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23 July 2018


Todd Juvinall

I made some comments on her ridiculous partisan screed. Where do these people come from on the left? Hobbitland?

Don Bessee

Keep on turckin' with that message for the rest of the year, please.




I just posted this comment on George Boardman's column:


You are right on it is a leadership issue across the board at the Rood Center and at the ERC. The ERC did a survey and listed economic development issues and ask survey takers to rank the problem. Lack of broadband was not on the list. During an upgrade to the General Plan, an initial review found no mention of broadband as an economic development tool. I had to send a letter to the writing team and make some phone calls to get a single broadband reference in the General Plan. Broadband is not being treated as critical infrastructures like transportation, power, water, and sewer. Communities in Idaho and Colorado Counties have decided to build their own broadband networks, starting with a strategic plan, followed by a business plane. I am not aware of a Nevada County Broadband Strategic Plan.

I am discussing broadband and 5G issues at https://ruraleconomytechnology.com

Bill Toz

That Kristen Gillibrand went from a moderate Dem Congresswoman to US Senator, running as a centralist. Received long time support from Bill and Hillary. As soon as the winds began to change, she went a different direction. She used to have a big pic of Bubba’s arm around her (both with big warm happy smiles) on her FB website. That came down suddenly one day after supporting Stuard Smalley for a month...the day Me# came out and got real down on Bubba’s past misdeeds. She was the first to call for Al Farkensten’s ouster from the Senate, someone she liked and got along with.

Like it or not, I always felt Al got the shaft. The pushiment did not fit the crime. I zoomed in on his fondling the breasts of that sleeping model in flight from doing an USO gig and his hands were not touching her orbs. Close, very close, but not touching even a fiber of her clothing. No finger imprints. Obliviously a thing done just for a gag photo.
Back to topic. I don’t know whether to post this on Dem Socialists are pedo-commies or Sandbox or here. There is a common thread being woven...I think.

ICE, mid-terms, and the shifting winds: Get it on record......or maybe not.


Ricky McVeigh

Many people are saying this is true. They know more than I do!

Don Bessee

That's not saying much @ 605

IF you can not make a buck off the party parrot line how are you going to win elections??



Paul Emery

So George in you're view am I a "Proto Communist"?

George Rebane

PaulE 146pm - Didn't know that, but I'm most interested in how you conclude that - i.e. please share what proto-communistic tenets you hold dear to your heart, besides wanting to get your hands on the wallets of me and mine.

Bill Tozer

Paul, take it the proper forum, Am I or am I a pedo-communist is not is not the topic,of this Scattershots post. Poor guy, he don’t know whether to poop or get off the pot.

Re: FISA Applicantions. Speculation time:


Actually, there really isn’t much speculation. All this was leaked by anonymous sources to the press from reliable sources like the NYT, Mc Clatchy, and the Wa Compost back from Jan to March, 2017. It was all published, including the wiretapping of Trump Towers. Now, they deny it or forgot they have already put it out there to bring Trump down 16 month’s ago. All these new reports and redacted documents do is verify the leaks by Clapper (mainly,) as well as his cohorts in crime, Brennan, Comey, and too many to list. Some of those leaks are definitely felonies.....to the leaker, not the receiver of the leak per DOJ practices.

All we know for sure at this point is that the State Department was the one that fed directly to the FBI everything that Fusion GPS was peddling. Ok , the Deputy Sec of Ststes first circulated the Fusion Dossier and all other tidbits as they came it throughout the State Department and up to the White House and, of course, then forwarded it to the FBI.

Get this: Their so- called collaboration was a very discredited purveyor of stories to supermarket tabloids, a friend of Sidney Bloomenthal. What a coincidence. Rather ironic since it was Bloomenthal’s computer that got hacked first back in 2013, which led Lookie-Lou’s into Hillary’s private server. I should not say it was Hillary’s private server. All classified material that crosses a device is property of the US government, an entity entrusted to safeguard the secrets of We the People.

What’s in the FISA applicantions besides the Dossier and a very complicated smokescreen footnote to muddle it up is anybody’s guess. Stamped verified, but the FBI never verified any of the hearsay. FBI is closest to the stink on this one, but the stink covers the whole Swamp of Power.

Speaking of State, did you hear John Kerry go off when Trump was in Helsinki. Kerry then Ash Carter. Nobody was left out, but I digress. Boy,Kerry tried to show all the fire in his belly he had left, but his screeching sounded like Hillary trying to wake up the crowd, get them off their chairs and onto their feet. Oh my. Kerry just don’t have it. Man, he gave it everything he had and sounded unintelgible. Awful. Like Hillary, either you got it or you don’t. Reminded of Drunk Teddy sqawking something that even after listening to it a dozen times and playing backwards on slow speed, you still couldn’t figure out what he was shouting. Too funny.

We live in the best of times. Imagine how boring a Hillary or AlGore Presidency would be. Gotta thank our lucky stars.


The powers that be in your hamlit surely know that weed is a cure for the brain cancer that results from close proximity to cell towers.


,,,the 24jul18 update needs work,,,

Comcast serves the cities,,,but not so much in the countryside.

MJ processing companies are private businesses. Nirvana Silly is not making a judgement on health benefits of MJ,,,anyhow the processing is away from the residential neighborhoods,,,unlike the cell towers in the middle of town,,,

Bill Tozer

Re: Two diametrically opposite interpretations of the just released (and deceitfully redacted) FISA application for a warrant to wiretap Carter Page.

For those who can’t behind the paywall: Abolish the FISA Court?

Like so many other bad ideas, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act comes out of the 1970s. Senate hearings led by Idaho Democrat Frank Church exposed controversial domestic spying on Americans. Along with the general antipathy toward all things Nixon, it led Congress to enact FISA in 1978 and Jimmy Carter to sign it into law.

In the decades since, the nation has become accustomed to having oversight and accountability that should be imposed by the people’s elected representatives fobbed off on special counsels, inspectors general and the like. We forget what a break FISA marked with our history, under which only the president, as commander in chief, was understood to have the power to surveil American citizens without warrants to gather foreign intelligence to protect the nation. The new idea aimed to temper that power by introducing another branch, the judiciary, into this process.

As even the redacted version of the document released this weekend ought to make clear, a FISA court is no guarantee against surveillance abuse. To the contrary, it can invite questionable assertions of this extraordinary power because no one is ever really on the hook. In this case, instead of vetting Mr. Steele’s specific allegations, the FBI got away with deeming him “reliable” because they’d found him credible in other cases.

When President Trump tweeted Monday morning that it was “looking more & more like the Trump Campaign for President was illegally being spied upon,” the common rejoinder was four judges had signed off on it.

Now ask yourself: Would Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein (who signed one of the renewal applications) and others be so quick to put their names on something like this if they didn’t have a FISA judge to give them cover?
The argument is not new. Just before FISA became law, a Yale law professor wrote a prophetic article in these pages about the abuses to come. His name was Robert Bork, and among his worries were that judges would show undue deference to intelligence agencies, that congressional committees wouldn’t be able to summon judges to explain their warrant approvals, and, above all, that giving courts the last say would have “the effect of immunizing everyone, and sooner or later that fact will be taken advantage of.”


If Hillary had won, all this would be crickets and Comey would be FBI Director, Loretta Lynch would be AG, and Clapper as DNI or his chief of staff.



MikeL "The powers that be in your hamlet surely know that weed is a cure for the brain cancer that results from close proximity to cell towers."

Praise be! That's exactly right. Now we just need some way to cure us of chemtrails.

Thank God we have brilliant scientists on our city council.


,,,this guy has it going on!!!



,,,offer these in the local motels at check-in,,,



,,,or this,,,



Oh dugski.......


A fellow traveler fashion wise!

Bill Tozer

Boardman’s article...and Union comments.

I agree with Boardman. I just have to shake my head. There are so many folks spouting off about things they have not a clue about.. Clueless about fiber, construction, and getting fiber to every door in the boonies ain’t going to happen without a few hundred million to start. That’s the facts jack.

Gotta break it down to two issues. Nevada City and everybody else. If “that woman” on the council was screaming bloody murder about smart meters and how the one installed on her abode caused her headaches and horrible side effects, ....well, that’s Nevada City. I am not an expert in brain tumors caused by wi-fi, but I will venture to say there is a very small percentage of folks who experience discomfort by electromagnetic fields or wi-fi. Heck growing up I used to read the occasional story of someone going to the dentist and since they got new fillings, radio stations would come out of there mouth while brushing their teeth. Some folks, albeit a tiny almost statistically insignificant number, are wired differently. I am one of those 1 in 100,000 who cannot take statins due to a rare side effect. I will sidestep Nevada City.

Fiber to the door is cost prohibitive. Of course Race is going to go overhead, mixed with underground. Drive out in the boonies and ask yourself how underground fiber is going to cross the Yubas (all 3 forks) and look at all those driveways that fiber needs to be trenched under, not to mention all those big ass trees whose roots are in the way. This ain’t South Dakota running a pipeline across the windswept badlands.

Verizon tried fiber to the door in Roseville. Homes close together, apartment buildings, and packed together. Many potential customers per mile. They overbuilt above Comcast lines and could not pay for itself. The project was a failure and dropped. Cost prohibitive to the end user and provider. The further out you go, the more you need to rely on wi-fi. It will be the only option. Remembering reading years ago that some place like Sinaphore or Hong Kong or some island nation state opted for wi-fi to wire the entire nation as opposed as running a trunk line across the ocean from Europe. Better fit for the them and the surrounding islands and countryside. Remember how many people were shocked when one telephone pole on Hwy 49 was hit by a car and it knocked out their cell phones. Cut the fiber. It’s not just a matter to pointing to a wire and saying, “let’s tap off that!” I have heard local ignorance from politicians on such matters. They do not know what they are talking about. Al Gore comes to mind on this topic

Years ago power and phone were considered critical necessities (matter of life and death on the top side, neccessary for living on the low side), with things like cable tv considered as a luxury. Internet in its dial up years was also considered a luxury for residential service.

Analog signal can wrap around trees and up stairwells, digital cannot. Analog is gone. So, we are stuck with Wi-Fi to bring internet to surrounding areas, yet these “surrounding areas” are close to town, not the boonies. Comcast stops at the Y at Cedar Ridge. The Spiral Network plan was to service houses along 174, but you have to live close to the highway, not out at the end of You Bet or Greenhorn. Comcast may go to the Rood Center, but not farther than the first street behind the Rood Center. How about Britney Springs Road? Gonna run fiber to the door on every house on Britney Springs Road? Ok, what about Jones Bar or Jones Ridge for that matter? Ain’t going to happen even if you lay down 50k for service. Sure, any local company can run fiber up Willow Valley Road to Scott’s Flat for a few million, but how many millions (or hundreds of millions) will it cost to run fiber up every two lane road in the county? And the roads off the two lanes. Up Tyler Foote Road? Sure, but what about all those parcels and roads off of Tyler Foot?

It’s Wi-Fi, be it 4 G or 5 G. If the FCC mandates internet for all, the FCC will have to pay for it. DSL was dumped because Pac Bell cannot carry internet signals over phone wires for high speed. Need a total rebuild, which they have done where cost effective. Heck, they only went a little bit from the front gates of LWW and stopped. Same with Banner. Further you go, the more the rolloff on that kind of design. Not profitable. Unreliable. Pull the plug on expansion. And we are put one county out of manny in the same boat.

But, the gist of the matter has been leadership, as Russ and Boardman point out. Sure, pay $ 120.00/month for “high speed”, but ”they” won’t venture off the main roads very far outside of the incorporated areas. How many customers per quarter mile? Wi-Fi or go back to dial up. Adding microwaves, bump towers, repeaters, etc is what we got and what we will have in the next few coming years. Even 500 bucks a month service fee for the end user won’t meet a 20-30 year payback for the cost of capital investment to bring fiber to every door in the boonies.

Not a word of Broadband mentioned in the General Plan? Well, the Rood Center got theirs, the rest of you are on your own.


,,,Ma Bell is phasing out copper lines,,,Comcast is the new Ma Bell right now up here

Bill Tozer

M, yep. Phasing it out....years ago. Many years ago. :). Just can’t do the job. Another thing is internet usage has changed, just like TV. Old houses where pre-wired for one TV outlet...in the living room. Now everybody has 2-3 TV’s in their abodes. Same with internet. Went from sharing Mom and Dad’s computer for kiddies’ homework and e-mails to streaming movies and multiple devices. I read a not that long ago that in one just one weekend they looked out, over HALF the entire internet usage on a Friday and Saturday night in the entire USA was streaming Netflix. That’s a lot of bandwidth.

So, you want internet? Ok, put you also want to stream Netflix while the daughter is in the bedroom watching YouTube on her hand held, the son and his friends doing the same in their rooms, maybe gaming. And if it buffers, the Mom or Dad will be on the phone telling the internet company how much they pay for losey service, lol. We want it now, we want it working, and we not only expect it, we demand it. Just like power. Want everything running at the same time, even out in the shop.

The other problem (like small copper wires not up to the task) is the wiring in the homes. You can have fiber to the pole outside your front door, but if you got crap wiring inside the house that is 25 years old, good luck. Even your phone will be crackly.

This is how much leadership (private and public) is lacking. I was talking to a guy, head electrician for a big new commercial building on the main drag. Several buildings. If I told you the exact location, you would visualize the place instantly in your mind, so I won’t. Anyway, I was just shooting the breeze with this man, nothing to do with his work or work in general. Unrelated to anything but shooting the breeze. Nice guy, nice family. Anyway, out of the blue I asked asked him when he will wrap that job up and what was next on his agenda. He was wrapping up the all electrical and wiring and almost done. Outside construction finished, inside nearly good to go.
I then asked him is it wired with Ethernet, CAT 6.. Wired for coaxial cable for the lunch room? Wired for internet (PAC Bell or cable company)? Point of demarcations? His face went flush. The builders, planners, everybody forgot about internet. Not wired for it. This was within the last five or so years. Opps.


a random thought on internet.

. There may be some health disbenefit for certain frequencies/strengths of WIFI on the margin. I have yet to see a good study, google just gives you infinite websites that sell vitamins and wave hands about fringe medicine theories.
. Cars cause deaths, they also bring benefits. Any new tech is more a matter of trade-off rather than ignoring something because there is some risk to someone.
. I wonder how much it would cost to simply give all the folks in the hinterlands a satellite internet service rather than subsidize a physical connection to their house. No doubt there are hybrid approaches that involve a tiny fraction of the physical infill.
. In-town service, especially to the industrial parks, is super duper important.
. It's funny how a system designed to withstand a nuclear war ends up being filled with single points of failure. There is probably a place for government here as the carriers will always choose the cheapest solution.

Bill Tozer


The problem is the trees. No service. Satellite no workie. Forested. No lines of sight. I rather liked Brad Coul’s comment in the Union (Boardman’s column), albeit quite simplistic and not the real solution. Sounds like he, among thousands(?) of others, would be happy just to find a closer hot spot, lol. Imagine everybody in their cars and pickups sitting in the Willow parking lot checking their messages and e-mails or making calls, lol. Actually, not funny. It’s a way of life for many. Already been happening for years. The search for service with a password decoder in the truck, lol. Drive to where the connection is. NSJ area comes to mind. And Brad was talking about the intersection of 49 and Newtown Rd, which is considered close to town! A real estate agent would call it close to town, near town, etc.

As a band-aide, Brad’s idea is already happening. Mini hot spots.
History lesson: Most people think CATV stands for cable tv. It stands for Community Antenna TV. Then known erroneously as Community Access TV, same thing considering it’s roots. Before cable.
A guy living in the new suburbs could not pick up the Denver TV stations, the local market. He put an antenna of a hill behind his house, ran some wire, and he was good to go. Problem solved. Then his next door neighbor asked if he could tap into his antenna wire, then another, and the next thing you know the whole block was watching the nightly news. He became TCI Cablevision and to this hour, all the big transmitters and Earth Stations for sending and receiving signal/data to the donkey dongs in the sky for BOTH the cable and satellite providers is based there, outside of Denver. Ground Zero, HQ.
Anyway, hot spots are cool. But, you got to get service to some place on your road or just down the road first. Then you can make it a hotspot and charge your neighbors a few bucks to sit in front and log in. If they don’t pay, change the wi-fi password and encryption. :) it’s a matter of life and death for them. Bummer for parents to have to drive all the way to town to use the library computers for the kids report due in two,days...all school year long. What a pain.


"The problem is the trees. No service. Satellite no workie. Forested. "

At least it's the kind of thing a chainsaw could fix, which is what I had in mind. It's the kind of a thing a property owner could do rather than run a personal 15 mile long wire from Point A to Point Home.

I realize that there are line of sight services available also, with similar issues of course.

My main point is that running lines to rural areas is *so* expensive that there are probably other ways that get you most of the way there. It would be cheaper to subsidize some than others.

I guess that one problem is that if a person has nothing they want dial-up, if they have dial-up they want crummy streaming, next they want 24/7 Netflix to the kids' rooms followed by the ability to download a new copy of Windows 10 in a couple of minutes. Heck, in the case of Netflix and Amazon Prime you could probably just give subscribers a 10TB drive with a bunch of movies and hook it up to an acoustic coupler for unlock codes...basically it would be indistinguishable from the real thing.

Bill Tozer

The FISA warrant and our gaslighting media.

After a year of alarming revelations, the media are still more interested in proving the Trump campaign treasonously colluded with Russia than wrestling with the fact that the FBI spied on a presidential campaign.

“Others joined in with the gaslighting, spending weeks arguing — and I’m not joking here — that running a secret government informant against a campaign is not spying on a campaign.

You can, along with the partisan and gaslighting media, claim it’s not a big deal to run human informants or secretly gather intelligence against a presidential campaign. But you can not deny it happened.”


Told ya it’s been leaked out there in Jan-March, 2017. The only mystery to the confusion is whether the media forgot what they previously published or they forgot on purpose.

George Rebane

BillT 631pm - Mr Tozer, how close do you think we are to starting to man the ramparts?

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