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11 July 2018


Don Bessee

It is still fun to watch the heads explode!




Don Bessee

He should calm down a bit to keep his blood pressure down -



Account Deleted

We are "a nation of laws or a nation of men". The left believes it always has the perfect answer to all of our problems and anyone or any group in any branch of the fed govt should be able to enact and enforce these wondrous acts at any time the left feels the new laws are needed.
That's not the way the founders set it up and that's not how I learned it in civics class.
The most astounding thing is that left feels that upholding the original intent of the Constitution is now a radical and 'extreme right' idea.
But upholding the original intent of the Constitution is exactly what the Supremes are supposed to do. It does not matter one whit what kind of personal ideas or feelings or political bent a SCOTUS justice has - they are to uphold what the supreme law of the nation says and if that gives them the heebie-jeebies, too damn bad. It is up to Congress to fix any 'problems' a SCOTUS ruling might bring up. Any justice of our highest court that ever complains about being worried about the result of their vote on a SCOTUS decision should resign. Now. SCOTUS did not write the laws nor the Constitution. If there's a obvious problem, we can amend the Constitution and/or have Congress change the laws. Sorry if that process takes too long or isn't to your liking. But we follow the rules or there is hardly any sense in playing the game.

Account Deleted

Don - thanks for the Ann Coulter link. So many 'rights' - so little time. Sigh. Someday one of our leftisha friends that post here can make a list of all of our 'rights'. There seem to be so many these days. I can hardly keep up.
Really like that little brain fart from the good folks at the Yale Law School.
"But people will die if he is confirmed." The preceding is the full sentence and is backed up by absolutely not one single supporting fact.
Either they decided to simply state that obvious fact as it is true on its face or they intended (but failed) to communicate some sort of feared increase in deaths due solely to Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination to our nation's highest bench. Hard to tell, as these worthies teaching and attending such a prestigious school are apparently without the intellectual means to either make clear what they are thinking nor can they buttress their arguments with any sort of reasoning.


Ok, got it!!! Brett Cavanough is totally awesome (((because Pubbers picked him))),,,

And what was wrong with Merrick Garland,,,oh yeah,,,threat to civilization!!!


Dershowitz tweets,,,Harvard Law prof. Alan Dershowitz (@AlanDersh) discusses Pres. Trump's #SCOTUS pick Brett Kavanaugh — and criticizes the GOP for refusing to consider Obama’s 2016 nominee Merrick Garland: "They stole the first nomination to the Supreme Court — absolute theft, unconstitutional."

Account Deleted

Don at 5:20 - Perhaps Moore will be the first victim of Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination? That would be part of the increase in deaths. I see now.


,,,liars and thieves who think their Depends don’t stink!!!

Account Deleted

Psssst! Hey M! - that was the idea the Democrats came up with. And no, idiot - it's not un-Constitutional. Please show us where it says that they have to approve of anyone the pres picks.

George Rebane

M 602pm - Where oh where did you get the notion that anyone claimed that Judge Garland was a threat to civilization? Are you making this stuff up out of whole cloth, or did you attempt to apply some reason? If the latter, please share it.

Account Deleted

I think this would be a good time for M to remember the words of that bestest of all presidents: "elections have consequences".
Or the words of the very bestest of all presidents who were never president: "What difference at this point does it make?"
Or just go with Nina Totten-uppen from NPR - "This is the end of the world as we know it."
I just love all of this brand spankin' new Kon-stish-toosh-inal intoo-lek-shual brain thinkin' from the left.
Here's how it works kids: There is a vacancy in the Supreme Court. The current pres nominates a person to the Supreme Court and the congress will do its thang. The bar is open. Fireworks to follow.
Please do try to pay attention and refrain from nonsense.


Yes Dougy, your side LOST. Time to get over it. Have a bitch? you can blame Dirty Harry Reid. He changed the rules. Remember? All in the name of dirty tricks.
Just wait till dear ol' Granny Ginsburg goes. Your ass will be a little more baboon red then usual.

Don Bessee

Cryin chucks not going to hold his blue state Senators. So it begins -



Account Deleted

I can see them carrying in Ginsburg on a litter and propping her up with a tank of oxygen and an IV. "Ms Ginsberg - blink once if you agree...".

Bill Tozer

Meditation Quotes to soothe the savage beast.

“Of all tyrannies, a tyranny exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It may be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies.” —C. S. Lewis (1898-1963)

Hypocrite: “Considering the ample evidence that President Trump will only select a nominee who will undermine protection for Americans with preexisting conditions, give greater weight to corporate interests than the interests of our citizens, no what matter what president says, and vote to overturn Roe v. Wade, the next nominee has an obligation, a serious and solemn obligation, to share their personal views on these legal issues, no matter whom President Trump selects tonight.” —Chuck Schumer on Monday (“There is a grand tradition, that I support, that you can’t ask a judge who was nominated or a potential judge who was nominated for a judgeship about a specific case that might come before them.” —Chuck Schumer in 2017)

“Sen. McConnell told the president that there were other nominees who could have been confirmed more easily. Why did the president stick with Kavanaugh? Because he’s worried that [Robert] Mueller will go the Court and ask that the president be subpoenaed and ask to do other things necessary to move the investigation forward. And President Trump knows that Kavanaugh will be a barrier to preventing that investigation from going there.” —Chuck Schumer

And last… “When they lose the White House, we must change the electoral college. When they lose the Supreme Court, we must change the number of justices. When they win one congressional seat (from themselves), the people have spoken and we must change our entire economy to socialism.” —Twitter satirist @hale_razor


Bill Tozer




Bill Tozer

Now, now. We mustn’t say the c word in public nor is it advisable to utter the c word in private private for that matter (unless your are a unhinged from social moors Progressive). So, without further ado, I present to you the most dastardly word in the universe, aka, the K word.



Remember Merrick Garland, the moderate jurist?


Thank you, Senator McConnell.

Don Bessee

Of course they did -

The Washington Post is being mocked for a “pathetic” report that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh racked up credit card debt on Washington Nationals baseball tickets -- even though he paid off the bill.
The Associated Press ran a similar story that focused on Kavanaugh not being particularly wealthy and mentioned the baseball tickets without painting it as a national scandal. The Post, on the other hand, homed in on Kavanaugh incurring “tens of thousands of dollars of credit card debt buying baseball tickets over the past decade” and waited until the fourth paragraph to mention that he paid the bill.



Bill Tozer

Well, this Kavanaugh fellow must be a terrible person. He is making real bad hombres look good by comparison.



Tic toc. Tic toc.

Bill Tozer

Finally, a montage.


Bill Tozer

Democrats Don't Fear Brett Kavanaugh; They Fear the Constitution

Sure, some of the anger aimed at Donald Trump’s nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court is partisan bluster meant to placate the activist base. Still, most Democrats were going to get hysterical about any pick, because any conservative pick was going to take the Constitution far too literally for their liking. For those who rely on the administrative state and coercion as a policy tool — forcing people to join political organizations, forcing them to support abortion, forcing them to subsidize socially progressive sacraments, forcing them to create products that undermine their faith, and so on — that’s a big problem.


Hey, it’s the Constitution they fear the most. Progressivism and the Constitution have no point of intersectionality.

Don Bessee

There's no stopping him now -

“I’ll be 71 years old in August, you’re going to whip me? Kiss my you know what,” West Virginia’s Sen. Joe Manchin told Politico.

To defeat Kavanaugh, Schumer has to keep all 49 of his members in line and convince at least one moderate GOP senator, such as Maine’s Susan Collins, to switch teams.
But it could prove impossible for Schumer to persuade senators like Manchin, Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota and Joe Donnelly of Indiana to vote against Kavanaugh, according to the website.
All supported Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch last year, and all three said their decision won’t be swayed by Schumer no matter what he does this year.

And even Democrats concede that the New York Democrat has an uphill fight.
“The worst thing you can do is to try to strong-arm a resilient, experienced, independent senator from a red state,” said Sen. Brian Schatz of Hawaii, a member of the whip team, which is charged with preserving party unity.
“It just wouldn’t work to try to break arms. They wouldn’t respond well to that.”



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