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18 June 2018



For those who are interested from hearing from an immigration attorney/judge regarding the issue I direct you to the 3rd hour of the June 18th Armstrong & Getty show podcast!


,,,America,,,separating Americans from their children for generations!!!


Will work for diapers,,,

Bill Tozer

Phew, glad that blew over quickly. Weapons of Mass Malipulation. Haven’t been carpet bombed like that since Trump spoke to that Immigration Lawyer (specializing in visas for Islamics) GOLSTAR Dad’s wife. Boy, that took about 3 weeks to settle down.

It was funny to see them turn blue in the face last night . Worth it all. Good job Mr. President. Nice call. Now, onward to the bigger picture.


They never cared about the kids before. Loved all the fake caring about the kids. Brought a tear to me eye and warmed the cockles of me weary heart....watching them turn blue, that is. We are on schedule, train running fine.


Oh jeffy..... enjoy him for the next 6 1/2 years! Given your girth he’s almost certainly your last president!

Bill Tozer

Yep, and one day I turned around and suddenly they cared all about the kids. From 6/ 2014.......done fingerpointing, this is one big problem to solve. Let’s get er’done.


Robert Cross

Now trump is going to detain whole families including the innocent. Does Warsaw ring a bell with any of you patriots?

George Rebane

BillT 218pm - Good catch Mr Tozer. Must reading for all especially the ones who only get their news from the lamestream.


Posted by: Robert Cross | 20 June 2018 at 02:26 PM

bobby......go hang out at the fat mans site! He’s having a tantrum ....you should join him!

Todd Juvinall

It looks to me that the people crying about the "adults" and those youngins are mad because they can't get their pedophile bonus money from those old hippies.

George Rebane

RobertC 226pm - Mr Cross, did you really come here to demonstrate that you know nothing of what went on in Warsaw during 1939-45? Why do that?


Posted by: Bill Tozer | 20 June 2018 at 02:18 PM

Yeah.....I think that “Gentle Touch” Joe Biden would be a deterrent to immigrants legal and otherwise!

Good find Bill!

Todd Juvinall

Robert Cross must be a graduate of the stupid school. Warsaw? That was a armed uprising of a Jewish Ghetto. You libs are the dumbest asses in America.

Todd Juvinall

Pelline is as dumb as Cross about all this. And Trump has outsmarted those dumbasses again.

Pelline is calling the action as a Trump Policy! What an uninformed idiot. He and his three buffoons that post there don't even read the NYT apparently. Where it was today accurately reported the "policy" is actually a Ninth Circuit decision called Flores. My goodness Pelline is so stupid. No wonder he was booted at our local paper. Probably for incompetence.


There is NO making the Proggys happy. Whine about separating brats from adults. Now Bob Jr. has his underues in a twist. Well tough tit bob, you open borders idiots want them to have free run. Not going to happen. Now go cry to yo' Mamma, and tell her someone told you NO!.


Yup, keep'm together, so they can be shipped home together.


Let's think outside the box for a moment to abuse an often used phrase. Trump needed some way to get the Democrats in the Senate to vote for immigration reform. Now that we have reach crisis mode, the Democrats will have to think hard about rejecting Trump's immigration reform, as he is solving the problem and they could be viewed as blocking a solution. This could have been a manufactured crisis to play out just like it is, the WH knew what CNN was going to do and the rest of the press. Session launched the crisis with his zero policy speech. The Democrats have been maneuvered into having to vote for the Trump immigration reform bill, which includes all the provision he wants. Let's see if he gets 6+ D votes on the immigration reform bill.

Todd Juvinall

Dave Larson please send me your email to tjj54@comcast.net


,,,meanwhile,,,over on Todd's blog they are melting down accusing Diaz,,,who won by a landslide,,,local dumbeth voters???,,,proclaiming Diaz failed to effectively implement new regs and wasted money!!! too funny that Peline has the facts and Todd and Co just make stuff up.

Bill Tozer

And then one day for no particular reason, everybody started caring about the children. Didn’t hear one peep about this on MSNBC, CNN, or the News Director Network three years ago and I haven’t heard a peep about this on Jake Tapper or the rest of that bunch up to this very hour. Crickets. Why? Why, why why?
Well, like that old song goes, “Ain’t no use to sit and wonder why, babe, it don’t matter anyhow.” Time to roll up the sleeves and get er done.

From March 11, 2015. Let’s unchain our rabid dog and turn him loose on fixing it. It’s all yours, Mr. President. It’s a thankless job but somebody has to do it. Thanks.


George Rebane

A correspondent informs me that we're a real news item on the FUE's blog. However, his readers seem to have no idea what has been debated in this comment stream, other than concluding that somehow there was some kind of a loss here in some kind of competition that they seem to have won. But again, there is no discussion of ideas, only spewing of snark. Pity.

Don Bessee

What else would you expect from the dark lord of liberal lament land when you have one thread at over 200 comments? ;-)


Why yes, Bobby 222pm, I do know about the Warsaw ghetto in Poland in WWII. It didn't involve illegal immigrants; it was where the Nazi invaders put Polish individuals and families who were Jewish while waiting the Nazi's Final Solution which mostly involved a final move to an extermination camp elsewhere in Poland.

A question for you, Bob... how many Saturday Night Specials did it take for the incarcerated to well-regulate the Waffen-SS in charge of controlling them, at least for a time?

On an almost related note, my wife's mother was in the Washington DC area starting in 1939 while my wife's grandfather was on a diplomatic mission to the US from Serbia, their family home and all other properties were confiscated by the Nazi occupiers. On our dining room table are copies of Nazi documents (courtesy the US National Archives) detailing the stuff that was taken from the Albala (Sephardi) and Lebl (Ashkenazi) families. Looking over the documents, the German attention to detail is absolutely amazing. Were the Nazi collaborators in Croatia (the Ustase) been as anal retentive, they'd not have gotten away with sanitizing the Jasenovasc extermination camp in Croatia.

Todd Juvinall

Robert Cross has proved he is a mental midget on history and logic. Is it Ustasi or as you spelled it>

Todd Juvinall

GeorgeR 517
The FUE comes across as a person ready for admittance into a mental institution. He is actually quite entertaining. But like the left that attacked Trump to do something about the kidlets. When he did they attacked that. That is the FUE. No creds since he can never agree with anything a conservative says even when there is no difference. He is the definition of someone that is "unhinged" from reality and 100% political.

Don Bessee

Then there is this -

The boy told officials that he was going to the U.S. to visit his mother and that “he was dropped off by his uncle and that Border Patrol would pick him up,” the release said.
After being “rescued” in an area located west of Lukeville, Arizona, where the heat topped 100 degrees, officials said the child was brought “to Tucson for further processing.”
The news release went on to emphasize the threat of smugglers, adding that “children in particular are extremely vulnerable, not only to exploitation, but also to the elements in the environment.”




Todd, the spelling isn't that important to me... in Croatian, it's Ustaša and the difference in word endings are according to Serbo-Croatian grammatical rules that are beyond my ken.

Bonnie McGuire

Reading the comments is interesting and entertaining because the comparison is profound if you've paid attention during your lifetime. Not long ago "jon" poked fun at me for praying that God bring me the right mate someday while I was a teenager. The reason was that I'd seen so many broken families. My prayer was answered when I was twenty. The young man that rode into my life on the Harley got my attention. Why? Later it became apparent that he was my Knight who was good, loving, tough, and hard working. He provided for his family, and taught them by example for 65 years. I get a kick out of some who quote the Bible using it to support their warped political mentality. When it comes to children we had five. This is a profound responsibility ignored by most who enjoy planting the seed that will create and bring a new life onto earth. It is the woman who is chosen to sacrifice her body (and life) to that new creation being born. Her super God given responsibility is to nourish it in and out of the womb and teach it. The father protects and provides for them. I have to laugh at all the men and women who ignore the sacrifice of the important entity bringing them into the world. Women! Those who procreate children are responsible for them. Our laws evolved to protect us from one another, because some individuals think they can do whatever and not be responsible for what they create. Those using their children as pawns to get what they want aren't nice, nor are the Politicians using them for the same reasons. These oath swearers aren't upholding their pledge to American citizens who are taxes to pay for everything including their excessive salaries and benefits. How about the biblical prophecy that their money will testify against them? Meanwhile, other nations (and citizens) have responsibility for their circumstances just as we do.
If they want to come here they have to abide by our laws just as we must abide by theirs.

Todd Juvinall

Well said Bonnie!!

Bill Tozer

My, that truce did not last a second. Told ya it would not last one second. Wonder what color their faces will turn to next. We have seen pale, beet red, followed by blue, then ?

Don’t know about the rest of you, but it seems the Lefties are crossing some lines big time everywhere they go in the last 48 hours. Everywhere. Press conferences, interviewing members of Congress, restaurants, everywhere. They be like East German police kicking in doors and hunting down enemies of the State. Boy, I would hate to be o e of of the 8% who voted for Trump in one of those Bay Area neighborhoods right about now. Ain’t safe to venture out, ain’t safe to hunker down inside behind bolted doors.

Khmer Rouge, Lord of the Flies time. Kill the Beast, Kill the Beast!, Kill the Beast!! There is a big shift going down. All they can say is F bombs and FU, FU, FU. Thats all that comes out, all they can muster to get out. They have totally lost it. Ain’t pretty nor lady like, nor healthy for our Republic. It’s different this time. It’s not simply words, it’s warfare. War.


,,,try to get a grip Bill,,, lefties don’t control any branch of government,,,so why blame them for the incompetency of your ilk?

Bill Tozer

I haven’t seen them act this way since the first Wednesday in November, 2016.

She’s back......they are all backkkkkkkk. Thought they would recover by now. I thought wrong. Not a pretty sight. Rather unattractive. I feel a twinge of fear, healthy fear. Hopefully it is just a replace, but my gut tells me otherwise.




Posted by: M | 20 June 2018 at 08:29 PM

Politicians come and go Diaperanator!

You lefty douchnozzles run the media, academia, and the permanent bureaucracy!

Bill Tozer

Moi @ 8:38 pm: Relapse. Hopefully it is just a relapse, but my gut tells me otherwise.

Separating children from parents? Here comes the ole race card again. At least they are back on familiar terrority. Their safe place.

“There is a very obvious throughline connecting the worst moments and policies of this administration — the travel ban, Charlottesville, Puerto Rico and family separation at the border.” —MSNBC’s Chris Hayes

Boy, Antifa has taken off their black garb. It’s all out in the open now. We smoked them out.



Posted by: Bill Tozer | 20 June 2018 at 08:38 PM

Oh my god Bill I had forgotten about that Hillary supporter! With her pain she brings joys to the multitudes!

Bill Tozer

Me thinks negotiations might be a waste of valuable time. No use getting on their good side....as if that is possible.



,,,Jeff Dunham (R-CA) outs the po’ ol’ Freedom Caucus as cause of stalling on immigration bills!!! “Honesty is not a trait of Freedom Caucus”

You cannot make this stuff up!!!


Posted by: M | 21 June 2018 at 06:56 AM

Important pro tip dugski! When you find yourself (selves .....after all you are the man of a thousand sock puppets) slipping into “jeffyspeak” .....”You cannot make this stuff up!!”.

Stop and regroup.....Remember, there is no shame in this!

Continuing to communicate like a 600 lb Frank Burns diminishes you!


M sez: " lefties don’t control any branch of government"

lol. What state do you live in?

Just look around and you can see the fruits of a progressive utopia.

The take-away is that progressives provide a few benefits.
. Higher prices and income disparity.
. Better coffee shops

all powered by an illegal alien class of serfs and anti-Trump energy.

Bill Tozer

Let’s see. Now that kids are not being separated from their parents in detention, everything is fine, right? ROFLMAO. Its just starting to rev up again. Now the exploding heads will really be going off because we are detaining families. We are putting them in detention centers! We are putting families in concentration camps, gulags, in Auschwitz!! The families are being shipped off and placed in inhumane conditions surrounded by chain link fences, exactly like most every playground, school yards, and many day care centers we drop our own kids off across the USA on a daily basis. Sweet.

Bottom line: No detention for illegals. No ICE. No arrests. No fences. No Border Patrol. No jails. All criminals are political prisoners. Too funny.



,try to keep up with the scenery scenes,,,referencing national immigration policy,,,what a maroon!!!

Todd Juvinall

Trump called the left's bluff and the fake news media too. And they can't deal with that. Today an article in our little Union showed how dishonest and hysterical they are about the issue. I laughed my ass off. And even though Trump enacted exactly what the morons of the left were screaming about, they now say it is not enough. And the democrats on the House Floor this morning on CSPAN are screaming. Gotta love that Trump!

Ricky McVeigh

Bonnie, are you OK with immigrant children being forcefully injected with antipsychotic

Todd Juvinall

DailyKos? Please they are a communist rag.


"Frank Burns eats worms." - recitation from a M.A.S.H. episode English lesson

It strikes me that folks aren't noticing the "policy" argument wasn't whether or not to rip children from their parents, but whether or not to arrest adult "illegals" and hold them until their day in court if they contested being deported immediately by making an asylum request.

That policy remains... the Trump "caving" was to put the kids in the pokey with the real or imagined mom and dad and to work to get the Flores 20 day limit extended.

This is not placating the folks wanting de facto asylum (catch and release) for any adult in the company of a minor.

Bill Tozer

I really see do see a total Leftist meltdown going on here. Seriously. They are flipping out coast to coast. It’s like one big psychotic episode going on. They are out there protesting and screaming at detention centers built by Obama, chasing folks out of restaurants, popping their corks at press conferences, and that does not even touch our local blogs.

jon smith lost it here recently. calling Hilary Hodge a brash lesbian, totally out of character. Punchy jumped into the topic about separating parents being charged with crimes from their kids with his going off about this is a blue county or something out of left field like a guy in a rubber room. The FUE jumps over here losing his ever loving mind, Bobbie Linda Cross Campbell babbling incoherently about Warsaw, and the media has melted down into a puddle of unsightly toxic goo like The Wicked Witch did when Dorothy threw water on her. It’s Wall to Wall one big Lefty psychotic group panic attack.

I have never seen anything like this in my entire life. Ever. I bet not one person reading this can ever think of a time in our history where such an unhinged group panic attack phenomenon was occurred, totally detached from reality. Maybe that time Orson Welles’ War of the Worlds was broadcasted on a radio show.... it’s mass hysteria going on.

The silver lining is that M is looking sane by comparison. That says it all.


Toes 853am

Not a meltdown, more a celebration of finally hitting on the right strategy to topple a duly elected Trump, as they've been worrying Mueller wasn't gonna pan out.

The celebrations may be premature.

Todd Juvinall

Trump outsmarted the fake news and democrats. Now they are flailing around and hopeless. Love it!

Bill Tozer

@ 8:48 pm
Great point. Catch and release barely scratches the surface. The very idea that violating immigration laws should ever even be considered “illegal” or a crime is beyond the pale to them. The concept of enforcing immigration law sticks in their caw. Any enforcement is unconscionable. Where do we go from here?

3% of catch and release illegals never bother show up at their hearings. Why? Because they know that if they show up, they do not have a legal leg to stand on to be here, even after exhausting all options. They know they would not have been granted entry if they simply entered at a designated point of entry. They know, we know, everybody knows.

What the Left never mentions or questions is what kind of parent would send off their 8 year daughter with strangers, loading her up with a handful of morning after after pills knowing full well that their 8 year old daughter would get raped and abused by the those taking her North. What kind of abusive piece of shit human debris would do that to their 8 year old daughters??? WTF. What kind of animals are they?


brucelevy says:

June 21, 2018 at 8:43 am

Only in actuality he hasn’t shown any contrition or repentance. He doesn’t own that he created this perversion. He never does. He never apologizes or admits being wrong. He is a malignant narcissist, and psychopath at worst or a sociopath at best. He has no capacity for normal human traits. He is basically a monster…which reflects deeply on those who support him, if not the entire active GOP. At this point there is little difference from the early part of Hitler’s rise when he seemed to just be a politician.

Tiny little man practices psychology from the box in which jeffy keeps him! Not to worry...the string at the back of Little Brucies neck is short and he'll be quiet again once it retracts fully!

Is this why you were banished from your shtetl....for playing at being a doctor?

Bill Tozer

Good use of Yiddish there Fish. :). Think the voters drove him out, lol.


Good golly Ms. Molly


Bonnie McGuire

Ricky....June 21/8:26am
Hahaha. Interesting that you brought up the alleged drugging of emigrant children. Been watching and writing about the drugging of American children a long time. The war within our country includes a sinister attack on our children who would be the future of America, but where was the emotional outrage? The public schools began attacking the more energetic, rambunctious children (mostly boys), forcing their parents to put them on Ritalin, or Adderall as a form of discipline. I know because they tried to force a grandson onto it, and wouldn't listen to his parents. They had to have their lawyer go to the meeting with them, because the school officials wouldn't listen. All heads turned to the lawyer who asked, "How are his grades?" The answer was that they were okay, so they were told what they were doing was against the law. The schools were being paid around $420 for every kid they put on drugs. There were some angry lawyers concerning schools pushing drugs. And you've probably seen some of the documentaries about it many years ago. Now we're told America has a huge opioid problem. Clint Eastwood's last movie about the Paris American heroes saving those on the train from a terrorist includes how the school wanted to drug them in grammar school, but the mothers refused to allow it.
I did some research on the Russian Pavlov's dog experiment that led to this.
Inside the Kremlin's Hall of Mirrors.
Fake news stories, doctored photographs, staged TV clips, and armies of paid trolls. Has Putin's Russia developed a new kind of information warfare - fought in the "psychosphere" rather than on the battlefield? Or is it all just a giant bluff? Disinformation and psychological operations are as old as the Trojan horse. But what distinguished the Kremlin’s approach from that of its western rivals was this new stress on the “psychosphere” as the theatre of conflict. These wars of the future would be fought not on the battlefield but in the minds of men. I hate to bug you with this stuff but it's what's been going on a long time with those we are supposed to trust.
Think about how deadly the medical doctors, pschycologists, and drugs were in Germany and Russia last century. Years I bought Svetlana Stalins (Twenty Letters to a Friend) in a used book store. In it she relates how her dad used doctors to kill his enemies. She said they killed him and her husband too. So ya gotta beware of human nature...and the smooth talking salesman convincing you how much he cares about you.


Press Snookered Again

WASHINGTON (AP) — Melania Trump went to Texas to show she cared about migrant children. Her fashion choice carried a baffling counter-message.

The first lady wore a green, hooded military jacket from the fast-fashion brand Zara that read “I really don’t care, do u?” both as she departed and returned to Washington. The words were printed in white, in graffiti-style, on the jacket’s back.

When asked what message the first lady intended to send, spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham said: “It’s a jacket. There was no hidden message. After today’s important visit to Texas, I hope the media isn’t going to choose to focus on her wardrobe. ”

If she has worn a simple plain jacket the Press would have ignored the event, her visit would be a non-event. The "fake news" organization would have buried news of her attendance and compassion for the immigrant children. The jacket changed that! We now have the full story of her journey. The Press Snookered again.

Don Bessee

Winning - Here is one for the po' ol' fakenewsman, can you say midterms?

54 percent of likely voters polled by Rasmussen said that they think the parents are more to blame for breaking the law.Only 35 percent said the government is more to blame for the crisis.
Further, 54 percent of voting Americans agree with President Trump’s assertion that “The United States will not be a migrant camp. And it will not be a refugee-holding facility — it won’t be.”



Bill Tozer

Separation anxiety






Bill Tozer

Russ @ 7:28 pm.

Oh boy. That jacket story hit NPR and it looks like Punchy will be sinking his teeth into this shocking story uncovered by crack journalists and spread across the globe by unhinged news directors playing endless loops or this breaking scandal.
Best to keep our heads low tonight. Incoming!

“It was an odd choice for Trump — she isn't often seen wearing a $39 anything, and she rarely wears outfits not carefully thought out. That's where the blue dress/gold dress interpretations begin (though there's no scientific explanation for this).

What did it mean? Zara did not respond to an email asking to explain its inspiration for the jacket. Not that that matters anymore. Opps, strike that last sentence.


George Rebane

It seems to me that at least two out of three news items in the lamestream about separated kids is just an out-and-out lie. These consist of everything from pictures of 'kids in cages', to heartrending stories of kids alone, to keeping them hungry, to feeding them crap to eat, ... is either manufactured or exhumed from the Obama era. Does anyone know how effective these stories are across the land?

Todd Juvinall

My online comment to the idiot Vodicka. I will try to do a Voices on this soon.

"his ridiculous screed is what we have to deal with in free speech country. How someone can even think like this author is a very scary proposition. And of course, he resorts to the ultimate namecalling while crying our=t for civility. Hypocrites like this author are now all over the air. It is his ilk's laws that are in force. Trump and his admin are simply enforcing democrat laws. To call fellow Americans Nazis will not work. You can scream that from the highest mountaintop but right0thinking Americans know we are the most giving people on planet earth. We reject you and your allegations as totally ludicrous.

Trump issued an Executive Order to reunite families anyway so the whole premise of your hysterical creed is moot. And your history is totally ridiculous. What town is the Admin destroying and what lives are in jeopardy? None, and to compare our country and its law enforcement officers to Nazis makes you a fool."

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