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21 June 2018



,,,You are barking up the wrong tree,,,enforce the border,,,trumpski policy is akin to bailing water out of a leaky boat,,,fix the leak first!!!

George Rebane

M 209pm - You and yours have done all possible to make it impossible to fix our porous border. Today's failure of the comprehensive bill is just another chapter. Trump's enforcing the existing immigration law was a goad in that direction, which seems to have evaded many in the land. Are you among them?

Bill Tozer

“Fix the leak first would imply” Building the Wall.

George Rebane

BillT 310pm - Aw shucks Mr Tozer, I was going to let M figure that one out all by his lonesome.

Don Bessee

Who is making all the noise -




Don Bessee

What they will reap with no border control calls from dems -

The low score included only 17 percent of swing-voters and 7 percent of Republicans, 16 percent of blacks and 20 percent of Hispanics.
In contrast, 39 percent of swing-voters preferred the option of “Hold families together in family detention centers until an immigration hearing at a later date.” Another 18 percent favored separating the families and placing the children in shelters run by a government agency or in “juvenile detention centers.”
The poll shows a 17 percent vs. 58 percent split among independents against the Democratic Party’s easy-migration view, with another 25 percent hiding their views.
That poll likely understates public opposition to the Democrats’ “catch and release” policy. The question gently described the migrants as “families …. without proper documentation,” and 17 percent of respondents declined to answer the question. Many people hide views they believe to be unpopular under “don’t know” or “not sure” answers.



Bonnie McGuire

Well the ongoing controversy is an education if you want to really learn something.
Evidently during the 1980s the area between San Diego and Mexico was a crime infested desert that was safe for no one, most of all not safe for Mexicans entering the U.S. illegally. Most of the illegals were simply seeking gainful employment but they were preyed upon by criminals from both sides of the border. Evidently, a group of San Diego police officers called the Border Crime Task Force were sent to patrol the area between San Diego and Mexico. Their mission was not to apprehend the thousands of illegal aliens slipping into the United States; that was the job of the U.S. Border Patrol. The Border Patrol did apprehend illegals, so many that one-third of total illegals caught by the Border Patrol anywhere came from South of San Diego. The cops’ mission was to stop the ruthless bandits who preyed on these Mexican illegals — relentlessly robbing, raping, and murdering defenseless men, women, and children.
In 1991 an astounding change was brought to this region, a change that benefited both the United States and Mexico. This changes especially benefited poor Mexicans, the campesinos. Hardest hit were the ruthless bandits who were forced to go somewhere else to ply their deadly trade.
Here in San Diego, we have proven that the border infrastructure system does indeed work...It is highly effective. The 40 mile border made both sides of the wall better.
Trumps wall is underway:
The border crisis is not new. Children have been dragged across the dangerous desert terrain by their parents — or smugglers — for years, and no one seemed to care. Brandon Darby, who has covered border horror stories since long before it was fashionable (i.e., the Obama years) joins Jon Miller to discuss what’s really going on

Bill Tozer

Yep, it’s not about separating children from their illegal alien parents facing charges. The Dems have a better way. No separation of parents and (their?) children, no detention for them either....stop right there....no detention for families means exactly what?

Aha, this makes me feel better. A solution. Finally.

Democrats have taken full responsibility for securing our borders,” Pelosi responded. “We know that is a responsibility that we have, but we don’t.....”


Bill Tozer

This is a waste of time, but the former Mayor of San Francisco did make several valid points. Waste of time? Yes, because that was then, this is now.


Bill Tozer

Let’s talk about the bigger picture, shall we. The border. 60% of the illegals here crossed unlawfully via the southern border. I will save the other 40% for another day.

It’s not just about illegals with children. It’s about our Southern border. Listened to a Border Patrol Agent stationed in Calexico yesterday. 20 years in the field. Had nothing but praise for the local PD, local sheriff’s, and working with other jurisdictions in Az. Pleasant guy. He says they are working their tail off down there, are overwhelmed, and it’s not just unaccompanied minors or families from Central America. It’s the Wild West down there, and we have no idea.

A few days ago they caught 5 Somalis me . They asked for asylum. They were the former pirates that hijacked the cargo ships. They were rewarded well, spent their money like drunken sailors on big houses and such, and lived beyond their means. They owed the Warlord some money, and when they could not pay, he ordered their heads to be cut off. They fled to the USA and want amnesty because they “fear” for their lives, ROFLMAO.

Then the agent told of all the cars coming in with trunks full of drugs and all the people crossing across the desert and all the trucks carrying contraband on the nearby highways and people sneaking in from all over the world. And that’s just Calexico, not Nogales. Every time he and his partners catch somebody out in the desert, the lookouts for the cartels and smugglers (on both sides) see it, watch the agents drive off with the illegals they apprendend, and just as soon as the Border Patrol vehicles are out of view driving the illegals back to detention, they immediately cross with the drugs and human traffickers and coyotes filling the void.

Sure, antidotal stories of the day and life of a hard working Border Patrol agent and he knew it was a tough job when he signed up for it and not whining. Just a glimpse into what is happening this week, last couple of days, and probably tomorrow. It is really the Wild Wild West down there. Oh, he has been pelted with rocks more times than he can count. His only beef is that our domestic foster system sucks, our kids are going hungry, and these illegals are treated better than our homeless.

Kids are nothing in the big picture. Tell me again why the Wall is a dumb idea.

Bill Tozer

Quotes of the day...on topic

For the record: “Ramzi Yousef was the mastermind of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing and the Bojinka plot, as well as the nephew of 9/11 architect Khalid Sheik Mohammed. Poor Yousef almost didn’t make it through customs. Not only was his own passport of dubious provenance, but his traveling companion was carrying bomb manuals, car bombing videos — and instructions on how to lie to U.S. immigration inspectors. Yousef claimed asylum and was released into our country to execute the first WTC attack.” —Ann Coulter

Memory lane, part I: “Do not send your children to the borders. If they do make it, they’ll get sent back.” —Barack Obama in 2014

Memory lane, part II: “We have to send a clear message, just because your child gets across the border, that doesn’t mean the child gets to stay. So, we don’t want to send a message that is contrary to our laws or will encourage more children to make that dangerous journey.” —Hillary Clinton in 2014


And last… “If emotion is to supersede law, then just about any law can be circumvented if the emotional level is high enough.” —Cal Thomas

Bill Tozer

Cooking the books:


Don Bessee

Those evil kanucks are shipping people home faster than we do and now we learn this -

Canadian border guards have been screening travellers using a huge, secretive US anti-terrorism database that is almost never referred to publicly, new documents reveal.
The database, called Tuscan, is provided to every Canadian border guard and immigration officer, and empowers them to detain, interrogate, arrest and deny entry to anyone found on it.
Hundreds of pages of documents obtained by the Guardian through Canada’s access to information system reveal the fullest picture yet of a database that, although employed in Canada, is maintained exclusively by the US. It contains the personal information of as many as 680,000 people believed by US authorities to be linked with terrorism, and functions effectively as a second no-fly list that is cloaked in secrecy.



Don Bessee

The joys of being a sanctuary city -

Reynaldo Mora, a 41-year-old illegal alien from Mexico, has been charged by the Montgomery County Police Department for allegedly raping a 13-year-old non-verbal girl in her home, according to ABC7 News.
In mid-April, two months after the rape, the victim took an in-home pregnancy test, which came back positive. Her aunt brought her to Adventist HealthCare Shady Grove Medical Center in Rockville for further testing. Medical staff confirmed she was 11-weeks pregnant at that time. The victim would later tell investigators that Mora was the father of the unborn child.
The illegal alien was arrested soon after and his lawyers immediately requested he be released on bond. In May, Montgomery County Circuit Court Judge Steven Salant allowed the illegal alien to be released, but the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency stepped in to take over custody of Mora.
ICE confirmed that Mora has been living in the U.S. illegally and was previously working full time as a cook at a Mexican restaurant in Maryland.
Now, should he be convicted, the illegal alien is facing up to 60 years in prison. Once his time is served, if convicted, he will be transferred to ICE for deportation from the U.S.



Don Bessee

Follow the money, how much ends up in team lefty PACS?


Does anyone think they only smuggle 6 year old's? Cartel soldiers loaded with goodies to sell in the inner city. How many jihadis? ;-)

Bonnie McGuire

Oh my goodness! What was homeland security all about? Another agency waste of money like our Congress?


Someone on reddit found a comic that really nailed the Democratic politicians this past week.


Bill Tozer

Good morning gentleman and fine lady, Miss Bonnie,

Well, somebody sold Trump a bill of goods. That somebody is Paul Ryan. He cannot leave office soon enough. Ryan declared that the Goodlatte Bill was DOA. It was only 15 votes shy. Trump could have gotten the 15 votes if he was not told by Ryan &Co it is DOA and could have personally got those votes. The Ryan bill gives just about everybody amnesty, even guest workers!!

Let’s review. It was only last January that the Dems threatened to shut down the government over DACA. The compromise was all the lawmakers agreed to tackle DACA.
Let’s review again. The Dems wanted the 750,000 DACAs covered. That is the number of those who applied, paid the fee, and are actually enrolled and signed up. Trump said ok, and we will make it 1.8 million adding those who did not quality. Dems said NO!

No to 750,000 DACAs. No to 1.8 million. No to everything. No to ending lottery....they just want the 50k to be renamed and put under another program. No to stopping illegal immigration, period. Amnesty for all. No to any reforms. No to criminalizing illegal entry.

Trump should deal with this by taking it straight to the people with his Twitter Machine. Now Dreamers mean that if you arrived here yesterday and you are one day before turning 18; amnesty for you...and your extended family. DACA now means every illegal minor here, including all those who never ever applied....means anyone who arrived before they turned 18, no matter how many times they crossed and recrossed. And once you get amnesty (or aslymn) you get a housing allowance and your adult siblings and their families are in and we pay for the ride. Medical attention, housing, blah, blah, blah. Treated better than they could dream of back home, lol.

Bill Tozer

Right on Trump! They are just playing games. The last thing the Progressives need is another Trump fixing something right now.

All this BS started as soon as Air Force One departed Singapore and was still in the air. Former NSA Director Michael Hayden out of the blue dropped the comment about “concentration camp” kids in detention centers and the press took their cue and ran with it like chickens with their heads chopped off AND their hair on fire. The Sky is Falling.

Go pound sand.


Don Bessee

They just can not help themselves from wallowing in fakenews -

They're together and safe': Father of Honduran two-year-old who became the face of family separation crisis reveals daughter was never separated from her mother



Bill Tozer

@ 10:16 am

Don, a companion piece, to drive it home. This is why our nation was drug through the muck nonstop since last weekend?

“Sandra left behind three other children on her trek to seek asylum in the U.S. But, if she was seeking asylum, why did she not go to a port of entry and do so legally? Because Sandra is a repeat offender. Back in 2013, she was arrested and deported for illegally crossing the border. It would appear that this illegal alien had no grounds for claiming asylum, thus her decision to break U.S. law. This may be more common than the Leftmedia would care to report.”


Yes, the photo of the crying child makes Punchy feel sad.
Yes, this comment should have be posted under “Separating kids from Parents”. My apologies to Dr. Rebane and the readers. I will try to exercise more self discipline...again. :)

Bonnie McGuire

Bill T 10:52 Thanks for the interesting info. It almost looks like these so-called emigrants are paid to invade America, just like the African pirates off the coast of Africa. Looking back...the only ship that didn't comply kindly was the Russian ship. Isn't our leaders dream for our new world order humane society to eliminate all borders whether we like it or not? Looking back at the present world order history it's pretty corrupt. When the Human Rights advocates appealed to the United Nations to stop the massive atrocities/murder (based on color/religion) going on in Africa the UN's answer was that it was merely ethnic cleansing. In Nazi Germany it was Genocide. Now think of all the wars we sacrificed our young men and money to help other nations allegedly for human rights and freedom. Our Constitution and Bill of Rights is our fundamental law so many gave their lives for in America. Are we all alone regarding this basic protection? And why we're being invaded by a modern Trojan horse using emotion to destroy us and all freedom of, by and for humanity.

George Rebane

A commenter reported that a Mexican presidential candidate is calling for all south-of-border latinos who want a better life to head for the United States, because the US must let everyone in and succor them in the name of international social justice. No words included about shithole countries having the responsibility to clean up their act and care for their citizens.

Bill Tozer

2:38 pm. Surely you jest.


Don Bessee

Fakenews is as fakenews does-

A misleading TIME magazine cover of President Trump looming over a crying migrant girl has exemplified the media’s eagerness to portray the administration’s immigration policies in the harshest possible light. But it seems the iconic magazine treated the Obama administration with comparative kid gloves over similar practices, and with covers focused instead on “Manopause” and butter.
Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer John Moore captured the iconic photo of a 2-year-old Honduran girl crying as her mother was detained along the U.S.-Mexico border. For TIME and others, she quickly became the face of a “zero tolerance” policy that had resulted in children of detained illegals being separated from their parents.
The July 2 edition of the magazine features a cover complete with a Photoshopped version of Trump looking down on the crying girl with the caption “Welcome to America.” The dramatic image seems designed to illustrate the outrage surrounding Trump’s now-reversed policy.
Unfortunately for TIME, the girl’s father told the Daily Mail that his wife and daughter were not actually separated, in an interview published after the magazine cover went viral.



Don Bessee

Then you have the happy to tow the putin party line dictated by the fakenews mills -





When the BBC even realizes that it's Fake News, you know how screwed up MSM is.


Peter Fonda continues to channel his inner Green Libertarian...


I did like the story on the Mexican politician basically stating a continent-wide right to move to the US. No doubt the gringos stole the part with all the roads.

These are exciting times. The mask has fallen off of the 'progressives' and you get to finally hear what they really think. It feels like getting a pair of those sunglasses in 'They Live'.


It's probably worth reminding everyone that the Open Borders religion is a full court press.



h/t to Yubanet. A good source of fire information but like most media outlets firmly in the pocket of one of the two teams (Team Blue in this case).

In an article on the Hitleresque overtone to actually attempting to enforce the law, a really great phrase I hadn't seen before.

'irregular migration'

I am going to start using that. I think I like it better than 'undocumented migrants'.

You have to admit that it's interesting to see phrases like:

'Most of the migrants detained are asylum seekers from Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras, who have fled their countries because of insecurity, violence and violations of their human rights. '

The push appears to be to game US immigration law, set up to accommodate a small population of bonafide politically-in-danger foreign nationals, to now include anyone who has 'feelings of insecurity'. All poor people from poorly run countries (the technical term is 'shit holes') get a free ride to our fine nation.


Bill Tozer

“Peter Fonda continues to channel his inner Green Libertarian...”

Nah. There is something about Peter than reminds me of M Manson.


They are going full frontal, throwing everything the got at us right now. Kinda like the run up to the 2016 election. Just one swashbuckling little man swinging from the rigging high above the entire Spanish Armada with nothing but a tweeter machine between his teeth against all the King’s horses and all the King’s men from all Earth’s Kingdoms great and small from the four corners of the Seven Seas....all gathered and now stampeding forward to behead the one little solitary old man. Nothing stands in their way but a Twitter Machine ........and 60 million of the most repugnant foul vile Deplorables ever to assemble.

The Leftists, bless their hearts, are not equipped to handle the counter revolution. Got your back, Mr. Trump. Been here before, more that once. Best to cinch up the straps and hang on tight....we are riding this out of control bull into the dirt if need be and he is charging straight into their 9 foot thick fortress wall. Hang on.

Retreat? We just got here.

Don Bessee

Retreat? We just got here." Why does it feel like that was said by someone who was reincarnated as Mad Dog! ;-)


Another LIB business who could not see past their politics.
The Red Hen that kicked out Sara H. Sanders, may soon be headed for their own stew pot
The "reviews" are pouring in.

This game playing by Proggy businesses has never worked out well.
The excuses will start by Monday.

George Rebane

Administrivia - You all would do me and RR readers a great boon if you tell me and cut/paste the erroneously posted comment under the correct topic. Then I can just delete the erroneous one, and no one would be the wiser. Much grass.

Bill Tozer

Returning to a bigger picture of this post, is the far left anti-American? Is the far-left anti-America? Are borders bad? Is being a soveign nation inherently evil? Space prevents a reasonable discussion in one comment and “yes or no” answers are insufficient. Therefore, I will only offer an aspect to consider, not an answer.

In the days of yore, conquering Kings with their armies would take the population of the defeated and march them off to another place. A massive depopulation, if you will. Then, other conquered inhibanits from other regions would be marched in and settled in the depopulated area.
Because the conquered folks marched off had roots to the land. Roots that lasted generations. They had local customs, traditions, and culture. They had developed a degree of self governing due to their local customs, rites, customs, even superstitions. In effect, it’s was who they were as a people, tribe, or nation.

The conquered knew that people not tied to their land, boundaries, and culture were less likely to rebel and more easily brought to submit and control. Thus, the ties that bound were ripped from the people and they people were ripped from the land.
The people brought in to replace the ones depopulated from the land, area, region, or nation had no ties to the land, no ties to the culture, no ties to the local customs practiced for generations. They (the new ones )were less likely to fight for their new land, less likely to rebel against outside authorities, and much less like to die for their new land.
It was all about their “borders”, their culture, their land that motiviated a people, a nation, a community fight to the death to preserve it. It was all about their degree of self governing that had deveopled by being on their land developing their culture (and yes, language) that determined who they were as a nation.

Thomas Jefferson address this point in his so-called letters to the King. It was not about paying taxes. Nay, Jefferson rejected the idea of being ruled by the Crown precisely because the colonists had developed their own form of self governing, due to the deveoplment of the culture and ties to the land. The land, the boundaries, the borders and the culture were the ties that bound...the land that rocked the cradle.
Imagine if you will a mass influx of foreign cultures to, say, Nevada City or Nevada County. No, not a good orderly addition of welcomed new comers. Not a assimilation of a a few hundred or thousand. Imagine if you will the arrival of different cultures from outside nations in a brief few years of, say, equivilant to 40% of our population. Now consider 60-70%, 80% of the residents Nevada County being from places foreign to our principles, our culture, traditions, local self rule, ideas of government, etc....all first or second generation.

People with no ties to the Old West. Folks with no ties, or love to the Yuba River. People with no ties or culture to preserving the historical nature of downtown Nevada City. No old timers around who worked in mining, logging, or having ties to the land flowing in their veins. Not ties to American history, no ties to CA history, no ties to the 4th of July or Thanksgiving. No ties to the green movement here, nothing in their culture resembling or respecting our current culture. No ties or appreciation of the Miners Foundry or its preservation.

Is it not our culture, our love for freedom, our love of the self determination, our ties to the land within our Nation’s borders, our history, our our self governing rites and rules that make us who we are as a Nation? Is that not what makes us all Americans, no matter who were are where we hail from?

If we were to lose our borders, we lose our sovereignty and we lose it all. Hillary wanted us to be a North America zone, ruled by decress issued from faceless unelected bureaucrats. No, not NAFTA. More like the EU ruled from Brussels, telling German chocolate makers in little shops they cannot make or sell white chocolate. On the Swiss can. Intruding into the cultures and customs and borders of German, for example. That is what is a stake here.
Thought the years I have heard from many illegal alien inmates locked in our prisons, from many citizens of countries south of the border, from several politicians from those countries...all saying that they are “citizens of North America.” Now, I hear the same mantra growing louder and hearing it with more frequency. If you are a citizen of North America, then you are nothing less than anti-American. You cannot reconcile the two polar opposites. Our borders and culture vs North American.

Bill Tozer

Another view

“I’m a pretty liberal guy on immigration — open to more asylum seekers, bigger immigration, more temporary workers, etc. But I’m not a huge fan of chaos. And I suspect I’m not alone. Yet we have Democrats and activists calling for the elimination of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. We have a Democratic Party unwilling to make any compromise on the issue even when we’re faced with a surge of migrant children. As Gabriel Malor pointed out in The Federalist this week, the proposed legislation cosponsored by every Senate Democrat was so carelessly written that it would prevent “federal law enforcement agencies almost anywhere inside the United States from arresting and detaining criminals who are parents having nothing to do with unlawfully crossing the border and seeking asylum.”

It’s not healthy for the country or the people who come here seeking a better life for them to be thrown into a system that doesn’t work. Nor, as we are increasingly seeing in Europe, is it politically tenable to rely on emotionalism as a means of ignoring all law.


Bill Tozer

From a Never Trumper....for another view

“When congressional Republicans this week proposed fixing these perversities in the law, Chuck Schumer balked. Democrats don’t want to make it easier for Trump to remove anyone from the country.

It’s easy to lose sight of the radicalism of this position. It’s understandable to oppose deporting an illegal immigrant who has been here for, say, 10 years. He probably has a job. He has a family. He has roots. But these migrants are illegal immigrants who, in some cases, literally showed up yesterday. They have no direct connection to the country and, for most of them, no legitimate claim on it.

The question they pose isn’t whether we are going to let illegal immigrants who are already here stay but whether we are constantly going to welcome more. It isn’t whether Immigration and Customs Enforcement should hunt people down but whether it can exclude people. It is, in short, whether we have a border or whether a certain class of migrants can — for no good reason — present themselves to the authorities and expect to be admitted into the country.”



BillT: "Imagine if you will a mass influx of foreign cultures to, say, Nevada City or Nevada County."

I can't say that it takes much imagination.


Bill Tozer

I smell the blood of an Englishman,
Be he alive, or be he dead
I'll grind his bones to make my bread.



Don Bessee

Now we see their true self -

More than 3-in-5 liberal voters in the United States say the country should be made into a refugee camp for the world’s poor, a new survey finds.

Meanwhile, conservatives and the majority of likely voters agreed that the U.S. should never become a refugee camp, as Breitbart News noted. Roughly 54 percent of Americans said they agree the U.S. “will not be a migrant camp” and that “it will not be a refugee-holding facility.”



George Rebane

BillT 157pm - Amen Bro Tozer, Amen. And that is why I included the three definitions my commentary. Change, natural and evolutionary, is inevitable. But rapid change, whether through externally forced egress or purposefully overwhelming ingress, is seditious to a people of an established governance and culture who are tied to the land.

Todd Juvinall

Here is a Twitter link to the fascists in Lexington Virginia's Red Hen Restaurant. They booted Sara Huckabee and her family for being a Republican and a Trump employee. I sent a go to hell you fascists already. Anyway, they want to treat us this way they will rue the day. The liberals are pigs and uncouth.


Bill Tozer

Good Doc @ 4:08 pm

Let me run something by ya. We are letting the far-left and The Left off the hook too easily in one regard.
They take us through one hysteria after another, crisis upon crisis, chaos, tension, ever present turmoil, underlying constant friction, emotional upheavals and mental breakdowns. All the while we excuse their behavior as TDS and Trump turns their skin inside out. We mock the spectacle (I do with joyous pleasure) and reason anyway and almost excuse it because it all has something to due with Trump.

Wrong, IMHO. Sure, Trump is a great catylsist and lightening rod, but they would behave the same with Pence. And anyone that is a threat to their anti-American and Anti-America agenda. Patrick Caddell sums it up best for me. To paraphrase:

“There will always be a place called the United States, but it won’t be America.”

Upon review, I have changed by position and now feel seditious is not too strong of a word, Dr. Rebane.

Account Deleted

Even Rubio has gone soft in the head.
A person might ask Rubio to give an actual example of Trump castigating folks who immigrate legally as 'criminal', but don't hold your breath.
Money quote - "That doesn’t mean we don’t have to have laws on our end. Mexico has immigration laws. Canada has immigration laws."
How nice of a federal law maker to notice - but what about enforcement?
Ah, yes - kinda depends on the last name and skin color, doesn't it Rubio?
Still waiting for an example of how I can break the law openly and be rewarded by the tax payers for my efforts.

George Rebane

'Wanting a better life' is not an excuse for violating another nation's laws, but for anti-Americans it is.

BillT 507pm - Mr Tozer, then let me run this by you - in what regard are we NOT letting the Left off the hook these days?

Account Deleted

Dr R - "Wanting a better life' is not an excuse for violating another nation's laws, but for anti-Americans it is."
That extends to all western nations controlled largely by white, euro-centric folk.
All other nations can shoot to kill and it's okie-dokie by the left.
Still waiting for the lefties to answer my question. Perhaps Paul Emery has found a bumper sticker out in the parking lot that might help him formulate a thought. But maybe not.

George Rebane

ScottO 647pm - Certain questions, and there are many of them, are not to be recognized by the Left, let alone deserving the effort of an answer.

Bill Tozer

Todd @ 4:36. Think that link is for the Red Hen in DC....whom of which is innocently caught up in the fallout and praise. Lexington Va is the place of the dastardly deed and boy did I rile a couple of them up on their VA Little Red Hen FB Page ...with only one short incompete sentence, lol Them Enoightened Ones sure know how to dish out the pure unadulterated hate. Peter Fonda knows his people.

Dr. Rebane @ 5:38.
Perhaps it’s me that lets them off the hook too easily. I keep thinking (hoping) they will grow out of it, that deep down they mean well but are just misguided, that somewhere in the methane gas raising from their inner decomposing vegetative swamp matter is someone who is capable, yet still unable to see the light. Perhaps even well intentioned good natured fellows in there somewhere.

My flaw (besides trying to find a way to disprove Einstein's Theory of Insanity) is I have been judging them by the same standard they judge themselves. By. their intentions, not the actions. Their actions go well beyond misdirected good intentions and straight to evil. Their actions speak so loudly I cannot hear what they say anymore. Yet, I hope. Hope against hope, that they really do not intend to do what they intend to do. The anti-American anti-America crowd I cannot begin to relate to as even real. Just a bad dream, a nightmare. Foolish me, it’s real and serious as a heart attack.

Bill Tozer

Todd, check this out. ROFLMAO! I needed that.



billt: "The anti-American anti-America crowd I cannot begin to relate to as even real."

Real enough.

The current progressive religion strikes me as difficult to understand partly because it's new. The belief systems I'm seeing, the pure forms being in universities and the most heinous of the trumphate activities, wouldn't be recognizable to a JFK or LBJ.

I can understand arguments about health insurance, free college, the extent of the welfare state, but this new mental virus is something else entirely. My own take is that you are seeing a rejection of (and disinterest in) traditional Western civilization. Toppling statues is one manifestation. Rejection of patriotism, rewriting of histories, enthusiasm for population replacement (a kind of demographics warfare), all look to be symptoms of a cause I haven't found.

Who knows where nihilism comes from?


on the immigration enforcement front.


Cool. Maybe we could get the local Green Libertarians to forcibly shutdown some federal law enforcement offices. I'll get a lawn chair and some beer for the show.

Bill Tozer

@ 7:54 pm.
Who knows where nihilism comes from?

It’s in the playbook. Self loathing is too simple of an explanation. There was the wise Salomon (?) or ancient who cried out “Vanity, vanity, all things are vanity.” Being property translated, “Emptiness, emptiness, all things are empty.”

Unmoored from everything past. Unmoored from culture, customs, country, home, predecessors, values, unmoored from their own selves. Unmoored from wisdom, unmoored from the conscious. Adrift. Empty. No anchors, more like cars without brakes.

Planned this way. Check out how much money Soros dumped into the legal pot initiatives, the opening of the doors to jail cells, the castigating of self reliance and core values and beliefs to be replaced by “the new.” Unmoored from authority, from tradition. It all must be destroyed, it’s all in the way. It’s stopping progress.

A younger Saul Alinsky was heavily influenced by some of Al Capote’s older lieutenants still around then. Knew them, hung out with them, studied them and the way they operated.
He saw how their methods actually worked and worked quite well. Saul did not care for the violence, but he had his game plan in mind and the mob gave him an operation manual...without the violence, of course. Bribe the judges, hire dirty cops, take over the streets, demand alligenace to the group. Pit one against the other, bust the safety nets, stir up civil unrest with unending strife, break the bank, destroy the system....and out of the opening created by the wall to wall rioting, unrest, and wholesale civil disobedience, seize the moment and knock it all down......with everything new arising from the ashes. The complete destruction of anything left to moor to.

One time as a boy as I walked by, my Mom exhaled deeply, looked up (whether she was taking to me or not, I could not say) and said, “Someday they will call good evil and evil good.” Thought about that before this reply

Yep, who knows where nihilism comes from? Who knows where this hate comes from? Such hatred. Nothing like this seen in a hundred years or more. No reference point on these shores.


Straight Outta Portland


Bill Tozer

Phew. Glad that blew over. All is well.


Waste of time, but I could not resist saying it at least once. Also a waste of time and unrelated, I do love how Chelsea is totally decrying yet another bill signed by her father.


Dr Rebane penned:

“To put a bow on it, the people crossing our southern border today also arrive with an attitude – America owes them. This message was intensified under Obama and has been communicated over the years by our anti-American Left to Latino populations in the western hemisphere. They now arrive being told that America and Americans are beholden to them, and, that as illegals having endured a difficult journey, they deserve and are in line for benefits greater than those received by America’s needy, and most certainly more than are due to those waiting their turn to legally immigrate into our country.”

Bill Tozer

Thomas Sowell speaks. Short and sweet.


Don Bessee

Why didn't they all pool their leftover vegan sushi like Tim Roth as Dutch Schultz did to Clarence Williams III in Hoodlum? Oh I know, its no sacrifice, its just a coordinated seaweed purge day, so its not really anything but the same thing with a big old virtue signal. And inches on the blogs with selfies of course. Celebrities Lena Dunham, Amber Heard, and Sia held up signs and demonstrated outside a border facility. WHO???




Posted by: Don Bessee | 24 June 2018 at 05:48 PM

Open Borders Activists Go on 24-Day Hunger Strike to Protest Trump’s Immigration Policy

Well it certainly can’t hurt Lena!

Bill Tozer

Well it certainly can’t hurt Lena!

Darn it, Fish beat me to it. Fish is back and on his game.

Good time for a hunger strike. Summer is here and time to shed a few unwanted pounds and get ready to show off that bikini bod. Hubba, hubba. After our SJWs have exhausted themselves with the trials and tribulations from going o e whole day without food, perhaps the children in the cages will share their water and apple slices with the Progressives and the HHS folks can do the midnight head count to make sure the altruistic Leftists are safe, sound, and accounted for.

Summer time!


Who? Who?, Don asks, Lena, Amber, and Sia. Or is that Amber, Sia, and Lena?


Bill Tozer

Lena and friends descend on the border to comfort the ripped babies locked inside the child gulags, eh? Well, that explains a lot. Those Dems are a sneaky bunch. Best to eye on their comings and goings.



Just in case any of our readers wanted to hassle some poor bureaucrats, this is pretty clever.


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