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08 June 2018


George Boardman

Your comment about Hodge implies that Miller is such an outstanding public servant, voting for him should be a no-brainer.

Miller is a good example of the observation that 80 per cent of success is just showing up. He's checked a lot of boxes, but apparently has done little thinking outside the box. But he does know all the platitudes.

Maybe that's one reason Hodge got as many votes as she did.


,,,'''astounding is that someone without any relevant education, total absence of experience, a demonstrated ignorance of issues'''sounds like you are describing Trump!!!


LOL "M",, Or should I just call you Mitch? (You seem to like that one on the Daily caller.)
",'''astounding is that someone without any relevant education, total absence of experience, a demonstrated ignorance of issues"
That's "O" chiseled in stone. Trump has corrected all of that.

jon smith

Wellll - you only laid out half of the equation George. I am not a District 3 voter but I do know many who have been brushed aside or turned off by Miller and would like nothing more than to see him out of office. Hodge happened to be the only alternative. That nearly half the voters chose her over Miller can be read as that they are all hare brained idiots (your interpretation) or maybe, just maybe, they were actually making an intelligent decision choosing a representative for reasons that are beyond your abilities of comprehension.

Todd Juvinall

One needs only to look at the success of Grass Valley as the economic engine of the county to understand Dan Miller is a huge part of that success. But just like the employee who gets promoted to management and all his pals now hate him for that, a politician has the same problem. Regardless of his accomplishments, he is now "the man" and there are those that will never vote for him. Hodge is unqualified even on the basis of a job in the private sector. She may be nice but does she have a clue how to obtain funds to fix a pothole? Probably not. Bottom line is Miller has more votes and short of shenanigans in the election office, he should maintain his seat.

Here is my take on this mail ballot fiasco


Don Bessee

The 'jon' needs a little historical perspective on voting patterns in Dist. 3. Miller had a smaller lead last time and prevailed, 10% is a big percentage to overcome. Those races have been razor thin for awhile. ;-)

Bill Tozer

Don’t know if any commentators here actually live in District 3, nor does it matter. I said from the get-go that HH88 has the edge because the Grass Valley has the highest number of welfare receiptants in the county and the most renters. Plus, she ran a shoe leather campaign knocking on doors introducing herself up and down Sutton Way at all the big box apartment buildings.

Her campaign talking points is she has lived in Northern California her whole like. Not in the foothills, but Sac is close enough. She is also Executive Director of some outfit few if any locals ever heard of. Close enough. In fact, I thought Sierra Commons was the name of an apartment complex she managed. Seriously. I must have confused Valley Commons with Sierra Commons cause that’s what I thought for a long time.

I don’t know the name of my Supervisor nor can name but three. That drunk lady, Richard Anderson, and Miller, who I thought was the mayor of GV...unti HH88 ran against him. Just as long as none of those fuk heads never come to my door, I am happy.


Maybe the people of GV have no want for a self labeled Progressive.
Ever think about that jonboy? Proggy is just another word for Commie.

jon smith

"Miller had a smaller lead last time . . ." Last time he ran against an actual candidate.

If Hodge was anything other than an outspoken, finger pointing, self lamenting, and brash lesbian with zero qualifications, Miller would have lost.


Posted by: jon smith | 08 June 2018 at 01:40 PM

If Hodge was anything other than an outspoken, finger pointing, self lamenting, and brash lesbian with zero qualifications, Miller would have lost.

Wow.....so many of your offerings are multi-use!

“If Clinton was anything other than an outspoken, finger pointing, self lamenting, and brash lesbian with zero qualifications, Trump would have lost.”


But you still backed her didn't ya' "jon"... LOL!!
Thanks for the ammo. Hummm.. Kinda like "O". the other SOB you voted for.
And here is his "F"ing over of the American people.

"Obama administration: (1) told Congress it would not allow Iran access to U.S. financial institutions; (2) issued a special license allowing Iran to do exactly that; (3) unsuccessfully pressured U.S. banks to help Iran; (4) lied to Congress and the American people about what it had done; (5) admitted in internal emails that these efforts "exceeded" U.S. obligations under the nuclear deal; (6) sent officials, including bank regulators, around the world to urge foreign financial institutions to do business with Iran; and (7) promised that they would get nothing more than a slap on the wrist for violating U.S. sanctions.

How bad is this? Remove the words "Obama" and "Iran" and replace them with "Trump" and "Russia" and imagine the outrage that would ensue over the same revelations. Democrats would be holding news conferences, and the story would be front-page news. "


"Illegal border crossings are down "

My favorite stats were the Obama-era 'more people have been snagged' with the attendant change in the way the action was defined.

Of course, we were also treated with years of '(squeak) WE SHOULD GO AFTER THE EMPLOYERS'. A new administration starts doing that, and the placards come out. 'STATES SHOULD NOT HAVE IMMIGRATION POLICY' in the case of Arizona followed with our new 'sanctuary' states. No matter how you cut it, there's a big part of the population that wants open borders for various reasons. and their stated reasons are just a camouflage.

HH voting....it's hard to tell why people vote the way they do besides reflexive (R) and (D). You can probably pick up half of your votes merely by being a woman with a wife and anti-gun, neither of which has anything to do with attempting to help run a county. My guess is that the only job experience that really helps with being a supervisor is being a supervisor, but it doesn't hurt to be adequate at *something*.

I think this is a smart move:


jon smith: "If Hodge was anything other than an outspoken, finger pointing, self lamenting, and brash lesbian with zero qualifications"

lol. Ouch.

It's a little too long to fit on a campaign sign or bumpersticker, but there's a nice flow to it. Maybe that could be towed behind an airplane.


Bill Tozer

I would bet that most people could not tell you anything about those down ballot candidates. I said most. Most folks can’t tell you who our VP is or follow politics or dig into issues. A lot of people did not even know Tuesday was the election, nor really care. That’s the facts, jack. As much as I criticize others for living in the bubble, those that are into politics and dig into it are the exception, not the rule.

If I lived in the Castro District, my world view would be in a bubble as well, as well as students on campus who hang around and become assistants to professors, then associate professors, then professors, then get tenure, and never leave campus till they are little old ladies and little old men. They may publish many books, but have not a clue what it really going on in Peoria .

How many folks ever actually ready a complete Union column? How many city council members in an off year election win their seat across this land with 23% of the vote (or less) cause turnout is low and folks leave those down ballot placeholders blank? How many folks can give a darn? Not the majority.

This is how out of touch I am. For the first time in my life the other night, I had to go to the Nevada City cop shop. Business purpose only, not life and death or to report anything. I get up there at 5:05 pm and the place is locked up. I walk around the back, and there are no cop shop entrances for the public. So, I walk around back to the front door again to see if there is a buzzer or something I might have missed. This guy walks up asks if I have any loose change. I reach in my pocket and gave him all the change in my pocket...just a couple of quarters, maybe a couple of dimes and nickels, maybe 3 pennies...about a buck, probably not more. As soon as I give it to the ragged looking guy, a younger ragged looking guy goes up to the dude I just gave to and asks if he has any spare change. Wasn’t even ten seconds later, ROFLMAO.
So, I come back in the morning after 8 am to do go to the Nevada City cop shop. Business hours. It was closed. Sign said the PD was short staffed, all night were out. I pick up the red phone and got somebody (their dispatch or answering service) who had no idea why the place was closed and why she was not informed. I could not tell her why, lol. “You tell me and we will both know.” Can’t fight City Hall. I reckon.
So, I left and seeing no bums on the street, I made it back to my car with all my loose change still in my pocket. I came back later and took care of business. Very friendly nice professional police officer. Very professional and helpful. And I did not feed the parking meter. I already gave....the evening before.

So, my view of Nevada City has not changed. Point is what really goes on in Nevada City I have not a clue. Most people are that way I would hazard to guess. If you live outside of the bubble, you have a different perspective than when you live in it.


"This guy walks up asks if I have any loose change. "

'So, naturalists observe, a flea
Has smaller fleas that on him prey;
And these have smaller still to bite 'em,
And so proceed ad infinitum.'

Don Bessee

@140 - Miller ran against the sitting supervisor last time, Lamphier pre kiddie porn bust and beat him. Lamphier was very popular with the lefties. There are more dems than r's in that district. Your honest description of HH as a candidate should be taken up the Nevada County Democrat Central Committee (politbureau?). They picked her and groomed her, we could see it coming as soon as her editorials took a more vanilla tack and she moved. ;-)

Bill Tozer

jon smith: "If Hodge was anything other than an outspoken, finger pointing, self lamenting, and brash lesbian with zero qualifications.

lol. Ouch”—-Scenes.

Come on jon, that is abit harsh. Let’s not play the homo card. Unless you really wanted that to be a factor why HH88 lost...you know...a convienant reason to trash those friggin bigoted Christian extremists alt-right fundamental science denying zealots who would never vote for a carpet muncher....why beat around the bush and not just come out a say it? I know you are itching to say it.

“Zero qualifications”has been our point here....if I may be so bold to speak for others. ‘The stick it to the man’sentiment is always a factor. But, we are being premature. If ain’t over until the fat lady sings. Opps, did I just fat shame? Well, it was not intentional, but some would take it that way no matter intent. It ain’t over til it’s over.

Bottomline: Hillary has not won or lost yet, neither has Miller. My beef is with the cum breath voter office who who conned the BOS out of a a third of a million bucks to have us be guinea pigs and now have to wait days upon days to count half the friggin ballots cast. Great idea. And Diaz talked the BOS into it. This is slower than a recount.

Grass Valley is NOT Nevada City and HH88 ran a Heidi Hall style campaign. Plus, the election of our Emperor God Trump got HH88 off her easy chair and into politics. Like, going to the Dem State Convention, voting for the most progressive candidate to head the Dem State Party (who lost to the Establishment Machine Lawyer chosen one) , catching the eye of the Dem Party Machine, getting their backing (and mula), and before that getting her name known by singing in the church choir and having dinner with the FUE and volunteered for non-profits, getting a gig as an Union columnist....she did all the right things to prep herself. And, she even applied for jobs that she is more than qualified for (her words ) and still was not hired. Welcome to the real world in the foothills, Hilary. Oh yeah, her last real job was working for social services in Sac. Ok.

The only reason she moved up her was cause her wife is employed up here and had to make the long daily commute back to Sac. Might as well move up here and save the working spouse from the long commute. I get it.

HH88 ain’t going anywhere. She will get elected if she keeps on trying and keeps doing what she is doing. Most people don’t get in on the first try. It was a good try, IMHO.

It’s a Catch-22. Like a young person looking for a job, employers want experience on the
resume. But how do,you get experience on the resume if you don’t get hired?

Scenes is right. A novice Supervisor learns on the job. All supervisors were inexperienced novices at one point. Same with all Presidents. Being a quick learner is a plus.
Telling the reader that someone did not park exactly perfectly within the lines (they did it wrong) or telling folks she more than qualified (overqualified) for some job kinda put me off. Sounds kinda arrogant, even if it’s true. And telling us how to properly get ready to exacuate with a how-to list in a fire I found insulting. This ain’t my first rodeo. But, in a weird way, she reminds me of how I used to act....when I thought I knew everything. I don’t need her mansplainig. GV ain’t Nevada City, otherwise she would have pulled it off. Still might.

Don Bessee

BT- Its the percentages and the patterns that are the indicators, not the raw vote differential. A 10% advantage is very significant when you consider that more than half of the total votes have been counted. So its not just needing to swing the pattern to her to win it entails getting more than 20% more of the remaining votes than she had so far. With 4 reports in and an established pattern she shouldn't be ordering business card. I don't think that was singing Tuesday night, more like a primal scream at being down 10%. ;-)

Bill Tozer

Don @ 3:52
Thanks Don for the reassurance....but I don’t FEEL it.
Yes, speaking only about District 3,we can toss out all the Truckee votes as well as the PV, LOP, South County, North County votes in that 15,000. You continue to tell me that the results will stay the same, even if it’s only a couple thousands votes to be counted in District 3....or whatever the outstanding votes are, not to mention the undervotes. Ok,

You know what. I never got mailed a ballot. Yes, my name and mailing address is accurate per the rolls, both county and state. No typos, everything correct. So, I had to do the show up and vote thang again and ask for a provisional ballot..which, they don’t bother to count if it is not going to change anything because the poor county employees are too tired from having to have to work every two years and they just call it a day...or election. Yes, it’s a minor irritant, especially when they spout “every vote counts, your vote counts.” Bull pucky. Here, put this in your mouths and shut up. Feigned outrage over.

I defer to your knowledge, experience, and expertise on these matters. And to think statistics came easy to me in college, easy as pie. Just plug in formulas. Oh, I am turning into a cranky old man. I think the Russians are messing with my mail. :)

The real silver lining is this county has not gone blue. Sure, more Dems than R’s are registered by party affiliation on the rolls, but not enough to have a majority. Who cares about the voter rolls anyway? It’s how you vote that counts. Punchy cannot even bring himself to jab and do the na-na-na-na thang like he did as soon as Trump won to deflect and change the topic. All he cares about is living in a blue county and pot. Maybe the gov’t funding for his job and those cash gig at bars and weddings and the like. He must have the blues That will pass soon enough. Inch by inch, approval only -7. Down to single digits. Living above 40, and inch by inch......it’s a sweet place to be.

Bill Tozer

Illegal aliens....bad news at the border.


Bonnie McGuire

Scenes "HH voting....it's hard to tell why people vote the way they do besides reflexive (R) and (D). You can probably pick up half of your votes merely by being a woman with a wife and anti-gun, neither of which has anything to do with attempting to help run a county. My guess is that the only job experience that really helps with being a supervisor is being a supervisor, but it doesn't hurt to be adequate at *something*.
Too funny, cuz that's where we know it all people are. She had lots of signs everywhere thanks to the Dems supporting her. The other aspect is ordinary people identifying with her lack of experience...or Same o same o regarding experienced politicians. If true that's why Trump was elected.


Toes 556pm

What the bad news at the border story you linked didn't say is that record levels of employment in the USA has very probably caused many more un- and under-employed south of the border are willing to risk the trip.

It's difficult to say whether the border arrests are missing more than in the past... 50k a month just tells you they arrested 50k a month, for a few months. It could be they're arresting more of a decreasing number attempting the crossing. Or vice versa.

Scenes and Bonnie...
I suspect experience as Supervisor counts for less than experience as an adult.

What is the chance a non-"Progressive" could have run for a high county office as their initial foray into politics, and not identified their spouse by name and employer, whose income they relied upon to buy the house they were living in for the last fraction of a year?

jon smith

Thanks Bonnie. "Dems vs ordinary people." I guess that makes us extraordinary?

Don Bessee

Could Tumponmics trump the snowflake PC thought police? The excesses of the left may have hurt the true believers in more than one race. Like the Detroit Free Press said about Trumps pattern of black engagement, they may or may not vote for Trump but there are a lot who will not now vote against him.

"The platform announced this week that they would stop curating games and would instead allow all games to be sold on the platform — unless they were illegal or “trolling.”



Don Bessee

HI Russ, grandpa Jerry didn't let it happen in the final budget agreement with the legislature. You should expect it to come back under #metoo star Newsome.


Todd Juvinall

Berkheinmer is just an old liberal white cracker filled with white guilt for Ameeica's success. I often wonder if people like him actually believe the tripe they spew. Trump has been there 18 months or so yet all the troubles are his. My goodness, Berky should look in the mirror at the reasons for America's problems. California is the best liberals can do? And the left is spreading their crap across the land. America is still the place millions of the planet's people want to come to. Explain that Berky!

Todd Juvinall

My response on his article in the Union comments section

"America is great. All you lefty whiners are doing your best to convince people it isn't. Who gives a rat's ass about the UN report from a leftwing socialist? I don't. America succeeds in spite of you liberals. Every moment of every day you are looking for new ways to make people do what you want. And you take their money too! Americans are the greatest people ever and our lives on this rock are the best. Sure there are problems but we are always trying to fix them. Liberals/socialist are the half empty people. We on the right are the half full. I say crawl back into the mindeset of the old USSR and see who has it better."

Bill Tozer

1) After years of research, months of planning and weeks of voting, the training wheels for the Voters Choice Act flew off, and county registrars and state experts are still trying to figure out what happened.

All over the state, election day is slowly morphing into election week, and counting ballots is taking longer. By tonight, some 2.5 million ballots across California had not yet been tabulated—a consequence of more voters opting to vote by mail.

But for the five California counties that implemented the state Voters Choice Act, it’s been vote-by-mail on steroids—and delayed final results.


2) Old angry white guys vote in primaries....Dan Walters is alive and still pounding on the typewriter.

Tying tax increases to pensions, rather than popular services, not only would make voters less likely to vote for them but make public employee unions less willing to pony up campaign funds to sell the tax increases to voters. It is, in effect, a conspiracy of silence.

This week’s local tax and bond measures are just a tuneup for what will likely be a much larger batch on the November ballot.

It’s a well-established axiom of California politics that low-turnout elections, such as a non-presidential primary in June, are not as friendly to tax proposals as higher-turnout general elections, such as the one in November. Primaries tend to draw more older white voters who often shun taxes, while general elections have younger and more ethnically diverse electorates more attuned to taxes.


Bill Tozer

Todd @ 10:48

The inconvenient truth, however, is that most Americans don’t want politicians to fix it. Everyone is entitled to the money they paid into the system, after all, lest Social Security be exposed as the Ponzi scheme it really is. Thus, a conservative minority is left to cry “wolf” to a disinterested American people —only this time, the wolf is really out there.


Steve Frisch

Not to nit pic but here is the comparison data between Grass Valley and Truckee.


Todd Juvinall

BillT 1103
I don't totally disagree but I am still hopeful. Americans are so creative. Every law that is passed to control us meets some smart person that figures a way around it. I truly think that is why Americans are the smartest, most creative people ever concieved. But if liberals get the reins we can kiss that all goodbye. They are the most boring nasty people. No sense of humor. And they can't take a joke with going PC.

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