can export right now. Even playing field on taxes or a slight home base edge on taxes mixed with the sea of energy proximity makes for an inviting business incubator/magnet.

Gee, that almost sounds like someone planned that. Hmmmmmm ;-)

Bill Tozer

Anybody know about, as a whole, how much money Canada would lose simply by reducing their tariffs on US imports to something roughly close to what we charge them on imported Canadian goods? I bet just reducing some import tariffs would be a bigger bite to their Treasury than they would prefer. Not one sector, the whole shebang.

Think it was Jefferson’s second SOTU speech where he declared that we were getting enough revenue from tariffs to run the government and pay for an additional (second naval ship) so that other taxes previously levied are no longer necessary and would be going bye-bye. He seem to say that having too much money in the Treasury was a bad or potentially evil thing, reading between the lines. Imagine that. We got enough from tariffs to fund a limited government, no need to levy taxes. I. Fact, let’s rescind them. Those days are gone, but I digress.

History begins today. Anybody know about how much revenue the Canooks get from high tariffs on US goods? Ah, nevermind. On to Sinaphore. That Trump don’t lallygag around.


Trump has a new spokesman that is a wee bit more diplomatic that our Emperor God Dictator for Life Nimble Navigator Daddy. Hey, nothing personal, it’s just business.


Bill Tozer

@ 6:00 pm on the nose.

Give ‘em hell Pat, you fiery old Irish Catholic you. Tell it like it is.

“Councilman Peter Koo took it straight to the mayor:

[“The test is the most unbiased way to get into a school. … It doesn’t require a resume. It doesn’t even require connections. The mayor’s son just graduated from Brooklyn Tech and got into Yale. Now he wants to stop this and build a barrier to Asian-Americans — especially our children.”].

Sing it loud, Pat, you old cultural warrior, you. Don’t hold back. Booyah,

“It appears to be a future of endless collisions and conflicts over who deserves and who gets what — based upon ethnicity and race.”


Don Bessee

He ate a snowflake puppy!

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey on Sunday expressed regret over eating at Chick-fil-A, because of the chicken company’s CEO’s personal views on gay marriage.




No Janus decision today.


I see that Robert De Niro made an utter ass out of himself.

The amusing thing would be to watch the audience. A lot of folks standing to applaud as true anti-Trump zealots, but also an awful lot of people who fear not being seen clapping. It's one of those beautifully Stalinesque moments.

Sometimes I think it would be a good idea to reinstitute infamia for Hollywood.


This should make Ca. LIBs butt pucker.
Nevada County's voter rolls can use a good scrubbing too.
My own Brother is still listed, and hasn't voted in this state in 20 years.
Come to think about it, I better check on my dear departed Mamma.
She would role over in her grave if she winds up voting Democrat.


The meeting of dictators went well,,,


George Rebane

re M 1002am - It always brings a smile to my face to witness the utter joy that such an obvious and retracted gaffe brings to certain people. BTW, to date Trump and the ugly fat kid have yet to meet, but we can understand that such anticipatory joy does sometimes create a blindspot or two.

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