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05 July 2018


Todd Juvinall

Paul Emery still won't list the items he says the Rooskies did to our election. And by asking the question he says I am supporting the Rooskies. That is the illogic of a liberal brain. Too mych ganja over the years leaves the without a noggin that works.

So again, please list with bullet points those things you say the Rooskies did to the election in 2016.

Bill Tozer

Stupid Self...


Robert Cross

Here are some of the 5.3M hits using the phrase "how did russian hacking affect the election' or other variants such as "how did russian hackers affect the election" "how did russian hacking influence the election". etc. Information is out there for those who care to seek the truth.


This from Nate Silver: https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/how-much-did-russian-interference-affect-the-2016-election/

"But if it’s hard to prove anything about Russian interference, it’s equally hard to disprove anything: The interference campaign could easily have had chronic, insidious effects that could be mistaken for background noise but which in the aggregate were enough to swing the election by 0.8 percentage points toward Trump — not a high hurdle to clear because 0.8 points isn’t much at all."


Oh, Bobby 1133am, the 0.8% mentioned by Silver seems to be an "assessment" of possibilities, as it isn't mentioned before that sentence.

Here's the quote with the preceding paragraph included:

Overall, then, my view on the effects of Russian interference is fairly agnostic. I tend to focus more on factors — such as Clinton’s email scandal or the Comey letter (and the media’s handling of those stories) — that had easier-to-prove effects. The hacked emails from the Clinton campaign and the DNC (which may or may not have had anything to do with the Russians) potentially also were more influential than the Russian efforts detailed in Friday’s indictments. Clinton’s Electoral College strategy didn’t have as much of an effect as some people assume — but it was pretty stupid all the same and is certainly worth mentioning.

But if it’s hard to prove anything about Russian interference, it’s equally hard to disprove anything: The interference campaign could easily have had chronic, insidious effects that could be mistaken for background noise but which in the aggregate were enough to swing the election by 0.8 percentage points toward Trump — not a high hurdle to clear because 0.8 points isn’t much at all.

In other words, Bobby... *IF* the rooskies had a less than 1% effect on the vote, randomly distributed and indistinguishable from noise, it wouldn't have been detectable.

He didn't say the rooskies HAD a 0.8% effect on the vote, that was the Mind of Bobby filling in the gaps with the desired meaning.

Todd Juvinall

BoobieC just peddling fake news again. Always good to go to the source when dealing with lying liberals. Hey Paul Emery, where is that list?


,,,the Brits are free speech lovers as well,,,baby trumpski balloon given flying permit!!!


George Rebane

PaulE 1121am comment on 29jun18 Sandbox – “George if you support the findings of the Senate intelligence committee its reasonable to say Russian interference may have affected the election. Of course if you don't support the findings that is irrelevant.”

Well, well, well, we may be making progress here with your “may have affected” inclusion. Nevertheless, it is no more reasonable to claim the “Russian interference” effect than, say, that the weather affected the election, or even that of Mexico’s most blatant and voluble interference. Many things may have and most certainly did affect our 2016 election, but there is still no evidence that “Russian interference” had any attributable, let alone measurable, affect on the election. And Senate Intelligence Committee has said nothing otherwise to support your months’ long claims that now have morphed from an evidence-free certainty to a more moderated possibility.


,,,oh yeah,,,trumpski has his Depends on too,,,right on bro!!!



"M" 1224pm, Brits don't have free speech rights... had the balloon been of a Royal, it would be an offense.

In other words, just as we have the right to say "F*** Trump!" in public, on live nationwide TV, they have a right to say "F*** Trump"... but if you say "F*** the Queen!" you will be in trouble.

Paul Emery

So George you seem to have no problem with the Russians interference. Hmmm from a cold warrior like you that's odd.


RobertCross sez:

"Here are some of the 5.3M hits using the phrase "how did russian hacking affect the election' or other variants such as "how did russian hackers affect the election" "how did russian hacking influence the election". etc. Information is out there for those who care to seek the truth."

You don't get variants when you search for a phrase. If you meant, google for the words "how did russian hacking affect the election" that would be a different matter.

So..ok. Pick a thing, give us what you know about it, and we can thrash through it. Merely pointing at op-ed pieces throughout the world is meaningless.

My guess is that your knowledge is limited to a the contents of a bullet item somewhere.

Paul Emery

The Swamp king is gone. What a crook.

"Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt’s controversial tenure ended amid a five-month whirlwind of ethics scandals and at least 18 federal investigations."



Gregory: "He didn't say the rooskies HAD a 0.8% effect on the vote, that was the Mind of Bobby filling in the gaps with the desired meaning."

lol. Of course. It really all rotates around 'WE WUZ CHEATED!!!'.

I'm happy to think about specific items in those lists of evil Russkie doings, but we might as well dump off any bitching about RT or Sputnik from the get-go. You have to wonder how they felt about VOA.

Paul Emery


Can we agree on this. The Senate report says that it was the intent of the Russians to influence our elections in Trumps favor.


Punchy 128pm

Senate reports are done on senate stationary. That was an informal progress report on the screed pushed out BEFORE the Trump inauguration, in early Jan 2017.


Posted by: "M" | 05 July 2018 at 12:28 PM

,,,oh yeah,,,trumpski has his Depends on too,,,right on bro!!!

Yeah....jeffski led with this item about 10 days ago dugski!

I thought it bold of him since a mere change in hairstyle and the balloon could have easily have been him with no change in dimensions save the height!


So, Punchy, can we agree on this, that the "report" comes to us without a date, without signature(s), without a record of a committee vote on passing it and without any factual backup to the "assessments" it makes?


Gregory: "but if you say "F*** the Queen!" you will be in trouble."

Dunno about that, but you definitely can't make your pug do the Sieg Heil.

George Rebane

PaulE 128pm - We sure could agree on that if you could cite the Senate report in which that assertion was made. But even without such citation, I would agree that the Russians did attempt to meddle in our election with a yet TBD objective. There is ample evidence of Team Clinton's collusion to benefit the Russians, and none for Team Trump. Add to that President Trump's actions against Russia, and you have to really stretch to make the case as to why the Russians would want Trump vs Clinton, an accomplished pro-Russian from the publicly avowed Obama mold - 'I'll have more flexibility after the election'.

Paul Emery


Here is the report. Dated right at the top. Here's a direct quote from the report

"The Committee believes the
conclusions of the ICA are sound, and notes that collection and analysis
subsequent to the ICA's publication continue to reinforce its assessments. The
Committee will remain vigilant in its oversight of the ongoing challenges presented
by foreign nations attempting to secretly influence U.S. affairs."


Here's a direct quote from Senator Burr. Are yo9u saying he made this report up without the support of the committee?

“The Committee has spent the last 16 months reviewing the sources, tradecraft and analytic work underpinning the Intelligence Community Assessment and sees no reason to dispute the conclusions,” Chairman Richard Burr, a North Carolina Republican, said in a statement."


Don Bessee

Now that we know who the finalists for the SCOTUS slot are what are our resident handicappers thoughts on who will get the nod? Odds? ;-)


Punchy, I'm saying the "report" lacks the gravitas of past 'real' final reports... such as this one

Senate reports are much more formal, are released with identifying numbers.

Don't be so gullible, Punch.


Here are some of the bits Punchy has glossed over...
"The Committee is preparing a comprehensive, classified report detailing our
conclusions regarding the ICA on Russian activities. That report, when
complete, will be submitted for a classification review, and the unclassified
version will be released to the public."

I'll bet those reports are given treatments more in line with past intelligence reports.

Here's another:
"While the Committee had to rely on agencies that the sensitive information and accesses had been accurately reported, as part of our inquiry the Committee reviewed analytic procedures, interviewed senior intelligence officers well-versed with the information, and based our findings on the entire body of intelligence reporting included in the ICA."

In other words, they had to rely on the Brennans of the Obama administration to have been honest and thorough. Don't be so willing to swallow the load that is given you, Punch.

Bill Tozer

Monty Python returns?



I've just been enjoying a blast from the past.


My favorite part are the 'news' programs. Mainstream 'news' really is a laughable concept.

Paul Emery

So Gregory to wrap things up we should not necessarily believe Senator Burr when he states unequivocally that it is the opinion of the Senate Intelligence Committee that "the
conclusions of the ICA are sound, and notes that collection and analysis
subsequent to the ICA's publication continue to reinforce its assessments."

Why would he say that if it wasn't true? thanks for reading the report Gregory. that's more than Todd will do.


The devil is in the details, Punch. Why would he (or a minion) write they "had to rely on agencies that the sensitive information and accesses had been accurately reported" when the Congress has oversight authority?

The ICA was a partisan document put together in a bloody hurry once the outgoing Obama administration realized there'd be a new Sheriff in town come January, and this was their last chance to put their story out to muddy the waters, knowing there would be a plethora of useful idiots spreading the bs for them.

Useful idiots like you, Punch.

Bonnie McGuire

Anyone who has been voting and paying attention for many years is aware that before every election Russia always endorsed Democrats...until this one. This is the first time violent demonstrators interfered before and after the election. Fake news stories, doctored photographs, staged TV clips, and armies of paid trolls kinda reminded me of Russia's highly developed information warfare - fought in the "psychosphere" rather than on the battlefield? They would be fought not on the battlefield but in the minds of men. Disinformation and psychological operations are as old as the Trojan horse. Pschycologists from all over the world have gone to Russia to see how they did things. Heard a talk by an Russian attendee at a PTA meeting years ago. I was surprised so many thought the Russian method was okay. They sent children and adults (who criticized gov) to a mental hospital to readjust their thinking.
Brings to mind America's opioid problem that began when public schools began forcing active children (mostly boys) they labeled as ADHD and being paid around $400 per child. Some lawyers and doctors were outraged over our schools pushing drugs...instead of ordinary discipline that helps children's brains to develop. Sadly that's why there are so many unhappy people and suicides in America now.


I read everything, Punch, and have downloaded it from every link provided... three at current count, none of them official document sites. It is you who seems to have skimmed it rather than read for content analysis.

Bill Tozer

Yes indeed. The Soviets used to showcase their orphanages. Clean as a whistle, nice new looking toys and stuffed animals on the shelves above the cribs and bunks. You could eat off the floors. Only problem is the toy shelves were placed high above the beds where the orphans could only look at them, never to be touched. Affection and holding was withheld.

Albeit some erroneously hold B.F.Skinner in reverence, I hold him in contempt. A animal that should off been caged for life in isolation with no human contact. He put his own child in the Skinner Box, withoutholding love and touch from the child. That is one f’ed up human being. At least Hilter was kind to animals.

In our own country, the man who the ACLU labeled as the person who implemented the largest mass scale human surveillance in history (outside of East Germany) here in the USA is the same one who coordinated and orchestrated the instant Nazi Camp caged children mass hysteria mantra that erupted with the strike of a match to the pre-placed fuse. That wretched creature from the Swamp is none other than Mike Hayden, former Clinton and Bush intell man.

And yes, Brennan voted for the American Communist Party. Despicable man, yet highly honored byy the Globalistists and open borders crowd. CNN is always hiring those sorts. Sandy Berger stuff classified doc down his pants as he was leaving and Obama Defense Secretary Ashley Carter wore pink ties as he issued his edicts to our military commanders. What a sad, sad, road we were heading down. Thank goodness for the counter-revolution and President Trump.


Russia Russia Russia

Did the Russian's mess without election using social media, yes they did. Does the US mess with foreign elections using social media, yes we have, and yes we do? Now get over it.

Is there foreign interference in our elections by other than Russian? You bet.

The biggest offender? Mexico. Mexican officials publicly called on Mexicans in the US to oppose Trump; Mexico's has over fifty--yes, fifty--consulates in the US (here) are hotbeds of political activity and activism according to a longtime diplomat who had dealt with them for years. Millions of illegal and legal aliens mainly from Mexico and Central America vote, yes vote. When Trump tried to investigate the Democrat-controlled States rebelled, why because it would have revealed the truth.

Why are the Democrats in Congress not will investigate all foreign interference in our elections? Oh, the Mexican's endorsed Hillery. That was good interference, Russia lousy interference. Everyone pushing the Russia, Russia, Russian meme, and not all foreign interference are hypocrites!

Paul, are you against all foreign interference or only Russian interference?

Paul Emery

Gregory's final assessment should warn Republicans that just because a Senate report has a Republican name on it it should not necessarily be believed. According to Gregory, who has never believed the Russians attempted to influence our elections, the stain of the Obama administration is too much to overcome even with a Republican majority in the senate Intelligence Committee and their reports should not be believed. .


So Scott Pruitt threw in the towel.
And what does the local Liberal rag lead in with? " Scandal-plagued EPA Administrator Pruitt resigns" .. There were no scandals. Just BS from Proggys. One person can only take so much.
Add The Union to fake news outlets list.

Steve Frisch

Funny just pulled this one right off Richard Burr's web site.


Don Bessee

Why does the po' ol'fakenewsman keep hitting himself in the face with a hammer @ 413? ;-)

Todd Juvinall

No header from the Committee Frisch. Soryy you can't peddle Paul Emery's fake news here.

George Rebane

PaulE 123pm - How in hell did you conclude that?


Russ: "Paul, are you against all foreign interference or only Russian interference?"

You'll never get an answer, he's busy cross-examining Gregory for one thing.

It's worth thinking about, to what degree is it moral to interfere with an election and which side should enforce that rule?

It's interesting to think about the past. Luckily, google news allows searching on pre-2016 years and given the ongoing cold civil war, there's nothing to be gained by looking after that date.


etc. etc. more than I can list.

The current concern is laughable, but it's just an effort to bring down a sitting President so I can respect it for what it is.

Don Bessee

On a topic that matters -



Steve Frisch

Posted by: Todd Juvinall | 05 July 2018 at 04:43 PM

Seriously Todd, do you think Burr's Senate web site got hacked....go read it for yourself.

Bill Tozer

Don @ 5:02 pm.

Have you noticed the daily shellacking of the Koch Bros from the Lefties has mysteriously evaporated into the vast silent unknown ever since the evil twins came out for open borders? Sweet. The town criers certainly are a fickle bunch.

Bill Tozer

“PaulE 123pm - How in hell did you conclude that?

Posted by: George Rebane | 05 July 2018 at 04:45 PM”

Oh Dr. Rebane, Punchy is just messing with you. He is pulling Gregory’s leg. Nobody is that stupid to draw that conclusion. He moved the goalposts from influenced to the election to attempted to influence (which found no naysayers) to the current....drumroll please....never believed that the Russians attempted to influence, ROFLMAO.

Your turn in the pentalty box.

Bill Tozer

Quote of the day (Yolo County Fire)

Northern Calif. Wildfire Spreads, Like Madonna in a Photo Shoot..' One Fire Chief Said '.

More quotes, aka, snapshots of the here and now in our history.

“Trump’s approval among Republicans is at a near-record 87%, comparable to the levels of support for George W. Bush in the immediate aftermath of 9/11. Think about that: The Left’s attacks on Trump have had the same rallying effect for GOP voters as the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.” —Marc A. Thiessen

Non Compos Mentis: “A reminder this Fourth of July: it was eight immigrants who signed the Declaration of Independence. Happy Independence Day.” —Sen. Kamala Harris (D-2020) (Yes, LEGAL immigrants…)

“To every country on the 4th of July. We’re sorry about our president. He doesn’t reflect all of our views — and we hope you know that the majority of us are ashamed. We will rally each other and come back to the world one step at a time.” —Chelsea Handler

That’s a bleak future: “I have three kids. Two of them are daughters. One just graduated college, one … is in college, and they were both texting me about their excitement over [socialist] Alexandria [Ocasio-Cortez] because she really — she represents the future of our party.” —DNC Chairman Tom Perez

Missing the forest for the trees: “On abortion, as well as same-sex marriage, a conservative court on social issues would lag behind the American people, a majority of whom hold a non-absolutist position on abortion rights, even if many wouldn’t object to some reasonable restrictions, according to the Pew Research Center. … What new justice would want to be that man or woman, who forevermore would be credited with upending settled law and causing massive societal upheaval?” —Kathleen Parker (For Rule of Law judicial stalwarts, this isn’t a popularity contest. Their only prerogative is about defending the Constitution.)

“Give me a break! What is more uncivil and cruel than taking children away? It should be met with resolve and strength. And if some of that comes across as a little uncivil, well, children’s lives are at stake; their futures are at stake.” —Hillary Clinton condoning the Left’s vitriol

“Patriotism in America means loving limited government. It is that simple. You love that America has a constitutionally limited government, or you do not love America.” —Jesse Kelly


Cool. The next election cycle in a nutshell.



,,,Steve, that Juvinal is a freaking idiot!!! But you know that already I am sure. Have you ever read the drivel he posts on his hobby blog???


,,,too funny about Maxwell Smart Pruitt!!! Another idiot!!!

Todd Juvinall

M is off his depends again. San Francisco is waiting for you M. Go getum. And Frisch comments on my blog.

Todd Juvinall

Yes Frisch is right it is on Burr's website. But when you read it the conclusion is he and they agree with the Obama ICA from 2016. And there was not a lick of proof in that assessment. Just a bunch of innuendo and no facts. This is a ropa-dope to satisfy who knows who. Anyway, you got me. It was there but it means absolutely nothing.

Don Bessee

Another assault on speech but this time its the lawyer in a speech case -

In early 2018, Kevin Clarkson was asked to represent the Downtown Hope Center, a faith-based non-profit that provides free shelter for homeless women and abused women.
In February the shelter turned away a biological male who identifies as a female. Shelter leadership said the individual was intoxicated.

However, as a religious organization, they do not house biological men in its abused women’s shelter because doing so would traumatize abused and battered women.
The transgender person filed a complaint against the shelter citing the policy over sexual orientation and gender identity.
It was in the context of that incident that Clarkson made comments to local news media regarding the case. And that’s why he’s now facing charges.

“It’s the most outrageous case I’ve ever seen,” First Liberty’s Hiram Sasser told the Todd Starnes Radio Show. “Because he wrote a brief to the commission defending the shelter and portions of that brief were quoted in the media – he is accused of being in violation of their provision that prohibits you from talking about a policy.”



Bill Tozer

Do it! I hope they push the abolishment of ICE. Do it, please. I haven’t cheered so much for the wack job wingnut Lefties since they wanted to tear down Hetch Hetch and cut off the water to the Botox Queen’s District. Do it, Democratic Socialists, do it! Please, oh please, push harder. You can do it, the wind is at your back. Go for it.


I just can’t wait to ask the libs why they support Black Rhino horns being smuggled into our country. Why do they hate endangered spicies, oh why, why, why?? Do it ! Abolish ICE. Bring in those sex slaves and little brown children to do forced labor for the rich. Abolish ICE!!

Bill Tozer

No bets on the next SCOTUS yet. But, they way they are going after the Notre Dame law professor, it’s going to get ugly, real ugly. No worries. All of Trump’s picks are brilliant and you can check off every box. No dummies, no losers like Sotomayor. We need grills t minds, one of a kind. Mike Lee is an interesting outlier. Anyone who knows him raves about how knowlgeable he is about the Constitution and Lee takes every opportunity at every dinner party to expound on the Constitution...for years. Brilliant insights, but probably ain’t going to be on the list.

Here is a bet. Within a few weeks, it will leak out that Loverboy Peter was under directives to take official action against Trump by the Obama Administration. When that comes out, the sticky brown stuff will hit the oscillating device. The IG did not find everything. Want to place a bet?

We got to go to a Trump Rally. Watched the North Dakota Rally he did last week and boy is Trump knowlgeable about the issues and funny. We got to get together if he is ever in these parts again and hit a Trump Rally for free and for fun. It’s a must do thing on the to do list.

Todd Juvinall

My first response top the anti-LaMalfa screed by a babe named Finley in the paper.

"LaMalfa is one of us and he is a good man and a good rep for the District. Your ilk is all about "no borders" getting rid of the police and allowing killers and drug dealers to flood America. You are for socialism, sanctuary cities and confiscating the hard-earned money the working people earn. LaMalfa is about less government and laws that we keep our money. Sorry but you are the one and ones that don't belong here. Maybe Nancy Pelosi or Maxine Waters would be a better match for you."

Don Bessee

BT @ 815 - Just for fun I want that strong lady from the 7th who is a Catholic like Scalia. Gotta keep the balance, right? Go back to her last confirmation. You can not beat up on the sisters MR Senator, but I know some of those haters on the Judiciary Committee will bloviate. They don't want to actually let her intellect show and make them look especially foolish.


Ricky McVeigh

As Russian as the 4th of July!

Bill Tozer

As the president-elect geared up to take over, the FBI made another move that has captured investigators’ attention: It named an executive with expertise in the FBI’s most sensitive surveillance equipment to be a liaison to the Trump transition.

On its face, that seems odd; technical surveillance nerds aren’t normally the first picks for plum political assignments. Even odder, the FBI counterintelligence team running the Russia-Trump collusion probe seemed to have an interest in the appointment.


Todd Juvinall

Another loony federal judge's decision this week. A Federal California Judge handed a setback to the lawsuit against SB54 this week. He would not allow an injunction to stop its enforcement which means it will be in force until the conclusion of the trial. He did allow a part of AB 450 to be enjoined for now. It forced private employers to follow a policy of not allowing the immigration people into the records of their employees without a warrant. So the Schizo Judge gave a bit and took a bi


Photonews o' the day.


Todd Juvinall

Scenes that was Philly! Even there they don't want these commie bastards camping in their streets!


Punchy 413pm

"Gregory's final assessment should warn Republicans that just because a Senate report has a Republican name on it it should not necessarily be believed."

Golly Punch, the 'report' literally doesn't have anyone's name on it, or any other imprimatur (look it up, Paul) one might expect on an official report of a Senate committee.

"According to Gregory, who has never believed the Russians attempted to influence our elections"

It takes good evidence and a credible story to get me to believe in anything, Punch.

"the stain of the Obama administration is too much to overcome even with a Republican majority"

Well, the stain of past lies by Brennan, Clapper and the lightspeed the ICA was crafted at when, in the hours after the Nov '16 Election, they realized the clock was ticking before the gigue was up.

"in the senate Intelligence Committee and their reports should not be believed."

I look forward to news of the Senate intelligence sub-committee finishing the classified report and then, finally, the unclassified version of that report, this time with the imprimaturs one would expect on an official Senate work product. And an explanation of how the "dossier" entered into the ICA's crafting, promised as work in progress in this memo.

Finally, since I've never pledged fealty to the GOP in any way, I find your warnings to the GOP over my lack of credulity over the ICA and this memo interesting. I didn't ever vote for Obama, McCain, Romney, Clinton or Trump. You?



I especially like the fierce guy with the parasol.


Prediction: That is going to become a meme.


Some words on the 17 intelligence agencies.



"Funny just pulled this one right off Richard Burr's web site."

-frisch 433pm

Yes, that was from Burr's senate web page. But Burr's name is not on the memo nor the name of any other member of the committee, nor any claim of approval from the intelligence subcommittee. You know what an imprimatur is, don't you, Steve?

Todd Juvinall

SacBee Page 3B today ran an article on Ted Hickman, Vice Mayor of Dixon. He wants a parade for normal people and called homosexuals "fairies" in an OP-Ed in his local paper. Well, of course, the fascists are trying to recall him. But Dixon people may not agree. Anyway, I went to the Recall FB page and got into it with those fascists. They really are unhinged. Free speech on;t for them. Check it out and comment. LOL!



re: TJ@9:07

Huh. Tempest in a teapot but a nice example of the times.

As far as I can tell, it sort of goes.

. Opinionated councilman with small local rag writes some article on how he's sick of gay pride parades, especially the more pervy variety.
. Gets picked up nationally
. Lots and lots of 'Freedom of the press does NOT mean freedom from consequences. ' In the final analysis, this means that if we don't like what you say, we can ruin your livelihood, threaten your home, kill your dog.
. A person or two argues back. Lots of hand waving ensues.
. Being anti-nude whips 'n chains SF parade means that you want to put all gay people in death camps because you can just tell what what he really thinks. Dogwhistles and the like.
. The original author sounds like something of an ass.

A wonderful example of poor manners and overreaction. A mini-version of modern politics.


What will a parade for ,,,normal,,,people look like,,,Todd walking down the street with his MAGA hat on?


Posted by: '''M''' | 06 July 2018 at 10:16 AM

....Todd walking down the street with his MAGA hat on?

....you rockin a fresh pair of Depends™.

Oh wait......"normal" parade......never mind!

Todd Juvinall

M likes to see his ilk on parade in SF doing what they do. I like normal people doing moral and normal things.

Bill Tozer

@8:30 am

“Prediction: That is going to become a meme”

I had to laugh at the immigrant from Congo climbing up the Ststue Of Liberty on the 4th to demonstrate her disdain for ICE advocate for the demolition of ICE. When the officers asked her why she was up on Lady Liberty’s feet, she said it was to protest seperating kids from their parents at the border. The dummy did not even know that the Border Patrol is the agency “seperating illegals caught crossing the border from their children, not ICE, ROFLMAO. What a dummy, what a knucklehead. Too funny. ICE does not defend nor patrol the border. Where do these people come from. Oh yeah, the Congo.

Memes: I hope the andry young guy in Philly does become a meme, but it would be hard to beat the triggered SWJ Gal who is featured on oh so many memes. But, she is getting old. Time for some fresh blood. She is priceless, but time to move on.




Bill Tozer

Those Dems are some nasty folks, always trying to silence the truth to protect their own. Remember the trumped up ethics charges they threw at Devin Nunnes, a congressman of Hispanic heritage, to stifle his poking around into the Deep State and their criminal attempts to massively influence the election? Well, now they are going after Jim Jordan.

I”n Jordan’s case, the two accusers are highly suspect. According to Chuck Ross at the Daily Caller, one of them, Dunyasha Yetts, served prison time for a $1.8 million fraud scheme that involved bilking professional athletes using phony documents.

The other accuser, Mike DiSabato, has been accused by the widow of a Marine killed fighting in Iraq of intimidating and bullying her over a memorial fund set up in her husband’s name. The fund was supposed to help Ohio-based athletes, Olympic hopefuls and the families of fallen soldiers.

Instead, according to Ms. Mendoza, DiSabato used it to finance a mixed martial arts venture. When the widow complained, the former wrestler tried to intimate her, she alleges. “I question the intent, the authenticity, the verity, that Mike DiSabato shares in any of his words or actions,” Ms. Mendoza says.”


Lol. Reminds me of this middle aged to elderly woman accusing Trump of walking up to her in the middle of Trump Towers’ lobby and groping her out of the blue. The lady looked rather homely, so it did not make sense. I poked around and it was revealed she was Hillary’s personal secretary on Hillary’s 2008 Campaign. Oh, where do they get the idea that they can pull it off?

Bill Tozer

More on Jim Jordan. Hey, isn’t that the same law firm that hired CrossStrike to examine the DNC server?


You know, the IG only looked how the FBI handled the Clinton e-mail investigation on her private server. Now, the good stuff is coming out. The IG is currently looking into how the FBI handled the Russian Collusion investigation with the Trump Campaign...and the FBI is just the lowest of the hanging fruit on the tree.

The best is yet to come. Patient grasshoppers, patience.

Lest we forget: Those 17 or 19 intell Agencies that issued a report.

The Democratic National Committee reportedly “did not allow” the Federal Bureau of Investigation to examine its hacked computer servers before the intelligence agency issued a report blaming Russia as the culprit.



,,,Todd and his X at a recent normal people parade,,,


Paul Emery


Are you saying Sen Burr did not support the memo from the SI Committee and the mempdoes not represent the committee consensus? ?

Gregory writes

"Yes, that was from Burr's senate web page. But Burr's name is not on the memo nor the name of any other member of the committee, nor any claim of approval from the intelligence subcommittee. You know what an imprimatur is, don't you, Steve? "

Paul Emery

Trump quote on Putin after he mocks McCain and Bush

Trump: "You know President Putin is KGB... Putin is fine. He's fine. We are all fine, we're all people"

Trump ignores the fact that Putin is an international gangster and an assassin.


Posted by: Paul Emery | 06 July 2018 at 01:42 PM

Has the man threatened you Punch?


Man.....how do you not like the GOP chances when the democrat donor class lets Pelosi and Auntie Max constantly spout off for the press!

Nancy Pelosi

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The June #JobsReport shows what is at stake from the brewing storm of rising health costs, spiraling trade uncertainty & an economy being hollowed out to enrich big corporations & the wealthiest 1 percent. Americans deserve better than the GOP’s raw deal.

I'll give the dems credit though ....they do recycle.....I've seen this rhetoric before!

Bill Tozer

Assassin? That one I have to disagree with. Putin started off and remained throughout his career an intelligence officer, methodically collecting and analytically disecting Intel for meaning and importance...and irrelevancy. Not a hitman. If you want to call Putin a murderous monster, then fine. But not an assassin, if in the far fetched notion you wish to remain factually accurate. Guess that makes me a Putin Cuddler.

Assasian is an interesting word. The word “assassin” derives from a secretive murder cult in the 11th and 12th centuries called the “Hashishin”, meaning “hashish eaters”. While much of the origin of this cult has been lost, the original leader was Hasan Ben Sabah, a prominent devotee of Isma'ili beliefs.

Basically, the men were given hashish, which heightened their level of violence and hashish was the catalyst to go out and murder folks.

For more information to put in one’s Enyclopedia of Inconvenient Information, feel free to read on.



Paul emery

Fish Do you think Putin is just fine ?


Posted by: Paul emery | 06 July 2018 at 02:07 PM

All things being equal I wouldn’t mind a different guy at the helm over there!

Bill Tozer

I am still waiting for ideas from the “Democrats”.

“They [the Lefties] could have dropped their obsession with identity politics and instead attempted to win over blue-collar voters with more inclusive class appeals rather than racial appeals.

Instead, Democrats have endlessly replayed the 2016 election. In Groundhog Day fashion, Hillary Clinton repeatedly offered tired excuses for her loss.

To progressives, Trump became not an opponent to be beaten with a better agenda, but an evil to be destroyed. Moderate Democrats were written off as dense; left-wing fringe elements were praised as clever.

Voters in 2016 bristled at redistribution, open borders, bigger government, and higher taxes, but progressives are now promising those voters even more of what they didn’t want.
Furious over the sudden and unexpected loss of power, enraged progressives have so far done almost everything to lose even more of it.

And that paradox only leads to more furor


Bill Tozer

Fish: your turn in the penalty box.

With all the immigration protests going on, the fight over SCOTUS getting a new Justice, trade wars heating up, and other issues blaring 24/7 like the Blue Wave, I was puzzled why Punchy out of the blue (or green) started recycling his Putin Degrangement Syndrome. Nothing in the news was pointing directly to Russia, Russia, Russia. So why now? Why, why, why?

Aha! Trump is going to meet with Putin. That is the trigger. How silly of me. And now this sudden PDS makes perfect sense. Russia, Russia, Russia is back on Punchy’s front burner.

Alright all you Putin cuddlers, near and far. Gather around and get ready to be shamed...especially all you Cold War Warriors. Shame, shame, shame. Shame on you!


Maybe Trump will give Vlady a nice big red reset button. We come in peace.

Bill Tozer

It's all part of the Russian connection fish The entire US intelligence committee believed Russia interfered with our election by leaking stolen emails through WikiLeaks This is just the beginning of revealing trumps knowledge and involvement

Posted by: Paul Emery | 13 February 2017 at 08:46 PM


You imply a rather massive conspiracy theory based on implanted Dems out to protect their interests, This would involve all intelligence agencies 16? Not likely. George I believe you to be wrong here. There is something about Trump that is appealing the Russians and it's pretty creepy to me to think that intelligent people like you are not concerned by the cozy relationship between Trump and Putin. This is not Reagan-Gorbachev but two narcissistic ego maniacs. Putin is a ruthless killer and Trump-well is Trump. You put an awful lot of faith that he can rise to the occasion as President and you know I hope you're right. I feel Putin will eat him alive and play him like a spring toy.

I'm sighing off for a few days. Off for a short vacate to other places. Have a good weekend everybody

Posted by: Paul Emery | 07 January 2017 at 04:39 PM

Bye, bye. Don’t forget to write.

Paul Emery

No such luck Bill, I'm not going anywhere. You had to find something from 2017 to make you feel good. I'm here for a while. Right now Trump is Putin cuddling again and you guys are going along with it.

Todd Juvinall

Yeah Paul Emery, Trump should call Putin out and get us all incinerated with nukes. That is your style not ours. I like Trump's attempts to normalize and humanize them. Maybe the planet will make it a bit longer. Your strategy and recommendations ensure devastation. Thank GOD you are not on the negotiating team.


re: BillT@2:56PM

I can beat that

27 December 2016
So when long time Senators and GOP loyalists such as Graham and McCain say 99 Senators believe there was Russian interference in our elections you don't believe them,
Posted by: Paul Emery

Maybe it's dementia kicking in? It's hard to say. It's like that guy that tells everyone in the bar the same story a dozen times in a row while, with mounting horror, you see a growing damp spot under his seat.

Daily Dose of Irony:

Some words on the heroic base climber:

The truth of the matter:

Damn straight:

The locals react:

Heroism in 2018:

tip o' the hat to: /r/the_donald

Bill Tozer

Oh Punchy, would it satisfy your bloodlust if I started saying nasty things about Vlady? You want me to talk dirty to him? Tell Putin the best thing about him ran down his mama’s leg? Sorry, I save those one liners for the Progressives. But, if you makes ya calm down long enough to put the fire in your hair out, I will oblige. Just because. Hugs and kisses.XXXOOO.

Bad Putin, bad. Bad dog. Bad. Bad, bad, bad boy.

All better now?


Huffpost is the magazine that always always delivers.


Todd Juvinall

M 1228

That is a picture of Keachie not me. And his wif.


Posted by: scenes | 06 July 2018 at 03:17 PM

Who says Yale grad students have lost what it means to be a child.....playing pretend hunger strike!

Nobody should ever lose their sense of whimsy!

George Rebane

Mr Tozer, thank you for the enjoyable and illuminating trip down memory lane ;-)


re: GeorgeR@3:26PM

Paul probably used to tell everyone how Reagan was in Andropov's pocket.


Posted by: scenes | 06 July 2018 at 03:21 PM

Oh scenes.....I don’t care how hard she uses her children as props in her virtue signaling 🎭 theater it simply isn’t enough.....by definition it can never be enough.

Never be the first to stop clapping!

Paul Emery


Do you believe that Putin is a "fine guy"?


Posted by: Bill Tozer | 06 July 2018 at 02:56 PM

Ooooh....those were good ones Bill. Unlike dugskis, Punchies Depends must be tin foil lined!

Paul Emery


Trump down in favorability poll by 11.4 including being down by 8 in FOX News.



Posted by: Paul Emery | 06 July 2018 at 05:02 PM

Atta boy Punch.....a good poll always brightens your day!

Bill Tozer

Now, who is the finer ole chap? Kim Jung Hu or Vlady? Please cast your votes.

It found it to be a swell gesture of Pompero to bring along the CD of Elton John’s


It’s those little things in life that give us so much pleasure.

Paul emery

Fish do you believe Putin is a fine guy ? You


Posted by: Paul emery | 06 July 2018 at 05:19 PM

Punchie now you’re just doing reruns! You and I have been over this before.

Bill Tozer

Yes or no, yes or no?

Are we a blue county yet?

Paul emery

Bill we are a blue County. Don’t say I never answer questions

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